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1509 Highland Drive, Newport Beach, Ca 92660 e-mail:

(Cell) 949-285-1103
Desire to excel as a Business Development Manager in the commercial real estate
industry in a mid level to senior management position where my ability and exper
ience support the betterment of the company vision and personal career goals.
Business Management / Trained Loan Officers
Dynamic, entrepreneurial business owner with a 30 + year record of achievement a
nd demonstrated success driving multimillion-dollar sales growth in highly compe
titive markets. Offered specialized team training to achieve the highest standar
ds of business excellence and efficient team performance. Developed 3200+ commer
cial broker base with client loyalty focus and intense commitment of deadlines.
Core competencies include:
* Strategic Market Attainment - increased data base growth and market positionin
g to achieve nationwide involvement
* Multi-million-Dollar Sales Volume-developed company from ground zero to revenu
e in excess of $2.0 million
* Excellent Client Retention-intense focus on exceptional customer service throu
gh increased staff trainings, creation of call center, staff development and acc
* Excellent Time Mgmt. Skills- multiple projects required timely deadlines, supe
rior follow-through and masterful attention to detail
* Sales Growth/Development- explored operating expenses and systems ultimately i
ncreasing client services. Total bank funding in excess of $100+ million in the
first two years of business.
* Organizational Leadership- defined ownership of team roles through staff train
ings that resulted in increased time efficiency and productivity among team. Ad
ditional focus with staff to develop identification of core challenges offering
creative solutions.
* Systems Management- ownership of company systems and intensive trainings for a
ll staff members to gain knowledge and tools for success
* Profitable Operations Mgmt.-implemented cost effective strategies through mont
hly staff meetings increasing profitability and reducing operating costs.


AMI Commercial Real Estate
(Commercial Mortage Evaluations, Commercial Loans)
Ami specialized in elite nationwide clientele offering the most cost effective c
ommercial real estate financing solutions.
Managed and improved customer relationships, sales negotiations and staff develo
pment. Provided team trainings for staff of 15 employees. Managed P&L and budget
responsibilities. Design, implement, and adjust various sales plans and program
s, with focus on increased market presence.
Selected Achievements:
* Increased appraisal revenue to $2.0 million, commercial bank loans to $100 mil
lion in volume
* Exceeded all yearly quotas
* Improved client relationships to data base of 3200 brokers nationwide
* Successful compliance and company audits
* All deadlines met on timely basis
* Innumerable appreciation letters from owners, staff and clients

American Bankers Insurance Company

Regional Vice President
Irvine, Ca
American Bankers Insurance Group is a specialty insurance holding company. ABIG
provides credit related insurance products through financial institutions, reta
ilers, manufacturing and utility companies. Products include credit life, credi
t property, unemployment, accident, health and homeowners insurance. The compan
y spends $9.0 million toward expenses and premiums earned account for 74% of rev
enue, net investment income.
Regional Vice President managed national banking institutions and general wholes
ale agents in the western region of the United States. Awarded top division sal
es producer. Developed and implemented strategic plans to increase market whole
sale product sales and persuade market presence. Responsibility included sales
development and negotiations, market share identification/ and penetration inclu
ding P&L financial management. Additionally monitored operational performance t
o ensure alignment with corporate profit goals and objectives.
Selected Achievements:
* Awarded top sales producer 1982-1984
* Won trip to Montreal, Canada ZZZZZZ2 winners
* Voted Best Business Plan in western states
* #1 in Division Sales
* Increased business relationships and data base
* Increased territory +75% in sales


Peach Tree High School, Atlanta, Ga.

Real Estate License 1981
Professional Development Courses:
Xerox Sales Training Course
Annual MBA Conventions
Required Financial Courses for license