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A Unique Tool to Help Improve Motivation in Young People.

Why is Motivation Important for Young Following completion of the short How are Maps Delivered?
People? questionnaire - the system will produce a There are a number of ways you can gain
Children are born with a tremendous number of reports. Each of the reports access to the Youth Motivational Map®.
amount of motivation, which helps them are tailored to provide personal detail A practitioner can work with you,
to grow and learn. However, as children about the individual’s top three producing the reports and providing
progress through childhood and into motivators, lowest motivator and how detailed feedback sessions or you can
adolescence, this motivation can reduce. well the top three motivators are being become a practitioner. We will train you
Whilst key people in a young person’s life achieved. The parent/guardian and how to interpret the Map reports and
can have an impact on their levels of Mentor reports also provide tips and how to use the system - giving you the
motivation, unless they know what strategies that can be used with the ability to use Maps as and when you have
motivates that individual, the strategies individual to improve their motivation. a need for the data.
they use may not be having the desired
effect on them. “A useful teaching tool should
if the re is a dro p in stud ent
THE used
We all know everyone is unique, so how
motivation ” Yr 9 parent
can we work out the formula for a young
person’s motivation? The answer is by MOTIVATION
using the Youth Motivational Map®. This
tool is the result of years of research into PARENT MENTOR
human motivation, and uses the tried and GUARDIAN MODEL

tested concepts and processes of the

original Motivational Map®, which is used A group report can also be produced
in businesses and organisations across which allows any size group to be profiled,
the world, to help inform processes such enabling analysis of group motivation and
as Career Management, Recruitment and a detailed understanding of the dominant
Selection and Talent Management. motivators within a group.

How does it work? ts

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The Youth Motivational Map® is an online Comme ang o
diagnostic tool which identifies a young “Spooky” e”
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person’s motivation mix, based on 9 key “Reall “Scary”
motivators, grouped by 3 clusters:
How do I find out more?
To find out more about Motivational Maps Youth® you can contact us by
email or by phone. We can arrange to discuss your individual needs and
objectives and then start to work with you to put a tailored solution
together to suit your requirements.

Director For more information contact : Hazel Sawyers

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