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Matt Watkins, PHR

1317 Benteen Park Dr SE

Atlanta, GA 30315
Human Capital Management and Financial Software Consultant with 15 years experie
nce. Reputation as a creative problem solver who looks at situations from every
angle and often finds the flaw that has been overlooked by others. Complimented
by management for ability to communicate complex technical information to client
s and peers in a way that is understandable by all parties. Visionary with the a
bility to deal with things rationally and logically and with a deep understandin
g of topics.
* PHR certified by Human Resource Certification Institute with an excellent fram
ework of functional HR practices and technology.
* Strong SQL knowledge to help with diagnosing and quickly resolving software da
ta problems.
* Software: Excel, Word, MS Project, ADP Enterprise HR v5, UltiPro, Concur Trav
el & Expense, General Ledger systems.
ULTIMATE SOFTWARE GROUP, Atlanta, Georgia 2009 - 2010
A Leader in End-to-End Human Capital Management Solutions
Senior Consultant, Workplace Services
Delivered consulting services and project management on concurrent SaaS-based HC
M solution implementations
* Complimented by clients as a "life saver" in solving difficult issues many oth
er peers were not able to diagnose.
* Noticed for coming up with creative solutions for problem solving rapidly upon
joining the organization.
* Called upon to deliver difficult messages to clients and offer a variety of al
ternative solutions to solve their business problems in ways others may not have
thought of.
AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING, INC., Dallas, Texas 2008 - 2009
Global Leader with Broadest Offering in Employer Services
Consultant-National Accounts Professional Services, Dallas, TX
Enterprise HR software consulting with heavily specialized deployments.
* Recognized as an outstanding meeting facilitator with clients and asked to be
a model for other consultants on the project in conducting meetings.
* Successfully designed very clear custom specifications that were easy for deve
lopers to understand-even in offshore development activities.
Mercer Outsourcing Services, Absence Management Practice
Senior Implementation Manager - Total Absence Management
Led a small team of resources to deliver an on-time deployment of a first-time o
utsourced absence management solution.
* Successfully managed the on-time implementation of an outsourced absence manag
ement solution-the first implementation of its kind for Mercer.
* Coached other team members who were new to the implementation life cycle and w
ere having difficulties. Received the feedback that our conversations helped th
em feel more comfortable with their jobs.
* Tapped for prior experience in technology companies to streamline both the imp
lementation process and the software itself.
CONCUR TECHNOLOGIES, INC., Dallas, Texas 2004 - 20
Global Leader in Corporate Expense Management Technology
Senior Consultant, Concur Advantage Services
Delivered consulting service, best-practice advice, and overall system design to
large market clients.
* Complimented by boss for ability to take the ball and run with it with very li
ttle supervision on a consistent and repeat basis.
* Frequently requested on projects by repeat clients.
* Known as the one who could "work with anybody"; often asked to work with clien
ts who other people described as "difficult."
* Recognized as a trusted partner in the products and services being delivered t
o facilitate a successful and mutually beneficial deployment of the software.
AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING, INC., Atlanta, Georgia 2002 - 2004
Senior Consultant-TotalChoice Solutions, Atlanta, GA
Mid-Market SaaS solution with robust HR functionality
* Noted for being able to perform in an ambiguous new "start-up-like" environmen
t with few defined processes and procedures with the ability to deliver concurre
nt software deployments on time and within budget.
* Frequently partnered with sales force as a trusted technical advisor; helping
to gain trust and set the correct expectations for a successful deployment.
* Asked to work on the most complex of engagements; provided direction to other
consultants and was successful with the most complex of requirements.
ADP PROBUSINESS DIVISION, Atlanta, Georgia 2000 - 2002
Implementation Consultant
Large-Market Payroll systems implementation with integration pointes into HR, Ti
me & Labor, and Financial Software
* Recognized and complimented by clients as an excellent resource; "you are luck
y to have Matt on your team".
* Complemented by senior management for taking a logical approach to problem sol
ving and solving the problem without risking data integrity issues.
* Mitigated project risk and communicated ways to avoid the risk to all project
team members.
LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY, Saint Charles, Missouri
B.A. Public Management - 3.12/4.0 scale