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Cheryl S Bartek

Magnolia, TX 77354
(The Woodlands Area)
(713) 582-7477
Professional Background:
Accounting Manager
CHI Home, LLC / Farouk Systems Inc Houston, TX
6/2009 - 9/2010 Business Sold To Farouk
Hired as the Accounting Manager to set up a new product division CHI Home, LLC;
assisted the IT Dept in the network setup of QuickBooks Premier then QuickBooks
Enterprise 2010; responsible for the entire setup of the accounting program; inp
ut invoices and processed payments for Accounts Payable; created Billing that wa
s integrated into QuickBooks Enterprise 2010 from EDI program and processed over
1000 Invoices in a week; imported Billing back into EDI and transmitted; colle
cted on Accounts Receivable; worked in conjunction with sales reps on chargeback
amounts and issues; calculated and prepared monthly worksheet for sales rep com
mission; reconciled Monthly Bank Statements; analyzed General Ledger Sub Accoun
ts to Trial Balance; prepared and posted Adjusting Journal Entries; updated Fixe
d Asset Depreciation and Amortization Schedules; produced Financial Statements a
nd distributed to President and CEO.
Accounting and Office Manager
Stratos Legal Services, LP Houston, TX
7/2008 - 4/2009 Unstable Work Environment
Office of 25 full time employees and up to 1500 subcontractors within (4) separa
te entities; processed the hiring and termination of over 20 employees; worked w
ith employees coordinating their Benefits; maintained schedules of each employee
's payroll deferrals and CAF-125 claims paid; processed Payroll for all employee
s and Multi-State Subcontractors bi-weekly utilizing ADP (Windows); analyzed and
posted ADP payroll reports to General Ledger; electronically transferred cash b
etween bank accounts; errors in Payroll were processed manually in QuickBooks Pr
o; any adjustments to Tax Reporting was input electronically utilizing EFTPS; bi
-weekly payroll worksheets were kept in addition to the ADP payroll reports; qua
rterly and annual filings were amended online; W-2's and 1099's were successfull
y issued using QuickBooks; processed vendor invoices and payments including over
200 pages of American Express monthly; bi-weekly meeting with CEO on Collectio
ns and payment terms strategy; reconciled (8) monthly bank statements; analyzed
General Ledger Sub Accounts to Trial Balance; prepared and posted Adjusting Jour
nal Entries; updated Fixed Asset Depreciation and Amortization Schedules; produc
ed Financial Statements and distributed to CEO and Vice President.
Real Estate Agent
Keller Williams Realty The Woodlands, TX
1/2007 - 7/2008 Housing Market Crashed
Full time Real Estate Agent listing residential properties For Sale and working
with Buyers in finding their home; analyzed homes sold and Sellers Disclosure St
atements to prepare comparison analysis needed to negotiate pricing for home buy
er; shot photographs of homes and properties to be sold and organized them into
Visual Tours; wrote embellishing statements regarding properties to be sold and
published them on Real Estate websites.
Accounting Manager and Benefits Administrator
Leiby Stearns & Roberts, PA Fort Lauderdale, FL
6/2002 - 11/2006 Relocated To Houston
Construction Law Firm of approximately 20 full time employees; prepared the welc
oming packets for all new hires and coordinated their employee benefits; assiste
d attorneys with the publication and posting of their professional profiles on T
hompson West website; processed Payroll through QuickBooks Pro and electronicall
y remitted taxes online utilizing EFTPS; electronically filed Quarterly and Annu
al Payroll Returns; setup and administered CAF-125 Plan; maintained schedules of
each employee's CAF-125 deferrals and printed checks for claims submitted; 401(
k) Plan Administrator and Trustee; processed vendor invoices and payments; work
ed with Senior Partner each month on Billing and attorney billable hours; custom
ized outside of TABS Billing Module, a quarterly report of attorney billable hou
rs for bonus consideration; kept a worksheet on Trust Account; prepared Daily Ca
sh Flow Analysis; reconciled monthly bank statements; analyzed General Ledger Su
b Accounts to Trial Balance; prepared and posted Adjusting Journal Entries; upda
ted Fixed Asset Depreciation and Amortization Schedules; produced Financial Stat
ements and distributed to Senior Partners; implemented the need for a Budget to
be setup; consulted with Senior Partners monthly regarding Budget review and com
Accounting Manager
Setnor Byer Insurance and Risk Fort Lauderdale, FL
4/2001 - 4/2002 Sought Better Position
Accounting Manager for an Insurance Brokerage Office; coordinated with sales age
nts on the collection of monies due from client policies that were not direct bi
lled to the underwriter; printed reports and prepared worksheets calculating sal
es agent commissions; manually processed bi-weekly Payroll in-house; calculated
then submitted tax payment to the bank; filed Payroll Quarterly and Annual Retur
ns; prepared invoices and paid vendors daily; schedule and reviewed with Broker
and Office Manager monthly Budget compliance; printed Financial Reports and proc
eeded with Month End Close in AMS Program; reconcile monthly bank statements; co
mpile financial reporting and schedules to Close Month End; Ad Hoc reporting and
account reconciling as requested by Broker.
Accounting Manager
Financial Aid Management for Education (F.A.M.E.) Fort Lauderdale, FL
4/1996 - 4/2001 Needed Something More Fulfilling
Accounting Manager and Financial Assistant to the President and Co-Owner of F.A.
M.E., a Financial Aid Servicer to nationwide secondary schools; processed vendor
payments and issued checks; coordinated Accounts Receivable Billing and conferr
ed with the President monthly on the schools collections; communicated with the
schools on the Collections of their accounts; prepared and printed sales rep com
mission checks; manually processed bi-weekly Payroll and Tax Payments; setup ne
w payroll module in SBT to automate Payroll; filed Quarterly and Annual Payroll
Tax Returns; reconciled monthly bank statements; coordinated with department hea
ds on Month End Close; recorded and maintained Fixed Assets in Creative Solution
s Program; Analyze General Ledger Sub Accounts to Trial Balance; prepared and po
sted Adjusting Journal Entries; printed Financial Statements and was instructed
by the President how to analyze the financial status of the Company; monthly bud
get comparison; administered CAF-125 Plan and scheduled payments; Administrator
and Trustee for 401-(k) Plan; prepared 401-(k) annual analysis worksheet for thi
rd party consultant.
I left the Company on a one year leave of absence to be the caregiver of my husb
and. I Returned back to F.A.M.E. to reconcile hundreds of school bank statement
s; posted Adjusting Journal Entries to balance.
Full Charge Bookkeeper
Project Strategies Corp. Deerfield Beach, FL
11/1993 - 2/1996 Campaign Over
Bookkeeper for a Direct Marketing Company which manufactured the "PureBred Pet M
itt"; processed vendor payments and issued Checks; coordinated with the Media Co
nsultant to setup and maintain a worksheet for hundreds of prepayments made to
media companies advertising the product; reconciled the media worksheet monthly
with the Company President; compared media statements to worksheet of airtime sc
heduled against what aired; posted Adjusting Journal Entries; prepared Billing a
nd collected on hundreds of retail accounts; calculated and paid sales rep commi
ssions and company royalty statements; processed Payroll through Macola Accounti
ng Software; remit Payroll Taxes and File Quarterly and Annual Returns; print mo
nthly reporting and schedules for accountant; Post Adjusting Journal Entries; as
sist and routinely work with software consultant on the installation and convers
ion from Macola to RealWorld Accounting Software.
Champions School of Real Estate Houston, TX State Licensed Real Estate A
Broward College Davie, FL 33 Credit Hours in Accounting;
*****Starting 2011, I will be furthering my education toward a Bachelors De
Piper High School Sunrise, FL High School Diploma
Upon Request