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Changes to your Group Insurance Benefits Plan

– an update for YEU members –

May 2011
Bulletin 11-01

In April 2011, the Joint Management Committee (JMC) met to renew our benefit
Effective May 1, 2011,
plan with Sun Life. Each year we renew our benefit plan and our monthly
premium rates have premium rates are adjusted to reflect changes in the employee group's
changed for Extended demographics, utilization of the benefit plan, cost of medical/dental supplies and
Health Care and services as well as the insurer's expenses. The changes are effective May 1, 2011
Dental Care insurance and affect both the employer and employee contributions. The new premium rates
plans. will be reflected on your May pay cheques.

Effective May 1, 2011, the following changes in premium rates will take place:

Benefit Current May 1, 2011 $ Change %

Long Term $1.58 per $1,000 $1.58 per $1,000 $0.00 0.0%
Disability of insured annual of insured
salary annual salary
Extended Health $65.29 / $114.52 $65.49 / $114.86 +$0.20 / +$0.34 +0.3%
Dental $24.18 / $69.58 $23.62 / $67.98 -$0.56 / -$1.60 -2.3%

The employer As a YEU employee, the premiums for your benefits are covered at 85% by the
pays 85% of the
Government of Yukon and you pay the remaining 15% through payroll deduction.
premium for
Extended Health As a result of the change in monthly premium rates, your monthly cost will
Care, LTD and change as follows:
Dental Care.
Benefit Current May 1, 2011 $ Change
$0.24 per $1,000 $0.24 per $1,000 $0.00 per $1,000
Long Term
of insured annual of insured annual of insured annual
salary salary salary
Extended Health $9.79 / $17.18 $9.82 / $17.23 +$0.03 / +$0.05
The premium for (Single/Family)
LTD is based on Dental $3.63 / $10.44 $3.54 / $10.20 -$0.09 / -$0.24
annual salary. On (Single/Family)
an annual salary
of $61,800 the The employer cost will change as follows:
calculation using
the new rate is: Benefit Current May 1, 2011 $ Change
$1.34 per $1,000 $1.34 per $1,000 $0.00 per $1,000
Employee share: Long Term
of insured annual of insured of insured annual
($61,800/$1000) Disability
salary annual salary salary
x $0.24 = $14.83
Extended Health $55.50 / $97.34 $55.67 / $97.63 + $0.17 / + $ 0.29
Employer share:
($61,800/$1000) Dental - $ 0.47 / - $ 1.36
$20.55 / $59.14 $20.08 / $57.78
x $1.34 = $82.81

Group Insurance Benefits Plan changes for YEU – May 2011 1

Easier access to your plan
information on the internet!

Sign up to receive your

benefits claims payments If you haven’t already registered for Sun Life’s Plan Membership
and statements faster! You Services the process is quite easy. Simply go to:
can register for direct and select “Register Now.” It will prompt you for your plan type
deposit and paperless claims (Group Benefits), your policy number (25515) and your member ID
statements which will enable (your employee #). You will receive an access ID. The password will
you to receive e-mails letting be e-mailed or delivered to you via regular mail. If you have it e-
you know as soon as your mailed you will be able to sign on as soon as your receive your access
claim has been processed. ID and password electronically.
Your payment will be
automatically deposited into
your bank account.

How’s your health?

One of the features available on the Sun Life website is “the Health &
Wellness Companion”, which you can access directly from the
On the Health & Wellness MySunlife site. Just sign in as usual, and click on “Wellness centre”
Companion you can get under the “my health and well-being” tab on the Welcome Page. The
reliable, up-to-date Health & Wellness Companion has online tools that can help you
information about medical understand how healthy you are and what health risks you may be
conditions, diseases & tests, & facing. You can also create a personal health file online where you can
information about various store your health records. Additionally, the health library provides a
prescription drugs & how they
are used.
great place to start your research on anything from medication and
their possible side effects to all types of medical conditions. You can
feel secure that the information is accurate since all the information
provided on the Health and Wellness Companion is from a doctor or a
nurse in layman’s language.

If you have questions about

your Benefits Plan:
CONTACT FOR If you have any questions on your Extended
Kim Ponsioen  Environment Health Care or Dental Care plan (or any other
867-667-8149  Executive Council Office aspect of your benefits plan with Sun Life), you
 Women’s Directorate may contact Sun Life at 1-800-361-6212.
 Legislative Assembly
 Ombudsman’s Office
Please ensure you have your policy number
 Economic Development (25515) and ID number ready when contacting
 Justice Sun Life. We also encourage you to register for
 Public Service Commission member access on Sun Life’s website at
Jodi Richardson  Education Through the
867-667-3244 member site, you can click on “Contact Us” and
Susan Hager  Health and Social Services send a question to Sun Life through their secure
867-667-8779  Workers’ Compensation
Health and Safety Board
message center.
 Energy, Mines & Resources
Barb Bouvier  Community Services / If you have questions about eligibility of
867-393-6477 Lotteries dependents, if you have problems with your pay
 Yukon Housing Corporation direct drug card or if you have other questions
 Yukon Liquor Corporation that Sun Life cannot answer, contact your Pay
Judy Matechuk  Highways and Public Works and Benefits Coordinator in the Public Service
867-667-5789  Finance
Commission, Employee Compensation Branch.
 Tourism

Group Insurance Benefits Plan changes for YEU – May 2011 2

Your Joint Management
Committee (JMC):

The Joint Management Committee includes representatives from

the Management, Confidentials, YTA and YGEU employee groups,
The JMC reviews the
financial status of our
as well as two representatives nominated by the Public Service
group insurance benefits Commissioner and one representative nominated by the Deputy
program to determine Minister of Finance. JMC representatives are:
rate adjustments,
general changes in plan  Tom Ullyett (Management)  Diane Anderson (YGEU)
design, etc.  Peter Giangrande (YTA)  Donna Cebuliak (Confidentials)
 Terry Kinney (PSC)  Anne Kinsey-Jansen (PSC)
 Elaine Carlyle (Finance)

Group Insurance Benefits Plan changes for YEU – May 2011 3