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Edexcel GCSE
Chemistry C1b
Topic 7: There’s One Earth
Topic 8: Designer Products
Foundation and Higher Tiers
Monday 25 June 2007 – Morning
Time: 20 minutes
Materials required for examination Items included with question papers
Multiple Choice Answer Sheet Nil
HB pencil, eraser and calculator

Instructions to Candidates
Use an HB pencil. Do not open this booklet until you are told to do so.
Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Foundation tier candidates: answer questions 1 – 24.

Higher tier candidates: answer questions 17 – 40.
All candidates are to answer questions 17 – 24.

Before the test begins:

Check that the answer sheet is for the correct test and that it contains your candidate details.

How to answer the test:

For each question, choose the right answer, A, B, C or D
and mark it in HB pencil on the answer sheet. A B D
For example, the answer C would be marked as shown.
Mark only one answer for each question. If you change your mind about an answer, rub out the first
mark thoroughly, then mark your new answer.
Do any necessary calculations and rough work in this booklet. You may use a calculator if you wish.
You must not take this booklet or the answer sheet out of the examination room.

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Questions 1 to 16 must be answered by Foundation tier candidates only.
Higher tier candidates start at question 17.


For many years, the fuel diesel has been produced in

the petroleum industry. Now a new fuel, biodiesel,
is produced from plants.
Biodiesel is an example of a biofuel.

1. In the petroleum industry, diesel is produced from

A plants
B bitumen
C crude oil
D sugar cane

2. A fuel that is useful must produce, when it burns,

A soot
B heat energy
C ash
D light

3. An advantage of using biodiesel instead of diesel from the petroleum industry is that

A is very thick and viscous

B produces only carbon dioxide when it burns
C is made from a renewable resource
D produces only water when it burns

4. In America, many lorries use biodiesel instead of the old diesel.

A disadvantage of biofuels that are made from plants is that the plants

A only grow in America

B produce gases which cause acid rain
C increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
D use large areas of land

5. Diesel is a mixture of hydrocarbons.

The complete combustion of diesel produces

A water only
B carbon dioxide only
C water and carbon dioxide
D water and carbon monoxide

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This sign is on a recycling bin in the school library.



6. The sign suggests that

A all paper can be recycled

B the bin can be recycled
C white paper can be recycled
D coloured paper cannot be recycled

7. Paper is recycled.
Recycling is carried out because

A fewer trees are destroyed

B it increases the amount of waste
C it is difficult to carry out
D paper cannot be disposed of by burning

8. It is difficult to recycle plastic.

An advantage of recycling plastic is that

A it wastes energy
B it increases landfill
C most plastics are biodegradable
D the amount of plastic waste is reduced

N29512A 3 Turn over

Bottles of wine

Wine is a popular alcoholic drink.

Many bottles of wine are now sealed with metal screw caps instead of cork.

9. Making wine involves

A combustion
B neutralisation
C light
D fermentation

10. One of the effects of drinking too much wine is

A improved vision
B slower reactions
C improved driving
D faster reactions

11. Metal screw caps are used on the bottles to prevent the wine being spoilt by

A oxygen
B water vapour
C nitrogen
D carbon dioxide

N29512A 4
Batting gloves

Greptile and Spandex are new materials used to make batting gloves for baseball players.

Spandex mesh

The gloves give the player a stronger grip on the bat. This makes the hitting of the ball more

12. The stronger grip means that the ball is

A hit with less speed and travels further

B hit with more speed and travels further
C hit with less speed and travels less far
D hit with more speed and travels less far

13. The Spandex used contains a breathable membrane which keeps rain out of the glove but stops
the player’s hands becoming sweaty.
Which row of the table correctly shows the properties of Spandex?

allows water to enter allows sweat to escape

A yes yes
B yes no
C no yes
D no no

N29512A 5 Turn over

Use the following information to answer questions 14 and 15.

The bar chart shows a comparison of the grip of gloves made of Greptile and gloves made of leather,
in dry and wet conditions.

relative grip
4 dry
3 wet
Greptile leather

14. In wet, compared with dry, conditions the grip of the gloves is

A less for both

B the same for both
C more for both
D less for Greptile but more for leather

15. Dry gloves made of Greptile have

A less grip than dry leather

B the same grip as dry leather
C half as much grip as dry leather
D twice as much grip as dry leather

16. Uses for newly produced materials are

A always known before they are made

B limited to one specific use
C sometimes discovered after they are made
D for clothes only

N29512A 6
Higher tier candidates start at question 17 and answer questions 17 to 40.
Questions 17 to 24 must be answered by all candidates: Foundation tier and Higher tier.


Mr and Mrs Jones are on holiday in their caravan.

The body of the caravan is made of aluminium and the inside of the caravan is painted with emulsion
paint. The windows are ‘easy clean’ because they are coated with a nanofilm.

17. An emulsion can be a mixture of

A a solid and water

B two solids
C oil and water
D two aqueous solutions

18. The caravan is made from recycled aluminium.

Which of these is not an advantage of using recycled aluminium, rather than aluminium
extracted from its ore?

A Recycling saves natural resources

B Recycling is cheaper
C Recycling is easier to carry out
D The aluminium produced by recycling is lighter

19. Water droplets do not stick to the caravan windows because the nanofilm coating is

A hydrophobic
B breathable
C hydrophilic
D soluble

N29512A 7 Turn over

20. Which of these statements is true about the nanoparticles in the ‘easy clean’ coating?
These nanoparticles

A are soluble in water

B are smaller than the molecules in the glass
C do not contain atoms
D reflect visible light

Use the following information to answer questions 21 to 24.

The water heater in the caravan uses liquefied petroleum gas, LPG, which contains propane, C3H8.

21. Incomplete combustion of the LPG results in the formation of carbon monoxide and

A sulphur
B sulphur dioxide
C carbon
D carbon dioxide

22. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas which

A combines with haemoglobin in the blood

B combines with oxygen in the body
C combines with water in the body
D is absorbed through the skin

23. Complete combustion of the LPG forms a gas which

A may contribute to global warming

B is coloured
C is poisonous
D is sooty

24. Which equation correctly represents the complete combustion of propane?

A C3H8 + 4O2 → 3C + 4H2O

B 2C3H8 + 7O2 → 6CO + 8H2O
C C3H8 + 3O2 → 3CO2 + 4H2
D C3H8 + 5O2 → 3CO2 + 4H2O


Foundation tier candidates do not answer any more questions after question 24.

N29512A 8
Questions 25 to 40 must be answered by Higher tier candidates only.
Foundation tier candidates do not answer questions 25 to 40.

Bottles of beer

Beer contains ethanol, an alcohol.

Ethanol can be produced, on a large scale, by fermentation.

The recommended maximum limit of alcohol consumption is 2–3 units a day.

Half a pint of beer contains one unit of alcohol.

25. The fermentation mixture could contain

1 water
2 sugar
3 yeast

Which of these substances are necessary for a successful fermentation?

A 1 and 2 only
B 1 and 3 only
C 2 and 3 only
D 1, 2 and 3

26. Which of these equations correctly represents a fermentation reaction?

A C2H5OH + 3O2 → 2CO2 + 3H2O

B C6H12O6 → 2C2H5OH + 2CO2
C C2H4 + O2 → C2H5OH
D C2H5OH + 2CO2 → C6H12O6

N29512A 9 Turn over

27. Which row of the table shows the number of units consumed by drinking three pints of beer
and the effect drinking this beer would have?

number of
units consumed
A 3 improved vision
B 6 slower reactions
C 3 slower reactions
D 6 improved vision

28. Increased pressure is achieved in some cans of beer by adding liquid nitrogen before the can
is sealed. The liquid nitrogen (boiling point –196 °C) boils and creates the pressure inside the
Liquid nitrogen is made from liquid air (boiling point –194°C).
By comparison with liquid air, liquid nitrogen is better for creating pressure inside beer cans
because it

A is cheaper
B boils at a higher temperature
C improves the flavour of the beer
D does not react with the beer


Crude oil is a source of non-renewable fuels. The fuels are obtained by fractional distillation.
The diagram shows a fractionating column.

crude oil fuel oil

29. Which of the following statements about this process is correct?

A Each fraction is a single, pure hydrocarbon

B Fractions which are difficult to ignite are collected from the top of the column
C The molecules in the fraction collected at the bottom of the column are the smallest
D Fractions with the lowest boiling point are collected from the top of the column

N29512A 10
30. Which row of the table correctly identifies X, Y and Z?

A diesel kerosene naphtha
B naphtha kerosene diesel
C diesel naphtha kerosene
D kerosene naphtha diesel

31. Which of these is not a use of bitumen?

A as a fuel in ships
B as a material to make roofs
C as a waterproofing agent
D as a material to make roads

32. Which row of the table is correct for fuel oil compared to petrol?

viscosity of fuel oil ease of ignition of fuel oil

A more viscous than petrol more difficult to ignite than petrol
B less viscous than petrol more difficult to ignite than petrol
C more viscous than petrol easier to ignite than petrol
D less viscous than petrol easier to ignite than petrol

33. This equation represents the burning of a hydrocarbon in petrol.

wC8H18 + xO2 → yCO2 + zH2O

Which row of the table shows values of w, x, y and z that give a balanced equation?

w x y z
A 1 12 8 9
B 1 17 8 9
C 2 25 16 18
D 2 34 16 18

N29512A 11 Turn over

Synthetic materials

Thinsulate and Kevlar are synthetic materials.

Thinsulate consists of thin poly(propene) fibres, loosely packed to trap air.
Kevlar consists of molecules which are strongly attracted to each other, giving a flexible material which
is difficult to penetrate.

The table below compares the tensile strength and density of poly(propene), Kevlar and steel, and the
effect of heat on them.

material tensile strength (GPa) density (g/cm3) effect of heat

poly(propene) 1.5 0.9 softens at low temperature
Kevlar 3.6 1.4 unaffected up to high temperature
steel 1.3 7.9 melts at high temperature

34. Which of the following statements about synthetic materials are true?

1 All synthetic materials are smart.

2 Synthetic materials are sometimes made for a particular purpose.
3 Uses for synthetic materials are sometimes discovered after they are first

A 1 only
B 2 only
C 2 and 3
D 1 and 3

35. Kevlar, steel or poly(propene) could be used to strengthen car tyres.

Which of the following statements could be true?

1 Tyres strengthened with poly(propene) would cause a car to use less fuel than
tyres strengthened with steel.
2 Tyres strengthened with Kevlar will be able to be used at high temperatures.
3 Tyres strengthened with poly(propene) will be stronger than tyres strengthened
with Kevlar.

A 1 only
B 2 only
C 1 and 2 only
D 1 and 3 only

N29512A 12
36. Which row of the table shows likely uses for Thinsulate and Kevlar?

Thinsulate Kevlar
A ski gloves gardening gloves
B bullet proof vests bullet proof vests
C ice hockey sticks gardening gloves
D ice hockey sticks bullet proof vests

Fuels for the future: DME and hydrogen

DME, dimethyl ether, can be produced from methane.

Methane can be obtained from a renewable resource.
DME is a clean gas that is easy to liquefy and transport.
DME is an alternative fuel to diesel.
The equation shows the complete combustion of DME.

CH3OCH3 + 3O2 → 2CO2 + 3H2O

Hydrogen is used in some cars as an alternative fuel to petrol or diesel.

37. DME is an ideal fuel because it burns to form

A carbon dioxide
B water
C no solid residue
D carbon monoxide and water

38. DME is a good alternative fuel to diesel because it

A is non-flammable
B is renewable
C is a hydrocarbon
D does not emit gases when burnt

39. The formula of a molecule of DME is the same as the formula of a molecule of

A methane
B ethanol
C diesel
D petrol

N29512A 13 Turn over

40. One of the problems of using hydrogen in cars is

A a lack of raw material

B it burns to form pollutants
C it is difficult to store large quantities safely
D it is difficult to ignite



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