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SOC (Station Observation Checklist) Service

Beverages & Desserts

Are you ready to work? Ice Cream Cones and Sundaes
q Uniform neat and clean, name badge, hairnet in place (where applicable) Ice cream cones
q © Hands are washed and dried thoroughly whenever they could have
been contaminated, and following the timed handwashing system q © Pre-wrapped cone is removed from dispenser. Only undamaged cones
(every 30 minutes when working in the kitchen, and hourly when are selected
working front counter, drive-thru and dining area) How should you handle cones?
For hygiene reasons, never touch any part of the cone with your bare
Shift preparation hands, other than the wrap
q Cone is dispensed correctly
q © Beverage and dessert areas are tidy, and stock levels checked
• Draw valve is slowly pulled down
throughout the shift and re-filled when necessary. Coffee beans, milk,
• Ice cream is dispensed starting from inside the rim
hot chocolate and tea bag levels are checked regularly
• Ensures handle is snapped back
q © Drinks towers, hot drinks machines, milkshake and soft serve machines
q Cone with Flake (where applicable) – only undamaged Flakes are selected.
have all been checked for correct assembly, cleanliness and operation
Flakes are handled using tongs
q Nozzle catchers are in place
q How high should the soft serve be above the lip of the cone?
The finished cone should have 2 swirls and a peak, approx 7.5cm in height
q What are the customers’ expectations for:
• Milkshakes q Sundae is prepared corectly:
Thick with an icy bite, and a rough surface of visable crystals, creamy and • Topping is dispensed into Sundae cup
cold with no signs of melting, uniform colour no evidence of colour carry • Sundae cup is rotated ensuring even covering of topping inside the cup
over from other flavours, flavour - slightly sweet with no off flavours. • Sundae cup is held under the dispensing nozzle
• Cold drinks? • Draw valve is slowly pulled down
Cold, evenly carbonated, taste shows correct syrup to water ratio, and cup • Ice cream should be dispensed to form a peak about 2cms high (140g).
firm and dry. Draw handle is snapped back
• Hot drinks? • Topping is dispensed onto peak of ice cream
Cappuccino – top slightly domed, larger air bubbles than Latte foam. • Lid is clicked onto the cup and served with wrapped spoon
Latte – top of drink flat, thin layer of foam, smaller bubbles than
Black coffee – light bubbles covering dark black coffee
McFlurry Desserts
Hot Chocolate – cream brown colour, creamy texture q McFlurry is prepared correctly:
Beverages • McFlurry cup is held under dispensing nozzle
• Draw valve is slowly pulled down
Soft drinks • 170g of ice cream is dispensed to form a peak about 2.5cms (1 inch)
above top. Ensures draw handle is snapped back
q Select correct cup size • Collar is fitted to the cup (unless being placed in freezer)
q © Appropriate amount of ice is placed in the cup using the ice scoop to • Required shot(s) of topping dispensed
avoid contact with hands (cross-contamination). Scoop is replaced in • McFlurry spoon is attached to the mixing shaft
holder and not left on top of the ice • Cup is pushed up, so ice cream surrounds the spoon
q Place cup under requested dispensing nozzle • Topping is evenly mixed into the ice cream for 5 seconds
q © Drink is dispensed to the fill line • Spoon is removed when mixing has finished
q © Drink is capped securely and placed on tray • Before serving, spoon is moved around cup wall to evenly distribute
q © Where applicable, bubble is pressed for sugar free drinks. soft serve
Customer informed which drinks are sugar free q © What should you do if the spoon clip breaks?
q How would you differentiate between Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero? If any damage is detected the entire product is discarded in a red waste bin
Depress the diet button for Diet Coke and depress the diet button plus q McFlurry blank completed correctly (if blanks being used)
button 1 for Coca-Cola Zero

Milkshakes (Dependent on type of machine that restaurant has) Apple Pies, Fruit Bags, Donuts and Muffins
q Cup is placed under dispensing nozzle. Correct flavour is selected q © Checks that Donuts, Muffins and Brownies are defrosted correctly prior
q Draw valve is pulled down. Milkshake is dispensed to the fill line to being served
q Ensures handle is snapped back. Excess is scraped off using the rim q © Product is checked to ensure it is within secondary shelf life
q Cup is capped securely q © Product is discarded at the end of the secondary holding time and
recorded as waste
Hot drinks q © Muffins, Fruit Bags, Donuts and Brownies are placed in separate bag to
hot food
q Cup is placed under the dispensing nozzle q © Sufficient Muffins, Donuts, Brownies, Apple Pies and Fruit Bags are
q © Drink is dispensed. Checks to ensure drinks are filled to the fill line available as
q © Tea bag is placed into cup prior to filling with water business dictates. Display is replenished as required
q © Drink is capped securely. q © Checks that tongs and display cabinet are in good condition
q © Bubble is pressed to indicate drink: Cappuccino, Latte, etc q Checks Sweet Treat bags available. (Sweet Treats must be bagged for
q © Condiments given as requested, including stirrer, milk and/or sugar. both eat in and takeaway orders).
Drinks carrier used where appropriate

Feedback/comments (eg strengths/opportunities):

q Number of checkboxes achieved /38. (80% needed to pass). % © All Critical Factors passed? (All required) Y / N Date:
Observer’s Name: Trainee’s Name:
Observer’s Signature: Trainee’s Signature:

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