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Getting the Best Sales

Leads are the lifeblood of any small business. Here’s how to get the best ones.

Travel In the Right Circles

It is very important to conduct thorough research on our target audience before

we set out to hook them. If we travel in the right circles and communicate with the
people that are related to our business, we have a better chance of picking up
some quality tips that can prove to be useful in generating leads.

Turn the Spotlight Towards us

It is important to let our target audience realize that our business is present in the
market and that we have the products and services that they need or want.

In order to do that, we will need to advertise on a regular basis. We would also

attend or even address various workshops related to our industry.

Writing Business Articles and Distribute Them

We would write articles related to our industry and distribute them on industry-
related forums, associations or even on the Internet. If we are posting our articles
online, don’t forget to add a link to our website or at least mention our name and
contact number. If the content in those articles truly help those who are seeking a
solution to their problems, then they will turn out to be definite leads for our

If we are Internet savvy, then we can also write blogs and post them on various

Participating In Trade Shows

By booking a booth in a trade show, we can meet a wide variety of people in a

very short period of time. This will help we get accurate market feedback on our
products and services, and will also help we get contact numbers or other details
of prospective clients. Participating in trade shows is an excellent way of meeting
our target audience.

Creating an Winning Image for Our Business

Presenting a Professional Face

We would present a professional face to our potential clients from the reception
area to how our office or store looks from the inside and outside, to the way we
answer our potential clients’ inquiries. Our staff would be trained in advance so
that they are ready to face any questions from clients – and they would be able to
deal with them professionally.

Creating A Company Name That Sticks in People’s Minds.

Our company name would be short and easy to remember. It would stick in the
minds of our customers. During the opening of our business, we would embark
on an aggressive advertising campaign, to ensure that more people know of our
existence. Once our business has started, then we will still require a sustained
advertising campaign that suits our budget in order to reach out to a larger

Creating a Good Business Identity

Our business logo would be relevant and pleasant to look at. Print our logo on
our visiting cards, brochures and invoices. Also, we display it on all our
advertisements so that people can relate and connect the logo to our business.

Attending Industry-Related Workshops and Conferences.

We would attain such a high level of expertise in our trade that others from our
industry start calling us to deliver speeches at workshops and conferences and
solve their customers’ problems.

Dealing Only In Quality Products and Provide Quality Service.

If we want our image to grow, then it is essential that our deal only in quality
products and deliver extraordinary service to our clients. This will slowly but
surely elevate our name to the top. Do not compromise in the quality of our
products in order to achieve a higher profit; because once our image is damaged,
it will be very difficult to climb back to the same position again.

Building up our business’ image will result in we not having to search for new
customers. So, follow the above steps, stay focused on our clients and soon we
will have created a winning image for our small business.

Getting Our Customers to Do the Advertising for Our Small Business

The fact is that it is possible to satisfy our customers to such an extent that they
become the unofficial brand ambassadors of our company. If this happens, they
will start directing new customers to our small business.

Here are some tips on getting our customers to do the advertising for our small

Honor Our Commitments

We would always look at the long term picture, which is to gain the trust of our
clients. If there is some delay in completing any deal from our side, then we
would communicate it clearly with our customers.

Once we have established ourselves as a dependable person, then our business

will bear the fruits of our labor.

Interacting With Our Customers

Our ability to interact with our customers on their wavelength will help we not only
to cultivate new friends, also in getting crucial feedback on the way we are
running our business. By keeping the lines of communication open, we’ll also get
valuable information on ways that we can improve our business.Show genuine
interest in our intention to solve our customers’ problems, and expedite our

response time so that any future problems are nipped in the bud quickly and

Becoming an Expert in What We Do

Try to become the best in the industry. This will not only enhance our reputation
as an expert, but happy customers will inevitably spread the word around of our
capabilities and our expert skills in getting even impossible jobs done. This
method is a sure-fire way of ensuring that our customers sing our praises. It can
also result in we poaching customers away from our competitors. By ensuring
that our customers are happy, and by proving that we are dependable and
honest, we will create a positive buzz around our business.

Designing an Informative Brochure for Our Business

Although a little more expensive to design and produce, the results of a well-
designed brochure will be well worth the effort and money that we will put into it.
Follow the following tips mentioned below, and we could soon have a well-
designed and informative brochure on our hands.

Study Our Competitors’ Brochures

We would pick review sales materials made by our competitors to find out the
points that they highlight in their brochures. We can also pick up different
brochures of different companies in various sectors to get a feel of their design,
lawet and presentation. Pick out the points in our competitors brochure that
would be beneficial to our small business, and mention that in a tactful manner -
without mentioning any names of rival companies or products.

Design an Attractive Brochure with Clear Fonts

Our brochure would start with our company history, followed by innovations we
have made in our line of business, if any. This would be followed by a year-by-
year timeline and a brief company description. Include descriptions and images
displaying a range of our current products. The brochure copy would end with a
statement about our personal commitment towards our clients. The wording of
the brochure would be complimented with matching photos and it would be
printed in various eye-pleasing colors. Check out different brochure costs before
settling on one which suits our budget.

Finally, be sure that we hire a good designer, even if we have to pay a bit more –
there is nothing worse than a company brochure that looks cheap. In the end, we
get what we pay for.

Mentioning All Contact Details in Our Brochure

Our brochure would contain all the relevant details of our company, including our
address, contact numbers, fax number and website address. If applicable, we
would also print our business’ hours of operation.

We want potential customers to know how to get in touch with we, so don’t leave
them guessing.

Redesigning Our Brochure after a Couple of Years

We would change the design format of our brochure year after year. This way,
we will ensure that our information is correct and that the design doesn’t get
stale. Mention new products and any new details accordingly. A well-designed
brochure can work wonders for our small business if it falls into the right hands. It
will impress our customers and encourage them to do business with us. By
following the tips above, we will lay the foundation for a long-term business
relationship by converting casual readers into long-term customers.

Ensuring Continuous Word of Mouth Publicity for Our Small Business
Word-of-mouth publicity is the best kind. For one, it’s free. For another, we are
almost sure to convert prospects that have been referred, since our existing
clients have already sung praises about our products and service.

Clients that have been referred only require a small nudge to make a purchase,
as compared to completely new customers. Below are a few ways that we can
ensure continuous word of mouth publicity for our small business.

Developing an Innovative Product with a Unique Service

We would develop an innovative product, or acquire the rights to sell a product

exclusively through our small business. This will create an image of
exclusiveness around our company and will compel more prospects to check out
our products. Once the first batch of clients starts buying our products, then their
reports will ensure that others customers sit up and take notice. We can start
speaking in public. We can speak during conferences and workshops about the
various facets of our industry. This will help in we reaching out to a wider section
of people, and will slowly establish our name as an expert.

If our product knowledge is really good, and we can start solving difficult
problems or put forth new ideas that will develop a buzz about we and our
company. Very soon, that will result in more people talking about our
achievements and coming to check out our business.

Satisfy All Our Clients

We will need to work extra hard especially during the tough times when the
pickings are slim, but the competition is ruthless. Satisfied clients are the
cheapest and best way to ensure continuous word of mouth publicity - so go all
out in satisfying our clients, especially when it comes to quality service. Get
regular feedback from our clients and act immediately on any complaints or
negative feedback about our products and services.

Offer Special Discount Packages or Freebies

Another good way to ensure continuous publicity for our small business is to offer
special discount packages or freebies along with select products. This will enable
we to get publicity; but might also be a little costly to execute since it will eat into
our profits.

If we can predict a dramatic increase in sales due to this move, then go for it. It is
a well-known fact that along with increased sales will also come the advantage of
much-needed publicity.

5 Motivating Factors That Will Persuade Our Customers To Buy

Sometimes clients want to buy certain products, but they may need to be
persuaded before they can make a decision. By observing them keenly and
understanding what is going on with them, we can determine what it will take to
persuade them to go ahead with the purchase.

1. They Need The Product

Many times clients want a product, but if we can convince them that they
really need that product and that their life will be incomplete if they don’t
own it, then that will convert their want into a need to buy it. Once they are
convinced that they need the product, our sale is as good as completed.

2. They Will Save Time, Money And Energy

Our clients will be motivated if they believe that buying the product will
save time and energy, as well as money. We can also remind them that
the money they spend purchasing the product will be recovered after a
certain period of time. For example, most kitchen appliances are
advertised and marketed to potential customers in this way. Even air-

conditioners can be promoted effectively if it can be shown that they help
to cut down on customers’ electricity bills. Many items can be sold on the
basis of cost-savings, with added benefits such as safety and

3. Safety

If we are selling safety items such as safes, fire equipment, etc., stress the
benefits of safety for their money and valuables, but also remind them that
the product can prevent the loss of their prized possessions and keep their
loved ones safe.

The automobile industry is a good example of this. With cars, safety

features are important selling points. People are ready to pay a premium
for an increase in safety, especially for their loved ones.

4. Exclusiveness

Expensive cell phones, cars, and clothing are bought by customers who
want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Many customers with lots of
money also spend it to satisfy their own egos. This is one of the major
reasons that high-fashion items continue to sell well.

An exclusive item is usually made in limited numbers or is custom-made

for selected clients and is usually quite expensive. This feature in itself is
enough for many of our clients to want to own an exclusive product that
our business offers.

5. Convenience

Many items, such as dishwashers and washing machines, are sold

because of their convenience. These products help save their owners
physical effort and make their lives easier.

Products that are used on a daily basis fall into this category - and once
we explain the features or arrange a demonstration of products such as
these for our customers, it will become very easy to sell them.

In many cases, our customers need to be motivated - and once we link

our product with the correct motivation, we will find that less effort is
required to sell them.

Selling products also involves understanding our potential clients and

altering our sales pitch to match their desires, wants, and needs.

Bangladesh is developing country and most people belong less than upper class.
And people of Bangladesh have a previous thought that is if any company offers
product at low price with high quality, then people thought giving low price means
low quality. For this reason we do our promotion plan in two ways- before
launching, we emphasis on price by providing economic value which we will do
for 2.5 years and after capturing market then we emphasis on Brand and quality.
As there is other trusted brands and they provide quality for value. It will be
difficult for us to create brand awareness among customers because CCF will
enjoy the monopoly market in Bangladesh.
We have divided our promotional plans into two parts- pre launching and after
launching. In the pre launching part we are concentrating on creating curiosity
among the consumers. To get the attention we will give advertisement on Print,
Broadcast, and out of home advertisement.



We will give our ad in the second page of the all leading newspaper of
Bangladesh. Like the daily star, the daily Observer, the daily new age, the daily
prothom alo, the daily ittefaq, the daily Jugantor, the daily Manob jomin etc.

Out of home advertisement
We will go for billboards which will be situated in Bijoy Shoroni, Manik Mia
Avenue, Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Gulshan 1 & 2, infront of Shonargoan Hotel,
Dhanmondi 27, Newmarket. In Chittagong – Newmarket, Port city, Nasira bad
and Kulshi.

Billboard Advertising

# of per Total Cost
Regions Spots Months month(Tk) (Tk)
Dhaka and Chittagong -
Private Spots 6 12 5000 72000
Dhaka and Chittagong -
Govt. Spots 4 12 15000 180000

Grand Total 2,52461

In the print and in Billboard media we will follow countdown timing to arise the
attention where we will not talk about our Car, we will just show the name and the
day sequence for the launching.we don’t give ad in magazine because there is
no good managine in Bangladesh that people read

Broadcast media


Radio can be effective at creating humorous mini dramas that capture the
listeners’ attention. It can also be used in a local market to reach people who
aren’t reading the newspaper, which is why we advertise our product on radio. In
Radio channels like radio Foorti, Radio Today, Radio Amar we will sponsor the

popular programs at special hours. We will captivate them to broadcast our
message to the target audience.

Radio Advertising

# of Cost/Spot Total Cost

Network Spots/day Months (Tk) (Tk)

Radio Today - Standard

Time 1 6 420 22,000

Radio Today - Prime Time 1 6 525 32,500

Radio Today - Super Prime

Time 1 6 567 30,500

Radio Foorti - Standard

Time 1 6 420 42,000

Radio Foorti - Prime Time 1 6 525 22,500

Radio Foorti - Super Prime

Time 1 6 567 20,500

Bangladesh Betaar 2 6 600 40,000

Grand Total 215484.00


Before launching we will give incomplete message of our product which will
create curiosity in customers’ mind. It will be running in television for one month.
Though majority people of our country use cable so they see many Bangladeshi
channels like-BTV, ATN Bangla, NTV, Channel I, channel 1, RTV where we will
broadcast our ads. Our Ads duration is 60 second because the product deals
with relevant information.