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* Visa Status: L2 with work authorization. Employer Sponsorship not required
Seeking a challenging assignment in…
Management Position – Business Strategy, Operations/ Sales/ Marketing
Target Sectors: New Media, Online Portals, eCommerce, ISP & Telecom
PROFILE: A proactive and result-oriented, new media professional with 11 years
of success in conceptualizing and developing strategic partnerships, capitalizin
g on conventional and new emerging technologies for business growth. Currently a
ssociated with Sify Technologies Limited, Chennai, spearheading functions in the
capacity of DGM - Consumer Channels.
Core Competencies: Business Strategy Planning, Marketing, Sales & Product Manage
ment, P & L Management, Cross-Functional Team Management, Relationship Manageme
Domain Exposure: New Media, eCommerce, Online Portals, SEO & E-Mail Marketing, W
eb Analytics, Mobile / Telecom, CMS & Technology Integration

* Exceptional knowledge of website and eCommerce production technologies, in-dep
th experience monitoring industry trends, proven functional skills panning sales
, marketing, business & partner management
* Proficient in developing & streamlining systems with proven ability to enhance
operational effectiveness and meet operational goals within the cost, time & qu
ality parameters
* Ability to trigger growth through implementing leadership initiatives in dynam
ic business environments
* Adept at nurturing strong brand assets that actively contribute to every phase
of customer acquisition and retention, providing solutions that empower brands
to reflect, enhance and enable business strategy
* Utilizing consumer, market and product insight to help identify, create and im
plement consumer-driven ideas through innovation
* Performance-driven professional with excellent communication and negotiation s
kills. Adept at leading cross-functional teams and interacting with various key
* Successfully set up a 2 Million USD a year eCommerce business
* Implemented effective strategies which increased advertising revenues by 200%
and a 4-fold boost in web traffic for key channels
* Established partnership with WWE and introduced content micro-sites, which inc
reased visitor traffic and helped Sify sports channel reach the Top 3 position o
n comscore
* Re-launched the No:1 News Site for NRI’s ( >1 Million Unique Visitors) in North Am
erica with a technology innovation to deliver the latest news faster with a “recomme
nded news†feature based on browsing behavior to sustain loyalty
* Negotiated and secured partnerships for key events from Vodafone, Adidas, Sams
ung, LG, Canon, Ford, Maruti-Suzuki, HSBC, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank etc with each s
ponsorship value ranging 30,000 – 50,000 USD
* Instrumental in achieving a three fold increase in VAS (Text, Voice & Rich Med
ia) penetration, 8 to 15% increase in revenues and increase in VAS ARPU from 1$
to 1.5$
* Partnered with leading Retail Brands & created a sale for Hutch Subscribers. R
etail Presence was established in over 200+ key brand outlets which increased VA
S Penetration by 100%
Career Path
*DGM - Consumer Channels, 2007 onwards
Re-hired to establish web strategy for the company that had built a credible des
tination site, to increase the key channels’ visitors and revenues that had been fla
t due to various constraints
*Manager – eCommerce, 1999 - 2005
Established Sify’s B2C eCommerce business. Led a team of engineers and designers to
develop a homegrown end-to-end integrated e-Commerce platform. Partnered with me
rchants, credit card companies, banks, logistics service provider to set up the
eCommerce eco-system
Significant Contributions
* Sify Sports: Optimized technology processes to deliver the “Fastest Live Cricket S
core Card†, partnered with WWE and introduced content micro-sites which increased th
e visitors by > 400% to become the No: 3 sports channel in India within 2 years
time. Source: Comscore
* Sify Finance: Re-launched with a new design & content offering after analysis
of user behavior by deploying Crazy-Egg, Click-Tale, and Google Analytics. Resul
t: Visitors increase by 300% to become the No: 5 finance channel in India in a y
ears’ time. Source: Comscore
* Sify News: Drove 10-fold increase in unique visitors within the first year, fr
om under 200,000 per month to just under 2 million by deploying Search Engine Op
* Re-launched the No:1 News Site for NRI’s ( >1 Million Unique Visitor
s) in North America with a technology innovation to deliver the latest news fast
er with a “recommended news†feature based on browsing behavior to sustain loyalty
* Ensured continuous flow of advertising revenues by securing partnerships for k
ey events with major corporate.
* Conducted a detailed analytics study of content consumption patterns, user fee
dback and removed under-performing content assets, re-negotiated contracts and p
artnered on barter/ revenue-sharing deals, which reduced the content costs by 60
* Created content syndication relationships with Star TV, Sony TV for reality sh
ows including Indian Idol, The Hindu, India Today, Financial Times, Forbes, Spor
tz Interactive, Cric Buzz etc
* Created application relationship partnerships with Google for Google Apps, Mic
rosoft for IE 8 & Silverlight, Vdopia, Akamai etc
* Worked with a cross-functional team and successfully re-launched the content m
anagement system to improve publishing productivity through automation, provisio
ns to accommodate 3rd party content & tools, to increase visitors through organi
c search traffic and to increase the engagement metrics of visitors.
* Launched the Sify & samachar properties on mobile WAP platform starting from s
cratch to over 200,000 unique visitors per month
* Partnered with over 100+ Merchants covering categories ranging from apparel, b
ooks, electronics, jewellery, toys, electronics to fire-works, mangoes, fresh fl
* Partnered with a Logistics Service Provider to offer “Cash on Delivery†as a payment o
ption to penetrate markets where credit card ownership & usage online were abysm
al. This resulted in over 25% online shoppers with preferred payment method of C
ash on Delivery
* Partnered with Landmark Book store & set up the largest online book store (Ove
r 5 million titles) in India.
* Promoted the concept “Send Gifts to India†to NRIs living in USA using Forrester Resea
rch’s “Techno graphics†and doubled the number of gift orders & the average cart value
* Cross-promoted traffic from Sify Channels, Search Engine Optimization & e-mail
marketing to drive new visitors & repeat visitors. This resulted in over 1 Mill
ion Unique Visitors per month. 45% Visitors from Sify Channels &40% of the visit
ors through SEO & 30% of online shoppers revisited and 20% re-purchased with tar
geted e-mail marketing
PREVIOUS EMPLOYER: Hutchison Essar South Limited (now Vodafone), Chennai
Product Manager - VAS & Roaming, 2005 – 2006
Responsible for increasing the VAS (Text, Voice & Rich Media) penetration and re
venues among rapidly growing subscriber base in a market where the Voice ARPU wa
s low.
Significant Contributions
* Partnered with 200+ leading Retail Brands, implemented incentive discount sche
mes & expanded the network of Hutch Subscribers by 100%
* Analyzed consumer usage and segmented the users based on VAS services consumed
& devised customized products which increased VAS ARPU by 50%
* Partnered with stand up comedians & created “Mobisodes†to drive trial. This initiated
trial for 10% users who where other wise “inactive†on VAS Services
* Partnered with a leading FM Radio channel & created, promoted “RJ Hunt†, which resulte
d in over 100,000 users dialing up for audition
* Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management - Marketing (Gold Medalist), FMS
-IIRM, Jaipur, 1998
* Professional Diploma in Systems Development & Database Management, NIIT, 1996
* Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), University of Madras, 1996
* Date of Birth: 29th Feb 1976