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909 Storm Lake Drive
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
(757) 721-3835 Home * (757) 645-5758 Cell
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I am extremely interested in exploring career opportunities in Multi-Unit Retail
Management with your organization. Enclosed is my resume for your review and co
You will note that I am degreed and have an extensive background in progressive
management capacities within the retail industry with demonstrated success. Thro
ughout my background I have become known for my ability to handle diverse and mu
ltiple levels of responsibility ranging from full charge P&L control of regional
operations, to the training and mentoring of rising management prospects.
My professional profile includes the highest degrees of dedication and self moti
vation, with a proven ability to quickly assess levels of service and performanc
e and implement creative strategies to optimize results. Some additional areas o
f expertise include: marketing and image enhancement strategizing, merchandise m
ix analysis and inventory control, procurement and vendor relations, statistical
and financial data analysis for critical business decisions, orchestration of s
tart-up and turnaround scenarios, recruiting and team development, visual mercha
ndising, niche marketing, advertising program administration, short/long range s
trategic planning, shrink control and loss prevention programs, and executive le
vel correspondence and summary reporting essentials. I possess special expertise
in identifying and resolving operations problems while working cooperatively wi
th store management. I also have highly-developed communications and interperson
al relations skills, with a proven track record of surpassing the expectations o
f my customers and employers.
Based on these factors and those detailed in my attached resume, I would appreci
ate an opportunity to discuss with you, in person, how my qualifications would m
atch your needs. I am certain I could pinpoint additional areas of expertise whi
ch would enhance my contributions as an integral member of your organizational t
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you so
Patricia A. M. Sparling
Patricia A. M. Sparling
Enclosure: Resume
909 Storm Lake Drive
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
(757) 721-3835 Home * (757) 645-5758 Cell
Offering an exceptional background based on formal education and 25+ years progr
essive experience in single and multi-unit retail management capacities demonstr
ating superior leadership initiative, business building expertise, operations en
hancement creativity and consistent performance success.
* Seasoned retail executive with a broad portfolio of relevant skills combining
proven expertise in all facets of division and store level operations. Employed
in both big box and specialty environments, developing broad-based perspectives
in the unique program profiles of diverse retail platforms.
* Vaulted to executive status with three retail chains with full charge P&L cont
rol and accountability for multi-million dollar sales operations. Ran the #1 sto
re and 9 others in an 8-State District for Sara Lee Bakery, a Fortune 500 compan
y. Directed operations, image, branding, buying, mix profiling, short/long range
projections, statistical/financial analysis for senior business decisions, vend
or relations, goal setting, and corporate rollouts.
* Handpicked to orchestrate the implementation of new visual merchandising conce
pts, management training programs, ground-up startups, store remodels, floor pla
n changes, and new corporate initiatives on an enterprise scale. Formally recogn
ized throughout career for demonstrative skills at the executive decision-making
* Possess a keen ability to quickly adapt to new and challenging environments, a
ssess program performance, implement remedies, and deliver high-impact results.
Utilize a team building approach to encourage cooperation and minimize attrition
in a typically volatile market sector. Proven history of driving sales, reducin
g shrink and costs, and achieving sustained market share increase through total
quality, value added, and a customer service oriented business philosophy.
* Proficient in all facets of store operations including team development, effec
tive floor planning and display merchandising, roll-out of corporate plan-o-gram
s, loss prevention and shrink control, niche product selection and pricing, in/o
ut store promotions and advertising, and seasonal shifting.
* Develop and implement strategies to streamline operations, increase operationa
l efficiency, reduce costs and ensure a continuously improving bottom line. Ment
ored several protégés that advanced into management roles with several major organizat
* Poised, articulate, intelligent and energetic organizational ambassador and re
gional team leader. Apply "Big Picture" thinking and initiatives to enhance oper
ations on an enterprise level.
Highly developed communications, interpersonal relations, and project management
skills. Demonstrated ability to handle multi-task levels of responsibility with
accuracy and diplomacy. Extremely dedicated, reliable, self-motivated and produ
ctive team player and corporate asset.
Bachelor of Arts Degree (Year)
* Covey Time Management Training Program
* Productivity Enhancement Training, Tarkenton & Conn
* Coordinator Training for Team Building, Tarkenton & Conn
* DuPont Safety Training
* Numerous Additional Employer Sponsored Seminars and Skill Development Programs
(list available)
* Leadership / People Management * P&L Analysis / Management * Strategic Marketi
ng / Planning
* Operations Management * Market Identification / Mix * Customer Service / Loyal
ty Enhancement
* Strategic Business Planning * Acquisition and Transition * Customer Management
* Personnel Development * Mentoring and Coaching * Shrink / Loss / Inventory Con
* Average Cost Inventory System * Cross Organization Collaboration * Cost/Expens
e Control
FOOD LION STORES, INC. - Fayetteville, North Carolina
Store Manager - Unit #0385, Virginia Beach, Virginia (8/07-Present)
* Full charge manager of one of 1200 store units for a large regional chain of g
rocery retailers in the Mid-Atlantic. Hire, train, motivate and evaluate the eff
orts of 40 cross-functional associates at a $7M operation.
* Maximize store sales and profitability by driving the execution of promotional
and merchandising programs to comply with corporate Customer Support Center (CS
C) plans, Food Lion Guiding Principles, Core Values and Vision Statement.
* Monitor inventory and shrink factors, roll out seasonal products/promotions, c
ontrol store security and loss prevention programs, and account for all monies/b
anking daily.
* Compile and analyze a variety of statistical / financial summary data to addre
ss areas of strength and weakness in all measurable performance indexes. Mentor
supervisory and management staff in operations reengineering techniques.
* Develop and promulgate short and long range goals to drive performance and enc
ourage a target-driven mindset.
* Coordinate sales promotions, contribute to the selection, mix and pricing and
pricing of merchandise, oversea the setup of displays and rollout of new plan-o-
grams, and review operational reports to ensure compliance with company policies
* Administer payroll budget, optimize marketing of existing new stores and recom
mend prospective new sites to the executive team. Attend regular executive meeti
ngs to provide critical input for the continued success of the company.
FINLAY JEWELRY - New York, New York
Branch Sales Manager - Hecht's Department Store, Virginia Beach (7/03-7/07)
* Managed sales and operations of a $1.5 million jewelry store that was sublet w
ithin a nationally renowned big box retailer.
* Hired, trained, motivated and evaluated a team of 6 associates.
* Orchestrated all visual merchandising including display sets, plan-o-grams, fl
oor plans, and prototypes.
* Vaulted sales to achieve and remain in the top 10% producers in a chain over 1
00 units. Won several sales contests and achievement awards throughout tenure (l
ist and descriptions available). Met or surpassed all assigned quotas.
* Implemented measures to virtually eliminate inherited high rate of inventory l
* Developed and worked cooperatively with the #8 Sales Consultant in the company
($400+ thousand in annual sales).
CHECK INTO CASH - Cleveland, Tennessee
District Manager - Tidewater, Virginia (9/02-6/03)
* Managed a district of 15 industry-payday advance stores throughout the #38 mar
ket in the United States.
* Developed management and staff and circuited all locations weekly to ensure th
e integrity of operations and ensure the fulfillment of corporate-mandated finan
cial goals.
* Served as formal liaison between the home office and field centers. Ensured co
mpliance with policies and procedures, with particular attention to the submissi
on of formal reports as required by State and Federal regulators.
* Provided and/or facilitated a regular roster of formal staff training programs
covering myriad topics and disciplines.
* Developed and rolled out quarterly marketing plans that were proprietary to ea
ch store setting/demographic. Conducted regular and random reviews to optimize l
ocal marketing efforts.
MIKASA - Secaucus, New Jersey
Store Manager - Macarthur Center Mall, Norfolk, Virginia (1999-2002)
* Operated a marquee store in the region's most prestigious shopping malls for a
national chain of 170 tabletop/dinnerware specialty retail operations. Handled
full charge management responsibilities involving team leadership and developmen
t (16 associates), display merchandising, advertising and promotions, mix select
ion, inventory control ($200+K), replenishment/seasonal stock procurement, sched
uling, payroll and business office administration, data compilation and interval
summary reporting, cost/expense analysis and control, policies and procedures,
store security and loss prevention, mall and vendor relations, executive exchang
e with Regional and Corporate, and general operations control.
* Implemented creative strategies involving proactive involvement in outside pro
motional activities such as Bridal Shows, Homerama, Wine Fest, Fantasy Shopping
Nights, various charities and fundraisers, etc. Drove sales to deliver double-di
git annual growth in all three years of tenure.
UNITED STATES NAVY EXCHANGE - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Division Manager, Hardlines (1997-1998)
* Managed 3 supervisors, 80 associates and multiple departments (HBA, Household,
Hardware, School & Stationery, Sporting Goods, Books and Magazines, Pet Supplie
s, Luggage, and a 25,000sf detached Seasonal Department) for a $50+M big box dep
artment store serving the military and their families on a local Master Jet Base
* Ensured effective contribution to sales, personally responsible for the larges
t store division producing over $25M annually.
* Dramatically improved employee morale, productivity and contributions through
incentive plans, training programs and recurrent meetings to encourage cooperati
ve exchange and problem-solving.
EXPERIENCE continued
CENTURA BANK - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Assistant Branch Manager (1997)
* Ran a small, kiosk-style branch bank operation located in a big-box retail sto
re. Led a team of three associates/peers.
* Responsible for opening and closing the location as well as ensuring complianc
e with Federal regulatory guidelines.
* Worked less than six months when the branch was closed by corporate decision-m
SARA LEE BAKERY - Chicago, Illinois
District Manager - VA/NC/SC/TN/AL/GA/NE/OH (1989-1997)
* Employed with a Fortune 500 company that produced and sold a comprehensive lin
e of bakery and foodservice items.
* Hired as a store manager and rapidly promoted to District Manager by the end o
f 1989 for recognized leadership savvy.
* Took the helm of a group of 10 stores in 8 states, tasked primarily with regul
arly circuiting all locations to develop the management team, control P&L perfor
mance, monitor budgets and cost/expense control, resolve employee situations, co
nduct performance evaluations, and compile statistics for the District to submit
to corporate.
* Served as executive overseer of the #1 store in the company in sales and profi
ts. Led District to another #1 in performance in the area of customer service (c
ustomer survey scores).
* Developed and rolled out company-wide sales contests and promotions to increas
e business offerings, public visibility, market share and sales. Always looking
outside the box to source strategies to improve business.
* Worked cooperatively with each Store Manager to create a quarterly promotions
calendar and plan special events.
* Attended regular staff meetings with corporate and peer DMs to provide critica
l input in the development of corporate strategy, motif, offerings, and policy.
Taught a class on Human Resource Management and Discipline as well as How to Lau
nch a Successful Promotion at annual Management Conference.
* Accomplished 10 years cumulative additional experience in Retail Management (V
an Heusen, Express, etc.) and all subordinate positions and disciplines at the s
tore level (details available).
Available with notice. Willing to travel.
Active volunteer and participant in the local community and various professional
List of References and Salary History furnished upon request.