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135 Simmons Road

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17055
Residence: (717) 691-5781
Cell: (717) 554-2917
Five years executive level management experience as CEO of an organization of
475 employees with an operating budget in excess of $310M.
Executed direct operational logistics support for more than 15,000 uniformed p
ersonnel across the European Theater of Operations.
Directed the global distribution of more than 75,000 line items and 60M articl
es of inventory from a central facility and 8 worldwide support offices.
Leading large, diverse, matrixed organizations focused on customer support.
Physical distribution management to include: receipt, stow, selection, packing a
nd shipping utilizing domestic and international modes and carriers.
Budget formulation and execution to meet profit and loss objectives.
Strategic and tactical planning and execution.
Effective communicator with proven ability within all levels of an organization
and across a wide range of external partners.
LEAN champion to reduce total ownership cost.
Naval Sea Logistics Center,
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 2005-2010
Commanding (Chief Executive) Officer
As the Commanding (Chief Executive) Officer, I implemented a robust enterprise
workload and performance management system that reduced the cost of operations
by 19% with initial annual savings of $2.5M.
Defined core vs. non-core work to more effectively utilize limited personnel r
Increased customer support and satisfaction by 18% through LEAN initiatives.
Consolidated and reorganized IT management to reduce systems from 196 to 70, a
pplications from 810 to 120 and personnel end strength from 192 to 90.
Managed senior level Board of Directors and coordinated a wide range of corpor
ate functions to include: financial management, contracting, program development
and management, IT development and support, and human resource management.
Coordinated the efforts of 6 geographically dispersed detachments and 7 separa
te bargaining units to achieve strategic and operational goals.
Developed a strategic plan to institutionalize prior initiatives and reinforce s
Commander, Naval Forces Europe,
Naples, Italy 2001-2005
Director of Logistics Operations
Directed the sustained operational logistic support for more than 15,000 naval
forces operating within the European theater in support of two major combat ope
Utilized a diverse array of intermodal transportation modes, methods and asset
s to deliver more than 800M gallons of fuel, 15,500 tons of ordnance, and countl
ess tons of provisions, stores, and repair parts.
Coordinated the daily scheduling, movement, and tracking of logistics support
with other critical US military service leaders and multi-national coalition par
tners to ensure the effective and efficient use of limited and over-worked deliv
ery assets.
Defense Distribution Mapping Activity,
Richmond, Virginia 1998-2001
Commanding (Chief Executive) Officer
Directed the most difficult and diverse of 22 Defense Department distribution
Increased depot productivity by 32% in 6 months by modernizing warehouse funct
ions, adding automation and streamlining processes and functions.
Eliminated a backlog of 98,000 requisitions and the requirement for 3rd shift
operations that resulted in an immediate savings of $15,000 per week.
Established a system of quantifiable metrics and instituted process improvemen
Increased warehouse efficiency by 48% through a redesign of 65,000 storage loc
ations and removing excess and obsolete stock from prime storage locations.
Defense Distribution Depot Richmond,
Richmond, Virginia 1996-1998
Director, Hazardous Material Warehouse Operations
Reduced requisition processing times by 70% (5 to 1.5 days) for high priority
and by 88% (22 to 2.5 days) for routine requisitions.
Further reduced high priority processing times by 66%, to .5 days through impl
emented LEAN initiatives.
Reduced packing and packaging error rate for hazardous material shipments by 9
0% through increased training and focused specialization on DOT packing and ship
ping regulations.
Initiatives improved customer satisfaction and reduced unnecessary delays and
costly returns.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Executive Development Program
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California
M.S. Management, Integrated Logistics Support
Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania
B.A. Accounting