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Steve A.

105 E. 200 N. Nephi Ut. Home 435-623-5310 Cell 801-380-6758 e-mail sbdeed1

Objective Seeking a challenging career position in Sales or Sales Management/Tra

ining utilizing acquired skills, experience and training
Experience New Market Account Rep
March 09 to Present
Our Town Publishing/ Legacy Community Pages
Orem Utah
New Market Sales and Account Development of New Yellow Page Books
* Jackson Wyoming Market
* Spokane Washington Market
* Utah County Markets
Accomplishments include: Helped new company start up phone books in new markets,
Designed sales materials, developed sales polices and prices. Worked independe
ntly and with team to bring the books in on goal and was the top salesmen in all

Senior Account Rep/Sales Trainer/Internet Director

Phone Directories Company
Orem Utah
* Yellow Page sales to small and medium sized business
* Senior employee achieving set goals and working under minimal supervision.
* Sales Trainer for three years
* Internet Director for four years
* Presidents club winner ten years
* Top five "Top Gun" winner five years
Accomplishments include: Yellow Page Sales and development. I started with comp
any when annual sales were 3.5 million and ended with company annual sales of 95
million. I travelled extensively in the Western United State and In Alaska. I
worked in over 30 different markets setting up yellow page directories. I worked
as Sales Trainer for 3 years and wrote and designed the sales training program.
I personally trained over 500 new salesmen and supervised an international sale
s training effort in the US and Canada. Designed and implemented in the mid and
late 90's one of the nation's first online Yellow Page programs. I educated mana
gement and sales staff on selling and marketing of Internet products. Worked wit
h Senior Sales Management in designing and implementing Annual International Sal
es Conference for over 500 sales persons. Made Large and Small Group presentatio
ns on new products and sales programs. Worked as Senior Sales Rep in the field a
nd was awarded "Top Gun Salesmen award" for 5 straight years.
Sales Manager
National Merchandising Co of Green Bay
Green Bay WI
* Advertising Sales, Sales Management, Hiring and Training, Market development

Membership Rep
National Federation of Independent Business Membership rep in the Sal
t Lake Market during the Reagan Presidency
Met goals and expectations during Utah's economic downturn
Met with Utah State Legislature and lobbied with State Lobbyist

Education Mesa College

Political Science

Brigham Young University

* Sales, consultive and one call close
* , Ability to think and adapt quickly
* , Public speaking -small and large groups
* , Excellent Math and analytical skills
* , Marketing program design
* , Ability to read body language
* , Sales Territory start up and development
* , NLP skills
* , Cold call skills in person and by phone
* , MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
* , Ability to listen attentively
* , Internet, SEM, SEO