Anda di halaman 1dari 3


1.Whats good,whats popping,what it do,whats up,what up dog (man to

man),yo son (man to man),what up cusin,hey girl, hey boy=All these
phares are salutations meaning HELLO.

2. REAL TALK=you say this after you have said something that is true, but
you really want to get your point across for example i saw your girlfriend
with another boy real talk. you can also say REAL TALK after someone has
said something that is hard to belive for example someone says that they
saw someone famous and the other person would say REAL TALK.

3.WHERE YA AT= where are you.

4. CHILLING= you say this when someone asks you waht you are doing,
but you are not doing anything for example someone says whats up and
your reply nothing im CHILLING.

5. FAKE= you use this as a noun meaning someone is being FAKE for
example when someone is being two faced or they are trying to be
someone they are not you would call them FAKE.

6.WACk=this is a noun also. you can call a person WACK or a thing WACK
for example. This is WACK=this mean you dont like whatever you are
doing, or it is boaring. When you call a person wack it means they are not
someone you want to hang out with or they do stuff you dont like.

7.LAME=LAME is almost the same as the meaning of LAME, but when you
call a person LAME it means more that he/she is a loser.

8. BLING BLING=this pharse is used when someone has a lot of expensve

and flashy jeelery on for exaple you would say Wow he has a lot of BLING

9.HUSTLING= Making money. This term is usually used when someone is

making money from drugs for example you could say he is outside on the
corner HUSTLING,and they are called HUSTLERS.

10. GRIND: working hard to make money. This can also be used for
people who seel drugs, but is mostly used by the average person. For
example. I am getting my grind on woring two jobs, because i have bills
to pay.

11. STUNTING= showing off, for example look at him with that mercedes
car stunting with that loud music.

12. GHETTO= the GHETTO is where the people who dont make a lot of
money live. como uma favela. GHETTOS are known for the loud music,
people hanging outside, drugs, and a lot of can also call
someone GHETTO meaning they live that type of lifestyle that i just
descibed example He is so GHETTO with his baggy pants below his ass.

13. HOOD=ghetto, you can use the word hood just like you use the word

14.KICKS= tenis, for example "look at my new KICKS". 15.HIT

THAT=have sex, a man says that when he wants to have sex with a girl,
but it is a little disrespectful to say to a girls face, usually men say it to
each other and not to the girl. For example " I want to HIT THAT" = " I
want to have sex with her".

16. STOP HATING=dont be jealous, you say this when a person is saying
bad stuff about you, becasue of the thing that you have and they dont,
you can say this como brincadeira or falando em serio for example "why
you hating on me,just becasuse you dont make as much money as i do,

17.HATER=Jealous person, you can call someone a HATER when they are
jealous of you.

18. HOLLA=peope say this when they are leaving after a conversation
with a person for example "Ok holla at me when you get a chance" this
mean when that person has a chance you want them to call you.

19. HIT ME UP= this is also a pharse used when leaving after having a
conversation with a person for example " HIT ME UP tomorrow after work"
That means you want that person to call you tomorrow after work.

20.BE COOL=take it easy=calm down=fique tranquilo.

21=SHOWING LOVE=saying hello, usually people write this on your

myspace or orkut page. example" im just passing through to SHOW SOME

22. SHORTY, LIL MAMA, CHICK, MA, MAMI=these are are words that men
call a girl when they are trying to get their attention or if they are talking
to them in a coversation, or when they are talking about a girl to their
friends. for example " I saw this pretty CHICK yesterday in the mall" Girls
also call each other CHICK.

23. DUDE=person usually a man. example "what up DUDE' or "this DUDE

is crazy"

24. BEEFING= arguing for example " Me and this girl are BEEFING
becasue she likes my boyfriend", or someone asks you if you like someone
and you reply "NO, becasue we got BEEF"
25. TRIPPING=wrong or crazy. you say this when someone has says
something that does not make sense or you dont like what that person
said, for example " I dont like that dress on you", you reply "your
TRIPPING I look good in this dress.

26. MESSY=talking about a person in a bad way about another person, or

spreading rumors about someone, for example. " Amy is having sex with
Jessicas boyfriend", and you reply " Stop being MESSY"