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The Riverview Farm, 173 River Road, Topsham, Maine 04086 / 207-837-4213
20 years experience in Marketing, Public Relations and Executive Development inc
luding marketing campaign creation, professional recruiting, leadership developm
ent and training seminars. Strong background in multi-venue events with ability
to manage multiple projects at very high levels.
Certified Seminar Leader with American Marketing Association.
Significant experience with both Domestic and International travel. Specialized
in Executive Marketing and Leadership Training. Ability to leverage resources wh
ile directing large-scale events and conferences Domestically and Internationall
y. Skilled management of intrinsic personnel to deliver results within tight tim
e frames.
Experienced at creating and driving strategic marketing campaigns from inception
to completion including high-level professional presentations and training semi
nars. Successfully bridges relationships between executive management and person
nel team to effectively manage workflow process, meet deadlines and execute goal
The Riverview Farm, Topsham, Maine 2005 - 2010
Executive Consultant - Marketing / PR / Event and Project Management
Specializing in Marketing, PR, Event and Project Management for small business a
nd NPOas located both internationally and on the mid-coast of Maine. Focus on m
arketing management systems, market growth/outreach, event planning, staff devel
opment and fundraising.
a Develops successful marketing campaigns using inbound / outbound techniques; c
reating intrinsic, targeted campaigns
a Sophisticated speech/press release writer, public speaker and presenter
a Coordinates domestic and international seminars and multi-venue, large scale e
a Project Management including database tracking systems and the planning, organ
izing and managing of resources to bring about the successful completion of proj
ects including print/web design, travel, product marketing, sales, media, SEO, b
rochures, print communications, catalogs, press releases and blogs.
a Seasoned traveler including America, Russia, England, France, Holland, Norway,
Canada and Turkey
a Successfully partners with and utilizes management teams within an organizatio
nal structure
a Writes high-level managerial speeches, white papers and executive summaries
a Conducts resume screening, interviewing and assessment process for hiring of a
ll levels of management teams
a Prepares and executes hiring/firing recommendations to senior management.

The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, GA. 1995 - 2005

Director, Global Media Systems and Advertising Communications
Developed policies/procedures of The Coca-Cola Companyas Global Advertising Deve
lopment System including traffic, pre and post-production process for TV, radio
and print, photo shoot logistics including travel, crew staffing, production and
budget management; managing and meeting deadlines, media relationships, ISCI co
des and print/POS/catalog production while managing a staff of TV, radio and pri
nt designers, copy writers and producers.
a Created TCCC Production Guidelines Manual, a reference tool used to train adve
rtising agencies and internal departments in The Coca-Cola Companyas TV, Radio a
nd Print Advertising Process.
a Created, implemented and managed the TCCC Advertising Traffic System and the G
lobal Monthly Field Report System educating agencies, international field office
s and production houses of work/media deadlines.
a Wrote Global Marketing Executive Summary report for The Coca-Cola Companyas Bo
ard of Trustees.
a Supervised overall relationship, yearly contracts and fiscal management of dom
estic and international vendors used for distribution and storage of master mate
rials for media order fulfillment.
a Coordinated Media Relations/Advertising with network television, radio and pri
nt traffic and programming departments. Managed yearly budget for Advertising Pa
ttern Kits, Catalog System and I.S. departments.
a Managed Event Services department, overseeing organization / budgets for depar
tment workshops, hospitality and travel; insuring arrangement of cost effective
and stimulating seminars.
a Supervised dignitary/celebrity travel and escorted special guests when appropr

Atlanta Committee For The Olympic Games, Atlanta, GA. 1994 - 1995
Coordinated host broadcast coverage for the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. Devel
oped venue production requirements including camera/audio placement, production
crew location and athlete traffic flow in regards to television coverage.
a Managed budgets, crewing, traffic, out-of-house productions and international
client needs
a Executed event planning with multi-venue operations, accommodating both TV cre
w and athlete
a Screened and hired free-lance positions for games. Coordinated air and hotel f
or incoming game staff.
Turner Broadcasting, Inc., Atlanta, GA. 1992 - 1994
Producer a" Olympics and Special Projects Dept.
Produced documentary features and graphic package for The 1994 Winter Olympic Ga
mes, The 1994 Goodwill Games and Major League Baseball. Extensive domestic and
international travel for Olympic sports, programming events.
a Produced backstage shoots at sporting events including US Figure Skating and t
he National Football League.
a Produced ENG crew in Lillehammer, Norway for The 1992 Winter Olympic Games.
a Managed media relations with live telecasts, programming, athletes and anchors

WEAR-TV 3, Pensacola, FL. 1991 a" 1992

Production/Media Assistant Manager
News, Programming and Creative Services
WCVB-TV 5, Boston, MA. 1989 a" 1991
Production/Media PA
Creative Services/News Production


a Topsham Public Library - Board Trustee, Chair of Communications and Outreach C
ommittee, yearly budget resolution, developed and coordinated fundraising / outr
each projects.
a Bath Family YMCA - Directed 2009 Giving Campaign at The Riverview Farm, workin
g with large-scale fundraisers, Y-Tri event and Triathlon Training Class.
a American Marketing Association a" Organized and Lead Marketing seminars domest
ically and abroad.
a University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - 1990 - Major: Communications / Mi
nor: Psychology and Nutrition
a Experienced in Microsoft Office, Web Search Engines, Access, Photoshop, and Il
a Seamless use and integration of Apple and PC systems
a Single mother of 3 girls, experienced world traveler, freelance writer
a Outdoor, hiking and camping enthusiast, Tri-Athlete, Personal Trainer