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DavID Howell, M.S.

312 Calistoga Ct., Austin, TX 78732
210-618-6566 Cellular E-mail:

Accomplished global marketing executive with expertise in achieving

operational profit and loss objectives. Ability to align marketing
strategies with objectives, mission and vision, producing top line
growth and optimizing net expenses. Expert manager for creative
direction, product positioning, product pricing, product launch, and
agency, field and channel management.


Proven success at driving business development, building
effective coalitions with external business partners, creating
opportunities for growth and partnership through sales & marketing.
Collaborative leader, certified in facilitation, adept at
managing client expectations, providing world-class customer service,
excels at client retention and contact programs, and leveraging brand
reputation while maximizing revenue opportunities.
Comprehensive background in public relations, public
speaking, board of director leadership, non-profit leadership,
advertising, business development, brand management, and consumer
research and analysis.

Superior Access Insurance Services, Inc. a" Austin, Texas (2010)
Top line P/L responsibility. Managed 15 employees in order to drive
new business development and client account management strategies
nationally. Collaboration on national product strategies, and
strategic partnerships in order to vertically add value and revenue.
Communicates internally and externally to define priorities and
strategies for growth and retention. Full cycle SaaS product
development from concept to sale through market research, VOC,
development and delivery.

Developed and authored a comprehensive marketing plan, helping

create a 9% growth trend line.
Leverage brand and positioning through website SEO and social media
strategies, scoring 88.4%.
Developed sales customer touch point program increasing client
retention by 15%.
Created a cogent business plan, and national marketing strategy,
tying in SWOT & business intelligence.
Increased top line vertical growth by creating and implementing
strategic partnerships.
Developed virtual call center sales function, reducing
call-to-close ratio, increasing conversion rates.

Solaris Insurance & Investments a" San Antonio, Texas (2003 a"
Sole P/L accountability to achieve business development client
retention strategies. Contact program for client retention and cross
sell revenue-generating activities. Responsibility for pull-through
insurance products a" focusing on medical and lifestyle products.
Established national broker partnerships in order to enhance all
Company objectives.

Formulated a comprehensive retention plan, contributing to +95%

Y/O/Y client retention.
Established brand standards as well as initiating community-based
outreach efforts increasing sales.
Lowered marketing expenses by 20% while increasing internal
response time a" deceasing sales cycle.

KB Home a" San Antonio, Texas (2004 a" 2008)

P/L responsibility, delivering revenue stream through the entire
buying cycle. Managed 70 employees engaged in $330 million
residential homebuilder. Focused on brand protection, consumer
avoidance factors, product life cycle improvements, public relations,
sales oversight, and crisis management initiatives. Worked to reduce
product cycle time Y/O/Y, resulting in a 25% reduction in cycle time
and a margin multiplier of +$75 million per year. Authored an ISO
Quality Systems Manual and integrated Company business model
resulting in a Zero Defects certification by a third-party auditor.
Increased J.D. Power & Associates Customer Satisfaction Rating
Y/O/Y by +2 points.
Increased sales through lending - led a 2-yr integration of the
Countrywide mortgage unit.
Led an inbound Call Center function for service of over 25,000
clients a" 9.3 satisfaction rating.
Improved buyer experience by rewriting sales agreement and
addendums a" cut point-of-sale in half.
Reduced claims expense by over 25% using matrix team structure,
action planning and field execution.
"New Community" product design, merchandising, and launch -
achieved first-ever, 30-day opening.

Howell, Higgs, Evans & Clark, LLC a" New Braunfels, Texas (1993
a" 2003)
Total P/L responsibility as managing general partner. Strategically
planned and tactically executed the start up of a multi-state
insurance and investment company, growing entity to a median-sized
operation in 5 years. Authored the business plan, marketing plan,
mission and vision and objectives and aligned each of these for each
employee. Spearheaded the development and launch of an outbound call
center, achieving a 50% appointment set rate. Managed all sales
hiring, training, and performance management. Responsible for lead
generation, collateral design, trade shows, press release,
publications, and revenue creation, and corporate community activism.

Responsible for human resources, employee development & training,

logistics, budgeting and forecasting, analysis, and converting ad
dollars to a 1:1 ratio against revenue dollars.
Reduced marketing expense by one-half through effective use of
client contact program.
Used market research methods to accelerate the sales cycle and
conversion rates.
Grew client sales to Top 100 Agent status for MetLife Auto & Home.
Trained college business students to call center standards, and
established an 83% close ratio.

USAF Reserve a" Randolph Air Force Base, Texas (1985 - 1993)
Led 125 employees engaged in global sales and staffing operation.
Responsible for generating sales and human capital expense of $1.4
billion. Managed all aspects of 50 global retail real estate
locations. Managed advertising, promotions, sales hiring, training,
and performance management.

Responsible for product development, research, data, analysis and

execution of marketing strategies for Internet-based channel, virtual
and retail sales.
Managed global public relations effort through public speaking,
promotions and advertisement.
Managed a $3 million ad/promotion budget through a national agency
for print/electronic media.
Designed and implemented a Total Quality Management (TQM) program
for a 3,300-person sales organization a" trained executives, trained
the trainers and communicated program.

2003 National Graduate School, _M.S., QUALITY SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT
__(3.68 G.P.A.)_
1983 Park University, _B.S., BUSINESS MANAGEMENT __(3.33 G.P.A.)_
(3.0 G.P.A.)_