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Kirk T.

5363 Rucker Dr., San Jose, CA 95124
(408) 267-0459 hm, (408) 266-3750 fax, (408) 621-2107 cell
Software Quality Process Development / Employee Development / Risk Assessment an
d Management
A results-oriented Software Quality professional with proven abilities in manag
ing projects, improving efficiency of quality organizations, and streamlining S
oftware Quality standards and methodologies to fit current projects and requirem
ents. Able to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and to implement polic
ies, standards, and changes in operation that will optimize Software Quality pro
ductivity while maintaining the bottom line. Work constructively with diverse re
sources to build strong teams and facilitate change and acceptance of new approa
ches, systems, processes, and tools. Consistently keep projects on-track and on-
time, despite changing priorities and schedules. Motivate staff members to maxim
um productivity, while controlling costs through the effective use of available
manpower and resources.

- Project Management - Hands-On Management

- SQA Standards and Practices - SQA Outsourcing
- Team Building and Training - On-Time Deliverables
- Test Automation Management - SQA Lab Management
- Cross-functional Team Coordination - Merchant / Vendor Relations
* Motivated by analyzing and solving difficult product, personnel, and business
related problems as well as producing high quality, stable products.
* Successful in creating and implementing SQA plans, establishing and administer
ing budgets, and developing and executing improved processes to meet both long a
nd short term goals.
* Created a Go Live process for DVDPlay, Inc. which streamlined the entire proce
ss from contract initialization through the activation of the first customer kio
* Reduced overall SQA turnaround time and quality by incorporating an AGILE test
process within the development environment.
* Strive to work closely with all departments, including Development and Marketi
ng, to better understand and define more stable, testable, and customer oriented
* Helped improve Kiosk uptime to 98% saving thousands of dollars monthly on serv
ice calls.
* Enjoy learning new technologies and improving product quality by providing a s
table and cooperative work environment where teams can achieve success and reach
personal and corporate goals and objectives.
* Maintain employee retention as a top priority to develop consistent subject ma
tter expert knowledge within the group by establishing a team spirited environme
nt through a positive and proactive leadership style.
DVDPlay, Inc. (Subsidiary of NCR Corp), Campbell, California, 2006 - Present
Director of Quality Assurance reporting to the Chief Technology Officer.
DVDPlay is a late cycle start-up company and is the creator and manufacturer of
the world's first fully automated and remotely managed DVD rental machine. These
rental kiosks are operated exclusively by credit or debit card. The kiosk envir
onment consists of the kiosk hardware and software on CENTOS, Windows, and Web p
latforms. Also includes firmware, databases, wireless and wired network connecti
vity, proprietary circuit boards for controlling the internal robot designed to
dispense and return discs, security intrusion technology, kiosk touchscreen and
UI, a web based single point of administration tool, a kiosk admin tool, and bro
wser based Online Reservation System (ORS).

* As with any start-up, I wear many hats and have responsibility for many tasks
not directly related to my designated charter.
* Responsible for defining, staffing, budgeting, scheduling and managing the dev
elopment, implementation, support and execution of SQA strategies, processes, pr
actices and development aids.
* Increased quality goals during the development, testing and release of 8+ prod
uction builds per year.
* Support both internal and external customers, as well as performing debugging,
testing and approvals for all software/hardware changes, upgrades, and installa
* Established formal internal SQA processes, test automation practices, and a co
rporate Go Live process.
* Work closely with Bank of America to configure and verify all transaction proc
essing services as well as verifying PCI compliance.
* Other duties include Project Management, working closely with Development, Man
ufacturing, Product Marketing, and Operations, performing personnel reviews, con
tributing to Product Design Reviews and Marketing Requirements Documents, as wel
l as resolving Customer Service, Technical Support and Operational issues.
* Create scripts for performing database verification, kiosk cache accuracy, and
log entry parsing.
* Initiated and administer defect tracking system, provide applicable test matri
ces, lead weekly defect triage meetings, as well as for ensuring the creation of
test plans, test scripts, and an SQL and Selenium based test automation framewo
* Improved the stability and usability of the DVDPlay Web site and new Online Re
servation System.
BMC Software, Inc., San Jose, California, 1997 - 2006
Senior Software Engineering QA Manager for the Enterprise Management Systems Div
Direct responsibility for defining, organizing, staffing, and driving the entire
Client/Server console (Web, Windows, Linux, Unix), and core server Software Qua
lity Assurance Organization for the Business Service Management project focusing
on the Event Management and Service Impact Management product lines and integra
* Directly managed and trained 20+ QA Engineers and supervised off-shore staff.
* Created BMC Software Development Product Life Cycle (PLC).
* Implemented AGILE development processes.
* Responsible for planning, scheduling staffing, budgeting, procurement, lab org
anization and management, test plan creation, test automation, and performing pe
rsonnel reviews.
* Approved Marketing Requirements Documents, Functional Specifications, product
releases, and enforced formal SQA processes and procedures in a C/C++, Java, and
Perl environment.
* Initiated Client/Server and Web based test and automation practices.
* Restructured and repositioned the SIQA group within the Client/Server Division
, delivering 100+ product releases on time and within budget for 30+ products.
* Led test effort for Windows and Linux Client Server Event and Service Manageme
nt UI and Administration modules.
* Built strong, cohesive, highly motivated and successful QA department.
Novell, Inc., San Jose, California, 1991 - 1997
Software Engineering Test Manager for the Novell Telephony Services Division, th
e Novell Electronic Commerce Division, and the Novell Messaging Division.
Major accomplishments and skills included meeting all major release schedules, t
urning out high quality software with minimum defect rates, and building excelle
nt Software Quality teams and procedures, resulting in highly motivated and succ
essful Test Engineering groups.
* Managed team of 2-9 test engineers responsible for testing and approving all T
elephony, E-commerce, and Novell Messaging applications supported on Windows and
developed in C++, Visual C++, and Java.
* Direct responsibility for test creation and execution for the Telephony Servic
es Access Module, the Telephony Services Administration Utility, the Voice Respo
nse module, and the Internet Phone Module.
* Created various GUI icons and tested the TAM Installation module and the NTS A
* Created automated test suites using SQA Team Test, Visual Basic, C, and propri
etary Telephony tools.
* Managed and participated in system and integration testing of the NetWare Inte
rnet Electronic Commerce development effort with Open Market which involved full
Internet Commerce capabilities from electronic store fronts to transaction and
payment processing services.
* Lead the design, development, test, and release of the FirstMail electronic ma
il package on DOS, Windows, and Mac platforms as well as Novell's messaging tran
sports, Global MHS, and Remote MHS.
* Directed and contributed to test suite and documentation creation, release eng
ineering and beta programs.

B.A. Education * California State Univ., Los Angeles
California State Teaching Credential* California State Univ., Los Angeles
M.A. Educational Administration
Computer Science Degree * Sawyer College, Westwood, California
Extensive Corporate training in Business Law, Business Ethics, Project Manageme
nt, Project Planning, Certified Software Quality Engineering, Personnel Resource