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Brandon, Mississippi 39047-7935

Home (601)-919-1523 ~
* Associate of Society of Actuaries 1978
* Fellowship Credits 65 (210, 220, I343)
* Member American Academy of Actuaries 1979
* FLMI 1985 (Life Insurance Investments)
Blue Cross Blue Shield Mississippi 3/00-3/09
Senior Assistant Health Actuary
* Coded Rate Calculator for Blue Care, Smart Care, Preferred Care and various ot
her Blue Cross Products for use by the Customer Service and Marketing Divisions
of the company.
* Coded a system to measure the effectiveness of the rate increases applied to t
he large group experience rated business. Did monthly reports.
* Trained on Milliman Outstanding Claims Liability model written in excel. Used
this system monthly to calculate monthly claim reserves.
* Produced several reports used in the Monthly Financial Report Card. This inclu
ded a Utilization Report, a Trend report, and a Rating effectiveness report.
* Trained on several SAS systems used to collect claims and enrollment data for
monthly reserve reports. Used these systems for estimating outstanding claim lia
bilities. G

Great West Life 6/97-2/00

Senior Programmer Analyst
* Worked on ORS (One Rating System) primarily expanding the system to handle HMO
s in newly approved states. Worked with XICS to format the HMO exhibits.
* Did SQL queries on the GWL data bases.
Decision Consultants Incorporated 6/95-11/96
APL Computer Consultant
* Client: ISSC (Subsidiary of IBM)
* RISC 6000 Configurator System consulting
* Maintaining an APL system used to configure new IBM products and features used
by the RISC 6000 processors.
* Coded CFCABLE, CFPOS, and CFNET Configurator Systems.
Group Life and Health 2/75-5/95
(Subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Texas)
Associate Valuation Actuary
* Responsible for production and accuracy of the Monthly GLH Life and Disability
Valuation Report.
* Responsible for the production and accuracy of most Annual Statement items
* Responsible for other actuarial studies, such as calculation of factors for in
curred but not reported EIB insurance reserves.
* Responsible for converting many life valuation systems from VM/CMS APL to TSO
APL during the period from 10/93 to 6/94.
* Signed the statement of actuarial opinion for Group Life and Health from 1984
through 1990.

Life Actuary
* Trained for the Monthly GLH Life and Disability Valuation Report.
* Designed coded, and implemented many actuarial valuation systems in the VM/CMS
environment using TSR APL software purchased and moved in house.
Actuarial Assistant
* Responsible for the coding and maintenance of an APL system used by approximat
ely 12 rating specialists for determining renewal rates for group health insuran
* Used APL skills to perform various health expense, experience, and trend studi
Renewal Rating Analyst
* First introduction to APL with my work at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.
* Responsible for the renewal rating of group health insurance groups.
* Responsible for annual financial settlements of several large experience rated
group accounts.

American Amicable Life Insurance 11/73 - 11/74

Actuarial Student
* Profit studies using an IBM System 3 with BASIC.
* American Amicable was taken over and reduced staffing in 1974.
Republic National Life Insurance 6/69 - 11/73
Actuarial Student
Military Service 9/69 - 4/72
* Honorable Discharge
University of Oklahoma 1969
* BS Mathematics