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Market Lamb Health Record

Animal Information (Obtain from producer):

Date Purchased:_______________
Youth Producer: Identification #:__________Scrapie ID# _________ Purchased From:
Name: ______________________ Breed:___________________Sex: _____________ Name: _______________________
Address:_____________________ DOB:___________ Castration Date: ___________ Address: _____________________
__________________________ Date Weaned:________ Sire ID: _______________ ________________________
Phone: ______________________ Phone:_______________________
Born in: _________________________ (Country)
QA Program: _________________ SSQA Certification: ____________
Date Certified: _______________ “Produce healthy and safe lamb products by being a (not required)
Fair: _______________________ knowledgeable and responsible producer”
Date Certified: _______________
Treatments & Treatment Administered Name Withdrawal Withdrawal For prescription or extra
(Medication dispensed, amount and (Person giving label drug use, list the
Dewormers Condition Estimated Drug’s Time Complete veterinarian’s name,
(Date & Time) route of administration) treatment) (Instructed) (Date & Time)
Being Treated Weight Lot Number address, and phone.

Medicated Feeds Remember to document ALL medicated feeds and withdrawal times
Medication Name Withdrawal Withdrawal Medication Name Withdrawal Withdrawal
(Medication added/included in feed and Time Complete (Medication added/included in feed and Time Complete
approximate amount of medication) approximate amount of medication) (Instructed) (Date & Time)
Dates Fed (Instructed) (Date & Time) Dates Fed

Give Subcutaneous (Sub-Q) I certify that I produced this animal, it was not fed any “prohibited”
injections under loose skin of mammalian protein (i.e. meat & bone meal), per FDA regulation, CFR
Inject into
neck or front flank using Title 21, and I have listed ALL products and treatments they received
the leg or
tented method. Give Intra- while in my care and all withdrawal times have been met.
loin area.
muscular (IM) injections in
the neck. If label indicates a Youth Signature:_____________________________Date:_________
choice, use Sub-Q (under the Guardian Signature:___________________________Date:_________
skin) injections.
Youth Producer’s Copy Prepared by: Sarah M. Smith, Jan Busboom, and Jean Smith
Extension programs and employment are available to all without discrimination. Evidence of discrimination may be reported through your local Extension Office.
Youth Producer Health Record Instructions
Goal: These records should reflect ALL treatment and care given while the animal is under YOUR care, including all animal health products and medicated feeds used.
***DO NOT include health products administered by the breeder or seller of the animal; this information should be kept separate in your records. As the youth producer, the youth
raising, showing and marketing the animal, you will sign this form to verify the health products administered to the animal while in YOUR care.***

Step 2:
Step 1: Obtain breeder information.
Obtain an Animal Health Be sure to include the date
Record for your animal prior you purchased your project
to purchase and complete the animal. Some breeders are
“Youth Producer” involved in quality assurance
information box. programs. If so, include
relevant information.
Step 4:
This step is to be kept up-to- Step 3:
date throughout the care and Obtain animal information
ownership of your animal from the breeder, such as
when using ANY animal identification number, breed,
health-care products. date of birth, etc. Be sure to
leave enough space on the
WITHDRAWAL TIME: identification line for show
is the amount of time from number if tagged during
the last treatment until the show.
animal can be marketed. It
is found under the “warning For Lambs: All females
section” of the label. must be tagged with state or
federally approved scrapie
Step 5: tag. If the breeder knows
Record any feeds that sire’s callipyge gene status,
contain medications and include that information.
their withdrawal time from
last feeding. Do not use any Step 6:
feed that is not specifically Youth and their parent or
formulated for the specific guardian will complete the
species you are feeding. certification box when they
transfer the animal to the fair
or show.
***VERY IMPORTANT--It is against federal regulations to feed prohibited mammalian protein, such as ruminant meat
and bone, to ruminant animals (cattle, sheep, or goats).***
NOTE: Many fairs and packing plants are requiring youth to verify health-product and feed compliance. You may not be able to sell project animals at the fair or livestock show if you do
not accurately complete the project animal health record. Animals are randomly tested for potential violations that may result in a monetary fine and/or criminal prosecution. Keep a copy of
the health record for at least six (6) months after sale, and preferably a year. Prepared by: Sarah M. Smith, Area Animal Science Extension Agent