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Jump Start Your Practice with Implants

COLUMBUS, OHIO - As the Baby Boomers age, den-
tistry should be expecting a groundswell of patients who
may be in need of implant dentistry, and this generation
of patients will not tolerate subpar results, according to
David A. Little, DDS, one of the speakers at the Updates

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in Contemporary Dentistry Meeting.
Dr. Little, who is an adjunct clinical professor at
the University of Texas, San Antonio, and who has a
private practice in San Antonio, said that approaching
dentistry as a team, involving the surgeons, technicians,
as well as the patient and dentist is the key to successful
implant dentistry. “You have to take a team approach
for successful implant dentistry,” Dr. Little said. “You
have to train your team well. You never want to over-
promise and underdeliver.” the least costly approach and they are quickly applied.
Dr. Little said the emotional effects of tooth loss can On the negative side, dentures contribute to further bone
include bereavement, lowered self-confidence, altered loss, nerve exposure may lead to pain, and may lead to an
self-image, altered behavior in forming close relation- older appearance with wrinkles. Also, he said, dentures
ships, and premature aging. All of these negative effects do limit what patients can eat.
has led to patients seeking help for tooth loss. “I ask the patient, ‘Would you rather eat what you
Predicting a great result, according to Dr. Little, re- want or eat what you can’,” Dr. Little told the audience.
quires that a dentist treat each case 4 times, “in our Discussing the Anyklos Syncone implant restora-
minds, in wax, in acrylic, and in porcelain.” Typically, tions, Dr. Little said it is an implant retained, implant
problems in restoring implants involve 2 issues—the supported overdenture that can be immediately loaded.
wrong location and poor angulation. To prevent these The goals of this system include immediate treatment,
issues, Dr. Little said to start with a solid clinical exami- decreased total treatment time, simplified technical pro-
nation that looks at the periodontal health, the condi- cedures, and decreased cost.
tion of the soft tissue, the dentition, the contour of the The biggest advantages using the Anyklos system, ex-
bone, and vital structures. plained Dr. Little, are that it provides the clinician with
He said knowing the “numbers of implant dentistry” a wide range of options when selecting patient-specific,
will help predict success: custom restorations. He said all Ankylos implants and
• 2 mm is needed between the natural tooth and standard abutments are fully interchangeable with the
implant matching sulcus formers and transfer caps.
• 3 mm is needed between 2 implants
• 7 mm is needed for the vertical height from the Enthusiastic for Dentistry
implant body to the site of occlusion Summarizing his presentation, Dr. Little encouraged
• 5 mm is the ideal height from crest of bone to the audience to get excited about the new options and
bottom of contact point innovations in dentistry. “You have to get excited about
these things because if you aren’t, how are your patients
Radiography Results or your staff going to be?” —Colleen Platt
Dr. Little said that the future of dentistry is 3D tech-
nology, which helps the surgeon prepare for the implant
placement. He uses Materialse’s Simplant 3D software, David A. Little, DDS graduated in 1984
which enables him to diagnose, plan treatment, docu- from the University of Texas Health Science Center at
ment, and present cases. This 3D allows visualization San Antonio Dental School. Since that time, he has
devoted a significant amount of time to refining his
and analysis of craniofacial anatomy from data pro- craft through continuing dental education. In 1998, he
duced by cone beam computed tomography. began sharing his extensive experience and passion
for advanced dental techniques with his professional
colleagues. He has educated thousands of dentists
Treatment Options around the world on advanced dental procedures and
When discussing treatment options, Dr. Little said it techniques through dental education workshops and clinical seminars.

is important to review all the benefits and negatives of Dr. Little reports he has lectured for Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialties,
Orascoptic, Heraeus Kulzer, Kerr, 3M ESPE and Deka.
each option. With dentures, the benefits are that they are

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