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Extensive experience in the glass containers industry in different fields includ

ing Logistics, Packing Materials, Total Quality Management, and Information Tech
Strong teamwork, leadership, project development, accountability, and communica
tion skills
Proven ability to integrate various aspects of manufacturing, company problem s
olving and manage simultaneous projects
Experience scheduling operations at manufacturing facilities
Proven record of accomplishments in glass containers quality
Strong knowledge of preventive measures and internal/external audit systems
Consistently achieved high customer satisfaction for corporate clients
Managed new product development process assuring all steps from concept to fina
l product
Fluent in Spanish and English, experience doing business in both Mexico and the
Vice President Operations Vitro Packaging, LLC Plano, TX (20072010)
Managed operations of one of the worlds largest producers and distributors of gl
ass products. Responsibilities included production schedules for glass container
s manufacturing facilities in Mexico, storage and distribution of products, and
customer service operations.
Managed Production Schedule for most of the manufacturing plants in Mexico.
Generated significant inventory reduction over $10 millions by cost reduction p
Participated as a key player in computer software conversion from JD Edwards to
Contributed to distribution network optimization by improving storage and trans
it efficiency.
Managed Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management systems.
Logistics Manager Vidriera Monterrey (Vitro) Monterrey, Mexico (1999-2007)
Managed production scheduling for 6 furnaces and 12 manufacturing machines and d
eveloped packing material suppliers.
Improved production scheduling, warehouse management, and customer service with
primarily U.S. customers.
Led Kaizen projects for the packing materials operation area.
Audited packing materials suppliers.
Quality Assurance Manager Vidriera Monterrey (Vitro) Monterrey, Mexico (1998-1
Managed product and packing materials quality systems.
Developed packing materials suppliers audit procedures.
Earned best supplier recognitions from Casa Domecq, Herdez, Coca-Cola Mexico, a
nd others, as well as several Glass Packaging Institute Clear Choice Awards

Divisional Quality Assurance Manager Vitro Envases Monterrey, Mexico (1997-199

Provided leadership and direction to Vitro glass containers manufacturing plants
in Mexico, Central America, and South America for implementation of the Quality
Assurance System.
Led ISO-9001 Company-wide Registration for Vitro glass containers division.
Audited Mexico, Bolivia and Costa Rica facilities under ISO-9001.
Audited Vitros Total Quality Management system.
Quality Assurance Manager Vidriera Mexicali (Vitro) Mexicali, Mexico (1992-199
Managed product quality and provided technical service to customers in Mexico an
d U.S.
Developed personnel organization and plant layout design.
Named as the first Quality Assurance Manager at Vitros glass containers divisio
Earned best supplier recognition from Anheuser-Busch for Ice Draft beer project
Led ISO-9001 registration.
Internal Auditor for the Vitros Total Quality Management system.
Total Quality Management Coordinator Vidriera Guadalajara (Vitro) Guadalajara,
Mexico (1990-1991)
Designed and implemented Vitros glass containers division Total Quality Manageme
nt program.
Materials Management Supervisor Vidriera Guadalajara (Vitro) Guadalajara, Mexi
co (19851990)
Managed raw materials and spare parts inventory.
Operation Systems Supervisor (Information Technology) Vidriera Guadalajara (Vit
ro) Guadalajara, Mexico (19801985)
Supervised site and telecommunication operations in support of computer users. D
eveloped computer systems for administrative areas.
MBA, Universidad Regiomontana, Monterrey, Mexico, 2006
BS, Industrial Engineering, Universidad de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico, 198
Vitro Leadership Program at Thunderbird Executive Education
Vitro Executive Development Program
Logistics Diploma at Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
ISO-9001 Lead Auditor
Certified as a Quality Management System Lead Auditor by International Register
of Certificated Auditors (1997-2006)
Company-wide Problem Solving Program at the Association for Overseas Technical
Scholarship (AOTS) Japan
Loss Control Management Auditor
Advanced Seminar on Diagnosis of Field Performance Problems at American Glass I
nstitute (AGR)
Statistical Process Control at the Kenneth L Chapman Group
Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies at Owen-Broackway
Managing Continuous Improvement Systems at Tennessee Associates International