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Older stars to get fairer treatment after presenter’s tribunal win
By Emily Andrews and Paul Revoir

THE BBC was last night con- Miliband,

demned for ‘social engineering’
in sacking a female presenter
because she was too old.
the £50,000
In a landmark ruling, a tribunal declared
that senior executives were obsessed with
‘ethnic diversity’, ‘rejuvenation’ and
soccer boss
attracting younger viewers when they
decided to axe Countryfile presenter EXCLUSIVE
Miriam O’Reilly at the age of 51. By Miles Goslett
Miss O’Reilly, now 53, had been told to be and Michael Seamark
‘careful about those wrinkles’ before she and
three other women were replaced by younger FORMER Foreign Secretary David
staff – two from ethnic minorities. Miliband is set to become vice-
As the presenter celebrated a likely £150,000 chairman of Sunderland football
payout last night, she said standing up to the club, on a reputed £50,000 salary.
BBC had been ‘the right thing to do, however The 45-year-old Arsenal fan, who
hurtful, however stressful it has been’. quit frontline politics after his
She added: ‘I never wanted to leave my job... brother Ed beat him to the post
there are still years in me yet!’ of Labour Party leader, is expected
Miss O’Reilly will now consider fresh job offers to take a boardroom seat at the
from the BBC, which issued a humiliating Stadium of Light, Sunderland’s
apology and said it would be happy to work
with her again. home ground.
The corporation – already under fire over the Mr Miliband, whose South Shields
axeing of Arlene Phillips from Strictly Come constituency is home to many
Dancing – has now been forced to draw up fresh Sunderland supporters, would work
guidelines which will put a string of older stars alongside the club’s chairman Niall
on our screens. Quinn, who is understood to have
Bosses, including the former BBC1 controller approached him in the wake of his
Jay Hunt, were judged to have shown leadership disappointment.
‘complacency’ in their casual attitude to the The MP met the Sunderland board
way they treated staff. last week to finalise the deal, which
It was alleged during the hearing that Miss needs to be cleared by parliamen-
Hunt ‘hated women’ – an accusation she tary watchdogs. It is a further sign
vigorously denied. that the man once tipped for the
She was also recorded as saying she needed top in politics has turned his back on
‘to achieve social engineering to re-gear the Victorious: his brother – and is cashing in on his
channel’. The tribunal said this meant ‘finding Miriam political name to supplement his
presenters to reflect particular aspects of O’Reilly £65,738-a-year wage as an MP.
diversity to fit specific slots’. Miss O’Reilly yesterday FULL STORY: PAGE 7
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Page 2 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011


( -( #&4'#&*0%2/",

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30-second time limit, beginners
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.) Beginner 39 ÷3 +8 DOUBLE
IT ÷3 x5 -13 ÷3 +6 ÷5

Intermediate 19 +29 +39 /
2 3
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2 9
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Expenses cheat

%+ !+ ! )'

MP guilty of
& 0- 0"-! )-!2 $" !- *"&
& *"33$ -*(& 0+-*$2
0"&+ "$ 1 ;, 7?=5
 /*+- & 0- 0"-!
)-!2 $" !- *"& *"+#
    *$2 *"&
$*"& 8 .- %(* *"&
($$(0"& !"& 1 ;; 7?,5
 *$2 *"&
$*"& 8 .- %(* *"&
($$(0"&  1 ;' 7?'5
fraud, but he
refuses to quit
+(.-!0+-*$2 0"&+ *2   /*+- &
%"$ 1 ;9 7??5 0- 0"-! )-!2 $" !- *"& (*
  .$$ 0"-! *"&8 *"33$
&-$ +(.-!0+-*$2
!/2 .*"& -! %(*&"&  0"&+ "$ 1 ;; 7?,5
"$ .- 0"&2 1 ;9 7??5    "& & +&(0
    /*+- 0"-! $*"& -( $/ "- .$$ (* Plea: MP Eric Illsley yesterday
(.-*#+ ( *"& (* %.! ( *"& "& -! +(.-!0+- $-*
-! 2 "$ 1 ;; 7?,5 !"$$2 1 ;' 7?'5 DISGRACED MP Eric Illsley was By James Chapman nance, and insurance and repairs at his sec-
refusing to quit the Commons last ond home in Kennington, South London,
   .$$ 0"-! *"&8    $(.2 0"-! *"& (* and Charlotte Gill between 2005 and 2008.
%(+-$2 $" !- "& &-.* -!(. ! %(+- "& +"& $-* "$ night despite becoming the first In a five-minute hearing, the MP sat in the
"$ 1 ;, 7?=5 1 ;, 7?=5 sitting Parliamentarian to be should not wait for him to decide whether dock rubbing his face. He spoke only to
  /*+- & 0- 0"-!  *"+!  "&8 %(*- convicted of expenses fraud. he wants to step down.’ confirm his pleas, saying ‘guilty’ to the three
*2 +#"+ & *"&8 (-& & $"+! !&&$ "&8 Party leaders were dusting down An MP sentenced to more than a year in charges.
!/2 $.+-*2 .- %"$ 1 %(*- -( *(. ! (.-!*& arcane procedures to expel errant MPs prison is disqualified from the Commons Prosecutor Peter Wright QC said the
;, 7?=5 (*-!  "&8 %(*- – last used in 1954 – after Illsley went to under the Representation of the People Crown accepted the revised figure for the
Act 1981. Their seat is declared vacant and dishonest claims.

  "&2 "& (* %(+- (0/*8 *"& court and dramatically changed his a writ issued for a by-election.
plea to admit defrauding the taxpayer Judge Mr Justice Saunders adjourned the
$*"& (*-!*& *$& -( $/ "- *2 "$ The procedure was last used in 1954 hearing for four weeks for a pre-sentence
of £14,500. when Conservative MP for South Norfolk report and gave Illsley unconditional bail.
3 + '+ #%&' Astonishingly, if he is sentenced to 12 Peter Baker was jailed for forgery. Simon Clements, of the CPS, said: ‘This
"0 months or less, Illsley, who has been When a Member is imprisoned for less
,# / 0( *( suspended by Labour, could remain an MP
was a significant sum of money and the
than a year, the sentencing judge or mag- grossly inflated claims he submitted could
*(*( ;9 ;, ;; ;, ;' and claim his salary from his cell. istrate must inform the Speaker by letter. not be attributed to an oversight or
&4'*0/" ;, ;; ;; ;' : And last night, despite calls from David accounting error – indeed he claimed that
Cameron and Ed Miliband for him to resign
,# ;, ;; ;; ;; ;'
his seat and trigger a by-election, there ‘He should do the right the expenses system was a way of supple-
menting Members’ salaries.’
7"' ;9 ;; ;; ;; 
7"-/, ;, ;' ;; ;; 
were no signs that he intends to do so.
Commons Leader Sir George Young is
thing and resign’ A spokesman for Mr Cameron said the
PM thought it would be ‘untenable’ for
2-/& ;' ;' ;; ;; > expected to ask for an emergency vote on Illsley to continue in Parliament.
forcing the Barnsley Central MP out of the Illsley was due to stand trial at Southwark Mr Miliband said his former MP could no
&-!*2 : : ;; ;'  Commons. Crown Court in London. But the 55-year- longer be a ‘credible voice’ for his constitu-
,( < : ;' ;' > Government sources said the move old changed his pleas on three charges of ents. He added: ‘He is no longer a Labour
& -/ ;; : ;;  < would happen ‘swiftly’ – even before Illsley false accounting relating to three years of MP and I think he should now do the right
is sentenced next month – as long as cross- expenses for his second home in London. thing and resign as an MP.’
.& "& %) party agreement can be reached.
&'%+ ,= !(.*+
-( <)% 7!*+5 7"&+5 7%"&5 7%15
Senior Labour backbencher Sir Stuart
Illsley had previously denied dishonestly
claiming a total of more than £25,000. But
A senior Labour source added: ‘We will
do whatever is necessary to facilitate a
.& "& %) #(0,!" ?; '<9 ; =
,= !(.*+
7!*+5 7"&+5 7%"&5 7%15 &-!*2 ?< '9; ; ? Bell, a member of the ruling Commons yesterday his barrister, William Coker QC, motion of expulsion as quickly as we can.
-( <)%
,( ?; ',' ' =
0&& ', ';, ? > Commission at the height of the expenses said his client admitted wrongly claiming ‘We are urgently seeking the guidance of
,+*,/" ', ';< < < +-2#" '' '9: 9 > scandal, said: ‘The House can take this on a revised sum of about £14,500. the Speaker and will follow it.’
& -/ =' '' 9 < - '; ',' = > by passing a resolution and it doesn’t have The claims were made for council tax, tel-
#,'#(!"' '< ',? < > #(*&( '' '' ? > to wait for any sentencing by the court. We ephone usage, service charges and mainte- Comment – Page 14
*0,('*0/" ;, '<: ? : *(*( '; ', ? 
,#-/*& ?? '9? > : ("-/, '' ';, = >
,# '> ',= >  *0/"'+/*( ,; '?< < :
0,"' ,? ',9
&(*%-"(& +.))$" 2 -( *(.)
##! ! (!
 *"++ ;'='%8 +-+ ;,,=%
.& *"++ (&(& ';%8 +-+ =;>)%
&!+-* *"++ ;:%8 +-+ =;?)%
9 ? / (,2-
*'% &

7,= !*+ -( <)% 2625 ,'-/


( &(*  "+8 +- .++18 ;' 7?'5

*&-/ $-&!**8 .-!*$&8 4
Tory eurosceptics win battle to

  (&(& *"  <=;)%
"/*)(($ 9?)%

(%#$ #%&'
'-/,' *"&
 =< *"&
7;5 //-/ !)8 .%*"8 ;;="&+
0((#-/ .!*+8 "8 ?>!*+

: = ,#


rewrite Bill on EU power grab
MINISTERS have caved in to rewrite the notes yesterday Mr Cash said the Bill would still
,0--&- *"& ;' ?' *"& ;, ?= ,#- *"& ;, ?= $(.2 ;9 ?? By Tim Shipman
pressure from eurosceptic MPs Deputy Political Editor after a heated meeting with fail to prevent the slide of power
,(% 0,/ *"& > =? *"& ;, ?= *' +.& ;? ?: +.& ;= ?>
over David Cameron’s pledge the rebels on Monday night. to the EU.
((& $($
%#(! ' )#% +&'%+ -"% to offer a referendum on future legislation contains a ‘sover- He said: ‘We are saying any
future change to EU treaties,
He said: ‘For too long we have
witnessed further seamless
0-!*   0-!*   0-!*   transfers of power to Brussels. eignty clause’.
&!#,- $(.2 ;= ?> (1 "& ? =; 2 &"# "* ;< <;
Europe minister David Liding- This says European law only however minor, will be subject and ceaseless integration and
'-/,' *"33$ 9 9> #,&/, $(.2 ;< <; 2 *,% "* ; 9=
/"(- .&&2 ;? ?: 0,(-4 $(.2  =< # .&&2 ;; ?, ton yesterday agreed to takes precedence over British to a full Act of Parliament.’ it is time we took a stand -


*(! *(!
"* ;<
; 9=
rewrite part of a Bill amid fears law because Parliament has ‘Any extension of EU compe- removing ambiguity and
#,0/ .&&2 ; <= ((-,0% "+- ; 9= ,#- !(0*+ ;' ?' from Tory Right-wingers that decided to allow it – making tencies, [such as] a decision like uncertainty and the gradual
& -/ $(.2 = 9: -/(0& "* ;; ?, ,/" .&&2 9; 
&!, "* ;' ?' ,-4 $(.2  =< ,!0 *"33$ ; 9=
the Government’s plans would clear that MPs could one day joining the euro, would have by absorption of the EU into our
,&#( "+- , 9< ,( .&&2 ;> <9 "*- .&&2 ;> <9 actually undermine the sover- vote to reverse the situation. law to go with a referendum. constitutional DNA.’
#,,#/5 $(.2 ;9 ?? - &'- $(.2 ,, >, *' .&&2 ;9 ??
*'4 "* ,: = #-*( $(.2 ;< <; #(!+*, "* ,< >:
eignty of Parliament. But eurosceptics, led by Bill There would be no wriggle- Some 39 MPs voted for Mr
,0--&- *"33$ ? =; *(*( $(.2 > =? /*%"*&' .&&2 ' 9, He stepped in as more than Cash, complained that the room for the Government. Cash’s amendment, while 314 –
0+-/ "+- = 9: *- (!&- "* ;? ?: 4(4 "* ,? >>
#,* "* ;: << 03*, .&&2 ;: << (!#, "* ;> <9 30 Tory MPs rebelled last night explanatory notes attached to ‘And we have two clauses including Prime Minister David
+ *2( .&&2 ,< >: ,# "* ;= ?> & 1#1 "* ;: << as the Commons voted on the the Bill are so badly written which make it clear that Par- Cameron, who turned up at
,# $(.2 > =? &! "* ; <= (,#  "* ,; >'
-&( .&&2 ;> <9 &/ .&&2 ;< <; *%4* .&&2 < =9 plans to hold a nationwide they could be used by judges liament has the final say in the end of the debate, voted
*+("!( "+- ; 9= &*0,( $(.2 ,, >, *,*(/* "* 4< ,; vote if there is a future Brus- to tell Parliament what to do. deciding whether EU law has against.
*, 0 $(.2 ;? ?: 3#* #/4 "* ,= >? 0(#- $(.2 ;> <9
0&#( .&&2 ? =; #'# $(.2 ,? >> (*01, $(.2 ; 9= sels move to grab powers. The Mr Lidington agreed to effect in the UK.’ Nevertheless Comment – Page 14
0,*1(#% "& ;, ?= #&( "+- < =9 (# ( > =?
#(0,!" .&&2 = 9: *(/,& "* 4> ;: #(( "+- 9 9>
$(.2 ,<
; 9=
.&&2 ;>
; 9=
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Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 3

Hunks? Who needs
them, says Charlotte

At least he takes up less room on the sunlounger: Charlotte Church with new boyfriend Jonathan Powell in the Caribbean
O N p r ev i o u s b e a c h h o l i d a y s , By Rachel Quigley
Charlotte Church was accompanied Showbusiness Reporter
by a permatanned hunk with waxed
chest and bulging biceps. appearing topless in many routines.
By comparison, her current squeeze is However his looks were not enough to
a bit of a weed with a pasty complexion, retain the soprano star’s affections.
lots of body hair and no discernible She recently admitted she was happy
six-pack. and content with her new man, who is
But does she care? Not judging by the the same age as her, and said they get
way she kisses and cuddles Jonathan on simply because they have a lot in
Powell as they relax on a Caribbean common.
sunshine break. ‘Jonathan and I hit it off straight away,’
Miss Church, 24, became close to song- she said. ‘It’s great because we like the
writer Powell following the break-up of same stuff. He’s very intelligent and he’s
her relationship with rugby star Gavin an amazing musician. That’s where most
Henson, father of her two children. of the bond lies. A lot of the time we’re
As Strictly Come Dancing fans know, together we write songs, talk about
28-year-old Henson never misses an music. We just like the same stuff, the same
As long as he kneads me: A massage from Powell opportunity to show off his torso, films – it’s nothing ground-breaking.’ Mr Six-Pack: Henson on holiday

547 days of frumpiness

By Fiona MacRae of A Beautiful Mummy, said: ‘Mums

AS the dirty nappies pile up

and a good night’s sleep
It takes new mothers 18 months to feel have a different set of responsibili-
ties after having a baby.
‘With the new arrival comes a
wealth of responsibility, endless
seems a distant memory, it is
attractive again after having a baby
sleepless nights, feeds every couple
easy for a new mother to of hours and numerous nappy
think life will never be the changes.
‘It is no wonder that new mums
same again. find it harder to take care of them-
But it will happen – even if it dence took a real knock when they saying they let themselves go by you have come out the other side. selves as they come to terms with
does take an average of 18 realised their old clothes didn’t fit. failing to take care of their hair, But this doesn’t mean you are not their new role – at the end of the
months, according to a poll of And a quarter of the 3,000 women make-up or clothes. happy during that time,’ she day this new baby is the centre of
thousands of British women. said they felt they were competing Siobhan Freegard, of the Net- stressed. ‘It just means you have their world.’
That’s 547 days, for any parents with other mothers – including mums parenting advice website, different priorities.’ Mrs Burns added: ‘It’s really
desperately counting down the celebrities – to lose weight quickly said that while 18 months might be The change in priorities also hard for women to feel sexy, chic
time on their calendar, before new after birth. the average figure, many women meant that nine in ten new moth- and stylish after just having given
mothers are able to ‘feel like a Unsurprisingly, 64 per cent of will take longer. ers polled said work no longer birth.
woman again’. those polled for fashion website A ‘New mothers go through phases,’ seemed as important after they ‘Your body isn’t what it was –
During that one and a half year Beautiful Mummy claimed a lack of she said. ‘The first is the dressing- gave birth, and 79 per cent didn’t you’re too small for maternity
period, however, sleepless nights, routine in the early months meant gown phase. Then you get to the want to leave their baby to go back. clothes and too big for your normal
loss of independence and weight they struggled to make it through phase where you have managed Many also feared they would no wardrobe.
worries all contribute to a crisis of the day. clean hair. Clean hair and make-up longer excel in their job. ‘This just makes mums feel
confidence. Around a third blamed breast- is another phase. For those who did take the plunge, incredibly unattractive and uncom-
More than two thirds of those feeding for limiting what they could ‘As your child gets to between two it tended to take at least ten fortable in their own skin – and can
questioned admitted to feeling wear and 39 per cent felt unattrac- and a half and three, you suddenly months to feel part of the gang be one of the reasons why mums
‘saggy’, ‘fat’ and ‘unattractive’ in tive in every outfit they put on. find you are able to co-ordinate again when returning to work after don’t want to socialise in the days
the months after giving birth. Others struggled to adjust to the clothes, make-up and earrings. maternity leave. and months after having a baby.’
Six out of ten claimed their confi- loss of ‘me time’, with 63 per cent Earrings and fresh lipstick is a sign Claire Burns, managing director
Page 4 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DNA check could end

invasive test for Down’s
A BLOOD test to check for
Down’s syndrome could
almost eliminate the need
for invasive procedures,
says a study today.
The highly accurate test
Daily Mail Reporter

ing normally. The ‘false positive’

rate of these tests is around 5 per
cent, meaning one in 20 will be
told they are carrying a Down’s
per cent of those pregnancies.
This would leave just 0.1 per cent
of all pregnant women needing
referrals for amniocentesis or
chorionic villus sampling.’
The experts used DNA technol-
ogy to test blood samples from
Why I
Continued from Page One
revealed she had been offered a pay-off –
baby when they are not. 753 high-risk pregnant women in thought to have been around £80,000 – to
looks at the DNA of the preg- These pregnant women are then Hong Kong, the UK and the keep quiet and drop the case.
nant woman to predict offered the option of further, inva- Netherlands. Some 86 were found She described yesterday’s ruling as
whether she is carrying a baby sive tests including amniocente- to be carrying a foetus with historic, a verdict backed by lawyers.
with the syndrome. sis or chorionic villus sampling, Down’s syndrome. Helena Derbyshire, of law firm Shoos-
People with Down’s have three which have about a 1 per cent The test was highly accurate in miths, said: ‘This is the first reported age
copies of chromosome number 21 risk of miscarriage. detecting Down’s and did not discrimination claim challenging the
rather than the usual two. If these women were given the miss any cases. The test, which is assumption that workers need to be youth-
Current testing on the NHS DNA blood test instead, almost not yet available on a large-scale, ful to be attractive.’
combines a blood test to check all invasive procedures could be is more expensive than conven- Miss O’Reilly revealed she had earned
levels of some proteins and hor- avoided, according to experts tional testing. only £500 in the past two years, as she
mones with a scan to measure from Hong Kong, writing in the The number of babies diag- struggled to find work due to the BBC’s
the space between the spine and British Medical Journal. nosed with Down’s syndrome has displeasure with her.
the nape of the baby’s neck. They said: ‘If we took into con- risen sharply in the past 20 or The saga began when she was dropped
Babies with Down’s syndrome sideration the results of the more years – largely due to along with Charlotte Smith, 46, Juliet Mor-
tend to have more fluid collecting sequencing test, trisomy 21 women delaying motherhood, ris, 45, and Michaela Strachan, 44, to make
in the neck than those develop- (Down’s) could be ruled out in 98 other research has shown. way for younger presenters such as Julia
Bradbury, 40, and Katie Knapman, 38.
BBC bosses claimed the decision was
nothing to do with age, but the need to
‘refresh’ and ‘rejuvenate’ the show.
But the tribunal’s judgment was scath-
ing of the BBC practices – in particular of
Miss Hunt and Andrew Thorman, the ‘Social engineering’: Jay Hunt
executive editor of Countryfile.
It said the pair had been ‘complacent’,
they were ‘not straightforward as to the
real basis for their decision [in sacking the
four older women]’ and there were ‘incon-
sistencies’ in their evidence.
Internal corporation emails, published
by the hearing, revealed the paranoia at
the BBC, which drew up a ‘risk assess-
ment’ at the time of the Countryfile shake-
up to head off expected claims it was
‘dumbing down’ and ‘pandering to a
younger audience’.
It even made disparaging remarks about
two of the stars who remain on the show –
John Craven and Miss Bradbury – saying
neither were ‘spring chickens’.
Miss O’Reilly told the initial 12-day hear-
ing last year that before she was axed she
had been told to be ‘careful about those
wrinkles’ in preparation for high definition
television and to consider using Botox.
The veteran presenter, who had worked
for the corporation for 25 years, said she

‘I don’t think having Dropped: Charlotte Smith

wrinkles is offensive’
knew this had ‘the ring of truth’ because of
the prevailing ‘ageist attitude’.
Yesterday at an emotional press confer-
ence, Miss O’Reilly revealed it had taken a
huge amount of courage to take a stand
against the BBC, particularly since it
meant all other work had dried up.
‘It was hard to take on the BBC because
I love the BBC and I loved working there,’
the mother-of-two said. ‘But I felt that I
was treated badly because of my age.
‘Standing up to the BBC was the right
thing to do, however hurtful, however
stressful it has been. I would like to go
back to work for the BBC.
‘I took this action because I wanted to
work for the BBC.
‘I never wanted to leave my job, I want
my career. I am only 53, there are still years
in me yet! Ageism is endemic, it is part of
the culture of broadcasting.
‘We still have a long way to go with ageism
in visual media. It is not just the BBC. We are
seeing changes but we are not seeing enough Replacement: Julia Bradbury
and it is not fast enough but we hope that
after this case and the stand I have
taken it will happen a lot quicker.’ and former Blue Peter presenter Matt
She said she had refused the BBC’s Baker, 33, along with veteran broad-
earlier settlement because it wanted caster Mr Craven, 70.
her to sign a gagging order and would It was also announced that they
not accept recommendations for age would be supported by presenters
equality audits. Adam Henson, 44, Jules Hudson, 41,
She said: ‘When I was dropped from James Wong, 28, and Miss Knapman
Countryfile because of my age, I felt – the latter two are both from ethnic
that after over 20 years with the BBC minority backgrounds.
... I deserved to be judged on my In its judgment, the tribunal panel
ability and not on my appearance. said the BBC had subjected Miss
‘I don’t think having wrinkles is O’Reilly to direct age discrimination
offensive, you know, we all get old, the and age victimisation, though not sex
alternative is pretty dire. discrimination.
‘I would like to continue working so It said keeping Mr Craven suggested
long as I am good at my job. I do not age was not a factor, but his position
want to be judged by how I look – I was ‘quite different’ to that of the other
know you can’t frighten the horses, presenters due to his high profile.
you have to look presentable – but I Crucially, it said: ‘If Miss O’Reilly
do not believe that youth has to be had been 10 to 15 years younger, she
key to keeping your job.’ would have been given proper consid-
Miss O’Reilly told the tribunal she eration to remain as a presenter.’
had been ‘devastated’ when she was BBC director general Mark Thomp-
told in November 2008 that she was son apologised to Miss O’Reilly and
being dropped after eight years of said the BBC would be speaking to her
working for the show as a freelance. to ‘discuss working with her again’.
The programme relaunched in April A date has not yet been fixed for a
the following year in a Sunday evening hearing to determine the exact level of
prime-time slot with Miss Bradbury Miss O’Reilly’s compensation.
Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 5

fought the bullies

A SUCCESSION of sensational are hardly spring chickens and if it’s
emails from BBC bosses shows about personalities then that is
the extent to which they subjective and all programmes need to
panicked about accusations refresh their output and that includes
of sexism and ageism the faces on the screen.’
Here the Daily Mail picks out
some of the best:
DECEMBER 8, 2008:
TO: Mr Thorman
FEBRUARY 26, 2009 FROM: Michaela Strachan, then
TO: Andrew Thorman, executive Countryfile presenter
editor of Countryfile RE: ‘We are too old!!’
FROM: BBC publicity department ‘I am not even much older than Julia
RE: Risk assessment Bradbury! Did Jay need to make it quite
‘The BBC may be accused of: so brutal?
Ageism because Michaela ‘We’ve apologised to Miriam Surely she could just have said that
Strachan, Juliette Morris, O’Reilly and offered her a job Countryfile was going to go prime time
Charlotte Smith and Miriam O’Reilly on the Antiques Roadshow’’ with new presenters, not name us all
(all of whom are middle-aged) are and say we are being dumped.
not returning to the show;
JANUARY 16, 2009 Oh it’s a cruel harsh world! I’ll try and
Sexism since [out of] the original line do some more Countryfile before the
up of presenters John Craven and TO: Mr Thorman
FROM: Cavan Scott, editor of the changes come into place and we are
Adam Henson are the only ones pushed aside for younger models!
remaining on. Countryfile magazine
RE: Readers’ complaints about bad Well I’ll bring my zimmer next time I
This might get subsumed into the more come to Birmingham!!’
general argument about ageism and treatment of older presenters
sexism at the BBC (eg the Moira ‘Just so you know, I’ve been getting
Stewart story); quite a few of these. NOVEMBER 10, 2008
Pandering to younger audiences Obviously I am not printing any; unless TO: Mr Thorman
because the two new presenters (Julia you would like a right of reply in the FROM: Teresa Bogan, then Countryfile
Bradbury and Matt Baker) are young, mag.’ series producer
attractive sorts. RE: New ethnic minority presenters
We may face accusations of dumbing JANUARY 16, 2009 ‘Here are some thoughts on some
down. TO: Cavan Scott additional ethnic talent.
To counter any suggestion of ageism, FROM: Mr Thorman I am familiar with some of them but not
I will position John Craven as a central ‘I think we should talk about it first all so I’d need to order up some of their
figure in the new series. because it isn’t black and white and nor stuff to get a proper feel.
I will make it clear we are not getting is it a true reflection of what we’re Do you want me to do that or would I
rid of old presenters to make way for doing. be wasting my time (ie is Jay just gonna
young ones.’ If it’s an age thing then Julia and John pick someone)???? ’

‘Julia Bradbury? She is asking for silly money’

COUNTRYFILE’s boss accused Julia Brad- BBC1 Controller Jay Hunt, he wrote: ‘Julia Mr Thorman said: ‘If it is an age thing then
bury of greed and mocked her and John B keeps texting me but her sister (her Julia and John [Craven] are hardly spring
Craven about their age, emails published agent) wants silly money. Will get there if chickens...’
in the Miriam O’Reilly judgment reveal. she is genuinely keen.’ Miss Bradbury was 38 at the time and Mr
The messages claimed Miss Bradbury’s And in a message from Cavan Scott, Craven was 68.
agent – her sister, Gina Fox – was demand- editor of the Countryfile Magazine, Mr Miss Bradbury was left embarrassed
ing ‘silly money’ to front the show. Thorman was warned that the magazine after she and her sister were implicated
Both emails were written by Andrew was getting reader complaints about the in a £20,000 air miles fraud in 2009.
Thorman, the BBC’s head of rural affairs, BBC’s treatment of Miss O’Reilly and other She was later cleared of any
to other BBC executives. In one email to presenters and concerns about ageism. involvement.

We’ll change our ways, vows Beeb

THE BBC was yesterday forced to make By Paul Revoir ing weeks will see a series of announcements
drastic changes to its rules for selecting handing older women prominent presenting
TV Correspondent roles.
TV presenters following the Miriam
O’Reilly verdict. It is already in the process of renegotiating
As the corporation was left reeling from editorial executives, about recruitment in the deals for older women newsreaders
this way; we will be reviewing our guidelines including Julia Somerville, Zeinab Badawi
the employment tribunal’s finding, it tried so that people feel that they get the help and Fiona Armstrong.
to repair the damage by announcing that it and assistance they require. But critics say unless they are given more
was changing the guidelines on how it ‘I think there are questions here for the prominent slots – such as a major bulletins
chooses on-screen talent. whole industry, these are not easy decisions, rather than occasional slots on the news
Senior bosses are terrified of other women it is a creative industry and we need time to channel – then the moves will still be
coming forward with similar discrimination reflect on this and we are actually going to regarded as a public relations exercise.
claims against the broadcaster. take this time to get it right, but in this The BBC has pointed to its decision to
Within hours of yesterday’s landmark instance we didn’t get it right.’ move Rip-Off Britain - presented by Angela
result the corporation revealed it would Miss O’Reilly received a phone call from Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Jennie Bond
produce ‘new guidance’ to ensure ‘fair BBC director general Mark Thompson yes- – to BBC1 ‘peak time’ from day time as evi-
selection’. terday in which he apologised and told her dence it is addressing concerns.
As part of the changes ‘senior editorial she was welcome back. A senior BBC insider said: ‘This [ruling]
executives’ will undergo ‘additional Mr Yentob said: ‘What we’ll be saying to does not mean you can’t pick a presenter on
training’. Miriam is if she wants to, we’d like to talk to the basis of what most appeals to the audi-
BBC Creative Director, Alan Yentob, said her about further opportunities for ence. But you need to do it in such a way
yesterday: ‘As a consequence we will be employment.’ that is fair and based on criteria and that
Victory: Miriam O’Reilly yesterday Picture: ROLAND HOSKINS looking hard at training, especially senior BBC insiders last night predicted the com- the process is done properly.’

Page 6 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011


 &' & (  "*"&&/

 Police chief: Why
' % $!
 # %  $# &
#  &  #  !#
' & ! # 
' #! &! & !
#  %  #
   ! # !
# &
 % '# &
 #  % & ! 
we were silent on

 '$ #! & # #

 #$  #!
$ ' $
! '$
Asian sex gangs CCTV: Saddique and Liaqat cruise in BMW

POLICE could not speak out about Asian By Jaya Narain of the issues was Asian men cruising
 !# !# #&
 sex gangs for fear of appearing ‘institu- around in BMWs and Mercs trying to pick
   ! '$ tionally racist’, a senior officer said turning them into sex slaves in Rochdale, up young drunken girls.

 yesterday. near Manchester. ‘The main pressure police have is being
# Mick Gradwell, a former detective In the aftermath of these cases, former called institutionally racist if they high-
superintendent, said the targeting of home secretary Jack Straw prompted light a crime trend like this.
underage and vulnerable girls had been controversy when he described some of ‘There’s a fantastic reluctance to be
   going on for decades.
He added: ‘You have girls being abused
the victims as ‘easy meat’ for gangs –
often made up of Pakistani men – who
absolutely straight because some people
may take such offence’.
   and raped and yet the most senior offic- trawl the streets looking for sex. The comments come just days after a
ers are refusing to comment on it. On The vulnerable girls in Rochdale – some nationwide investigation was launched
what other subject would you get that? as young as 13 – say they were forced to following a string of disturbing cases.
...%""&%"&%- ‘How many young girls have been work the streets as prostitutes and hand The two sexual predators convicted
abused and raped because of the reluc- over money to the gang. in Derby, Saddique and Liaqat – both Brit-
              tance of the authorities to say exactly The nine men, eight of them Asian, were ish-born fathers of Pakistani origin –
 what is happening?’ questioned by detectives after officers cruised the streets in either a Range

Mr Gradwell spoke out following a trial swooped on a number of addresses. Rover or a BMW looking for vulnerable
in Derby which resulted in Abid Saddique, The arrests took place shortly before young girls.
27, and Mohammed Liaqat, 28, being Christmas and were the result of a major The victims were ‘chatted up’ at the
 jailed for a total of 19 years last week inquiry into the sexual exploitation of roadside and invited to go for drives
 after targeting underage girls. teenage girls by men since 2008. in the car where they were plied with
' % $! '$ # $  '$
 %  !! # #  # #
# '$  His warning also follows the arrests of Mr Gradwell added: ‘When I joined in vodka or cocaine before being taken to
#! &
' &# $
#  &
'! '$
  nine Asian men over claims they plied 14 1979 one of my first tasks was to police hotel rooms, parks or houses to be sexu-

 "  -&*'  ## 0, 00,  white girls with drink and drugs before around a Blackburn nightclub where one ally abused.
  #00+ "&' #+ !

  $'  '       '% '*& &*/ "% ,#!0!!%

Terrorist suspect
! #
! $#
curbs revamped
Curfews cut – and they can use their mobiles
 # !#
# By James Slack
and James Chapman THE NEW RULES
TERROR suspects will be placed ÷ Suspects will be forced to remain in
under ‘surveillance orders’ that their homes at night under strict
) % reduce the time they spend in curfew – although this will be reduced
&%# ) their homes under curfew, it from the current 16-hour limit.
emerged last night. ÷ Electronic tags to check curfew is
The regime – a replacement for
working and monitor suspects.
controversial control orders – will
  ' also allow them to use computers ÷ Greater use of surveillance by
and mobile phones vetted by the security services during the hours the
security services.
It is weaker than the current control suspects are not under curfew.
order system, which critics have likened ÷ A ban on suspects from going to
to house arrest.
As a result, the security services will locations such as open parks and thick-
have to make greater use of surveillance, walled buildings where surveillance is
requiring large numbers of officers. hard, due to tracking equipment not
But Whitehall sources insist curfews,
which can currently last for 16 hours working at full capacity.
each day, will not be scrapped alto- ÷ Suspects allowed to use mobile
gether, but will merely be reduced.
The Lib Dems, who oppose the princi- phones and the internet but only if the

 ple of overnight curfews, have a mani- numbers and details are given to the
festo commitment to ditch control security services in advance.
Theresa May: Insisted on restrictions
orders altogether.
But, amid warnings from the
security services that they are location or limit the visitors to student fees debacle – was positive review from the
crucial for public safety, Home their homes. still not entirely satisfied with former director of public pros-
Secretary Theresa May has However, officials want the every detail. ecutions, which would help

     security services still to have Shadow Home Secretary Ed
insisted major restrictions him sell the results to his agi-
must remain in place. the power to tag suspects Balls said: ‘It is deeply regret- tated backbenchers.
According to Whitehall leaks, simply so they can keep tabs table that the future of control In a linked move, the Govern-
 these will include a ban on on them. The retention of tag- orders has become first and ment is drawing up anti-terror
   suspects travelling to loca- ging and curfews is certain to foremost about a political laws that could be rushed
tions such as open parks and infuriate civil liberties groups negotiation or a “deal” as Nick through Parliament after a
 thick-walled buildings where
surveillance is hard. They will
be also banned from travelling
and backbench Liberal MPs.
how to
Clegg described it last week,
to keep the Coalition together
rather than exclusively about
major terrorist incident.
Whitehall sources said the
   draft legislation would give
abroad. control orders, which are cur- what is in the national
rently imposed on eight terror interest.’ the police and the security
The alleged fanatics will be services effectively the same
allowed use mobile phones suspects, including one Al Downing Street said the
Qaeda operative. Cabinet had given its ‘broad powers they have under exist-
and the internet – but only if ing control orders.
 # #  ') #  ' &  the numbers and details are Last night, there remained agreement’ to the changes
huge tensions within the Coa- that will be made. The so-called Terrorism Pre-
# ' )
 $  % ) # $!#  % ) $* given to the security services. vention Orders would be put
(% #    One working title for the new lition after a Cabinet meeting But Lib Dem peer Lord Mac-
was yesterday unable to strike donald, who is required to before parliament if the heads
restrictions are ‘surveillance
orders’. a final deal. publish an assessment of the of the three intelligence agen-
The security services would Insiders said Deputy Prime proposals, is yet to pass his cies and the Home Secretary
lose the power to force sus- Minister Nick Clegg – under verdict on whether they are agreed there was a national
pects to live in a particular huge pressure to produce a ‘civil libertarian’ enough. emergency.
‘victory’ for his party after the Mr Clegg is desperate for a

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 7

to sign for
After his leadership defeat, a new
position for ex Foreign Secretary
By Miles Goslett and
Michael Seamark
SINCE his younger brother tram-
pled all over him to win the Labour
Party leadership, speculation has
been rife as to what David Miliband
would do next.
What no one could have predicted was
that a man seen as the ultimate politi-
cal geek would take up a job at a foot-
ball club.
But the Daily Mail can reveal that the
former Foreign Secretary is set to become
vice-chairman of Premier League side Sun-
derland, at a reputed salary of £50,000 a
year. The MP, who quit frontline politics
after losing the leadership election to his
brother Ed last year, is expected to take up
his boardroom seat shortly.
What the red and white-shirted Sunder-
land fans will think of the extraordinary
appointment of a man who famously waved
a banana in front of TV cameras during a
botched leadership coup in 2008 remains to
be seen.
Although Mr Miliband’s South Shields
constituency is home to many of the club’s
supporters, the 45-year-old MP is a lifelong
Arsenal fan, having been brought up in
North London apart from a brief family Safe hands: As a boy goalkeeper (circled) How ‘bananaman’ might look in a Sunderland shirt (thanks to computer trickery)
move to Leeds.
His new job may also come as a shock to limited company called The Office of David TV after approaching the BBC with
those who consider him more at home in Miliband Limited. several programme ideas. All would
the elegant surroundings of the Palace of Registered with Companies House shortly involve him taking a role on screen.
Westminster than among the rough and before Christmas, it lists Mr and Mrs Mili- News of the Sunderland job came
tumble of the football terraces. band as sole directors and mirrors similar after reports that he is about to become
Mr Miliband is expected to work at the moves by the MP’s mentor and former a volunteer politics teacher at his old
Stadium of Light, Sunderland’s home, ‘boss’ Tony Blair – who once referred to school in North London. He is likely to
alongside chairman Niall Quinn, who is David Miliband as the ‘Wayne Rooney’ of teach for about 12 hours a week at
understood to have approached him in the his Cabinet. Haverstock School, in Chalk Farm.
wake of his shock leadership defeat. The former Prime Minister, a supporter of Mr Miliband, who has turned out for
The high-profile appointment to the board the all-party parliamentary football
would see the two men working in tandem side, had an up-and-down earlier foot-
as the public voice of Sunderland, with the
club benefiting from Mr Miliband’s political
Considering a ball career. As a member of the under-
11 side at Horsforth Newlaithes Junior
status and experience in the UK and around role in TV School in Leeds, former team mates
the globe. described him as the ‘best goalie at
Mr Miliband’s salary will hardly make a the school’. But his football career
dent in the fortune of Sunderland’s owner, Sunderland’s rivals Newcastle United, has nosedived when he let in seven goals a
Texan billionaire and hedge fund tycoon made at least £20million since leaving year later for nearby Benton Park
Ellis Short. Downing Street. He set up a complex web comprehensive.
The politician met the Sunderland board of companies through which money from Mr Miliband’s move into football will
last week to finalise the deal, which is a fur- his controversial private work, including be a blow to his brother, who has
ther sign that the man once tipped for the six-figure speaking fees and pay from advis- repeatedly said he wants him to return
top in politics has turned his back on his ing Middle East and African regimes, is to Labour’s top team.
brother and is cashing in on his political believed to be channelled. But the Sunderland job signals that
name to supplement his £65,738-a-year Last month it emerged that Mr Miliband he has no intention of working for his
MP’s salary. was paid £25,000 to give a speech on rela- brother. And just to rub it in, Ed is a
The Sunderland appointment, which Mr tions between the West and the Muslim supporter of Leeds United, the team
Miliband has accepted in principle but world at a conference held at a ‘luxurious Sunderland beat against all odds at
needs to be cleared by parliamentary oasis’ resort in the Middle East. Wembley in 1973 to record their only
watchdogs, coincides with news that he He apparently rejected the chance to FA Cup win – indeed their only major
and his wife Louise, an American concert become British ambassador in Washington trophy – since the war.
violinist, have recently set up a private and last weekend was considering a role in Hunt for new left winger – Back page

The bosses who won’t employ mothers

INCREASING numbers of worked while bringing up a to household incomes. But the
By Steve Doughty
working mothers are being Social Affairs Correspondent family are likely to be out of Regus study of 10,000 employ-
turned down for jobs by sus- touch with the changing ers found that only 26 per cent
others and will be less flexible demands of jobs. intend to hire working moth-
picious employers, a survey about working hours. The findings appear to ers this year, down from 38 per
revealed yesterday. A similar number – 31 per confirm fears that employers cent last year.
As firms continue to suffer cent – fear that if they hire a burdened by ‘family friendly’ Regus director Celia Donne
from the fall-out of the reces- mother she is likely to get laws on maternity leave and said: ‘It is not surprising to see
sion, many are refusing to give pregnant again, leaving them flexible working are increas- prejudiced attitudes come
jobs to women with children – short of a worker and facing a ingly unwilling to give jobs to back into play with economic
even though it means they are bill for maternity leave. women workers. belt-tightening.’
breaking the law. The survey, by business serv- Almost two thirds of mothers She added: ‘Some businesses
More than a third of bosses – ices firm Regus, also revealed of children under five work are evidently still guilty of
38 per cent – worry that moth- that 17 per cent of employers either full or part-time, mak- applying old-fashioned
ers will not work as hard as believe women who haven’t ing a significant contribution misgivings.’
Page 8 STH Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Headmaster killer Chindamo

faces two more years in jail
By Stephen Wright just 14 years for the murder of
head teacher Philip Lawrence.
MURDERER Learco Chindamo is These include ‘fraternising’ with
to stay in prison for at least two a former gang colleague, drinking
heavily in public and being on the
years following his arrest over
streets late at night. Such issues
an alleged mugging just months are a breach of his parole terms
after his release from jail. and merit Chindamo being held in
Probation officials believe that prison for at least two more years,
irrespective of whether the according to insiders.
Italian-born thug is charged over Chindamo is due to answer bail
the offence, there are strong over the mugging today.
grounds to keep him in prison. He could be charged, re-inter-
The 30-year-old was recalled to viewed and bailed to a further
jail in November pending the date pending further inquiries,
outcome of a Scotland Yard
Arrested: Chindamo
or told he will face no face
investigation into the robbery. Detectives have uncovered evi- further action.
The killer is alleged to have dence that Chindamo was in A well-placed source said: ‘The
threatened violence before rob- breach of the terms of his ‘life decision to keep him in prison
bing a man of a wallet and mobile licence’ when he was freed on does not come down to whether
phone in Camden, North London. parole last summer after serving he is charged or not.’

New powers for

GPs to speed up
tests for cancer
FAMILY doctors are to be
handed powers to dramat-
By Daniel Martin
Political Correspondent
greater emphasis on early
Delays often occur because
ically speed up cancer patients have to wait to have
diagnosis in a move which International league tables show tumours diagnosed until after
could save 5,000 lives a the UK is well below average on they have seen a specialist, who
breast and bowel cancer. will decide whether to give the
year. In the UK, 79 per cent of women test the green light.
GPs will be encouraged to diagnosed with breast cancer are Mr Lansley wants to cut out the
order cancer tests to ensure still alive after five years – com- middleman and give GPs greater
tumours are spotted before pared with more than 90 per cent access to diagnostic tests.
they become inoperable. in the U.S. These will comprise chest X
For the first time, they will be A study last year found that rays for lung cancer, non-obstet-
able to refer patients with possi- ric ultrasound to support the
ble symptoms of the disease diagnosis of ovarian and other
directly for checks, avoiding the ‘Deliver the best cancers, colonoscopies and a
need to go through a specialist.
Ministers hope that by improv-
survival rates’ technique called ‘flexible sig-
moidoscopy’ to diagnose bowel
ing access to MRI scans for brain cancers, and MRI brain scans to
tumours and ultrasounds for almost a quarter of cancer cases spot brain tumours.
ovarian cancer, up to 5,000 lives a were only spotted when patients Critics will warn there is a dan-
year will be saved by 2014-15. needed emergency treatment. ger that unspecialised GPs will,
Labour managed to speed up Speaking ahead of the publica- for example, send people for
treatment for cancer patients, tion of his new cancer strategy, costly MRI scans if they have a
but Health Secretary Andrew Mr Lansley said: ‘Everyone will headache.
Lansley wants more done. have a story of someone they Some £25million will be put
The UK still has some of the love battling the disease. aside to ensure that more diag-
worst cancer survival rates in ‘Our ambition is simple, to nostic machines are available
Europe, largely because cancer deliver survival rates among the while £50million will be spent on
is more often spotted too late for best in Europe.’ expanding radiotherapy capacity.
anything to be done about it. At the heart of the reforms is a
Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 9

Prince Charles, £4,000 bill as

councils hire
the model and ‘a ‘undercover

request that left

By David Wilkes
THEY stumbled around,
slurred and headed for the bar
to order another drink.
The scenario may sound famil-
iar, but these were not your aver-
age weekend drunks.

Camilla seething’
They were undercover investi-
gators engaged in a £4,000 initia-
tive by a group of cash-strapped
local organisations to check that
pubs were serving alcohol
Details emerged yesterday in
papers documenting the opera-
By Fay Schlesinger tion, which was organised by
Conwy and Denbighshire Com-
munity Safety Partnership.
PRINCE Charles flirted with an The three ‘professional wit-
exotic supermodel before asking her nesses’, two men and a woman,
to perform a ‘private catwalk show’ were hired from a private surveil-
lance company to play the fake
for him, she has claimed. drunks.
Mozambique-born Tasha de Vasconce- The trio worked for nine nights
los alleges that the Prince propositioned from 8pm to 3am over three
her under the nose of Camilla Parker weekends, costing a total of
Bowles at an exclusive party. £4,200, Roly Schwarz, the com-
In an autobiography to be published this munity safety enforcement man-
week, the 42-year-old model and actress ager for Conwy and Denbighshire,
claims to have shared a series of amorous confirmed last night.
exchanges with Charles, now 62. Their ‘tactics’ to maintain their
She said they began with a ‘clumsy’ chat- cover included ‘telling person
up line and ‘seductive smile’ from the heir to serving them they were drunk’,
the throne in 1999, but soon accelerated.
The model said he approached her again at
a soiree in Syon House, the Duke of North- ‘Dishevelled and
umberland’s West London home.
In claims that seem far-fetched, and stained clothing’
language reminiscent of a Mills and Boon
novel, Miss de Vasconcelos claims: ‘During Prince Charming: Charles was ‘seductive’
the evening, I saw his eyes ‘slurred speech’, ‘being dressed in
glance over my necklace, which that he was still interested in English starring Rowan Atkin- dishevelled and stained clothing’
lit up my face, and to the more what was inside it. Camilla son – was living in London. and ‘falling over’, the report
intimate attractions of the didn’t utter a single word to says.
Miss de Vasconcelos and
curves beneath my Versace me for the whole night.’ The Community Safety Partner-
dress. The Prince had become Charles met several times and
She met Charles for the first ship – which is comprised of
a man. “You are magnificent,” she was invited to Clarence Conwy Council, Denbighshire
time at a polo match in Chel- House and to a private palace
he dared to utter. “Would you tenham, Gloucestershire, in Council, the police, the police
ever consider a private catwalk lunch with Charles, she said in authority, the fire service and the
1999, after being introduced by her book, Beauty As A Weapon.
show... just for me?”’ publicist Aurelia Stephenson, health authority, and is funded by
The model said she turned She added: ‘Every time our the Government – said ‘Opera-
then Prince Andrew’s girlfriend. paths crossed, the Prince
down the request as she was tion Drunkenness’ was an impor-
Charles was said to be mesmer- always stepped away from the tant part of its battle against
‘disconcerted by all the other
ised by the half-Portuguese’s hangers-on around him to alcohol-related crime and anti-
diamond-encrusted women
listening in around us’ and come over and have a little chat social behaviour.
‘had read that the great love of ‘He was my with me. Discreet. Charming.
But always a charmer. I must
The councils are facing having
his life was called Camilla’. to make huge cuts on school
Camilla – who was to marry kind of man’ say he was my kind of man. budgets, rubbish collections and
the prince five years later, ‘A real gentleman, elegant lollipop ladies as they try to make
becoming the Duchess of and seductive. This man savings of up to £21million follow-
beauty, but managed only a pleased me, and his male ing the Government’s spending
Cornwall – is said to have seen ‘seductive smile’ as he told her
red over the pair’s rapport. instincts could detect that.’ review.
she reminded him of an Aus- During that time, she also Nobody was fined as a result of
When the Prince encountered
Miss de Vasconcelos at a Mac- tralian friend called Kanga. claims to have put the outspo- the operation, with those found
millan cancer charity dinner That friend was socialite ken Duke of York in his place serving drunks given the training
with Camilla, he made a point Lady Kanga Tryon – the after he rudely asked in front to improve their ways instead.
of praising her dress – made by Prince’s lover in the 1970s, who of other guests whether she M a r t i n C a f f r e y, o p e r a t i o n s
Princess Diana’s favourite died shortly after Princess was a virgin, replying: ‘A real
Series of director of the Federation of
designer Catherine Walker. Diana in 1997. gentleman never asks that encounters: Licensed Victuallers Associations,
The model said: ‘Charles came The exchanges allegedly kind of question.’ Tasha de which represents self-employed
up to me anyway to tell me how came in 1999 and 2000 when A Clarence House spokesman licensees, said the partnership
beautiful my dress was. A way the model – who appeared in said: ‘We never comment on
Vasconcelos was ‘using a sledgehammer to
of reminding me, I suppose, the spoof spy movie Johnny private conversations.’ crack a nut’.

Rise and shine! The eye mask

that brightens your morning
IF waking up before sunrise leaves Daily Mail Reporter waking up with sunlight coming through
you in a dark mood, here’s a bright my blinds, but at night, with my blinds
idea that may help. gers our brain to produce something open, light kept me from falling asleep.
An eye mask that gradually lights up to called melatonin, which helps us fall ‘Using a sleep mask helped block the
simulate day breaking is being devel- asleep. But any tiny amount of light dis- light, but eliminated being able to wake
oped to ease the pain of early morning rupts this. with sunlight.
wake-up calls. ‘Sunlight activates our metabolism so ‘Then I thought, wouldn’t it be great to
LED lights embedded in the LUMI we wake easily. A traditional alarm will have a solution for blocking out light and
sleep mask begin to glow half an hour wake you midway through your sleep waking with sunlight?’
before the programmed time and slowly cycle but it doesn’t do it softly like sun- He expects his gadget will be most
get brighter, helping the wearer to wake light would. popular with shift workers.
naturally before the built-in alarm ‘LUMI is an effective way to finally sync ‘By using the LUMI they can effectively
beeps. your body’s clock to the light and dark. control their sleep environment, regard-
The mask has the added benefit of It blocks out ambient light, helping you less of when or where they sleep,’ he
blocking out light from street lamps or fall asleep quicker and with ease. explained.
electronic devices during the night, pro- ‘Then, in the morning, its soft light sim- He also sees a ‘big prospect’ of benefits
moting a deeper sleep. ulates a sunrise, gradually growing for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disor-
It may also help shift workers manipu- brighter, easing you into waking up. der, who are often treated with light
late their sleep patterns and give suffer- ‘By slowly waking your mind and body, therapy.
ers of Seasonal Affective Disorder a you gain a boost of energy and stimulate But while the eye mask is cheaper than
morning boost. your body for the day ahead.’ a trip to brighter corners of the world,
Designer Taylor Hide, 22, said: ‘Our Mr Hide, from Birmingham, Alabama, you may still lose sleep over the price. It
bodies are designed to sleep in darkness came up with the idea after struggling is expected to cost more than £50 when
and wake with sunlight. Darkness trig- with sleep problems. He said: ‘I loved it goes on sale.

Page 10 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It’s time
for bonu
By Becky Barrow
and Tim Shipman

BRITAIN’S most controversial

banker came under attack

from the Chancellor yesterday
after he said City fat cats
should stop apologising for

paying themselves multi-mil-
lion-pound bonuses.
Barclays boss Bob Diamond, who
is expected to receive an £8million
bonus this year, sparked fury in
Parliament by claiming that the on Barclays chief’s grilling
time for saying sorry about sky-
high payouts should end.

NLY two MPs caused
The American – once described by
Lord Mandelson as the ‘unacceptable
‘Bonus Bob’ much diffi-
face of banking’ – said: ‘There was a culty yesterday. David
period of remorse and apology for banks. Ruffley and John Mann
I think that period needs to be over.’ did it by staring at him
Following Mr Diamond’s appearance with insistent eyeballs,
before the Treasury Select Commit- burning into him with wild, theatri-
tee, George Osborne demanded that cal contempt.
he show some humility and reduce his In short, they circumvented nor-
payout. Challenged in the Commons mal codes of Western discourse. It’s
about how much the Barclays chief
executive should be paid in bonus for the only way.
2010, the Chancellor replied: ‘Less Big bankers such as Mr Diamond
than he was paid in 2009.’ know how to bat away formal ques-
That year, Mr Diamond received a tions from reasonable eggheads.
salary of about £8million but waived It’s what they do. They win discus-
any bonus. In 2010 his basic salary sions. Clinch deals. Bluff. But shouty
was just £250,000 and the rest of his loners, interrupters whose con-
income will be paid in bonus. City tempt drips from leering lips: such
sources say he is due between £8mil-
lion and £9million – meaning he could people they seldom encounter.
lose more than £1million if the Chan- They fuse the inner workings of a
cellor receives his wish. Bob Diamond brain. To drill into Dia-
Facing the committee, he appeared mond geezers you need to psych
oblivious to the growing public fury at yourself up and risk some anger.
the scale of bank bonuses, due to hit I was standing by the door when
£7billion this year. MPs repeatedly Mr Diamond, one of the highest-
warned Mr Diamond, who this year paid players in world banking,
enjoys a ‘basic’ salary of £1.35million,
arrived for his session with the
Treasury Select Committee. Short-
‘Tears down ish fellow, weak chin, poor com-
plexion. Wears his hair with maybe
my cheeks’ a hint of henna.
He gave my shoulder a comradely
that ordinary people are suffering, squeeze. Lord knows why. Never
particularly a public-sector workforce having met the man, I wondered if
which is facing job cuts. he was patting me in sympathy. Mrs
One member of the Treasury Select Letts has an account at Barclays,
Committee, Labour MP George you see. They send us statements
Mudie, warned: ‘There is going to be from time to time. Memsahib tends
hell on the streets.’ to eat them the moment they drop
Mr Diamond said the bank, which through the door.
will pay its bonuses in March, will Mr Diamond sat at the witness
show ‘as much restraint as is possi-
ble’, but refused to bow to pressure to table with only one sidekick. This
axe, or dramatically curb, bonus pay- chap was called Anthony and had a
ments. Last year, the bank paid wan, waxy manner. He said little.
£2.7billion in bonuses, mostly to its It was Bonus Bob the politicians
investment banking staff, with branch were after. Westminster is in full
staff receiving an average of only ‘bash the bankers’ mode. Dema-
£1,000 or so. goguery meets globalisation. First
Mr Diamond made a desperate to have a go yesterday was com-
attempt to persuade the MPs that he mittee chairman Andrew Tyrie
understands the plight of the ordinary
man. He described his modest
(Con, Chichester), who gave an
upbringing in ‘a small town in Massa- uncharacteristic smirk as he
chusetts’, the eldest son of nine chil- noticed the large number of spec-
dren. His great-great grandparents tators filing into the room. He noted
were Irish immigrants. that there were plenty of empty
His parents, who both taught at the seats at the witness table ‘but I
local school, were hard-up and Mr somehow think there won’t be
Diamond said he learned that he
would get nothing unless he paid for it
He told the committee: ‘I learned at waived his bonus in both 2008 and
a very early age, earlier than I would 2009, but said the decision about his
like to admit, that if I wanted a new 2010 bonus would be made with his
shirt or a football or a bicycle that I’m family, as it was last year. He is mar-
going to have to pay for it myself.’ ried with three children.
The comments from the banker, who Asked whether he had ever been
made £21million in 2007, including a asked by the Prime Minister or the
£6.5million cash bonus, provoked Chancellor to show ‘restraint’ about
laughter from MPs. Mr Mudie said his own personal bonus, he said he
jokingly that he had ‘tears coming had not.
down my cheeks’, and said he could Despite repeated attempts to make
hear ‘the bloody bagpipes going’. Mr Diamond express gratitude to
The banker said he is ‘sensitive’ to British taxpayers, he refused, saying
the mood about bonuses, adding: ‘We simply he is ‘thankful for everyone’
are listening’. The size of Barclays’s but named only central banks and the
‘bonus pool’ will be decided in the Government.
next few weeks, he said. Mr Diamond Comment – Page 14

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 11

to stop saying sorry

ses says fattest cat
Eyes burned Clegg fury
into Bonus over banks
Bob with wild climbdown
contempt By Tim Shipman
and James Chapman

THE coalition was in disar-

ray over bank bonuses last
night after Nick Clegg pub-
licly demanded that the
Treasury do more to slash
sky-high payouts.
Chancellor George Osborne
responded by reviving a threat
to hit the banks with new taxes
unless they raise lending by
£20billion this year and open
their books to publish more
details of bonuses.
He told MPs ‘nothing is off the
table’ if the banks are not more
Job done: A Mr Osborne intervened in an
apparent attempt to placate Lib-
smirking Bob eral Democrats furious at sugges-
Diamond tions that the Government has
leaving the abandoned hope of slashing the
£7billion bonus pot to be paid by
meeting the big banks this year. Demand: Nick Clegg yesterday
Senior Lib Dems accused Down-
ing Street of ‘waving the white require agreement across the EU.
many takers for them today’. Mr big banks. Mr Diamond would treatment of Jewish customers in flag’ over bonuses after months of He said he wants the banks to
Diamond did not respond. He just admit no such gratitude. He even the Hitler years and its conduct in tough talk. agree to loan more to businesses
sat there with an A4 pad and a said that the time for apologies apartheid South Africa). Mr Mann, An angry Mr Clegg, campaigning and home owners and pay lower
in the Oldham by- election, bonuses than originally planned.
sleek silver pen, fingering his was over. Oh dear. who nods his head like a bloke who Government officials said the
chunky wristwatch. Ruffers was full of aggro, throw- might thump you at any moment, declared: ‘It is nonsense to say we
cannot do anything about it. We £180billion loaned by the banks
An American, he spoke of ‘jabs’ ing hands in the air, chewing hard asked why it was easier for a camel last year must increase to more
and ‘campensation’ and the ‘Bank on gum while listening to Mr Dia- to pass through the eye of a nee- than £200billion this year.
of Scatland’. He called Mr Tyrie ‘sir’
(Tyrie enjoyed that) and gave us an
mond, interrupting him with scorn-
ful ejaculations, saying ‘good!’ with
dle than it was for a rich man to
enter into the kingdom of God. Mr
‘Obscene The Chancellor is also demand-
ing that the banks detail the
appallingly sugary description of heavy sarcasm. He generally Diamond fingered his collar and rewards’ number of executives on big
bonuses and deliver a fairer deal
how he’s been reared in an Irish- treated the smooth swank to some stalled briefly, banjaxed by the on bank charges for customers
American family with little money. West Indian bowling. passage from St Matthew’s Gospel. and do more for local
It was like listening to something Then he said: ‘You’re not a big fan have certainly not thrown in the
towel. We are in very detailed communities.

from TV’s The Waltons. The room of Barclays, are you?’ Very Ameri- negotiations with the banks right Mr Osborne sought to shift some
quickly made clear that such R DIAMOND kept cool, can. It won him a laugh. now. We are in negotiations with of the blame to Labour, revealing
schmaltz was de trop. tempted though he He and his image benders may them on their remuneration, par- that the deal it signed with state-
Mr Ruffley (Con, Bury St Edmunds) may have been to have left the meeting pleased. But ticularly the bosses of the state- owned bank RBS to waive bonuses
livened things up by rocking in his explode. The anger the greed of a few overpaid bank- owned banks.’ in 2009 allowed it to pay the mar-
Lord Oakeshott, a Liberal Dem- ket rate in 2010.
chair and becoming near-violent. management training paid off but ers will only increase the desire of In the Commons, Lib Dem MP
He demanded that Barclays lend it was a close-run thing. George Osborne (who later ocrat Treasury spokesman, said
there was ‘not much sign’ that Jo Swinson said: ‘The Chancellor
more to small business. He wanted Ditto when Mr Mann (Lab, Bas- appeared at the Commons des- must understand the level of pub-
Downing Street and the Treasury
to know if Mr Diamond was grate- setlaw) approached the oche and patch box) to increase competi- were mindful of clear commit- lic anger about huge bank bonuses
ful to British taxpayers for the started to recite alleged historic tion in high street banking. Bar- ments in the coalition agreement and recognise that obscene
advantages their support gives the misdemeanours by Barclays (eg its clays shareholders, watch out. on bankers’ bonuses. rewards for short-term gain with-
He insisted no bonuses at all out regard for the long-term con-
should be paid at the Royal Bank of sequences were part of the prob-
Scotland, which is 84 per cent lem that caused the banking
collapse in the first place.
Stephen Hester is in line for a bonus
of around £2million in shares.
‘Surely it’s to avoid a repeat of
that that bank bonuses must be
The Chancellor was summoned constrained.’
THE RBS and NatWest banking group, which was saved inquiry related to the way complaints were dealt Shadow Chancellor Alan John-
from oblivion by the taxpayer, has been fined £2.8mil- with in 2009, although its figures show problems con- to the Commons yesterday to
answer an urgent question on the son accused Mr Osborne of break-
lion for failing its customers. tinued last year. ing a promise in the first page of
Thousands of legitimate complaints were ignored NatWest generated 84,300 customer complaints in bonus crackdown.
He said the Government would last May’s coalition agreement to
or effectively treated with contempt, in some cases the first half of last year, which were subsequently be prepared to raise the levy on bring forward ‘robust’ legislation
creating real hardship. Some customers are thought referred to the Financial Ombudsman. Some 66 per banks – likely to cost them to tackle unacceptable bonuses.
to have suffered massive financial loss or even the cent of home loan complaints were upheld, along £1.25billion this year and £2.3bil- And he said it was wrong for stu-
threat of losing their home after being given bad with 46 per cent on insurance policies and 23 per lion next year – unless they agree dents and children to may more to
advice or sold rip-off products. cent on general banking. a plan to help taxpayers. plug the deficit than bankers.
The fine was imposed by the City watchdog, the Royal Bank of Scotland generated 38,100 customer Mr Osborne also mentioned a ‘The Chancellor who said we are
Financial Services Authority, which is investigating complaints in the same period. An overwhelming 71 possible financial transaction tax all in this together bows down to
on the banks if they do not sign the rich and powerful whilst bear-
other high street banks for similar offences. Its per cent of mortgage complaints were upheld. ing down on everyone else.’
the deal, although this would
Page 12 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bubbly Marks cashes

in on cashmere boom
By Sean Poulter
Consumer Affairs Editor HOW COULD ANYBODY RESIST IT?
CHAMPAGNE and cashmere SO, were you one of the FEMAIL VERDICT the most enticing ele-
helped Marks & Spencer to a lucky women smiling on ment of all. With M&S
record-breaking Christmas as a
hard-pressed nation sought con-
Christmas morning as you by Anne cashmere you don’t
have to faff around with
unwrapped a beautiful soft,
solation in a little luxury.
The retail giant defied the big
pastel-hued M&S cashmere
Shooter handwashing, or fork
out for dry cleaning. It
freeze to post a 4 per cent increase in is machine washable –
An impressive 600,000 cash- you can even tumble
total sales in the 13 weeks up to pastel shades and, of course,
mere knits were sold by the dry some of it.
January 1. classic black. (Available up to
company in the run-up to Top selling womens-
It said big-impact promotions helped size 22, no less.)
Christmas. Touch one and you’re wear cashmere lines
food sales achieve a record of more than
But what is so special about doomed, like Edmund taking included roll-neck and V -
£50million on December 23.
Remarkably, more was spent on its Louis M&S cashmere and why has it his first bite of the White neck sweaters in pale-blue,
Chaurey champagne than any food prod- sold so well at a time when Witch’s Turkish Delight in Nar- black and red.
you would think many of us nia. It’s that incredible soft- There were also 48,000
would be penny-pinching? ness – which doesn’t moult all men’s cashmere scarves (£25
‘A return to Of course, good cashmere over you – that makes it each) sold during the quarter
quality’ looks and feel fantastic. almost impossible not to be – up 14 per cent on last year,
And it is almost impossible, seduced into buying one. with charcoal grey the most
during the winter months, to The best cashmere is made popular shade.
uct in the week before New Year’s walk into a branch of M&S and If you didn’t unwrap any
Eve – beating staples such as bread, milk
from longer, softer fibres
and tea.
not be greeted by the array of which gives the greatest com- M&S cashmere on Christmas
M&S, whose Christmas marketing cam- fluffy jumpers in every con- fort and reduces bobbling. Day – there’s plenty still in
paign was fronted by Peter Kay, Twiggy ceivable shade, from jewel- It is the washing of this stores and winter’s not over
and Dannii Minogue, sold 1.1million bot- coloured brights to the palest cashmere that offers perhaps yet, not by a long way. Soft touch: Cashmere hooded cardy
tles in the 13-week period – up 10 per cent
on the year before. The chain sold Fair Isle accessories, no doubt as shoppers made a ‘return to and prawns. M&S serves 21million wealthy consumers meant it was in
600,000 cashmere products such as helped by the freezing weather. quality’. customers a week from more than a stronger position as the country
cardigans and jumpers around Similarly, there was a boom in This year, it sold a record 1.9mil- 650 UK stores. enters a tough 2011.
Christmas. thermal underwear, including vests lion turkeys, which includes whole Its sales through the internet Philip Dorgan, analyst at Altium
Sales of cashmere items priced at and long johns, for both sexes. birds, crowns and joints, which was were up by 25 per cent on a year Securities, said: ‘These numbers
£69 or above were up 11 per cent on Christmas is crucial for M&S, up by 9 per cent on the year ago, while the company is planning show that M&S can cope extremely
a year ago. particularly in terms of food. The before. a major overseas expansion. well with difficult trading
At the same time, it sold 60,000 company, which suffered during There was another record with City analysts said M&S’s reputa- conditions.’
Fair Isle knitwear items and 25,000 the recession, claims it benefited sales of 3.3million packs of salmon tion of being popular among City – Page 64

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 13

Joanna’s killer Mr Fox has a

fantastic sense
of direction
could have THEIR natural cunning makes them
one of the fiercest predators.
But foxes have another trick
up their sleeve - they know how
to use the Earth’s magnetic field
to help them hunt, scientists

avoided every
In tests, experts discovered that
the animals tend to face north east
when jumping on prey, no matter
their location or the time of day.
Researchers believe the foxes
may use the magnetic fields as a

CCTV camera
‘range finder’, combined with their
acute hearing, to measure dis-
tance to the prey.
The discovery means foxes join
migratory animals such as pigeons,
turtles and whales in being able to
sense the points of the compass.
Professor Hynek Burda, of the
By Ryan Kisiel, Luke Salkeld University of Duisburg-Essen in
and Arthur Martin $  Germany, studied the behaviour of
  84 wild red foxes at 65 locations
JOANNA Yeates’s killer could have   across the Czech Republic.
driven from her flat to the roadside ! Over two years the researchers
where her body was found without  recorded 592 hunting jumps at
being recorded on a single CCTV different times of day and in vary-

camera, it emerged yesterday. ing weather conditions.

     Foxes preferred to face the
Police are understood to have concen- ! 
trated on more than 100 hours of foot- north-east before jumping and
age taken from the most direct route leaps in that direction tended to
between the landscape architect’s home be more successful, they report in
and the lane where she was dumped, !  the Royal Society journal Biology
which is over the Clifton Suspension !"  " Letters.
Bridge. The study said it ‘cannot be
"  explained by an effect of light cue...
But a second route between the two loca-
tions, which adds only a few minutes to the Victim: Joanna’s killer may have avoided Nor was this clustering a response
journey time, is almost free of cameras.  CCTV cameras when dumping her body to wind direction’.
The alternative course, through Clifton
Village, Clifton Wood and Hotwells and
over the Avon Bridge towards the outskirts # 
of Bristol, is used by residents 
familiar with the winding streets of this
affluent part of the city.
It has the added bonus of avoiding the
50p toll on the suspension bridge, cameras on the Avon Bridge, but
A HIGH-LEVEL review of the
which is paid by motorists trav-
elling in both directions.
Surprisingly, any motorist or
÷ Jo Yeates murder inquiry
could be ordered within days.
there aren’t and some that cover
it are very poor quality.’
The revelation of a camera-free
pedestrian making the four-mile Avon and Somerset Police route between Canynge Road
have arrested only one man, and Longwood Lane in Failand,
‘There are routes whom they later released on comes after police played down
bail, leading to some question- reports that the lights on the
with no CCTV’ ing their progress in the high- suspension bridge blurred some
profile case. of its CCTV footage at night.
downhill journey past rows of And if the situation continues Around 20 per cent of its cam-
Georgian townhouses would f o r a n o t h e r 1 1 d ays , a eras are unable to clearly read
encounter only a single camera ‘28-day review’ will be held by licence plate numbers, but there
positioned high on a lamp post – a senior investigating officer are traffic-light CCTV stands at
which does not even record either from within the force, or the Ashton Court and Beggar
footage and is simply used to from outside it. Bush Lane junctions across the
monitor traffic flow. bridge that the killer or killers
It has also been suggested that must have driven past if they
because of the side of the road the 25-year-old’s killer on film. A crossed the bridge.
on which Miss Yeates’s body was police source said yesterday: ‘We Yesterday the building where
found on Longwood Lane, the believe that the killer would have Miss Yeates lived with her boy-
killer is likely to have arrived most likely gone over the friend Greg Reardon in Canynge
from the southerly direction of suspension bridge where there Road was again the subject of
the second route. are lots of cameras. intense forensic examination.
There are fears that detectives ‘However, if they didn’t, there The visit by six forensic officers
searching through CCTV footage are routes through Clifton Wood followed reports of a piece of
from the suspension bridge, a that are residential and don’t crucial new evidence handed to
notorious suicide spot with many h a v e a n y C C T V. E v e r y o n e police.
cameras on it, might never find thought there would be traffic

A minute away from your desk

‘can reduce risk of heart attack’
GETTING up from your desk By Sophie Borland
to go and speak to your
colleagues – instead of 4,757 adults over the course of
emailing them – reduces a week.
the risk of heart attacks, Each participant wore an
accelerometer, a small device
research shows. fitted to the hip to measure
Those who take short breaks
away from their seats – lasting how much time they spend
as little as a minute – at regu- walking and running.
lar intervals throughout the On average, the participants
day are less likely to be over- took about 16 short breaks
weight and have high blood away from their desk which
pressure. each lasted one and a half min-
They also substantially utes, giving a total ‘non sitting
reduce the risk of potentially down’ time of 34 minutes.
fatal cardiovascular diseases. The researchers, from the
Researchers found that peo- University of Queensland in Aus-
ple who are on their feet for tralia, whose study is published
short periods which add up to in the European Heart Journal,
more than two hours a day found that those who took the
‘Where’s Brian?! He must have tend to have smaller waists most breaks had waists up to
the healthiest heart in Britain’ and lower blood pressure. 4cm smaller than those who
They studied the habits of were more sedentary.

Page 14 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As the U.S. President says France is America’s strongest ally ...

A victory for greed Ungrateful, yes,
Obama will have

that imperils us all caused more than a

few palpitations in

but Obama is
Whitehall by suggest-
BOB Diamond, the chief executive of
Barclays, may not be a bad man, but he is
ing that France, not
the embodiment of everything that the Britain, is the United States’
rest of the world finds infuriating about most important ally. ‘We don’t
bankers. He is extremely rich and have a stronger friend and
becoming richer; untroubled by self doubt, stronger ally than Nicolas
Sarkozy and the French

right. There
and unapologetic about banking pay.
Mr Diamond’s appearance before MPs people,’ he told the French
yesterday was a reminder that in the President on Monday.
battle between banks and the government Not America’s best buddy? The best
over bonuses, greed has triumphed. brains in the Foreign Office will be
There will be no further controls on trying to persuade themselves Mr
Obama did not really mean it. They
banking bonuses, because, as Mr Diamond will say he was only trying to be nice
explained, he has to pay the market rate.

is no special
to Mr Sarkozy during the French
Ignoring those who argue that many President’s visit to Washington.
bankers are able to make these huge sums But what if he really meant what he
only because their businesses are said? During visits to the U.S. by
underwritten by the state, Mr Diamond Gordon Brown and David Cameron,
refused to thank taxpayers. He told MPs Mr Obama has had every opportu-
nity to say Britain was America’s
that the time for apologies was over. For strongest ally, but did not take it.
most bankers, of course, it never began. Indeed, he seemed to go out of his

In fairness, Barclays, unlike the hapless way to snub Mr Brown by refusing to
RBS and Lloyds, didn’t have to be directly meet him.
bailed out by the government. And, There are other bits of evidence that
together with the other big banks, from this Mr Obama does not cherish the
year Barclays will pay a levy that will raise ‘special relationship’ so dear to the
hearts of policymakers in Whitehall.
an extra £2.5billion annually in taxation. As soon as he entered the Oval Office,
But that doesn’t amount to much when he removed the bust of Winston

and the sooner

considered in the context of several Churchill that had been loaned to
thousand bankers in line for £1million-plus George W. Bush by the British
at a time when the rest of the country is government.
entering what the Governor of the Bank of During Britain’s stand- off with
England refers to as ‘the sober decade’. Argentina over the Falkland Islands,
the Obama administration has been
Nor does it tackle the core objection to at best neutral, at worst pro -
these bonuses, that they encourage Argentine. And throughout the Gulf

we accept it
reckless risk-taking by bank employees of of Mexico oil spill last year, the Ameri-
the kind that led directly to the recession. can President was keen to emphasise
All these dodgy compromises have left the British provenance of BP, the chief
the Coalition in disarray. The Liberals are perpetrator, and to make it pay.
Despite what the Foreign Office
furious that Downing Street has ‘waved Johnnies may argue to themselves,
the white flag’, and Nick Clegg is worried there is enough evidence to suggest
that the row will further depress his party’s that Britain is not greatly valued by
vote in Thursday’s crucial by-election.

the better
Mr Obama. And although there might
George Osborne has been stung into be personal reasons for this — the
promising that if lending targets aren’t American President claims his grand-
met, then ‘nothing is off the table’. father was tortured by the British
during the Mau Mau rebellion in
But for the moment, the only certainty Kenya — I would suggest his stand-
is that unless the world restrains Mr point is shared by more American
Diamond’s bonus culture, another politicians than we might care to
catastrophic banking crisis is inevitable. admit.
For most of the time we are
Stable door left open regarded with indifference: an
ally at once so loyal, depend-
able and uncritical that we can
the former British Ambassador
to the United States, Sir
WHEN David Cameron entered Downing
Street, many believed it heralded a more
realistic relationship with Brussels.
be taken for granted. The
special relationship, about
which our politicians obsess, is
scarcely ever mentioned even
by Stephen Glover Christopher Meyer, during
talks before the Iraq War Mr
Blair was so awestruck by the
power of President Bush that
So far, they have been disappointed. he underestimated the lever-
But yesterday the government introduced by Britain’s friends in the U.S.
age he had over him.
a bill that it claimed would prevent any I can’t imagine President de
further transfer of power to the EU. Debacle fervently pro-American Tony Taliban and so offers the bare Gaulle demeaning his country.
Sadly, although it does prevent block B l a i r, c o m m i t t e d 4 0 , 0 0 0 minimum of troops. Almost Or Winston Churchill. Or
If France is more important servicemen, even though Presi- certainly it does not feel it M a r g a r e t T h a t c h e r. P r o -
surrender to Brussels without a than Britain to Washington, dent Bush and his Defence necessary to prove its impor- American though she
referendum, it cannot stop a future might this be because French Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tance to America in the way undoubtedly was, she was
government repealing or rewriting that policymakers have robustly had made it perfectly clear that the British Government does. perfectly capable of criticising
ban. It makes another Lisbon surrender pursued a line independent of they could happily do without Most of us learn when we are her friend Ronald Reagan, as
less likely, but not impossible. the U.S. and the British have them. The French might have young that the child who she did in 1983 after America
not? After the Suez debacle of been denigrated as ‘cheese- attaches himself unreservedly had invaded the Caribbean
What it fails to do is to repatriate a single 1956 — when America pulled
power from Brussels. Nor does it stop the eating surrender monkeys’ in to the strongest boy in the island of Grenada without
the plug on the militarily suc- the U.S., but who remembers class ends up being taken for bothering to notice that the
daily surrenders – a hike in the EU budget, cessful Anglo-French invasion that now? granted by him, even treated Queen was its head of state.
the creation of an EU diplomatic service, of Egypt — the two European In Afghanistan, France has with contempt. The boy who
countries responded in
and four new agencies to interfere in the
City of London. diametrically different ways.
committed only 3,850 troops
and suffered 52 deaths, whereas
stands apart, and judges case
by case whether or not to side
There’s nothing wrong with the While Britain grew ever closer Britain has 10,000 troops there with the class bully, generally America is the world’s sole
to America, relying on Ameri- (second only to America) and earns more respect from the superpower, and for much of
Coalition’s legislation, but it doesn’t even can technology to produce its has lost 349 soldiers. Yet bully and the rest of the class. the past century it has been a
succeed in closing the stable door after supposedly independent Britain’s greater sacrifice in Look how desperately craven force for good in the world. To
the bolting horse. nuclear deterrent, France blood and money does not our leaders have become. When be a close ally of such a country
increasingly went its own prevent the American Presi- Gordon Brown was snubbed is both sensible and necessary,
Dishonourable exit
HAD Eric Illsley wished to retain a shred
separate way. It developed its
own nuclear arsenal — admit-
tedly never proven — called the
dent from thinking France the
more important ally.
by President Obama in
September 2009, he really was
like a small boy who had been
as France has understood. To
be an overdependent, some-
times fawning friend is neither
of credibility, he would have resigned his force de frappe, because it did
not believe it could always rely
Disgraceful excluded by the class leader,
and his advisers virtually
sensible nor necessary.
Will our attitude of sub -
Commons seat at the same time as on America to defend it from We could, and should, get jolly pleaded for a ‘face-to-face’ with servience ever change? Our
pleading guilty to false accounting over the Soviet threat. upset about this disgraceful the American President. After military and intelligence
his Parliamentary expenses. In 1966, President Charles lack of gratitude — and then five rebuffs, a hasty meeting services are locked in with their
His failure to do so suggests, amazingly, de Gaulle withdrew France stop and think. We should not was finally arranged. counterparts in the United
that he may hope to cling on at f r o m N AT O ’ s s o - c a l l e d be in Afghanistan to please the When he became Prime States. Our political leaders
Westminster, as he would be automatically ‘integrated command struc- Americans, though I fear we Minister, David Cameron lost have mortgaged much of our
ture’, which meant that largely are. (Remember how, little time in jumping on a independence.
disqualified only by a sentence of more French soldiers were no longer after the attack on the World plane to pay court to the The only way to free ourselves
than 12 months. subject to NATO (which often Trade Centre, Tony Blair wildly American President. He was is by seeing ourselves as the
MPs could still choose to expel him, or meant American) control, and asserted: ‘We are all Americans so keen to abase himself that Americans see us. That is why
Mr Illsley himself could stand down. senior French military per- now.’) We should be there he claimed that ‘Britain was we should welcome President
But isn’t it time the Coalition made sonnel left NATO’s headquar- to defend our national the junior partner in 1940 Obama’s statement, graceless
good on its promise to introduce a right ters. France became a full self-interest. when we were fighting against and ungrateful though it was.
of recall? Then, if no one does it for them, member of the organisation And maybe the French gov- Hitler’. America did not This country is only one among
the voters of his Barnsley constituency again only in 2009. ernment has a beadier eye on declare war on Germany until several important friends his
France opposed the invasion its national interest than we December 1941. country has, and should stop
could rid themselves of their of Iraq in 2003, whereas Brit- do. Maybe it is sceptical about Tony Blair was the most eager seeing itself as an appendage
dishonourable member. ain, under the direction of the NATO’s ability to defeat the to bend the knee. According to of the United States.
Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 15

Sandra Parsons

Tiger mums Now put Miriam

back on the box

just make
FIFTY is not a good landmark in most
women’s careers. The fact you’ve sur-
vived this long means you’re probably
talented and experienced — but men
will feel threatened by you now they
can no longer flirt with you. It’s no
coincidence that this then tends to be
the age at which women start being

their cubs
forced out of their jobs.
So three cheers for the tribunal
which has ruled that the BBC was guilty
of age discrimination when it dropped
53-year-old Countryfile presenter
Miriam O’Reilly — who even on her
dullest day was a million miles better
than her replacement Matt Baker, 20

years her junior and quite possibly the
most boring presenter ever.

CALL me a cynic,
but I’d be very
surprised indeed if
Kylie Minogue’s

‘fresh faced,
HERE’S a new book just THE Prime Minister, when natural beauty’
out that at first glance asked how friendly he and Nick didn’t turn out, in
is guaranteed to make Clegg are, replied: ‘Well, we fact, to be a
every mother feel more wouldn’t go to the cinema together, flawless testament
quite, but we’ve had him and to the enduring
inadequate than she value of an eyelash
Miriam round for supper.’ This just
does already. goes to prove that rumours of their tint, mineral
The author, a mother of two, lists on ‘bromance’ have been greatly powder foundation
the first page some of the things her exaggerated. Agony aunts often and nude lipstick.
daughters were never allowed to do: advise couples on a first date to go
attend a sleepover, have a playdate, to the cinema. Only when Dave and

Don’t sack all

watch TV or play computer games, Nick decide they’re ready to share a
choose their own after-school activities, bucket of popcorn and a large Fanta
choose not to play the piano or violin, will we know that this relationship
fail to be top of the class. is really ready to get serious.
The result? Both girls — now aged 18
and 13 — are grade-A students and
brilliant musicians. Their mother, the
daughter of Chinese immigrants, says this those who manage to read to the end of
the bin men!
proves her parenting methods are her book without hurling it in disgust to
BIRMINGHAM’S bin men refused
superior to those that we lazy Western the floor will discover that her eldest
to collect Christmas rubbish
mothers espouse. daughter, now 18, achieved one of her
despite having been offered £1,100
Her book, entitled Battle Hymn Of The mother’s highest ambitions with a solo
a week. They must live in fear of
Tiger Mother, argues that a Chinese piano recital at New York’s Carnegie Hall.
households like the Strauss
mother has no truck with worrying about Her younger daughter, now 13, did not. A
family, from Longhope, Glouces-
her child’s self-esteem or happiness: she talented violin player, last year — to her
tershire, who can do without bin
knows that self-esteem comes from mother’s intense distress — she refused to
men altogether.
succeeding, and happiness follows. play any more.
The Strausses have become so
She argues that Western parents are too Professor Chua ends her book admitting
adept at recycling, growing their
quick to give in to their children, she is no longer sure what it means to live
own food and buying produce
abandoning them to computer games life to the fullest. I’m not surprised, as I
direct from local farmers, that
and television, while Chinese offspring are wouldn’t want to be her for all the
their rubbish for an entire year
rigorously drilled by their stronger, more proverbial tea in her ancestral country.
can be contained in one bin.
determined mothers until they get every By all means, demand that your children
Oh, if only . . . For all my efforts at
subject right. always do their best. Insist on them learn-
putting cardboard in one box,
Feeling guilty yet? Well, you don’t have ing self-discipline. Refuse to do their
newspapers, glass and cans in
to be Chinese to qualify as a pushy Mum. homework for them, and never, ever, do
another, and plastic in yet another,
Many middle-class British children are their coursework or a school project.
there is not a hope that I can ever
pressured by their mothers to do several Quite soon you’ll find they’re achieving
emulate this noble achievement.
after-school activities a week, from where they can — but, where they can’t,
I actually stopped mid-way to
swimming to extra maths to learning learning the invaluable lesson that we
the front door with yet another
Mandarin. They are made to learn not can’t all be best at everything.
bag of rubbish after New Year
one but two instruments; television is If you want to raise an automaton who
limited to half an hour before bed, and
computer games are banned.
will thrive in an autocratic state like
China, I recommend Professor Chua’s
NOTHING TO POUT ABOUT because I could hear one of our
own wonderful bin men (who
worked both festive weeks) on

our front path exclaiming ‘Oh my
If, on the other hand, you would prefer
to raise a child who chooses their own DIVORCEE Trinny Woodall no doubt hopes her newly God!’ as he confronted our
MALL wonder that, according plumped-up lips are more kissable. Let’s hope so, teetering pile of bin bags and
path, pursues their own dreams and
to a report last week from the because I imagine they make any other activity, overloaded recycling boxes.
finds their own passion, then I suggest
Children’s Commissioner, half of At least they can rest assured
y o u f o r g e t a l l a b o u t s e l f- s e r v i n g from eating to talking to brushing your teeth, next that their jobs are safe with me.
Britain’s eight to 17-year-olds Chinese tigers and try a little unselfish to impossible.
are stressed about their academic mothering instead.
performances, citing ambitious parents
as a key source of their anxiety.
Yes, with enough drilling, children may THE Government wants us
indeed achieve A-grade results, but I
firmly believe that there is more to
childhood — and happiness — than being
top of the class.
Mary’s shopping mission gets my vote to give 10 per cent of our
income to charity. Dream on.
Leaving aside the nerve of it
— and the fact that you can’t
It’s a lesson we parents need to learn, walk down any High Street
too — and it’s why I recommend Profes- MARY PORTAS, who has made a TV career out of exceptions to this. Portas (left) cites John Lewis as a without being approached by
sor Amy Chua’s book, as I doubt you’ll telling shops what they’re doing wrong, speaks place where the staff are unfailingly helpful, but my someone rattling a collecting
find a more powerful account of what it is for all of us, I suspect, when she describes own favourite is Robert Dyas. I’ve yet to go into a tin — everyone I know has
to be an utterly controlling, selfish mother spent the first days of 2011
her rage at going into a Tesco Metro and branch where the service hasn’t been first rate: doing anguished sums trying
who is happiest when basking in the finding foreign shop assistants who couldn’t nothing seems too much trouble and the staff
reflected glory of her children’s to work out how to save
achievements. tell her where to find the Yorkshire puddings seem to know the answer to every query, whether money. Two friends have
One of its chapters describes the time — because they had no idea what a Yorkshire it’s about a new iron or what sort of garden wire is vowed to buy nothing other
her younger daughter, then aged seven, pudding was. best for a trellis. than food and essential items
said she couldn’t perfect a certain piano In my experience, however, it’s non- Now that John Lewis are teaching our police (wine is included in the
piece. Her mother insisted she could. One British shop assistants who really to be courteous, might I suggest that Robert definition of essential); many
evening she made her continue to prac- want to serve customers rather than Dyas be co-opted to give lessons in more are giving up their coffee
tise it throughout dinner and into the ignoring them or intimidating them, unhurried, expert service to the NHS, local shop habit or bringing their
night, refusing to let her get up from the own lunch to work. I hate to
two common flaws in many of their councils and call centres? Actually, come to break it to the Coalition, but
piano, not even to have a glass of water or British-born counterparts. think of it, why stop there? Let’s just have
go to the loo. And, in the end, her daugh- I’m afraid that, at the moment,
ter cracked the piece, playing it perfectly. Of course, there are honourable them run the country. Vote Dyas! for most people charity begins
A triumph for the Chinese mother? Well, — and ends — at home.

Page 16 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Paranoia at
ž° the heart of
U.S. politics

HE killing spree in particular seats held by Democrats
Tucson has set off a — inspired the Tucson killer.
And there is one advantage in the
fierce debate about violent language used by some
the harsh language eager supporters of the Republican
of U.S. politics. Does cause. It warns us that paranoia
it promote violence? It is remains alive and well in the U.S.
easy to connect the two. But OWHAT is it about Saddleworth
this has to be seen against that makes it an epicentre for con-
voluted by-elections? Tomorrow
two facts. the electors of Oldham East and
One is that violence has long been Saddleworth will be voting after a
a part of the American way of life. contest where the Tory leadership
We see it today in gang wars, the has played a very soft role. It is seen
worship of guns and the appetite

locally as an invitation to Conserva-
for brutality on the screen. The tives to vote for the Lib-Dem, a very
American folk hero was long the good second in the general
tough gunslinger. His more modern election.
counterpart is the bold cop whose Some may remember the key by-
role reaches a climax in a hail of election of 1963, where Saddleworth
gunfire and corpses. was a prominent part of the old

The second unpalatable fact is seat. The Tory Government hoped
that a strong vein of paranoia runs — no, prayed! — that Conservatives
through American life. Conspiracy would vote Labour. This was to
theories run riot there — as they keep out the Liberal who was within
always have. In the 1930s the racist range of defeating Labour.
Catholic priest, Father Coughlin, It was tricky for the local Tory
could attract radio audiences of candidate who, as it happens, was
Ш 30 million for his weekly attacks,
especially on Jews and Freemasons.
me. The party bigwigs were scared
stiff because the Liberals had just

His bishop refused to stop him won a series of sensational by-
until World War II. elections in normally safe
Before him, the Ku Klux Klan Conservative seats.
could claim a membership as high
as six million. In the 1950s the rabid

Senator McCarthy’s witch hunt for
|ïï Communists in the most unlikely OW the appalling prospect
places made him a national hero. arose that the Liberals, a
Unfortunately paranoia has also good second last time,
been at the heart of American would show that their
foreign policy which bore fruit in party could also win a Labour seat.
Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. If They would then become unstop-
the North won in Vietnam, ran pable. It was a hard message to
Washington’s claim, all South East convey, especially canvassing
Asia would ‘go Communist’. It did normally Tory voters who thought
win and South East Asia remained I might be quite pleased to know
intact. The prolonged invasion of they were switching to Liberal . . .
Iraq was inspired by Saddam’s anything to keep Labour out.
i m a g i n e d We a p o n s o f M a s s Well, it’s not quite that straight-
Destruction. forward, I would explain, or try to.
Against this sort of background we Of course, one could praise the
žr° need to ponder whether the Tucson
slaughter is all that much out of the
Labour candidate’s character —
and be accused of having too much

ordinary. The language of political generosity of spirit. And one could
debate may be fierce, as it has often marvel at the foolishness of Liberal
been in the past, but we have to Party policies. But it was a
wonder whether it was enough to tip complicated business.
a mentally unstable man over the We just won, i.e., Labour got in.
edge and into massacre. The Tory leadership heaved a huge
sigh of relief. I came bottom, as

¨’ expected, and even required.
The Tory candidate in tomorrow’s
E SHOULD be fair. contest, third last time (I know how
If our weapons laws he must feel), will have a difficult
were as casual as result. His life is made more
those in the U.S., complicated by Lord Tebbit’s
various loonies here might well suggestion that Tories should
match the Tucson outrage. Even consider voting UKIP.
our much stricter rules about gun There is also a BNP candidate,
ownership did not prevent the likely to attract at least as many
ÚÅÅéx :‰Œ“m ÈÑ¡Y’È “AÈÑ` ¡zzmÅÈ mc 0ڝcAé Hungerford massacre of 1987, Labour as Tory voters in an area
which left 16 people dead. much divided on immigration.
A further question is whether the However, (with some help from
ferocity of political debate in the greedy bankers) a hefty Labour win
U.S. spurs on violence or whether it seems likely with or without a
acts as a safety valve for dangerous slump in the Lib-Dem vote.
¨ïïïÈ ¡z °ÅŒYmÈ YÅڝY‰mc ¡ extremists. What would go on in the
mind of a potential assassin if he
The Tory party should not get too
worried about it. An Opposition
щm щŒÈ é¡Ú mmc щm ˜¡ÈÑ thought that his instinctive views
were never voiced by anyone else?
win in a by- election would be
normal in an economy undergoing
Would he become more or less major surgery.
AÑ zÅmȉµ -Aé “mÈÈ dangerous ? In the nature of things, And if the Lib-Dems are routed,
this is an unanswerable question. they will have every reason to cling
What we can say is that it is fool- ever more closely to the Tories.
%/ <%4/ #/02 "%//0%#0 02%/ - 0 902 :::µ"%//0%#0µ %µ4 %/ 2 -%# ïr| ͨ¨ ͨ¨¨µ çÎY ¨ïÎï¨Î¨¨ ish to suggest that Sarah Palin’s ‘Always keep a-hold of nurse, for
æAŒ“AO“m Œ ˜¡ÈÑ ÈÑ¡Åmȵ 0ÚO‘mYÑ Ñ¡ AæAŒ“AOŒ“ŒÑéµ :‰Œ“m °Å¡˜¡ÑŒ¡A“ ÈÑ¡Y’È “AÈѵ -ŌYmÈΡzzmÅÈ ˜Aé æAÅé Œ ŒOÅA“ÑAŵ %zzmÅÈ mc ¨Íщ AÚAÅéµ %Œ¡È ž°Î’ X AÅÅ¡ÑÈ ž°Î’ metaphorical gunsights — set on fear of finding something worse.’
X -AÅȝŒ°È Шµ ¨ïïïÈ ¡z °ÅŒYmÈ YÅڝY‰mc OmÑçmm ÓÅc AÚAÅé‹ØÌщ "AÅY‰µ Œ‰mÅ °ÅŒYmÈ Y‰AŁmc z¡Å A ˜ŒŒ˜Ú˜ ¡z Ì cAéȵ
Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 17

MIRIAM O’Reilly’s
successful case against
the BBC over ageism
isn’t welcomed by
ex-Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross, 63,
who says on BBC News 24: ‘The tribu-
nal took a very legalistic view. We’re
freelancers, and just because you’re a
presenter of a show doesn’t mean you
have the job for life. Producers have to
be able to change things around – the
set, the furniture, sometimes the pre-
senter. That’s the way things are.’
Plucky Ross better steer clear of femi-
nist colleagues for a while lest he
become a crime victim.

MULTI-millionaire Barclays boss Bob

Diamond was in ‘master of the universe’
mode when he appeared before select
committee MPs, although his poignant
tale about growing up poor in Massa-
chusetts failed to impress. At 59,
Diamond retains a full head of impres-
sively dark hair. But would its colour
survive a sharp shower of rain?
‘They must’ve heard that they’re going to be sent to Britain.’
The Best of Mac: The Political Years by Stan McMurtry is published by Portico at £9.99. To order a copy for £7.99 (p&p free) call 0845 155 0720 or visit
A RECENT convert

Families hit as fuel

to opera, Radio 4’s
James Naughtie
sounded bored
when compelled to
introduce an item
about gospel singer
Sister Rosetta
Tharpe, pictured, on
Today. ‘Well, you get

and food costs soar

the flavour,’ he
sighed after a chord
or two. Then he got
the date of the BBC 4 documentary on
Tharpe wrong (it’s Friday), and tetchy
when director Mick Czaky tried to make
a point about her extraordinary guitar-
playing. Meanwhile, co-host Evan Davis
made a botch of interviewing Unite’s

And energy bills could DOUBLE every five years leader, Len McCluskey. ‘It’s better for
both if they’re on with John Humphrys
and not each other,’ I am advised.

MILLIONS of hard- By Sean Poulter far outpace rises in earnings, and they are simply passing on
pressed families are being Consumer Affairs Editor they warned, meaning many increases in wholesale prices.
more households would suffer However, figures from TheEn- STRICTLY Come Dancing’s Pamela Stephen-
further squeezed by pun- so-called fuel poverty. suggest the mar-
ishing rises in fuel bills ing come as the country strug- son, 61, says her husband, comedian Billy
gles to emerge from recession. This is where more than 10 per gin between what they pay for
and food prices. cent of disposable income is gas against the price charged to Connolly, thinks the TV contest has
Petrol prices are also running changed the shape of her legs, adding:
Energy giant E.ON yester- spent on heat and light. customers has risen by more
around 20 per cent higher than
day announced a price a year ago, while rail fares leapt E.ON is the latest of the ‘big than 200 per cent since 2008. ‘And, yes, our sex life has improved. I feel
increase as experts warned six’ suppliers to impose infla- Increases in grocery bills would sexier – of course I do – and Billy is thrilled
this month. have been even bigger but for
that bills are set to double The pain is further com- tion-busting price rises. with the new me. He loves it! He definitely
However, unlike rivals such as price cut promotions by super-
every five years. pounded by the Government’s
British Gas, Scottish & Southern markets, according to the BRC. fancies me more, and says it’s like being
The German-owned supplier VAT increase to 20 per cent. Director general Stephen with a new woman!’ They’ll need armed
Energy and Scottish Power, it did
will put up electricity tariffs by Consumers have been warned Robertson said: ‘Retailers know police to keep our grand dames off this
9 per cent and gas by 3 per cent by City analysts that the energy customers are worried about year’s show.
– adding an average of £62 to price increases are just a taste
of things to come.
‘Financially jobs and personal finances.
annual dual fuel bills for 4.3mil- ‘The competitive retail envi-
lion customers. Experts at the Unicredit bank- limping into 2011’ ronment will mean stores go on
At the same time, figures from ing group said the switch to doing all they can to limit price
the British Retail Consortium green energy – including the THE Rev Roderick Leece, rector of St
offer to delay the rise until after rises. But a string of costs are George’s church, Mayfair, has criticised
show that food prices are con- building of wind farms and higher than a year ago.
tinuing to rise at double the nuclear power stations, as well the recent big freeze. The rise rich, local property moguls for not
comes into effect on February 4. ‘Extreme weather and poor contributing to the restoration of his
pace of wages. as the installation of smart harvests have driven coffee up
Annual food inflation in meters in every home – will send Ann Robinson, of price com- 18th century church. His remarks are
52 per cent, wheat 45 per cent
December was 4 per cent com- bills rocketing. parison website, and soya beans 38 per cent yet taken to be an attack on the billionaire
pared with a rise of 2 per cent in They concluded: ‘A typical UK described it as ‘another blow to the shop price of food is up only Duke of Westminster, owner of the Gros-
incomes last year. energy bill could rise from the households financially limping 4 per cent.’ venor Estate. How unfair. The sixth duke,
This means a family spending current level of £1,000 per year into 2011’. He warned of further price Gerald Grosvenor, has given donations to
£100 a week on food a year ago to over £2,000 per year by 2015. uSwitch said that E.ON’s aver- rises, adding: ‘Next month’s fig- many less fortunate than himself.
will have to find an extra £208 a ‘As investment occurs, bills age annual dual fuel bill will rise ures will show the initial impact
year to put meals on the table. could double every five years from £1,187 to £1,249. Energy of the latest VAT increase.’
The increases in the cost of liv- until 2020.’ The increases would firms say they have no choice
THE Gentlemen Ranters website – home of
seasoned Fleet Street soaks – mentions

Now 450,000 more caught in tax fiasco

A FURTHER 450,000 have been trapped in By Becky Barrow taxpayers receiving a demand will have a
the W Club, membership of which was
open to those who, commuting on the
Waterloo to Portsmouth line, sank a mini-
ature of whisky, or some other liquor, at
the long-running chaos caused by HM Rev- Business Correspondent good case to resist the collection of the each station beginning with the letter in
enue and Customs. liability.’ question. A member recalls: ‘Since the
Letters will be sent out over the next million taxpayers caught up in a HMRC blun- Mr Gauke also announced a reprieve yes- train started at Waterloo, you were imme-
three months telling recipients they paid der revealed last September. terday for 250,000 pensioners. diately one to the good, and, of course,
too little tax and owe an average of £400 However David Gauke, Exchequer Secre- They had been paid their state pension, that would be followed by Wimbledon,
each. tary to the Treasury, insisted anyone owing which is taxable, but did not pay the West Byfleet, Weybridge, Woking, Wor-
The total amount owed is £180million. less than £300 per tax year will not be right tax on it due to HMRC’s chaotic plesdon, Witley, and – since by then it
In a move which will exasperate taxpay- pursued. management. didn’t matter – by Waslemere and Weters-
ers struggling with post-Christmas debt, John Andrews, of the Low Incomes Tax They have not been told that they under- field as well.’ Mad Men on wheels!
they are being asked to pay bills dating Reform Group, urged people not to assume paid and their tax bill will simply be writ-
back to the tax year 2007-08. that the letter from HMRC is correct, or ten off. E-mail:
The new victims come on top of the six cannot be challenged. He said: ‘Many such Money Mail –Page 37
Page 18 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 19

Tuition fees
rioter jailed
for 2½ years
Judge praises mother for handing
in son who threw fire extinguisher
By Charlotte Gill
Crime Correspondent

AN A-LEVEL student who hurled

a fire extinguisher off a roof was
jailed yesterday for more than
two -and-a-half years after a
judge praised his distraught
mother for handing him in.
Tania Garwood drove her 18-year-
old son Edward Woollard to a police
station hours after he confessed to
lobbing the 14lb canister from the
top of the Tory party HQ during a
tuition fees riot in London.
Yesterday the 37-year-old broke down in
court as her son was jailed for two years
and eight months after the judge told him
it was ‘exceedingly fortunate’ that no one
had been killed or seriously hurt.
She was comforted by her second hus-
band, Michael, as she sobbed in the pub-
lic gallery, surrounded by friends and
Woollard, a sixth-former at Brocken-
hurst College in the New Forest, had
travelled to London on a coach with fel- Hand in hand: Tania Garwood with her son Guilty plea: Edward Woollard arrives at court yesterday where he admitted violent disorder
low students on November 10 last ager, who was on his first unescorted injury either to a police officer or a provide the community with such ised it was something I should not
year to join a protest organised by trip to London, said he ‘lobbed it to fellow protester.’ protection from violence as they have done and I regret bitterly
the National Union of Students go into the gap in the crowd below’ ‘Nevertheless I shall take into can and this means sending out a what I did. When I was told I had
against the rise in tuition fees. and that ‘it was absolutely not account in your favour the extraor- very clear message to anyone potentially endangered people I
The march had started peacefully intended that anyone in anyway dinary and courageous conduct of minded to behave in this way that felt sick. I would like to apologise
and video at the start of the dem- should be hurt’. your mother, which resulted in you an offence of this seriousness will to the people who felt endangered
onstration showed Woollard, of Fortunately a police officer on the giving yourself up to the police so not be tolerated. and were endangered.’
Dibden Purlieu, Hampshire, danc- ground saw the extinguisher falling ‘The right of peaceful protest is a His mother declined to comment
ing with other protesters. and yelled at colleagues to get out precious one. Those who abuse it afterwards but said earlier that he
But when a splinter group smashed of the way. ‘I hope it hasn’t
and use the occasion to indulge in deserved to be punished.
down the glass frontage of 30 Mill- Footage from YouTube played at serious violence must expect a Mrs Garwood said she feared the
bank and made their way on to the Southwark Crown Court in London ruined his life’
lengthy sentence.’ incident had ruined his life. She
roof, Woollard followed the throng showed how the extinguisher fell Woollard will serve half his sen- added: ‘I brought up my children to
to the top of the building. within three feet of police officers. tence in custody in a young offend- take responsibility for their actions
When another protester put down Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC told quickly.’ He also acknowledged ers’ institution. and he has. I believe he deserves to
a fire extinguisher which he had him: ‘The televised recording of the Woollard’s age, early guilty plea to Mrs Garwood persuaded her son be punished. I just hope it is the
been spraying over the crowd, incident shows that this heavy fire violent disorder and good refer- to give himself up after Sky News right punishment.
Woollard picked it up and carried extinguisher fell terrifyingly close ences, but added: ‘It is deeply broadcast a picture of him as the ‘He is a loving, caring, gentle man.
on spraying until it was empty to a group of police officers – just a regrettable, indeed a shocking protester who threw the extin- He has got a lot to give, he has got
before throwing it off the seventh- few feet away. thing, for a court to have to sen- guisher five days after the protest. a lot to learn. I hope he has got the
floor rooftop towards police offic- ‘It is in my judgment exceedingly tence a young man such as you to a In a statement to police after his chance to continue his education
ers and protesters below. fortunate that your action did not substantial term of custody. arrest, Woollard said: ‘Very soon and it hasn’t ruined his life.’
In a statement to police, the teen- result in death or very serious ‘But the courts have a duty to after [throwing the canister] I real-

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Vœ“«ï̜À½Ã ÜÀˆÌÌi˜ µÕœÌ>̈œ˜° änää nÇÈ È™Çn
 œvviÀà >Ài ÃÕLiVÌ Ìœ >Û>ˆ>LˆˆÌÞ] ܅ˆi Ã̜VŽÃ >ÃÌ] >˜` >`ÛiÀ̈Ãi` «ÀˆVià >««Þ ̜ «ÀˆÛ>Ìi “œÌœÀˆÃÌý V>Å œÀ VÀi`ˆÌ Ã>ià œ˜Þ° >̈œ˜> ÀiVœ““i˜` ̅>Ì Û>Ûià >Ài vˆÌÌi` ̜ ÌÕLiiÃà ÌÞÀià >˜` ̅>Ì Ì…i ܅iiÃ >Ài L>>˜Vi`°
 V…>À}i ܈ Li “>`i vœÀ ̅ˆÃ ÃiÀۈVi°  «ÀˆVià VœÀÀiVÌ >Ì Ìˆ“i œv }œˆ˜} ̜ «ÀiÃð >̈œ˜> ÀiÃiÀÛi ̅i Àˆ}…Ì ̜ >ÌiÀ œÀ >“i˜` «ÀˆVià ܈̅œÕÌ «ÀˆœÀ ˜œÌˆvˆV>̈œ˜°  «ÀˆVià ˆ˜VÕ`i 6/°

Page 20 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Obama must
take some
blame for BP
Gulf disaster
The flood’s coming
Mail Foreign Service
FOR months Barack Obama singled
out BP for blame over the Gulf of
From Richard Shears
in Sydney 40,000 homes in danger as deadly surge
Mexico disaster that saw millions TENS of thousands of
of gallons of oil leak into the sea.
But a report from his own presi-
dential commission last night
people have been told to flee
Australia’s third largest city
as catastrophic floods loom.
heads towards the centre of Brisbane
claimed the U.S. government At least 40,000 homes are at
should share responsibility. risk from the waters expected
Calling for wide-ranging reforms to hit the centre of Brisbane
of the oil industry, the White House today and tomorrow.
panel said government regulators Floods raging down from the
failed woefully to keep up with the north combined with water
pace of technological advances in released from a dam to prevent it
bursting created a huge wave that
offshore drilling. was surging towards the city of two
BP did not escape censure in the million people under sheets of
report, which said the Deepwater drenching rain. Six inches fell in
Horizon rig explosion that killed 11 one half-hour period.
workers last April and caused the The swollen Brisbane River which
three-month leak was ‘preventable’. runs through Queensland’s state
The commission said Transocean, capital had begun to overflow its
the owners of the rig, and Hallibur- banks last night and was still
ton, which installed a cement cas- rising.
ing for the well, were all partly to The order to ‘get out while you
can’ came from mayor Campbell
blame for sacrificing safety for big- Newman who said: ‘I don’t want
ger profits. anyone to die in Brisbane. Tomor-
The seven-member commission, row is going to be bad but Thurs-
which reported yesterday, was day is going to be devastating.’
created by Mr Obama last May to Power will be cut off in the city
look into the causes of the worst centre for safety reasons and thou-
offshore oil spill in U.S. history. sands of office and hotel workers
The disaster ‘was almost the inev- have been told not to risk their
itable result of years of industry lives by trying to return to work
over the next few days.
and government complacency and The death toll in the floods which Safe: A man is winched aloft Perilous position: A family take to the roof of their car in Toowoomba
lack of attention to safety’, said have devastated Queensland
William Reilly, the commission’s reached ten after a four-year-old damage and is likely to be worse ground, taking birth and marriage In unprecedented scenes, roads
co-chairman. boy fell out of a rescue boat and than the floods that hit Brisbane certificates and precious family were clogged and supermarket
The Obama administration last drowned in Marburg, 40 miles west in 1974, killing 14. photographs with them. shelves were stripped bare.
month launched civil suits against of Brisbane. Seventy-eight people In Brisbane, residents preparing Terrified by the horrific events 65 Australia’s prime minister Julia
BP and other companies involved were unaccounted for. for the worst were told not to miles away in Toowoomba where a Gillard and Anna Bligh, the pre-
in the spill, claiming they broke Some 200,000 people have been panic but to equip themselves flash flood caused death and mier of Queensland, appeared on
environmental laws. A criminal affected by the disaster which with torches, matches, radios and destruction on Monday, they were TV to express their sorrow to fami-
has caused billions of pounds of medication and move to high only too ready to take the advice. lies who have lost loved ones and
probe is continuing.


 4 25 
2))6(  ! %!$ 
+ &,

*/ 6"2) "  )/ ) /"   "2/ ")(

  "3)  / */  3)"  /   / ( 2 " *2$/" 2)* $ %/)*-#77&  1 **" * %-&( 25 
)  #,( %#+(#&  ,#( %(,& 5/) 2)  01( %(,&  (0 %0(1& "   1(1 %##(+&  +,(0 %0(+&( 1 **" * 1+  !-(
&, !
! $ !$    +
 * '! $! ( +
! $ ! $ $
 !$ !
$ $
 ! +  ( ! !$  $) &"&,
$    )$
+ $  * $  


$+ ( ! $ ) !   !$ !$   ,, ,,,  $ 

! $!  ! $
+ $
 ( (
!  !

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 21

Why men up

...flee for your lives North may

need a hand
with hygiene
By Fiona MacRae
Science Correspondent
IT is often said that it is grim up
North, but it seems it may be
rather grubby too.
Northern men have dirtier hands
than their Southern counterparts,
a study found.
Those in Newcastle have more
than four times as many bugs lurk-
ing on their palms as Birmingham
men. And the hands of Scouse
males are twice as dirty as those
of Londoners.
The results come from a study of
the hygiene of more than 300 men
passing through train stations.
Those at Birmingham New Street
had the best hand hygiene, with
just 4 per cent testing positive for
tummy bugs such as E coli.
Just 5 per cent of Londoners had
dirty hands, but 10 per cent of
hands swabbed at Liverpool Lime
Street were contaminated with
gut bacteria.
Among men at Newcastle Cen-
tral, the figure was 19 per cent.
Overall, around one in ten men
tested positive for bugs associ-
ated with not washing hands
properly after a lavatory trip.
Gardening and outdoor sports
Plea: A passenger waves for help as a car stranded by Toowoomba’s flash floods is swamped by the waters at a road junction in the city are linked with dirty hands,
warn that grim days lie ahead as appalling conditions have pre- were clinging near the city had Nina, when cool Pacific Ocean tem- researchers at the London School
lashing rain pounded areas already vented rescue helicopters reaching collapsed, and that they had dis- peratures intensify monsoon rains. of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
lying under up to 60ft of water. outlying areas of Toowoomba. appeared into the surging water. While Toowoomba and Brisbane told BMC Public Health journal.
There were fears that, as a second Crews said they hoped that ‘any- According to Dr Nicholas Klinga- have been the focus of the unfolding England has 10million cases of
night approached following the one out there will be able to hang in man, of the University of Reading’s tragedy, many small towns in south- stomach bugs each year. Profes-
Toowoomba flash flood, some peo- there until we can get to them’. department of meteorology, the ern Queensland have seen rising sor John Oxford, chairman of the
ple might still be clinging to There were reports last night that trigger for the Queensland deluge waters and residents there have Hygiene Council, said hand wash-
rooftops waiting for rescue. The a rooftop to which several people is a weather phenomenon called La also been warned of worse to come. ing is as important as vaccination.



!  ! 

%  % 

"!" "!!


 &+1  '+ &'% . / '+ ' '+%          #   $
& . &    '1 !,+ -&1 ,3!!% -   ' "&1 ! #*, "& !3$ ' 0 +& ' "&1 -+  ! #*, "& !3$%
/1' & + % '    -  +  (-&&+  + "&+  0-  , "&+  ' "& -+' "& "&' % -   ' "&1  +' 01 +2  1&  &%
222 V1
Page 22 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do I want to Google my
puzzle solutions? Here’s
a not-so-cryptic clue . . .
RE the days of puzzles, games
and quizzes numbered? That
is the question being asked
by Nigel Rees completed one that it
has found on its huge
web index. Hey presto, it sends you back the
solution. Nothing could be simpler. wrong advice. Meanwhile, organisers
now that technology is making A PANEL SHOW CREATOR The pain and puzzling of playing Sudoku is of pub quizzes have firm rules
it oh-so-easy for people to as Quote . . . Unquote, I find all this removed at a stroke. No more unsolved grids to against players using mobile phones
download the answers without having decidedly worrying. drive you mad. Another stride forward for the to help find the right answers.
to use their brains. The clever device works like this: you take a digital era — and particularly impressive con- In sport proper, the use of instant
Google has developed a phone camera picture of the puzzle that you are trying to solve sidering there are 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 TV replays of controversial incidents
application that enables you to solve a and then send it to Google using a Goggles possible combinations on a 9x9 grid. as well as the introduction of
Sudoku puzzle in less time than it takes to App. Through a fiendishly clever computer But hold on. Isn’t something missing? Isn’t electronic line judges in tennis may
blow your nose. process, it is able to match up your uncom- the whole point of such games and puzzles that have done something to help solve
As a pioneer of radio word games such pleted grid of numbers immediately with a test your skill, that they are fun to do and the more contentious decisions of
immensely rewarding when you umpires and referees.
solve them? In one way, of course, it Yet they have diminished good old-
is remarkable to see the huge strides fashioned sportsmanship and the
being made with digitalisation that unquestioning acceptance of a
can bring so many benefits to referee’s decision, however liable it
modern life. may be to human error.
For example, it is possible to have It is sad now to see these changes
an app on your phone which works (which may be justified in the
as a search engine to help you highly-charged field of professional
identify someone famous, some sport) filtering down into the world
object or some well-known place. All of the amateur and the not-to-be-
you have to do is send a picture of it taken-too-seriously fun world of
to the website and you are instantly games and puzzles.
sent back the identity. Indeed, I know of people who don’t
Similarly, an app called Shazam feel at all ashamed about going
allows you to play a few bars of online to untangle their crossword
music into your phone and have the clues — whether these are of the
audio search engine recognise its straightforward informational or the
title and composer from its vast bafflingly cryptic kind.
cyberspace storehouse of Instead, I have always admired
information. those who try to play it straight —
Of course, there is always a com-
mercial dimension to this. You will
then be taken to a website where
you can purchase the music online.
How very useful for contestants on
Mastermind or University Challenge
It takes all the
if they were allowed to have their
iPhones, or even laptops, to hand
when answering tough questions —
fun and skill
that’s if they could manipulate them
quickly enough.
out of games
The old TV quiz Name That Tune
would have been rendered pointless
if contestants had been able to use with ‘no-conferring’ (of any kind) as
these handy little programs. their golden rule.
Leaving aside the incredible But nowadays the temptation to
technology behind all this (as well as rely on every (digital) means availa-
the worry about how much of our ble to achieve their goal is all too
personal information we entrust to strong and so easy to give in to.
Google and similar companies), I gather there is an app that
there is an obvious objection to the enables you to come up with the
way this is heading. longest, high- scoring words in
Might these apps be not be a brain- Scrabble. By using such ‘cheating’
wave too far? If these shortcuts are tools, players might be able to avoid
used regularly, the point of playing anguished disputes over whether a
these games would disappear. word really exists or not, but at
Years ago, I remember John B. what cost?
Meade, the original producer of Ultimately, all this boils down to
Countdown, Channel 4’s ‘words and the fact that fun is being taken out
numbers game’, explaining to me of games. Not just the fun but the
why the programme refused to use a skill, the acquired knowledge, the
ability to summon up learned
information from your personal
memory bank.
Imagine if you were trying to run a
Gizmos would mile in under four minutes and
someone said: ‘My dear fellow, you

have destroyed would do it so much more quickly if

I gave you this bike to ride . . .’
Or if, when running a marathon,
Countdown someone offered you a Google Map
showing which shortcuts would
allow you to reach the finishing
computer. After all, it would have post first. It would hardly be
been simple to find the ‘perfect’ playing the game.
answer after the contestants had I wonder also whether there is
done their best to solve the mathe- something more depressing behind
matical problems and anagrams. the way all this technological help is
But John was quite clear. Just as being embraced.
using an abacus or a pocket I fear it is something akin to our
calculator would have rendered modern obsession with protecting
presenter Carol Vorderman out of a young people from failure — in the
job, so involving modern technology way that competitive sport is
would have destroyed what was in increasingly being dropped in
essence a cosy tea-time spot of fun schools lest children have to suffer
and games. being on the losing side.
Countdown’s slightly amateurish Equally, I fear it is on a par with the
air of natural talent and modest marking up and massaging of exam
personalities would have been results in order to meet some
kiboshed if the gizmos had been arbitrary educational target.
allowed to take over. In Alice’s Adventures In Wonder-
In the quiz field, the introduction land, the Dodo declares at the end of
of the ‘phone a friend’ element to the Caucus Race: ‘Everybody has
ITV’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? won, and all must have prizes.’ Ah,
was a masterstroke of wild-carding yes, and a vote of thanks to Google
because it increased the contest- for making it all possible.
ants’ chances of getting the answer Come on, now, let Sudoku — and
right as well as providing extra all those other glorious puzzles —
entertainment by having someone retain their curious purity of chal-
else to blame if the player took the lenge. After all, it’s only a game.

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 23

As China loans Britain
by Jane Fryer a pair of pandas, will
they produce our
first ever cub —
T SOME stage this year,
two exceptionally important
Chinese diplomatic envoys

or have we been
will be transported with
great pomp and ceremony
through the gates of Edinburgh Zoo.

sold a pup?
Their arrival has been hoped for, discussed,
negotiated and argued over by scores of
very important people for more than five
years. A team of royals and top politicians
including Princess Anne, Prince Andrew,
Gordon Brown and (the then) Foreign Secre-
tary David Miliband worked tirelessly to
entice them here.
Their arrival, on an as yet unconfirmed date,

will be marked by national celebrations and
jubilation, commemorative mugs, a huge
security operation and blanket media cover-
age. Oh yes, and the delivery of many tons of
Chinese bamboo.
For these important visitors are neither
statesmen nor businessmen, but a pair of
seven-year-old giant pandas called Tian-Tian
and Yangguang.

passion and
The pair — whose names translate as ‘Sun-
shine’ and ‘Sweetie’ — will have been dosed
with travel sickness pills and sent thousands
of miles from the Wolong Panda Breeding Cen-
tre in the Sichuan Province of China. They will
then settle into the old gorilla enclosure at
Edinburgh Zoo for the next decade, making
them the first giant pandas to reside in Britain
for more than 17 years.
Ever since the purchase of Chi-Chi the giant

a matter of
panda in 1958 for £12,000, the British have
adored pandas.
Chi-Chi fast became a national heroine. She
provoked an explosion in zoo visitor numbers,
was constantly in the news, became the
symbol of the World Wildlife Fund and was
fed on bamboo from the garden of Daphne du
Maurier’s neighbour.
It is hoped that these latest panda imports
will bring a little of Chi-Chi’s magic with

very delicate
them — and not least to Edinburgh Zoo,
which has been struggling lately and has
been forced to close its exotic bird enclosure
after a drop in visitors.
Indeed, such is the draw of a pair of pandas
— the giant panda is one of the best-loved
symbols in the world, and used to sell every-
thing from electronic goods and fizzy drinks
to chocolate and cigarettes — that not only

are visitor numbers expected to double to
more than a million a year, but research, tour-
ism and sales of furry merchandise are all
predicted to shoot up, too.
And, after nearly 80 years of dismal and
embarrassing failure, every hope is pinned on
Tian-Tian (the female) and Yangguang mak-
ing history by producing Britain’s first ever
panda cub.
Which all sounds wonderfully exciting, and
doubtless the keepers (and accountants) at
Edinburgh Zoo will be high-fiving in
But there is more to this than a From China for cash: Giant panda Yangguang. Inset, Chi-Chi arrives at London Zoo in 1958
cuddly animal kingdom love-in. For
these pandas were not a gift from dent Richard Nixon, after Nixon’s something in easy supply in 1970s methods were used to try (and other than on the fertile days.It’s
one nature conservation group to historic visit to China in 1972. London), and the zoo was soon invariably fail) to make them feel a not just when it comes to sex that
another, or even a straightforward (Nixon responded by sending back forced to launch a public appeal for bit more, er, revved up. They were pandas are contrary. While they
loan from one. a pair of musk oxen.) funds to provide for food and a new given Viagra (yes, the real thing), spend up to 14 hours a day eating
The pandas were hugely popular. shelter for them. put on special ‘aphrodisiac’ diets, bamboo, they’re actually carnivores
More than 20,000 people visited And breeding was a disaster — subjected to panda ‘sexercise’ who’ve lost their taste for meat.
them on their first day at the just as it had been with poor Chi- classes and even shown X-rated And while, on the face of it, their

National Zoo in Washington DC, Chi, who’d refused point blank to videos of other adult pandas. reproductive system seems utterly
DINBURGH Zoo will have and Mao’s gift was seen as an mate with Moscow Zoo’s An-An, hopeless, and their tiny, blind 3oz
the pair for ten years and enormous diplomatic success. So even though the public was gripped babies often too vulnerable to live,
much so, in fact, that two years by her sex life and constantly egged they’ve somehow survived for

will have to pay handsomely
— about £600,000 a year — later, British Prime Minister Ted her on. millions of years — although they
for the privilege. Heath, during his own visit to China, So, again, there were no cubs. HE ins and outs of panda do remain seriously endangered,
In actual fact, they form a key part asked for a pair of pandas to fill After 11 barren years, Ching-Ching copulation have always with fewer than 2,500 in the wild.
of a £2.6 billion trade deal signed the yawning gap left by Chi-Chi’s died in 1985 and Chia-Chia was been something of a mys- Which is perhaps why, in the 1980s,
this week by the UK and Chinese death in 1972. shipped off to Mexico Zoo to try tery, but what experts China stopped giving away its prize
governments, witnessed by Deputy A few weeks later, to enormous (and fail) to mate with the resident didn’t know until recently was that, pandas and came up with a new
Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Chinese excitement, Ching-Ching and Chia- panda there. rather than just not being very into scheme: lucrative ten-year loans to
Vice Premier Li Keqlang, and Chia arrived, rather jet-lagged and Meanwhile their replacements — sex, female pandas are fertile for foreign zoos. (In recent years, ‘loans’
including deals with Jaguar Land with their own temporary supply of Ming-Ming and Bao-Bao — fought just two or three days of the year, have been made to Taiwan and
Rover and Scotland’s biggest bamboo, at London Zoo. savagely, yet again produced no sometime between March and Japan.)
mainland oil refinery. Sadly, though, they never lived up cubs, and in 1994 were sent home in April. This scheme was partly to pro-
So it is that the ‘Panda Deal’ to Chi-Chi’s popularity. ‘disgrace’. The rest of the time, male and mote international relations, but
marks a return to the days of inter- For starters, keeping them was an It seemed none of them wanted to female giant pandas are far happier also to further the conservation of
national ‘Panda Diplomacy’ — an expensive business. Pandas eat have sex. Ever. pandas at home in the wild, and to
living in splendid isolation. Indeed,
age-old tactic whereby China gave 50kg of bamboo shoots a day (not For many years, all sorts of bizarre fund the extraordinarily high-tech
they fight if they’re housed together
pairs of pandas (the country’s Wolong Panda Breeding Centre.
unofficial national emblem) to That’s why today, nearly every zoo
outside China with a pair of pandas

Muggle Quidditch? It’s a wizard idea

governments around world to
sweeten foreign relations. (including Edinburgh) will be pay-
It all started back in the Tang ing up to £700,000 a year for the priv-
Dynasty, when Empress Wu Zetian ilege. And under the terms of the
(625-705) despatched a pair of loan, any cub born will be the prop-
pandas to the Japanese emperor. IF YOU can distinguish quaffle-pocking from the quaffle through goal posts held in mid-air, while the erty of the Chinese government.
But ‘Panda Diplomacy’ really haversacking, it’s likely you’re a fan of Quidditch. players try to avoid being hit by the aggressive bludger With such an outlay, Edinburgh
came into its own during the Cold It’s the favourite sport of Harry Potter, of course, as balls. In Muggle Quidditch, the players run with brooms Zoo will be relieved to know that
War, with the Chinese government neither Tian-Tian or Yangguang are
described by JK Rowling. And it’s now so famous a real- between their legs, and the flying golden snitch (which blushing virgins.
giving away 23 furry black and white life version has been created for Muggles — Rowling’s has to be caught to end the game) is improvised by
ambassadors to nine different coun- Both have bred before — though
name for those without magical powers — that’s someone who runs with a ball in a sock on his back. not with each other — and everyone
tries between 1958 and 1982 on a
diplomatic charm offensive. become popular at universities in Britain and the U.S. (a Now, the International Quidditch Association is will be crossing their fingers that
One of the most famous examples Quidditch World Cup has even been held in New York). pressing for a Quidditch game to be staged at the 2012 panda love just might be in the air
was Chairman Mao’s gift of Hsing- In the books, Quidditch has two, seven-strong teams Olympics in London. Wouldn’t that be magic? on those two or three special days
Hsing and Ling-Ling to U.S. Presi- on flying broomsticks, and points are scored by hitting CHRIS BEANLAND next year. And that, for once, Tian-
Tian won’t cry off with a headache.
Page 24 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taking ibuprofen ‘can

triple risk of strokes’
LARGE regular doses of By Sophie Borland that those who had taken ibupro-
fen over a long period of time
ease to rofecoxib, also known as
Vioxx, which was withdrawn from the
Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips

Will Zara wed

ibuprofen and similar pain- market in 2004 over safety concerns.
were almost three times as likely
killers could treble the risk back pain. Doctors stress that the
of strokes and increase the
likelihood of heart attacks,
stroke and heart risks only exist
for those taking high doses of ibu-
profen over long periods – and
to suffer a stroke.
The painkiller was also shown
to raise significantly the risk of
Professor Peter Jüni, of the Univer-
sity of Bern, said: ‘We looked at
patients taking these drugs three to
four times a day.
in Scotland?
researchers are warning. heart attacks and deaths caused ZARA Phillips’s wedding to Mike
there is no danger in the odd pill by heart disease. ‘They were mainly being treated for
Scientists have found high for a headache, for example. Tindall may be held in Scotland.
Another commonly prescribed osteoarthritis with a few who had Canongate Kirk on Edinburgh’s Royal
doses of ibuprofen may carry a Researchers from the University pill, diclofenac, which is also sold rheumatoid arthritis.
similar health risk to painkill- of Bern in Switzerland looked at ‘A lot of them are elderly who Mile is understood to be the favoured
under the trade name Rhumalgan,
ers which were withdrawn more than 31 clinical trials involv- was shown to almost treble the already have lots of risk factors and venue after the Queen’s favourite
from the market several years ing 116,429 patients. risk of strokes and increase the these will then be duplicated with granddaughter enquired about
ago on safety grounds. They had each taken one likelihood of heart disease related these painkillers. marrying there on Saturday July 30.
Up to eight million Britons of seven commonly-used death by four times. ‘In terms of stroke, ibuprofen The claims emerged after the church’s
are prescribed so-called anti- painkillers. The study also suggested that doesn’t look very good. If I was in minister, the Reverend Neil Gardner,
inflammatory drugs every year, The study, published in the ibuprofen carried a similar risk of chronic pain I would not take it as asked another young couple to move
usually to combat arthritis or British Medical Journal, found stroke and death from heart dis- the risks are just too high. I would their wedding to avoid a clash.
look at the different options.’ Graphic designer Cherith Harrison
But experts pointed out that the
risks are ‘minimal’ and in most cases and her lifeguard fiancé Gregg Walter,
are by far outweighed by the benefits both 27, hastily switched venues
of such drugs. And researchers said despite booking three months ago.
those at risk would have to be taking And the church, which dates back to
three or four pills a day – a dose of up 1688 and seats 400, is now mysteri-
to 2,000mg – for several months or ously ‘closed all day’ on July 29 – pos-
even years. sibly for a rehearsal – and July 30,
Professor Simon Maxwell, of the according to its website.
British Pharmacological Society’s A s p o ke s m a n f o r c h a m p i o n
Prescribing Committee, said the find- equestrian Miss Phillips, 29, and
ing should be taken in context.
He added: ‘Most users of these England rugby star Tindall, 32, said:
drugs will only take them for a rela- ‘The couple are looking into a number
tively brief duration to treat short- of dates and venues. Nothing is
lasting episodes of pain and are at confirmed yet. An announcement is
minimal risk.’ expected within two weeks.’



"&,  #&" # *  + #&
# #&  "
# , *", " &# #&" 
      " *  "     # , (& )", (. !# -- ( " #& )# #
'. %(   "
Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 25

Planet could
A Nasa artist’s
impression of
Kepler 10b, left,
orbiting its star

be ‘missing
link’ to Earth
Alien world is made of rock, not gas
IT is more than 3,000 million By David Derbyshire was launched into Earth orbit in author of a paper on the discov- observatory discovered the most
million miles away and the March 2009. ery in the Astrophysical Journal, Earth-like planet ever found – a
comes from the fact that it orbits its It looks for planets in the con- said: ‘All of Kepler’s best capabili- world three times the size of
temperature is estimated at stellations Cygnus and Lyra. ties have converged to yield the our own.
star so closely, is too distant and small
2,400f, making it an unlikely to be seen directly. Instead, Nasa’s Dr Natalie Batalha, of Nasa’s first solid evidence of a rocky The planet – Gliese g – appears
home for alien life. equipment measures the tiny decrease Ames Research Centre in Moffett planet orbiting a star other than to have an atmosphere and grav-
Yet a rocky world named Kepler in a star’s brightness which occurs Field, California and primary our sun.’ Last year a European ity similar to that of Earth.
10b is being described by astrono- when a planet passes in front of it.
mers as one of the greatest discov- The size of the planet and its orbit
eries in history – a ‘missing link’ can be worked out by measuring the
between Earth and the giant plan- frequency and size of these ‘blinks’.
ets made of gas. Dr Geoffrey Marcy, from the Univer-
Nasa yesterday revealed details of sity of California Berkeley, said that
Kepler 10b, the smallest known Kepler 10b was ‘a bridge between the
planet outside our solar system and gas giant planets we’ve been finding
the first to be confirmed as ‘undoubt- and the Earth itself’.
edly rocky’. He added: ‘This will be marked as
It is 1.4 times the size of Earth and among the most profound scientific
orbits a star 560 light years away. discoveries in human history.’
The planet was pinpointed by Nasa’s ‘The discovery of Kepler 10b is a sig-
£380million Kepler telescope, which is nificant milestone in the search for
based on a satellite in space, after planets similar to our own,’ said a
more than eight months of observa- spokesman for Nasa headquarters in
tions. Kepler 10b, whose intense heat Washington. The space telescope


'" //
# . #

!+ !+  ( ( #.

"# #$$ ($ -(#
 %  ($(- % $ $%    +( ( $(   % !%
(#% *$   $ ! $( ( (  *  +  %(  "
   $- $*  ! $% !$% $    %)!!$% ( 
- )$  !%(  "
 %( %(  $ ,  %)!$  !  ( $%"
)  ) % * *$ '.. - $"

   # !# ! !
 ( +$ !- !- + .!+ # " .  -! -(
  !" # "#$  ( .!+ .!+# !"(!$
 !+ !!$ (! $-( !# !( (! $-(
  ! ( !#$  ,#.( $ !#

+""#$ !" # +

% !  $    !
/// ) )%*  ( )  !
 &- 4$ ';+ & (&(" 8& .8 4 4 - . $ "4-  4: 8 4 4  "
 $-: -7  -&# ' $  '%
 5;'; .7 &7- 3;;  :-,  . .-7  . 7 "" $ # $"$ -4 - 4 $ &$": 9, &-4-$ -"$ 4
." & $ $ $$" ."$., $-:"(" $ . &8$ : 6$- . $ $$&74 &$.
4 ) .4-4 &$ &,;50/*
$ .  &#($: 8&"": $($$4 & ..& 4 8.((-.
4, $ :&6 -.(&$ ..& 4 8.((-.

4 $ &4- &#($ . $ 4   -&6( #: &$44 :&6 8 4 &-.1.-7 . 44 #:  & $4-.4, ".
 7 :&6- #& " &- # " 4 ".  :&6 8 . 4& - 7 .6 &-. :   &- # ",  8 "" $&4  7 :&6- 4 ". 4&
&4- &#($ . 8 4&64 :&6- (-# .. &$ (". "4 6. !$&8  :&6 - ((: &- 6. 4& & .&,

Page 26 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011







  $   ! $      




      $    "        








  *$ $/*3 + "%$ !-%$ "+-  *# $# %"-%$ *%*
*$- *%++ *  * +-%" /*3 - #/$+ #*  $$%! *  *" +" "-$# +-*
       %"+-* %0$-*3 *%3%$ *"3 " *" $-%$ *3 %$+-* '**%-( *% -1 
$+13 +- - " *! .   $/* $" 2-*
*$%*%/ -+ "+%1 *$-# $"3 %0 /"" $0*$++
$+ 3$$ + ' *+-""(
   +-* 0*&%%" '&!( /-%$  +-%$ $+-* +# "-%$
3$+ 1 "$
%*-#&-%$ %*1  %-- $# "#  +"3 -*%*%/ "3#%/- %%" *+-%$  $
%#%* %-*# '*!-( *1+/*3  /& "%/ %/-#&-%$ ' $( %/- / +" & -0$
  /$*"$ 1$+ 1 $%$ /$-%$ /$*  ""+ ** $-%$ -*"%%0 "" -%* -*3)



    '' '- -  

 !'   ' !     / !0'(  4 )  4( 2

 0 . ( -' (! ,. % ' -   4 '( -'(- ' '- 2- !- -! # 4 !' - '(- 4 '% ! #!(-  .* &0  !-4 # 4-( ! ,""%5 (- '- "/ !-( '!  - ! !''% !-  ,. % 5$ 
'- (0- -! #- % 1'4  '( ##4%  #'1!0( #'( 2' 1   -  !#  (-!'( !' 0 ! /  4(  -  (- * !-(%
!0( -'  ! (-' * )%   4 -'
!' 3- #'!!-! - 4 -% !  '(  4 ##4 2   555 ""5 555%
Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 27

Sledging teacher wins Pray your own

way, Pope tells
CofE converts

fight to save his career

ANGLICAN prayers will be heard
in Roman Catholic churches for
the first time as the Pope tries to
attract disenchanted Church of
England followers.
Breakaway Anglican priests
and congregations will be
allowed to use their own
By Andy Dolan

prayers, hymns and services in

A TEACHER who was sacked 

Roman Catholic churches when
they switch loyalty, religious
leaders said yesterday.

after letting pupils ride a sledge 6,)5',22/
The Book of Common Prayer,
to demonstrate its design written in the 16th century as
properties escaped being
struck off yesterday, in a
‘victory for common sense’.
  part of the Protestant rebellion
against Rome, will even be read
in Catholic churches – after
Design and technology head
Richard Tremelling, 37, took his

  being edited to remove clashes
with Catholic doctrine.
class of 15-year-old GCSE students
on to slopes at the back of their 
 The decision, aimed at Angli-
cans disaffected by CofE support
school during the morning break A TEACHER was sacked
after letting children use his
   conducted a ‘mental risk assess-
ment’ before sliding down a small
safety rules surrounding
classrooms and school trips in
education. All his recommend
tions are now being implemented for women bishops, will also
to test his 30-year-old sledge, sledge in the snow as part of mended for thinking outside the
slope, covered in two to three
i h f th l d
H d d i t d i l
Mr Tremelling was suspended fo
i th l d l ft
allow married CofE clergy to
which he called a ‘design classic’. Victory for common sense: From yesterday’s Mail become Roman Catholic priests.
A disciplinary hearing was told that
he allowed two boys in the class to go
on the sledge after checking that the
two slopes were safe for the exercise.
But although neither pupil suffered
any injury during the ten-minute ses-
sion – and neither they nor their par-
ents complained – Mr Tremelling was
sacked from his £40,000-a-year post. Hearing: Mr Tremelling yesterday
The school ruled the married father
of three had breached its health and mindful of what can happen if things
safety policy, which required a written go wrong, even in situations where the
risk assessment and pupils to be wear- risk could be judged as negligible.’
ing appropriate protective clothing Mr Tremelling, who lives in the city,
and headgear. said after the case that the GCSE syl-
Yesterday, Mr Tremelling’s two-year labus at the time of the incident in
ordeal ended with just a reprimand February 2009 ‘made it clear students
from the General Teaching Council for should have the opportunity to evalu-
Wales after a two-day disciplinary hear- ate and test existing products’, and it
ing that generated 800 pages of was in that context that he used the
paperwork. sledge at a time when there was about
The reprimand will stay on his record three inches of snow on the ground.
for two years, but does not bar him ‘During the actions I took I made
sure the safety of the pupils was
paramount,’ he said.
‘Safety of pupils Mr Tremelling, also an officer in the
Territorial Army, has been unable to
was paramount’ find teaching employment since, but
wants to return to the profession.
Allegations relating to health and
from teaching. After the Cardiff hear- safety breaches cited by the school
ing Mr Tremelling told of his ‘sadness’ when it sacked Mr Tremelling were
that his decision to extend a lesson not upheld by the GTCW yesterday.
that had gone ‘fantastically well’ But he was found guilty of unaccept-
resulted in two years of investigations, able professional misconduct after he
an appeal against dismissal and a dis- admitted failing to act on an instruc-
ciplinary hearing. tion days earlier from the headmis-
The teacher, who has 12 years’ expe- tress, Sue Hollister, not to allow chil-
rience, said he hoped his treatment dren on to the snowy slopes.
would not deter others from acting in The GTCW panel also found that
a similar fashion in future, ‘where it Mr Tremelling had ‘initially denied’
was safe to do so’. the sledging incident when ques-
Mr Tremelling’s union representative, tioned by the head, who was tipped
the NASUWT’s Colin Adkins, said his off by another teacher.
dismissal from Cefn Hengoed Commu- A spokesman for Cefn Hengoed
nity College in Swansea in June 2009 Community School stood by its deci-
was ‘totally unjustified’ and like ‘using sion to sack Mr Tremelling.
a sledgehammer to crack a nut’. Rex Phillips, NASUWT Wales Organ-
In a swipe at the ‘obsession’ with iser, said: ‘The outcome of today’s
health and safety, Mr Adkins said: hearing demonstrates that employers
‘Teachers are not making decisions are far too ready to sack teachers who
based on what’s best for the pupils, have acted in good faith. This is a
but what is best for them. They are too victory for common sense.’

China shows
off stealth
   fighter jet
CHINA’S latest stealth
fighter made its first

   k n ow n t e s t f l i g h t
      The jet marks dramatic
progress in the c oun-
try’s efforts to develop
cutting-edge military
The plane, dubbed the
J-20, is a potential rival
to the U.S. F-22 Raptor,
              the only stealth fighter
currently in service.
Photos of the J-20 were
        posted on unofficial mil-
                itary websites.
China’s secretive mili-
tary made no attempt
to hide the photos, sug-
    gesting Beijing could be
responding to calls to be
      more transparent about
its defence policy.

Page 28 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

AS A nation, we throw away 8.3 million
tonnes of food every year — costing
the average family £680.
But researchers at Wolverhampton
University have come up with a very
modern way to reduce this waste.
It’s a phone app called Consume
Within, which tells you when the food
in your larder is set to go off.
Simply log your groceries into your
phone, tell it where each one will be
— fridge, cupboard or freezer — and
ACCORDING to a recent
survey, a Size 12 woman
JANET LUNN, 55, lives in South-East London and is married to
Raymond, 69. The couple run a company advising small
businesses and have no children. Janet is 5ft 10in, weighs 10st
10lb and has a 30in waist. She says:
choose the time you want to eat may be the envy of her
them by (according to the use-by friends, but the chances ALL THINGS are relative because I
date or at your discretion). Your are she still hates what used to be a size 16, weighing nearly
phone alerts you when an item is due 14st, so I’m absolutely thrilled to have
to expire and tells you where it is. she sees in the mirror.
You can even take photos of the Here, five women — all got down to a svelte size 12. I’d still like
food — in case you forget what to have a smaller bust, but otherwise
Size 12 — reveal their I’m very happy with what I see in the
bacon looks like.
Could this mean you’ll finally eat very different attitudes mirror.
those yoghurts lurking at the back to their figures . . . The last time I wore a size 12 was 20 years ago.
of fridge, before it’s too late? It’s so exciting to be able to get back into my
glamorous designer suits and dresses. I used to
work in the fashion industry, and I
have some beautiful classic pieces by
Yves St Laurent and Chanel.
The weight began to pile on after I
turned 40 and gave up the fashion
business to go and work for an aid pro-
gramme in Egypt. I am a vegetarian,
and I was finding it so hard to get fresh
vegetables and fruit out there that I
resorted to living on pizza.
Then, after I returned home, I
started my own Fair Trade business
and worked so hard I snacked on junk
food all the time because I didn’t have
time to cook.
My epiphany came when I was at a
trade event in Birmingham when I
was in my late 40s, and caught sight
of myself in a full-length mirror. Even
though I was wearing control knick-
ers, I looked so fat that I ran upstairs,
sat on my hotel bed and cried.
This experience shocked me into
joining Weight Watchers, and I haven’t
looked back.
I lost a stone quite quickly, and then
lost another two stone gradually over
the next year.
In total, I have lost 12 inches off my
bottom and hips. I feel absolutely
brilliant and I think my body is just
about perfect. At my age, I can’t
afford to become too skinny because
my face would look gaunt.
My husband — bless him! — says he
doesn’t mind what size I am and
genuinely could not see the difference
— which was a totally different reac-
tion from my girlfriends, who say I
look ten years younger.

25, lives in North
Hertfordshire, is
single and works as a
marketing senior
account executive.
She is 5ft 4in, weighs
10st 3lb and has a
28in waist. She says:
I KNOW my figure
would be the envy of a
lot of women, but I hate being a size
12. After all, it is by no means ‘skinny’.
I’m only 5ft 4in and would love to be a
size 10. I don’t think any woman is to lose some weight because I have a
truly happy with her weight, and most small amount of cellulite on my
girls I know want to be slimmer.
Ð It’s not even as if I sit around eating
what I want. I work hard to maintain
Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve

been a pear shape — something I
my weight — avoiding all junk food inherited from my mother. I’ve always
and going to the gym two or three

ÐmAY‰ times a week.

Last year was really tough, as my
boyfriend of nine years broke up with
hated my thighs, stomach and bot-
tom. No amount of dieting or exercise
seemed to shift the weight.
Three months ago I’d reached a size
me and it really dented my confi- 16 and decided to do something
dence. I would very much like a new drastic. I had liposuction on my back
boyfriend, so I want to look as attrac- (to remove the rolls of fat around my
tive as possible and for me that means bra), my stomach and my inner and
Åmȉ :‰¡“m 0mA
AÈÈ losing more weight. outer thighs.
æAŒ“AO“m zÅ¡˜ é¡ÚÅ Œ‹ÈÑ¡Åm ŒÈ‰˜¡mÅ I think men prefer curvy girls, but In all, I had two litres of fat drained
it’s hard to convince yourself of this. out of my body. Admittedly, it was a
The trouble is that celebrity culture very expensive way of reaching size
dictates that a woman shouldn’t just 12, costing me my entire savings of
ÚÅÅéx :‰Œ“m ÈÑ¡Y’È “AÈÑ` ¡zzmÅ mcÈ 0ڝcAé be slim, she should be skinny. £3,200.
I think it’s that pressure that makes The operation took about two hours,
me feel unhappy about my shape. at the Transform Medical Centre in
Manchester, and afterwards I had to
SOPHIE SCOTT, 23, is wear a full Lycra body garment for
single, lives in around five weeks.
¨ïïïÈ ¡z °ÅŒYmÈ YÅڝY‰mc ¡ Cheshire, and works
as an administrator
It did hurt — it felt as if I’d been
working out in the gym for ten hours,
but I was amazed that I had very little
щm щŒÈ é¡Ú mmc щm ˜¡ÈÑ for the NHS. she is 5ft
4in, weighs 10st 11lb,
and has a 28in waist.
When the garment finally came off I
was thrilled at my new shape, and I
AÑ zÅmȉµ -Aé “mÈÈ She says: have been out and bought myself a
I HAVE had extensive whole new wardrobe.
liposuction to reach a Now, all my friends and family say I
%/ <%4/ #/02 "%//0%#0 02%/ - 0 902 :::µ"%//0%#0µ %µ4 %/ 2 -%# ïr| ͨ¨ ͨ¨¨µ çÎY ¨ïÎï¨Î¨¨ classic size 12. Although I’m proud to look fantastic. I am being very careful
æAŒ“AO“m Œ ˜¡ÈÑ ÈÑ¡Åmȵ 0ÚO‘mYÑ Ñ¡ AæAŒ“AOŒ“ŒÑéµ :‰Œ“m °Å¡˜¡ÑŒ¡A“ ÈÑ¡Y’È “AÈѵ -ŌYmÈΡzzmÅÈ ˜Aé æAÅé Œ ŒOÅA“ÑAŵ "¡ÅŌȡÈ 0mA
AÈÈ ÐrµÓӁµ "ŒŒ˜Ú˜ çmŒ‰Ñ Ø wear this dress size, I’m not entirely about what I eat and exercising in the
%zzmÅ mcÈ 0ڝcAé ¨Íщ AÚAÅéµ ¨ïïïÈ ¡z °ÅŒYmÈ YÅڝY‰mc OmÑçmm ÓÅc AÚAÅé‹ØÌщ "AÅY‰µ happy with my body. I would still like gym, to make sure I keep the weight

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 29



A former model. An over-eater. A yoga

Pictures: NICK HOLT

ing in Paris, surrounded by girls

fanatic. All of these women are size 12, but

wanting to be as slim as possible.
For ten years, I ate very healthily to
maintain a size 10. I did masses of
exercise and watched everything I
Now, I am a more relaxed size 12,
but I still eat very nutritiously and I

which of them are happy with their shape?

feel uncomfortable if I put on
weight. I have quite a curvy build,
despite my height.
I feel fit and healthy at a size 12 —
I need to be in shape for opera sing-
i n g, a s i t i s p h y s i c a l l y v e r y
I eat lots of salads and fresh fruit,
and I cycle everywhere. I also swim,
and I love to dance. I adore fashion,
off. It will be hard to stay at this tent with myself from the hips yet in the young shops such as Top- much slimmer than I think I am, particularly designers such as
size, but I am determined to do it. down, but I would love to be much shop I find it is too small. It is very and that I am too hard on myself. Amanda Wakeley and French
smaller on top. I have very big frustrating. I’m not dating right now, but men designer Anne Fontaine.
VANESSA SMITH, breasts, and they do make me Generally, I find that the cheaper often compliment me on my figure. I think women are far too critical
40, is a singer and uncomfortable sometimes. I worry the shop, the bigger the size 12. about themselves. When I look in
actress. She lives in that I am not in proportion. Clothes from Monsoon usually fit ROXANA the mirror, I like what I see. All
North-West London, I eat very healthily — no junk food me, and I buy a lot from there. MORALES, 42, is an through my life, people have
and is a single — and I do yoga and Pilates every Now I’m 40, I find I put on weight opera singer who complimented me on my shape,
mother to her son day to keep myself toned and slim. much more easily, so have to be lives in St John’s especially when I was modelling,
Sean, 19. She is 5ft But, even so, I still look at myself very careful. I eat a lot of fruit and Wood, North and back then I did attract a lot of
8in, weighs 10st critically in the mirror and think: vegetables, try to avoid carbohy- London, and is male attention.
10lb and has a 28in ‘You could be slimmer.’ drates such as bread and pasta, single. She is 5ft Now I am more curvy, but I feel I
waist. She says: Although size 12 is the size that and never eat junk food or pud- 11in, weighs 10st 3lb am in proportion. I have only been
I MAY be happy being a size 12, but fits me best, I find that it varies dings. I’ve also started power-walk- and has a 26in with my current partner for a short
that doesn’t meant I’m fully confi- wildly from shop to shop. Size 12 in ing, which I think is very good for waist. She says: time, but he seems very apprecia-
dent in my body. I am perfectly con- Marks & Spencer is often too big, my thighs. Friends often say I am IN MY 20s, I was a top model work- tive of my shape.
Page 30 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bride strangled on
island honeymoon
Husband finds body in their Mauritius hotel
Mail Foreign Service

A TEACHER has been murdered on

honeymoon on the paradise island of
The body of 27-year-old Michaela Harte
was found by her husband in their room
at a four-star hotel.
Police, who were yesterday questioning six
suspects, said she had fought for her life
before being strangled.
An intruder had used a magnetic key to gain
access to her room.
Miss Harte, from Northern Ireland, and
John McAreavey, were married on December
30 and flew to the island in the Indian Ocean Dream destination: The couple booked a four-star hotel in Mauritius Tragic: The couple at their wedding on December 30
the next day. help her but she was already tribute outside the family home beyond that because that is where contestant in the annual Rose of
They were in the restaurant at dead.’ near Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone, last we are.’ Tralee competition, taught Irish at
the Legends Hotel on Monday He said that Mr McAreavey was night, he said: ‘We just loved our Mr Harte, who also has three St Patrick’s girls academy in
when Miss Harte went to their in the restaurant when his wife was Michaela. She was such a good sons, said his daughter’s death had Dungannon.
room. murdered and had been ruled out girl. left his family shattered. Friends of Mr Harte and his wife
Mauritius police superintendent as a suspect. ‘Every father says that about their ‘This is too horrible to contem-
Yoosoof Soopun said: ‘She had Marian said their daughter was her
He added that police were ‘confi- daughter, but I can say that with- plate,’ he added: ‘We are just all
gone back to the room to get some dent of a positive result’ in their out a shadow of doubt. She was a devastated. It is the worst of the father’s ‘number one fan’.
biscuits to put in her tea and, when investigations. gem and we will always remember worst and our hearts are broken.’ Father Brian Hackett, the family
she failed to return, her husband Miss Harte was the only daugh- her. His son Mark is expected to arrive priest, said: ‘Her big thing was her
went to look for her. ter of Mickey Harte, a Gaelic foot- ‘This is the worst nightmare that in Mauritius today. daddy being the manager of
‘When he found her in the room ball manager and one of Ireland’s anyone can imagine. If you think Mr McAreavey is himself a Gaelic Tyrone. She went everywhere with
she had been killed. He tried to best known sportsmen. Paying things can be bad, then you go footballer. Miss Harte, a former him.’



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12/01/2011 12/01/2011

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 31

Rock’s out!
Only three Nicole:
guitar songs
in top 100
REBELLING against the
I have
mainstream might well be
very rock’n’roll behaviour.
But it seems that, at least
where singles sales are con-
cerned, the mainstream has the
last laugh.
Figures released by trade
paper Music Week reveal that
just three songs in last year’s
100 best-sellers could be classi-
fied as rock.
The list is dominated by hip-
hop and R&B, accounting for 47
of the 100, with pop defining 40
By Ben Todd
of the songs and dance music
taking the remaining ten places. BOTOX? Not me! That, at least, used to
Music Week’s Ben Cardew said: be Nicole Kidman’s response to ques-
‘There’s not been a huge rock tions about how she kept her com-
act since the Arctic Monkeys plexion so porcelain perfect. Raising eyebrows: In 2002
and these figures lay that bare.’ Now, however, she has performed
The figures reflect an accelera- something of an about-face.
tion of rock’s decline in popular- The Oscar-winning actress has
ity with singles buyers.
In 2009, rock tracks took up 13 admitted to having Botox injections.
of the top 100, with Rage Against But she insisted she no longer uses it,
The Machine’s Killing In The because she did not like the results.
Name highest placed. She wasn’t the only one. In 2008,
Last year, the biggest-selling one cosmetic surgery expert told a
rock song was a 29-year-old re- medical conference that Miss Kidman
release by U.S. act Journey. was so ‘over-Botoxed’ she was giving
Don’t Stop Believin’ became a the industry a bad name.
hit after it featured on Channel
4 show Glee. It made number Miss Kidman, 43, made her confes-
25, with sales of 435,103. sion to a German magazine inter-
The other ‘rock’ tracks in the viewer who asked her about keeping
top 100 were Hey, Soul Sister by wrinkles at bay.
U.S. band Train, at number 84, ‘I’ve tried a lot of things but apart
and Dog Days Are Over by Flor- from working out and a good diet
ence and the Machine, at 93. most things don’t help,’ she replied.
Last year’s best-selling single ‘I even tried Botox but I didn’t like
was the hip-hop track Love The how my face looked afterwards. Now
Way You Lie by Eminem, which
sold 854,144 copies. I don’t use it anymore – and I can
However, there was one bright move my forehead again.’ Her previ-
ous declarations on the subject ‘I haven’t had Botox – I’ve
spot for rock – it accounted for
more than a quarter of album included: ‘I am completely natural. I been outside’
sales in 2010. Frozen in time: A strangely smooth complexion in 2009 have nothing in my face or anything.’
Page 32 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

book by the
acclaimed illus-
trator Matthew
Johnstone and his
... is for Adventure
opposite of television.

lifelong friend ... is for

James Kerr charts
the A to Z of Compassion
human emotions. COMPASSION means to
Yesterday, they live with love. It means

chronicled the caring for the sick —
and the healthy, too.
emotions that ... is for Balance It means being kind to
ruin lives. Today, the needy — and those
they present the AS HUMANS we understand things who need for nothing.
as opposites: Yin and Yang, good
ways to make and bad, up and down, day and
Compassion is an equal
your spirits soar. night. Balance is the tension opportunity emotion. To
between opposites: rest and activity, make others happy,
conversation and silence, sociability and treat them with
solitude, love for another and love for compassion. To make
oneself. Every moment your life is in the yourself happy, treat

balance. Weigh your options. others with compassion.

... is for Gratitude
GRATITUDE grows wherever it is ... is for Imagination ... is for Joy
planted. Gratitude is more than IMAGINE what’s possible, then HAPPINESS is found deep
saying thank you for dinner, it’s saying within. It comes from our soul
thank you to life. When you give make it happen. A cake isn’t a
— not from external things. So
thanks, thanks gives back. So be grateful for cake until it’s cooked. look inside and feel the joy.
what you have, and you’ll have everything you Soon those around you will
need. The first sign of greatness is gratitude. feel it,too.

... is for Hope
THERE is one thing
sure in life: this too
will pass. No matter
your situation, it is
certain to change. However dire
things may seem, there is
always a new day, a new way.
Hope helps. Like a rope, it can

pull you out of a hole.

... is for ... is for Optimism ... is for
Now Passion
OPTIMISM put man on the Moon
IT REALLY is and food on the table. Optimism PASSION has
now or never. looks for the best in every the power to
Life is fleeting. situation. The upside of every transform your life
Miss the moment and it’s — to reveal your purpose,
gone for ever. To make down side. The yes in every no.
Cultivate it. Optimism will bring you your reason for being, your
the most of life, make the life’s work. To find out what
most of every moment. friendship and success, health and wealth,
love and laughter. It’s that kind of word. your passion is, ask
Forget the past, ignore yourself: ‘What would I do if
the future, be present to money was no object?’
the present. Paint? Write? Teach?
Look around. Where are Dance? Open a vineyard,
you? How do you feel? start a charity, even found a
Notice your breathing. bank? The trick is to think
The sounds all around big, then begin by taking
you. Your thoughts as small, steady steps towards
they pass. your dream. Mark Twain
What can you see that said: ‘The secret of success
you’ve never seen before? is making your vocation
It doesn’t matter where your vacation.’ What would
you’ve been. It doesn’t you do if you could do
matter where you’re anything at all?
going. It only matters Passion makes anything
where you’re at. possible.

... is for Universe
... is for Trust WHEN things are looking
TRUST is the bedrock of love, the mattress down, look up. Sometimes
of marriage, the cradle of childhood, the realising our cosmic
foundation of friendship. Trust in the truth insignificance can put our
and, the truth is, you’ll be trusted. troubles in perspective. Have faith,
trust in Fate, be free. The Universe is
there to support you. Climb on board.

... is for Vision
TO UNDERSTAND what your vision is, ask
the Big Questions. What am I? What are my
values? What do I want to teach, to pass on?
These are the beginnings of a vision. One day
you will ask yourself: ‘What kind of life have I
lived?’ What will your answer be?
Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 33

Yesterday, the Mail brought you the A-Z of Toxic

JOY ... is for Daring
DARING is doing. It gets things done.
Every great achievement begins with it.
Every great person first dared to be
great. What will you dare to do today?
Emotions from a magical new illustrated book.
Now, discover how to be more positive every day

... is for Friendship
FRIENDSHIP is cheaper than therapy, often
deeper. Feed your friendships and they will
sustain you. Love your friends and you will
be loved. Watch their backs and they will
watch yours. If life’s a game, your friends are
your team. Choose them carefully.

... is for Enthusiasm
FOR enthusiasts, life is an adventure playground, a theatre,
a movie-set, a laboratory, a love story, a test track, a
roller-coaster, a dance, a gift, a blessing, a blast, a thrill . . .
Let enthusiasm lift you higher. Wherever it takes you, it
will be the right place.

... is for
... is for Love
IN LIFE, we lose our youth,
... is for
Knowledge our strength, our influence, Meditation
our memory, even our
Pass it on. bladder control. In the end, MEDITATION is a form of
all we have, and all we will medication. When your
be remembered for, is the soul aches, take a moment.
love that we give; not just The more you get into
to one person, but to meditation, the more you get
everyone we meet. out of it. So, be mindful — sit in
Remember this — and you stillness and silence, watch
will be remembered. those thoughts, empty your
What is there to say about
love that has not been said mind — and live a full and
before, except I love you. conscious life. Because now is
Love is a four-letter word. where it’s at. Learn to listen
Swear by it. and very soon the truth will
whisper in your ear.

... is for

power of a smile.
Smile at
... is for Quiet

strangers. Smile
at trees. Smile at
... is for Reconciliation misfortune.
Smile at yourself
YOU cannot undo the past. But you can in the mirror in
change the future. To reconnect with
someone, first forgive yourself. You’re the morning.
human, you mess up. Smile just for the
Then forgive the other person. They’re human, too. If sake of it.
you do mess up, confess and apologise. Saying sorry Soon fortune
goes a long way. Meaning it goes even further. will smile back
Remember: the sooner you can laugh about it, the at you.
sooner you can laugh about it together.

... is for
... is for You
TO LIVE a full and satisfying life, think
with your heart, be loyal to your
dreams, engage your emotions, respect
your relationships, defy your fears,
pursue your passions, find your flow, express your
energy, enjoy the moment, contribute to your
... is forZen
YOU MAY recognise
zen from yesterday’s
Alphabet of Toxic
Emotions. That’s because it is
where the negative and the
positive meet. It’s a neutral
community, feed your mind, your body and your
KNOWING isn’t wisdom. state of being. Of silence.
soul, leave a legacy and live with love. Peacefulness. Wakefulness.
Knowing yourself is. Be happy. Be honest. Be hopeful. Be yourself Mindfulness. Balance your

There is more wisdom
in contentment — being and your life will be in
accepting life and ... is for a Kiss balance. Live right and
everything will be in balance.
everything in it — than A KISS shows love and Sit in stillness and silence.
is contained in all the intimacy, tenderness Turn your eye inward.
libraries in the world. and desire. It can say
Your soul is a book — hello or goodbye, good O EXTRACTED from The Alphabet
study it carefully. Share luck or good riddance, Of The Human Heart by Matthew
what you’ve learned. adoration or adulation. It can say Johnstone and James Kerr,
If you go out looking for things that can otherwise never be published by Constable &
Robinson on Thursday at £9.99.
wisdom, it won’t know said, communicating without © Matthew Johnstone and James
where to find you. sound. What will you say with a kiss Kerr 2010. To order a copy (p&p
today? And who will you say it to? free), call 0845 155 0720.
Page 34 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trunks up when I call your name! Briton among

four killed by
Alps avalanche
FOUR skiers, including one
Briton, have been killed in a
huge avalanche in the French
They were in a party of seven in
Val D’Isere when the 300ft-wide
torrent struck, catapulting them
1,500ft down the mountain.
The four – a 40-year-old man
from London, a 55-year-old Swede
and a French couple aged 61 and
58 – were found buried under sev-
eral feet of snow.
All were equipped with ava-
lanche transceivers, which emit a
pulse signal that can be picked
up by rescuers. Officials were con-
tacting their families last night.
The risk of avalanche had been
categorised as low, but there had
also been a warning of old, weak
layers of snow.
The skiers were with a profes-
sional guide in Pont St Charles, a
popular off-piste sector at 8,800ft,
when the tragedy struck.
The Briton is the third skier from
the UK to die in the French Alps
in a month. David Robinson, 67,
from Hampshire, was killed in an
avalanche in the same resort on
Boxing Day. John Atkinson, 63,
from Wiltshire, was killed after he
smashed into a rock in the resort
of Les Deux Alpes.
A Foreign Office spokesman said:
‘We can confirm the death of a Brit-
ish national today in Val d’Isere.’

Lily Safra
FURTHER to an article about
the murder of Edmond Safra, we
wish to make it clear there was
no intention to suggest that
PUTTING a hand up is how schoolchildren respond be counted during stocktaking they obliged by among 200 species of animal being checked in Mr Safra’s widow Lily was
to their name during roll call. raising their trunks. the annual stocktake which began this week at involved in his death. We accept
And it seems things aren’t so different at Whip- With typical youthful enthusiasm, George also the zoo in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. that there is no basis for such a
snade Zoo. When Asian elephant Karishma, 12, appeared to make a grab for elephant keeper Other newcomers this year include two baby suggestion and apologise for any
and her eight-month-old calf George needed to Elizabeth Becker’s clipboard. The elephants are rhinos, five cheetahs, and 41 penguins. distress caused.


"- ."+ ! )%

"% ,%. )&)$






 &" ,   "! ! )     

 */##$                    $     $                   #$       $

    $     $     $       $   '    $           #
 */##$       $
Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 35

Richard Kay

Anger over Picture: SOLARPIX.COM

TV chef rustles up
a new girlfriend
IT’S possible she caught England Sally Kettle

his eye when, scantily and actress Claire
clad for an episode of Goose to 007 producer
Big Brother, she sat on Barbara Broccoli —
a contestant’s knee made his first public
and planted red-lipstick appearance with his
kisses on his cheek. latest squeeze at a
Or perhaps, with his performance by Cirque
penchant for beautiful du Soleil at the Royal
women, television chef Albert Hall.

gaffe on BBC
James Martin, 38, was Louise works behind
simply ready to cast his the scenes of Celebrity
net once again. Who Wants To Be A
For I learn the hand- Millionaire — on which
some Saturday Kitchen Martin was a guest at
host, who only last Christmas — having
year seemed happily previously worked on
entwined with Dubai- Big Brother. She and
based interior designer James only recently
Julia Dempster, is now became close.
HE lives of 257

T  FRIENDS were puzzled when stepping out with They spent New Year
servicemen were lost shapely TV producer together at James’s
to ensure that the Falk- former Tory MP Richard
Spring — newly elevated to the Louise Davies. Hampshire home, and
land Islands remain Lords — chose the title Baron Martin — who, aptly Louise was in the
a British dependency. Risby of Haverhill. He told chums for a cook, has enjoyed passenger seat of his
But perhaps someone he wanted to avoid being Lord romances with a string silver Ferrari at Brook-
should remind the BBC. Spring because it sounds too much Hat’s off: Saturday Kitchen star James Martin of women with culinary lands race track on
For, to the astonishment of the like a brand for bottled water. with Louise Davies at the Royal Albert Hall names, from ex-Miss New Year’s Day.
Falklands’ hardy residents and Yet cynics suggest it has more to do
soldiers who fought to liberate with disassociating himself from a
them almost 30 years ago, the three-in-a-bed romp which brought Major-General Julian Thompson,
islands were re-christened ‘the about his resignation in 1995 as who led the commando land force
Malvinas’ — the contentious name parliamentary private secretary to for the first phase of the war, says:
for the islands used by Argentina the then Ulster Secretary, Sir

$ # ! "'
‘It is perverse. The Falkland
— by the writers of children’s TV Patrick Mayhew. ‘Anything to islanders would feel highly upset if
show The Sarah Jane Adventures. avoid that unfortunate moniker of they saw that programme. Only
No less a figure than Major- “bed Spring”, with which he was the Argentinians call the islands
General Sir Jeremy Moore, who saddled at the time,’ says a friend. by that name, so it would only
accepted the Argentinian
surrender, refused to allow the use
of ‘Islas Malvinas’ in the documents
signed in 1982, dismissing it as a
islands has resurfaced in the wake
of the defence cuts here. (And just
make any sense if it were an Argen-
tinian programme, not British.’
Lord Tebbit, who was in the
C a b i n e t d u r i n g t h e w a r, i s
$ & &   &#
propaganda term. as Brazil’s new Left-wing president forthright. ‘There is no such place
Yet, in an episode entitled Death refuses the Falklands protection as Las Malvinas, whether the BBC
Of The Doctor, the BBC’s Sarah ship, HMS Clyde, permission to likes it or not,’ he says. ‘The
Jane series did just that when dock in Rio de Janeiro.) Falkland islanders chose their
describing how a character travelled At worst, it is something future and the Thatcher govern-
more sinister.
from South America to Britain,
saying he went ‘via Las Malvinas’.
The programme has been
Welsh Guardsman Simon Weston,
who was severely burned in the
ment backed them. That’s the end
of the matter.’
A BBC spokesman says: ‘He [the
! #
screened twice, including on conflict, tells me: ‘I can’t under- character in the show] uses the
Christmas morning. stand why the British Broadcasting Spanish word to describe the
At best, the reference was Corporation allows something so islands in context, as he was living

unfortunate at a time when talk of crassly inaccurate to just fly past
on a children’s programme.’
in Argentina prior to travelling
over to the UK.’

the Argentinian claim on the

 THERE’S still
more than three
months to go until
the wedding, but
Model Alice to marry £644m man
already charities SHE once posed with Alice, 25, who is

are vying to have only a strategically on the books of

Kate Middleton as placed pair of oven the Storm model
their royal patron. gloves for the agency, accepted
Clarence House says photographer son of Archie’s proposal on
it has received a MP Nicholas Soames. New Year’s Eve, and
number of requests But gamine model has since turned to
from causes keen to ( $* 85 <(8. &.< "$$/ :-. (."& *.(//"(&$$<
have ‘Princess Alice Rugge-Price will Facebook to alert
be more decorously her friends. "&/5$$ 9"5< :$$ & $(5 "&/8$5"(& (.  "/(8&5
Catherine’ on their
official notepaper. clothed for her next Though the couple *." ( 4)=  + 5-/  (%"& /9"& ( 41=+
Aides, however, want big assignment — her have spent much of .5 (. <(8  &(5 /( (( (. %"+
Kate to ‘find her feet’ wedding day. their relationship in
before taking on Alice, educated at Hong Kong, I am & "&/5$$ &(5 (&$< :"$$ <(8. (% $ :.%. <(8
formal royal duties. Marlborough, is to told they will make
‘All sorts of bids have (8$ $/( /9 8* 5( 46= 9.< <. (& <(8. &.< "$$/+
marry her chisel- their marital home
come in, but nothing
jawed Old Etonian in London.  " / (8$ "9 <(8  :.% $"& "&/" 5((+
will be decided
before the wedding,’ boyfriend Archie Archie, 30, who once (8 (8$ 9& 5 <(8. (% "&/8$5 (. . " <(8-.
says a spokesman. Keswick, heir to the enjoyed a relation-
Charities for young £644 million Hong ship with TV (9. 0= (. (& ,8$"<"& &5/+
people are the Kong-based Jardine personality Hannah
favourites to secure Wedding bells: Archie Matheson hotel-and- Sandling, works for
 # % 
Kate’s services. and his fiancee Alice property fortune. bankers Rothschild.

' '' ' '

WHILE not quite queen MP to appear professionally DEPOSED Countryfile host
of the Strictly ballroom, in a stage musical. ‘The offer Miriam O’Reilly’s successful
Ann Widdecombe’s paso was made through her agent ageism case against the BBC has   &#!
doble has passed muster and the show was very keen given senior female presenters at the
elsewhere. I can reveal that for her to do it,’ I am told. Beeb an unexpected dividend.
the one-time prisons minister Alas, Ann — who this week According to chatter at Broadcasting
has been offered a role in the joins the Strictly Come House, both Fiona Bruce, 46, and Kirsty   &#  !  & !
West End show Grease. Dancing tour in Nottingham Wark, 55, will now be secure in their jobs
Had she accepted the — wasn’t so eager. ‘It was for years to come.    !
challenge of playing prim lovely to be approached, and Fiona — who has talked about being
Miss Lynch — and the part’s I am definitely going to be at tossed aside when she reaches a certain "&/ (*& (&< 5( ."< % 5( *% 58.< % 5( *%+  "/ *." "/ / (& (8. /5&. *# : .
description as an ‘old maid home when Steven Spielberg age — will be especially relieved. ;"/5"& $(5 "&/8$5"(& "/ $// 5 & 1=%%+ 9"& "/ / (&  )'=-/ 5 .! /%" :"5  5&!<. ($ / ("$.  /
English teacher’ seems ideal calls,’ she tells me. Of course, there is a downside for *." ( 6+)*2#  "&/8$5"& 5  9"5< :$$/ & "&./"& 5  $(5 "&/8$5"(& .(% =%% 5( 70=%%+ (8. /9"&/ *&
for unmarried Widders — she Perhaps she’s holding out for autocuties hoping for the top spots, such (& %&< 5(./ & 5 "/ / (8$  5.5 /  8"+ +  &.< "%"5+ "/5. ( /5:(( < /5:((
would have been the first ex- Grease’s lead role of Sandy. as Kate Silverton and Emily Maitlis. 8/"&//
.# (9&5.<  + "/5. "& &$& & $/ (+ 6=06=+

Page 36 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ÀՈȘ} E ->ˆˆ˜}
Money Mail

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 37

Personal Finance Editor: TONY HAZELL

Section of the Year

They’re rude, Charge for Don’t EVER Harass you

aggressive and services they’ve return your for money that
even tell LIES NOT supplied phone calls you DON’T owe

Why TalkTalk takes

your Wooden Spoon
By James Coney
spared tax
TALKTALK is the winner of our
Wo o d e n S p o o n a w a r d f o r
providing the worst customer
service in 2010.

The phone and internet company
received 28 pc of all your votes, narrowly
beating Spanish-owned bank
Santander. In third place was bungling
tax collector HM Revenue & Customs.
Thousands of you voted by post and
in our online poll at
The Wooden Spoon is the award that By James Coney
no organisation wants to win because
it spotlights the huge flaws in their A QUARTER of a million pensioners
customer service. will have their tax bills written off
We gave you a shortlist of ten after Money Mail highlighted a
organisations which had generated crucial loophole.
large numbers of complaints in our
mailbag over the past year. Yesterday, the Exchequer Secretary
But your anger was focused on to the Treasury David Gauke revealed
TalkTalk, which with four million phone that 250,000 people who paid too
and broadband customers, is the UK’s
second-largest telecoms company.
TalkTalk is so ashamed it has issued
an apology to Money Mail readers. Dido
No phone or internet for two months little tax on their state pensions will
not have to pay it back.
The bills dated from the 2008-09 and
2009-10 tax years. But the Government
Harding, chief executive of TalkTalk, ALICE and Tim Lamb had a nightmare with TalkTalk TalkTalk informing them they had been upgraded has decided to apply a previously
who personally received the award, when they moved house last year and were left to the ‘Essentials’ package for an additional £6.99
says: ‘I absolutely recognise that we little-known rule called A19
without phone or broadband for two months. per month — something they had never agreed. Extra-Statutory Concession to them
have not provided a good service to Mrs Lamb, 44, who works as an NHS administra- ‘I will question TalkTalk about the additional
some of our customers this year, for automatically.
which I apologise.’ tor, says: ‘Trying to report the lack of connection charge, but it is difficult and costly to get through This conces-
You have presented a dirty dozen list was hopeless because TalkTalk failed to recognise to anyone,’ says Mrs Lamb. sion can be used
of problems: the new telephone number or the old one. A spokesman for TalkTalk says: ‘Mrs Lamb when taxpayers
O CALLS not returned, emails unan- ‘Eventually we got it sorted out, but they still requested a home move in October 2009 which went The page have provided
swered and no explanations provided;
O RUDE, insensitive and, worst of all,
billed us for the two months. We never received a live at the beginning of December 2009. At that time,
refund, apology or notification when the problem home moves could take up to six weeks. Now it can
where HM Revenue &
Customs with
dishonest staff — you claim they have was finally fixed.’ take as little as seven days. the A19 all the informa-
lied abo u t w h e n p r o b l e m s w o u l d The Lambs, pictured at their home in Devon with ‘Mrs Lamb also received a letter in error regarding
be fixed; children William, 13, and Anna, 11, already pay £40 a change to her service and tariff. We apologise for rule is tion it needs to
get their tax
O BEING charged for services you have
not asked for or received;
per month for their phone and broadband. However, these issues and have compensated Mrs Lamb for buried in right, but it still
they were surprised to receive a letter from her time offline.’ gets it wrong.
O DEBT collectors being sent in when
you have cancelled your con-
the tax Normally, tax-
tract or paid up; customers for services not rulebook payers have to
O BEING put on hold for hours
on end, being sent round in
provided and wrongly chasing
them for payment. Its boss Ms
 apply for this
special concession — which allows
circles and hung up on; Harding says: ‘I want to focus the taxman to write off under-paid
O WEEKS and sometimes Call this free number more on providing a better   tax in special circumstances.
months to resolve issues; service for existing customers The Mail revealed this concession
O SHODDY technical support;
TalkTalk has set up for than acquiring new ones.’
 last year after HMRC admitted some
O D I F F I C U LT I E S u n d e r- readers: 0800 542 8080 Runners-up Santander
5.7 million people had paid too much,
standing staff at the overseas received 24 pc of the vote.
The error-prone bank had a or too little tax. Of these, 1.4 million
call centres; about its services. She told the 
call centre she opted for BT in disastrous year after it botched were faced with bills totalling
O BEING left with no phone or thousands of Isa transfers and £3.8 billion.
internet service; the end. She has not been able
suffered a mountain of Many readers have since been in
O PROBLEMS setting up a to find out from TalkTalk what
complaints from former
 touch to report how they used the
connection for new the £116 bill is for.
Bradford & Bingley and Alliance sample letter we printed to fight a
customers; A n o t h e r r e a d e r, A l e x & Leicester customers as they
O C A N C E L L AT I O N f e e s Turkeltob, from Coventry, were moved to Santander.  shock bill.
charged to fed-up customers; moved his business line from And third placed HMRC Yesterday, the Treasury said it
and BT to TalkTalk, but his will suffered a terrible year after it believed pensioners who had
O BOTCHED service and writing business was left unable introduced a new computer
 underpaid because their tax code
billing for former Tiscali to receive incoming calls. system. Thousands of taxpayers had not been altered to reflect their
customers. Despite visits from two received incorrect tax coding state pension had a strong case. As a
engineers, the problem was 
Money Mail has sent a notices — some received several result, they would not have to apply
dossier of your complaints to not fixed, so in exasperation within the space of a few days. individually and their bills would
Ms Harding. the 68-year-old cancelled his The taxman’s customer  just be written off.
They include one from Ann contract and monthly direct s ervices staff were besieged. Mike Warburton, from accountants
Larner, from Essex, who is being debit. TalkTalk is pursuing him Things got worse when HMRC 5IPNBT Grant Thornton, says: ‘It always
pursued by TalkTalk’s debt col- for a £200 cancellation fee. was forced to admit 5.7 million $PPL  seemed likely that pensioners would
lectors for £116 — despite never The Wooden Spoon award people had paid the wrong tax
being a TalkTalk customer. comes as TalkTalk faces a since 2008. For their reaction be caught out in the tax confusion.
Mrs Larner was shopping £150 million fine from regulator and more on our Wooden Spoon  Now, it seems that instead of wading
around for the best deal and Ofcom. It missed an end-of- awards, turn to pages 38-43. through a quarter of a million cases,
approached TalkTalk to inquire year deadline to stop charging it has taken the sensible approach.’

Page 38 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To Advertise

& !)&  )#
, . .




 )& ' 
"- (.(
&" &# 
& & "
& + "*"& &
( . "## 
$ *

YOUR VOTES poured in for our

$ %!!  !  
Wooden Spoon Awards. Here we
highlight your complaints and
))  '$ %!!  !
   ))) )))  # ))) )))  !  $! please call give the bosses of the three worst

They’re th

! &! & &!$! !    companies and organisations in

$  ! ! $ %!!  ! your top ten the chance to explain

$ !!    " $( what went wrong and how they
are going to make things better.
   " $( #)#
! $
but they s

 $!  (    ! 

 ! !  ! !!  WINNER
with utte

     JAMES WARNER, from Cheltenham, agreed

# & "
&  &"#& 
 " & ) &  &
& & "
& #  - 
+  &
, &"
&& #  & *)
 " )#&
-  #)  & &

  & )&)"  #&
# " )
& "
&# +
& & &"#& "
& +)   &"#& +

- &"
$" " " -)" &
7938 6457 to switch to TalkTalk after a cold call. He
was left without the internet for four weeks
and was then unable to receive incoming
&# +& &  &- & #)" ##&& #"*  *#  ) #&
&# "" &
#  (($($(..
calls for three weeks.
When the telephone was fixed, the
internet failed again. Eventually, seething
with frustration, he decided to switch back
to BT.
LYN SIMMONS, from Amersham, requested
voicemail and caller ID from TalkTalk, but
more than a month later she has still not
received the service.
‘Each time I call I am put on hold for ten
to 15 minutes and am simply told it is a
“technical problem” that will be sorted in a
few days,’ she says.


TALKTALK chief executive Dido
Harding admits 2010 was a painful year,
but insisted the disruption caused by
transferring Tiscali, Onetel and AOL cus-
tomers onto the TalkTalk system would
provide better customer service in the
long term.
She says: ‘I absolutely recognise we
have not provided a good service to some
of our customers this year, for which I
apologise. TalkTalk has grown at a huge
rate in the past five years and this inte-
gration has caused disruption.’
Ms Harding explained TalkTalk now
has 20 call centres worldwide, and many
different databases and telephone
Thousands of customers inherited from
these companies are still waiting to be
transferred to the TalkTalk billing sys-
tem. If a former Tiscali customer calls a
TalkTalk call centre, staff must redirect
them to the Tiscali call centre.
Ms Harding says: ‘By the end of March
2011, all customers should be able to call
TalkTalk’s c
service left
an agent at any TalkTalk centre. But
agents will need to be trained and it will
not be an overnight process.’
She also apologised for some TalkTalk
customers receiving debt collection CHRIS WATTS, 62, brands he
notices for bills they should TalkTalk ‘disorganised ‘A
not have to pay. TalkTalk and deceitful’ after of
was ordered by regulator
Ofcom to stop debt
battling the firm for more lo
collection action last than six months. —
month. Mr Watts, who was co
‘We’re working with previously with Tiscali, fi
Ofcom to rectify any received a cold call from ah
harm to customers TalkTalk and agreed to M
who have been switch to its telephone hi
incorrectly billed. and broadband package. in
We have stopped However, his welcome fin
debt collection for pack never arrived and he co
a large number was later told he would BT
of old customers,’
she says. have to pay £40 to install Ta
a new telephone line. te
Despite this, TalkTalk tr
kept cold calling him, as an
ARNOLD ATKINSON , 64, was without his there was no record of his pr
phone for four weeks after problems with initial conversation when ap
Pipex, which is part of TalkTalk.
The retired sales worker, who lives in
Durham, complains that Pipex uses
a premium telephone number (0871) collectors. ‘I never received a final Ka
for its call centres. bill from TalkTalk or any explana- tel
JACK ALLISON, 71, a retired factory tion regarding how my last bill was cou
manager from Staffordshire, made up,’ she says. fro
describes TalkTalk as ‘the worst JOHN HODKINSON, 64, a retired bus acc
company I have ever had the add
driver from Leeds, is being pursued
misfortune to deal with’. Ka
He says: ‘From day one, I could not for a £164 disconnection fee.
access any European numbers and He cancelled his contract with SA
after a couple of months I found that TalkTalk when the company left him Ire
I couldn’t dial any numbers at all.’ without the internet for five weeks. be
Mr Allison made 16 calls to ‘TalkTalk said we would not have dea
TalkTalk, but eventually cancelled to pay the fee, but we still received her
his contract. Despite no longer the bill five months later,’ he says. M
being a customer, he still receives ‘They’ve sent letters threatening us dis
bills and payment demands. with debt collectors and credit £15
VIVIENNE AVERY , 68, a retired black listing.’ bro
cleaner from Devon, says she has JOHN MANNING, from Tenterden in ‘I
been ‘harassed and harried’ by Kent, has been trying for two years tol
TalkTalk for a bill she never owed to get TalkTalk to change the name I ha
and is now being pursued by debt of the account holder from his wife, the

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Page 43

hree of Britain’s biggest organisations,
SUE ANDERSON, 67, a retired book-
keeper from Glasgow, says: ‘My sister
and I have a joint account with
Santander and we asked them to
change the address on the account.
‘This took three branch visits and
three letters — I tried calling, but was
always put on hold. Six months later, I
finally got the matter resolved.’


stand accused of treating customers STEVE WILLIAMS, director of

service quality and complaints at
Santander, says: ‘As a bank that
takes the service it provides to its
customers very seriously, we are
sorry if anyone’s dealings with us

er contempt — as your stories prove have not met with their or our
‘Santander has been integrating
three banks over the past two years
and we acknowledge that high
demand for our products during
this time has meant our service
has been stretched.
‘We know we have more to do, but
we are taking important steps to
improve, including creating 1,000
new jobs in branches and call
centres. Our satisfaction survey
suggests progress is being made.’

HMRC’s customer services staff were
placed under enormous strain last
year by a series of disastrous events
linked to a new computer system
for pay-as-you-earn that HMRC
introduced in 2009.
Taxpayers were bombarded with
multiple tax codes, billing errors
and demands for payment out of
the blue.


ELIZABETH BOOKER, 54, has received
a tax demand for £858 going back
two years. Mrs Booker, a retired post
mistress from Devon who works
part-time at Marks & Spencer,
noticed she had the same tax code
for her salary and her annuity of £195
a month earlier this year.
She says: ‘I tried to correct my tax
codes on more than one occasion,

customer Santander put £5,100 HMRC’s blunders left but they still weren’t right.’
Nurse MARY STEPHEN felt ‘physi-
cally sick’ when she opened a letter

us cold in our bank account me with a £3,200 bill from the taxman telling her she owed
£3,207 in underpaid tax. Mrs Stephen,
52, works at a hospital in Glasgow
and occasionally does extra shifts to
e agreed to sign up. VAL GOLDTHORPE was Santander a £25 STAN BRADBURN, 67, was I had got such a large bill help out local hospitals.
After about two months astonished to discover administration fee!’ told he owed £3,200 to due to HMRC’s But she was astonished to discover
f this chaos, I said I no £5,100 in her current Ms Goldthorpe has now HMRC after underpaying deficiencies,’ he says. that HMRC thought she had another
onger wanted the service account that Santander switched her current tax for the past two years. Mr Bradburn earns £600 job at the Royal College of Physicians
— but TalkTalk said my had put there by mistake. account to Barclays. The former publican per month, of which £120 and Surgeons of Glasgow —
ooling off period had It took the bungling bank ‘I asked Santander to works at Asda for 25 hours goes on tax. But from next somewhere she has never worked.
‘I will contest these sums. It’s all
nished, so I had to go more than two months to provide me with a letter a week and receives a April the tax will increase very muddled, but I believe they think
head with the contract.’ remove the money. explaining what had private and state pension. to £265, so he will be left I’m earning far more than I am.’
Mr Watts, pictured with The 48-year-old, pictured happened, in case I But these three sources of with £335 for 100 hours DAVID BETSON , a retired shop
is wife Joy at their home at her home in Worthing, needed it for the taxman. income confused HMRC, worked — that is £3.35 per manager from Hartlepool, says
n Newton Abbot, Devon, Sussex, with her ‘Three months later, I still which issued him an hour after tax. problems occur with his tax codes with
nally did terminate his husband Reuben and hadn’t received it. In the incorrect tax code. ‘I have no savings and if I ‘monotonous regularity’ as every year
ontract and is now with their son Timothy, 5, says: end I went to my local Mr Bradburn was told he did not work I’d be able to he receives several incorrect codes.
T. A spokesman for ‘I felt sorry for the person branch.’ owes £1,709 for 2008-09 claim housing and council ‘I am 79 and have to get someone to
alkTalk says: ‘Due to a whose money was A spokesman for and £1,491 for 2009-10. tax benefits, which total type letters for me — I find the whole
echnical issue, Mr Watts’ missing. Santander says: ‘We Furthermore, his wife more than I earn at Asda.’ situation stressful and annoying.’
ransfer was unsuccessful ‘I spent ages on the would like to apologise. Majorie, who works part- A HMRC spokesperson GEORGE STEWART , 80, has been
nd we were unable to time at a bakery, has been says: ‘We are looking into trying for 18 months to get back two
phone to their call We have sent Ms tax rebates from HMRC after tax was
rovide the service. We centres — if only I had Goldthorpe £25 to cover told she owes £700 for this case as a matter or incorrectly taken from his savings
pologise to Mr Watts.’ the power to charge the cost of her calls to us.’ 2009-10. ‘I couldn’t believe urgency.’ accounts in 2008-09 and 2009-10.
Mr Stewart, who lives in
Nottingham, made a formal
complaint and was promised a
atherine, to himself. ‘I have Santander took over my account,’ he response by September 2010.
lephoned so many times I lost
unt,’ he says. ‘The account is paid
RUNNER-UP says. The retired postmaster, who
lives in Hampshire, suddenly had
WILLIAM HARRIS , 75, describes
telephone banking with Santander as
‘a joke’. The retired civil servant, who
‘I still haven’t heard anything back
from them,’ he says.
m a standing order on my bank SANTANDER two account numbers and sort codes lives in Essex, says: ‘When I was with
count, yet TalkTalk insist on
MONEY Mail began highlighting
for the same account and demands Alliance & Leicester it was quick, WHAT HMRC SAYS:
dressing all communications to for council tax and internet pay- simple and efficient. Now it is slow, LESLEY STRATHIE, chief executive
atherine.’ issues with customer service at ments, after Santander failed to pay difficult and inefficient.’
Santander early last year. Problems and Permanent Secretary at HMRC,
ARAH PORTER , from Northern most of his direct debits. Mr Harris says he was recently says: ‘We do many things well, but we
eland, says TalkTalk staff have first began with its transfer of Isas. ‘Santander doesn’t need a wooden passed from pillar to post and
Then service in other areas of the are acutely aware that when we get
en ‘arrogant and rude’ when spoon — it needs a wooden shovel,’ eventually cut off when he tried to things wrong people can be seriously
aling with her request to cancel business collapsed. Last June, we he says. transfer some money over the phone. adversely affected.
launched our Not Good Enough, JOHN GORROD, 79, sent Santander a
r contract.
Señor campaign.
STEVE BOYLE , 63, a retired local ‘We are sorry for the problems your
Mrs Porter has been locked in a cheque for £5,100 to open an Isa — government officer from Dumfries, readers have experienced and we are
spute after it tried to charge her but the bank lost his application. says: ‘If I was entitled to 100 votes, determined to improve those areas
5.99 for a month when she had no WHAT YOU TOLD US: He says: ‘I couldn’t believe I had they would all go to Santander.’ of our business that are currently not
oadband. NORMAN PAYNE, 80, had his current sent them so much money and it When his Alliance & Leicester delivering the quality of service to
’ve requested an itemised bill and account with Girobank when it was just became lost in the abyss.’ account was switched to Santander which we aspire.’
d them I will pay what I owe when taken over by Alliance & Leicester, The delays meant he missed his he applied for a credit card but was  SEE our past winners in the Wooden
ave checked it,’ she says. ‘Instead, which he says was a smooth transi- chance to invest his Isa allowance rejected because the bank had Spoon Hall Of Shame at www.thisis
ey passed me to a debt collector.’ tion. ‘What a difference when for the tax year 2009-10. incorrect details on file.
44 MoneyMail: SAVE IT

Page 44 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Isa transfer BEST BUYS: Variable rate savings accounts — easy access
Provider Contact Account Guarantee Compensation Minimum Before After After

times to be IN THE HIGH STREET

Halifax 0845 726 3646 Guaranteed Saver Reward one year

20% tax
40% tax

cut by half
NEW Isa transfer guidelines from HM
Northern Rock
Leeds BS
Skipton BS
0845 600 4466
0845 054 0995
0845 717 1777
Branch Saver 3
Albion Saver
Branch Access
Revenue & Customs came into effect TELEPHONE (T) and POSTAL (P) ACCOUNTS
this month. The time to transfer funds ING Direct (b) 0800 376 8877 Direct Savings (T) for 12 months Dutch 1 2.70 2.16 1.62
from one account to another has been Sainsbury’s Bank 0500 405 060 Easy Saver (T) no own 1 2.30 1.84 1.20
cut from 30 to 15 working days.
Once you put in your request to your Skipton BS 0845 850 1722 Telephone Saver no shared 10,000 2.00 1.60 1.20
new bank or building society: NS&I 0500 007 007 Direct Saver (T) no govt 1 1.75 1.40 1.05
 THEY have five business days to send INTERNET ACCOUNTS
instructions to your old manager; ING Direct (b) Direct Savings for 12 months Dutch 1 2.70 2.16 1.62
 YOUR old manager has another five
business days to send the cash; Skipton BS My Saving to Jan 2012 shared 1 2.50 2.00 1.50
 YOUR new manager has three Northern Rock E-Saver 3 no own 250 2.50 2.00 1.50
business days to credit the cash to your Barnsley BS Online Saver no shared 1 2.50 2.00 1.50
new Isa account; Intelligent Finance iSaver no shared 1 2.49 1.99 1.49
 THE other two days allow for first-
class postage between managers. CASH ISAS: Branch (B), telephone (T), Postal (P) and Internet (Int)
Three large Isa providers have pledged Santander (a) 0800 234 6065 Flexible Isa 3 (B/T/Int) one year shared 1 2.85 2.85 2.85
to give savers a better deal on transfers. Halifax 0845 726 3646 Isa Direct Reward (T/Int/B) no shared 1 2.80 2.80 2.80
Nationwide, Halifax and Bank of Scotland
now pay the rate of offer when you apply NS&I (a) 0500 007 007 Direct Isa (Int/T) no govt 100 2.50 2.50 2.50
to switch your existing Isas. Northern Rock 0845 600 4466 Easy ISA (B) no own 1 2.50 2.50 2.50
Before, you would not benefit from this Intelligent Finance 0845 609 4343 Cash Isa (T/Int) no shared 1 2.50 2.50 2.50
higher rate until your money turned up FOR PENSIONERS IN THE HIGH STREET
with your new provider. How much you
benefit depends on the amount you Leeds BS 0845 050 5075 Flexible Freedom to Sept 2010 own 500 2.00 1.60 1.20
have in your account. An annual rate of Skipton BS 0845 850 1722 Pension Plus no shared 500 1.45 1.16 0.87
2.5 pc paid for 15 days on £1,000 works Norwich & Peterborough BS 0845 300 2511 50-Plus Savings no own 5,000 1.00 0.80 0.60
out at £1. On £50,000, it’s a more
significant £50. BONUS ACCOUNTS BONUS
Bank of Scotland and Halifax (both part Post Office Online Saver 1.25% pt for 1 yr own 1 2.90 2.32 1.74
of Lloyds Banking Group) pay a tax-free Principality BS e-ISA 1% pt for 1 yr own 1 2.80 2.80 2.80
2.8 pc on cash Isa money through Halifax BM Savings 0845 602 2828 ISA Extra (T/Int) 1% pt for 15mths shared 1 2.70 2.70 2.70
Isa Direct Reward. After a year, the rate
drops to the standard rate of 0.5 pc. C&G 0845 602 0022 Cash Isa (B/T) 1.7% pt for 1yr shared 1 2.70 2.70 2.70
Savers opening a Nationwide E-Isa Northern Rock (c) 0845 600 4466 Save Up (P) 1.5% pt for 1 yr own 1 2.60 2.08 1.56
from December ten also earn 2.8 pc, AA Savings Internet Extra 4 (Int) 2.1% pt for 1yr shared 1 2.60 2.08 1.56
including a 1.05 percentage point bonus BM Savings 0845 602 2828 Telephone Extra 3 (T) 2.1% pt for 1 yr shared 1 2.60 2.08 1.56
paid until December 31, 2011. To open its
Isa, you need a card-based account. Santander 0800 389 9875 Instant Access 3 (B/T) 1.5% pt for 1 yr shared 1,000 2.50 2.00 1.50
If you opened an account before then, KEY: (a) No transfers from other providers. (b) New savers only. (c) Maximum one withdrawal a month.
you earn 2.75 pc — including a bonus, TABLE COMPILED BY SYLVIA MORRIS. See for savings updates.
which expires on June 30. To find out which banks and building societies share a licence, go to or call 0845 606 12340.

. ( %/ 5(,(6,((, . 6 %/ 5(,(6,(6, . 5 %/ 5(,(6,(5, .  %/ 5(,(6,(, .  %/ 5(,(6,(,  /4%/
'. %%7# -7"8#%4 4 % "##7/4.4/ 9!4 4! "%4./4 .4 9'7#  " "%4./4 9/ )" %  ! ;., !
.'// .4 "/ 4! .4 );# '. 74"'% ' 4:, %4./4 )" %%7##;, '%4!#; ')4"'% 8"##, 7## 4"#/ '%
.-7/4, '%44 ;'7. /.8" ).'8". '. 4"#/ ' ## !. / / 4!/ 8.;, ' $"%4"%  -7#"4; /.8" ##/ 4' %
.'$ 4! '"4; $;  $'%"4'. % .'., !"/ "/ %'4  # ##; "%"% '., %'.$4"'% '..4 4 4"$ ' '"%
4' ).// <1,<(,6<((, 4.'7  9"%'% 7"#"% '"4; % 4.'7  9"%'% . 4."% %$/ ' '8%4.; 7"#"%
'"4;,  "/4.  '%'$" '7/ ': & " ! 4.4 '8%4.; ( 
, '8%4.; 7"#"% '"4; "/
74!'."/ % . 7#4 ; 4! "%%"# .8"/ 74!'."4; * . "/4.4"'% %7$. (<&6+ 6<(<2//2<0

;BÝ\Œ ï¨æÏ
ÏBÝo ƒÏ¨í
~½õõ ¼
½ä~¼ ½~õ ¼

=oBÏ ¯ =oBÏ ä =oBÏ ß =oBÏ  =oBÏ ~

## .4/ . 2.'// ),,

3%0 %"


## 7/ '%
õt~ ¯ääפäØ
))#; '%#"% 4
. )') "%4' ;'7. #'# .%!

4.'7  9"%'% "/  4."% %$ ' '8%4.; 7"#"% '"4;
MoneyMail: SAVE ITPage45

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 45

Why now is the time

to boost your income


By Sylvia Morris

SAVERS lose hundreds of

Bonus Saver, CashBuilder,
Instant Access.
pounds every year by
THESE accounts pay 80p NATWEST: PEDRO PALACIOS, 34, from
leaving their money in the interest or less a year after tax Woking, switched his cash
wrong account. The worst D i a m o n d R e s e r ve , F i r s t
on each £1,000 of savings: Reserve, S avings Direct, Isa to Halifax Isa Direct
pay just £4 interest a year Telephone Saver PLUS. Reward after five years with
after tax on every £10,000. BARCLAYS: HSBC.
But you could boost this to £232 30-Day S avings, 60 Day RBS: He noticed he earned just
by switching to a top account and Savings, Active Savings, Bonus 3 0 -D ay S av i n g s , 6 0 -D ay 0.1 pc with HSBC and now
still have easy access to your Saver, Day to Day Savings, Savings, Gold Deposit, Instant earns 2.8 pc — or £27 a year
money. Easy Saver, e-Savings, Flexible Access Savings, Postal Plus,
January is the ideal time to move more tax-free interest for
Savings, Instant Cash, Postal Savings Account, Telephone
your money. Many of the best Savings, Savings Builder, every £1,000.
accounts are boosted by bonus Saver. Pedro, a software engineer,
Savings Reserve, Tracker
interest that lasts for a year. These Savings. SANTANDER: says: ‘I did not notice
bonuses can be as large as 2.5 pc, B r a n c h S av e r, E S av e r, immediately the rate had
but once they drop off you are BRITANNIA: F l e x i b l e S ave r, F l e x i b l e dropped but when I did, I
back to earning a pittance. Flexible Savings. moved it straight away.’
If you make it a New Year’s Passbook Saver, Instant Saver,
Instant Access, Postal After a year, the rate on the
resolution to move your savings C&G: Halifax accounts drops to its
every January, then you can avoid 90-Day Account, Branch 10, Account, Postal Notice, 50
the pitfalls of forgetting when the Plus Saver. Isa Direct rate, currently 0.5 pc,
Direct 30, Direct Transfer, so he will have to move his
bonus ends and you won’t be Instant Transfer, Investment
caught in a low-paying account. money again.
First, use your cash Isa
Account, London Account,
Tracker, Young Investor.
allowance. Isas pay tax-free THESE pay £1 a year interest
interest, whereas other accounts HALIFAX: o r l e s s o n e a c h £ 1 ,0 0 0
have 20 pc tax deducted.
It is a common mistake to
60-Day Gold, Extra Income
Saver, Instant Saver, Liquid

believe cash Isas lock your money BARCLAYS:
away. In fact, most give you easy Gold, Saver Reward, Web
Saver. Cash Isa.
access, which is why they should

" (
be the first port of call for your HSBC: C&G:
savings. You can put in £5,100 this Flexible Saver, Instant Access Cash Isa (taken out before
tax year, which ends on April 5. March 8, 2010).
Savings, Premier Savings.

The best Isas LLOYDS TSB:
90-Day Notice, Easy Saver,
Isa Saver.
THE best deal for new money is
E-savings, Exclusive Saver,
Santander Flexible Isa 3, paying
Flexible Savings, Instant
&  %!
2.85 pc, which is available in the 60-Day Isa.
High Street or over the telephone. Access Saver, Instant Gold #! 
But you cannot transfer money to Savings, Internet Saver, Online SANTANDER:
this account from other Isas. Saver, No Notice Saver, Regular Easy Isa, Instant Access Isa,
The best deals that take new Savings, Reward Saver. Postal Isa 1 and 2, Remote Isa.
money or transfers are:
Halifax Isa Direct Reward, an
internet and phone -based
account that pays 2.8 pc for the
(2.7 pc) fixed for a year, while BM
Telephone Extra 3 pays 2.08 pc
Beware of pitfalls
  '# &!       !
first year. The bank promises to (2.6 pc), including a bonus of 2.1 SOME banks give you warning of
pay this from the day it receives percentage points before tax or the impending fall when the bonus # %! #   !  $
your application. 1.68 points after tax. drops off, but others don’t. Nor do
they have to print the rate you $ / (.5 & &7.   (.&# / 9-"" (; ;&7 $5./5 9 " ;&7.   7$/ .  $
Cheltenham & Gloucester In the High Street, Northern
Cash Isa, a High Street account earn on your annual statement. 5.$/..,  5 " :    .5 9. ;&7-"" 5
Rock Branch Saver 3 offers
paying 2.7 pc including a 12- 1.52 pc (1.9 pc) and there is no From early next year, they will
have to spell out the rate on your  6,<+  5:. 8. " $5./5 &. '6 #&$5/ &$ "$/ .&# 4',
month b o n u s . Wi t h o u t t h e bonus to worry about. Santander
bonus it pays 1 pc. Instant Access Saver 3 pays 2 pc cash Isa statement — but not on    5: . 8. " &. '6 #&$5/ &. &7. 7..$5 &7$5 7/5&#./,
Once you’ve used your cash Isa taxable savings accounts.
(2.5 pc) including a one -year  ;&7 (; 4'<<< &. #&. $5& ;&7. 7..$5 &7$5 9 5 7/  #&$5 &. 8 $
allowance, then you’ll need to find Peter Vicary-Smith, Which? chief
bonus. Halifax pays 1.6 pc (2 pc) executive, says: ‘Banks are "5 #5 9. 7..$5 &7$5 ;&7-"" 5   . .5 &$ ;&7.
a taxable savings account that to new savers, but as little as
offers a good interest rate. depriving British savers of    .5 9. /  5$! ;&7,
0.08 pc (0.1 pc) to those who have £12 billion a year by keeping us in
stuck with it.  $ 7$" # 5 $7#. & 9 5.9"/  75 .##. 5& !( ;&7. "$
A good savings account Last year, there were no fewer
the dark about the pitiful interest
paid on hundreds of savings &8 4',
TOP deals include the Post than 63 variable-rate cash Isas accounts. People can add hun-
launched, says data analyst  $" # 5 (&/ 5/ 7( 5& 5 /   ""&9$ & 4'<< ("7/ (.8 &7/
Office’s internet-based Online dreds of pounds a year to their
Defaqto. There were also 50-plus ;./- /  / 5.$/.. $,
Saver at 2.32 pc (2.9 pc). Those savings by moving their money.’
who have been in the account new variable -rate taxable Kevin Mountford, head of  $ ;&7. /8 $/ &$" $ 620 &. ; (&$ $ #!
more than a year can earn 1.32 pc accounts. They pay for these savings at Moneysupermarket. (&/ 5/ $ .$,
(1.6 pc). launches by giving derisory rates com, adds: ‘When the rates drop
Also available online are to the mugs who stay put. off, banks hope you don’t notice.   / &. / 8 "" 5& $9 $ : /5 $ 7/5&#./,
Norwich & Peterborough E-Saver Consumer champion Which? The use of bonuses to boost the
says almost nine out of ten initial rate is much more  5. '6 #&$5/ )$  7. $ 5  ./5 '6 #&$5/ ;&7.
4, paying 2.24 pc (2.8 pc) and AA
Internet Extra, 2.08 pc (2.6 pc). accounts available six years ago widespread.’ "$ ""/ "&9 4'* 5 /5$. " :  
All include a one-year bonus. If pay 0.4 pc (0.5 pc) at best, but Find out more top rates at www. 8.  .5 &7$5 &$ 5 &$/ 9 "" ((";
you prefer a phone -based with a shocking three in five it’s  7..$5"; <,<+  ,
account, ING Direct pays 2.16 pc 0.08 pc (0.1 pc) or less.
&. 7"" 5 "/ & &7.  
.&# / 5& &($ $   &. 5.$/. 5&;

Shamed C&G raises rates for children "" < 1<'''0

 $/ &($ &$; 5& . ; #  (# 57.; #  1(# $ 7$;7$;
%#  (# 8 / 5 999," :,&,7!2 .9. &. ..$  .8 9 $ .$
C&G has raised the interest rate it pays to children By Sylvia Morris
to 2 pc before tax.
The move came less than three weeks after   ' ! !     $ %  "((
which was kept afloat by a massive injection of
Money Mail lambasted the bank for paying a paltry taxpayers’ cash — was paying more to adults than @$'' <+ $)$@$?'6 A"+ 5 56$)< $) <"  +5 <B -?5-+66 ! ,8 +5 +@51 "$6 $6 )+<  6<&"+'5 1 B#5 $)<56< -$ ))?''C
0.05 pc on its Young Investor account. +) <" -5$' ) < <" ) + <" A5 -5$+1 A5 $)<56< 5< --'$6 +5 ,> (+)<"6 5+( <" < A 5$@ C+?5 $56< -+6$< -5+@$
to children. C+? -C $) < '6< ;, A$<"$) 8D C6 + +?)< +-)$)! ) &- $) < '6< ;, <"5+?!"+?< <" 5A5 -5$+1
$)$(?( A$<"5A' $6 ;,D1 )C
It meant children in the account, available The new rate means youngsters will now earn £2 (+)C <&) +?< 5?6 <" <+<' ') C+? ) "$@ < <" ) + <" <B C51  C+? 5 <5)655$)! ?)6 5+( ) B$6<$)!  ()!5
through Lloyds TSB branches in the High Street, <5)655 ?)6 (?6<  5$@ A$<"$) 8D C6 + <" < C+? +-) C+?5 +?)< $) +55 <+ 3?'$C +5 <" 5A5 $)<56< 5< .?)'66 <"
per £100 invested. This puts it comfortably among ($)$(?( ') + ;, "6 '5C ) (</1  A+)4< "5! C+? <+ <5)65 C+?5  <+ '$B "+A@5 C+?5 ?55)<  -5+@$5 (C (&
earned just 5p interest last year on each £100 in the best buys in a list of larger providers in the High ($)$6<5<$+) "5!6 +5 6?--'C$)! $)+5(<$+) +5 <5)655$)! <" (+)C1 '6 "& <"$6 A$<" <"(1 $<$+)' D1>D0 9!5+66 - $B
their account. +5 ,> (+)<"6 '?'< ) -$ 6-5<'C <5 <" ) + <" ,> (+)<" 5A5 -5$+1 ?55)< +?)<6 @$'' 6?%< <+ 6<<?6 <+ 
Street. Rival Halifax Save4It pays just 1.05 pc and 56$)<6 ! ,21 + 3?'$C +5 <" $<$+)' $)<56< %?6< -C ;,DDD $)<+ C+?5 ?55)< +?)< " ')5 (+)<" +5  ) '<$(< A5
But while it paid peanuts to youngsters, the Nationwide’s Start 0.75 pc. ?55)< +?)< ?6<+(51 5 B'?6 )& + +<') 'B$' ) 'B$' '?6 ?55)< +?)<6 ) )& + +<') ?55)C +?)<
) $6 +)'C @$'' <+ -56+)' )&$)! ?6<+(561 +5 )C (+)<" C+? +)4< -C < '6< ;,DDD +5 (+5 $)<+ C+?5 ?55)< +?)< .+5 $ C+? +)4<
bank had agreed a pay-and-perks package Crucially, C&G has promised to pay the higher "@ ) '<$(< A5 ?55)< +?)</ <") <" $)<56< +) C+?5 6@$)!6 +?)< A$''  -$ < <" 6<)5 @5$' 5< --'$' <+ <"<
potentially worth more than £8 million a year rate to those already in the account. Many banks +?)< +5 <"< (+)<"1   ))?' 3?$@')< < ) 6"+A6 5< $ $)<56< A6 -$ ) +(-+?) " C51 B 5 $6 <" +)<5<?'
5< + $)<56< -C' A"5 $)<56< $6 B(-< 5+( $)+( <B1 '' $)+5(<$+) +55< 6 < ,6< )?5C >D,,1 <6 ) ")! < )C <$( )
to new chief- executive Antonio Horta-Osório. save their best deals for new customers and C+? 6"+?' "& <" ?55)< $)<56< 5< +5 --'C$)! +5 <" +?)<1  C+? "@  "5$)! +5 6-" $(-$5()< +)<< ?6 ?6$)! B<-"+)
We highlighted how C&G — the savings and ignore existing savers. +) D 7 => = =8 .'$)6 +-) *(#-( 7 C6  A&/1  (C (+)$<+5 ) 5+5 ''61 '$B $6  $@$6$+) + )& + +<') -'1 !$6<5
$) +<') +1 =>7DDD1 !$6<5 $ "
+?) $)?5!" , ,1 ?<"+5$6 ) 5!?'< C <" $))$' 5@$6 ?<"+5$<C1
mortgages arm of the giant Lloyds Banking Group,
46 MoneyMail: BORROW IT

Page 46 Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mortgage fees BEST BUYS: Mortgages and credit cards

MORTGAGES Contact Rate Details Max loan Fee Monthly payments Total cost*

slashed in the TWO-YEAR FIXES

Woolwich from Barlcays
Hanley Economic BS
0845 606 6566
01782 255000
to 28/2/13
to 31/1/13

January sales Yorkshire BS

First Direct
0845 120 0874

0845 610 0100


to 31/1/13

for 5 years




HSBC has scrapped fees on its tracker Skipton BS 0845 717 1777 4.08 to 31/12/15 75 995 799 48,961
mortgages as banks slash costs in new Barnsley BS 0845 120 0100 5.29 to 31/1/16 85 199 903 55,215
year sales. It is offering a best-buy life-
time tracker at 1.79 percentage points BASE-RATE TRACKERS
above base — giving a current rate of First Direct 0845 610 0100 2.19 Base + 1.69% for 2 years 65 99 650 15,693
2.29 pc — for those with 40 pc deposit Chelsea BS 0800 169 0033 2.59 Base + 2.09% to 28/2/13 75 495 680 16,809
or equity.
On a typical £150,000 mortgage, this Nottingham BS 0115 956 4704 3.79 Base + 3.29% for 2 years 85 995 775 19,583
would mean current monthly CREDIT CARDS
repayments of £657. All trackers are Introductory Introductory balance Standard
arrangement fee-free until February 6.
However, not all new year offers from Contact purchase rate % Until transfer rate % pa Until Transfer fee purchase % APR
banks are worth snapping up. Halifax Tesco Bank Clubcard MasterCard 0800 406050 0 1st 13 mths 0 1st 9 mths 2.9% 16.9 (a)
has launched a fee-free new first-time Sainsbury’s MasterCard for Nectar Card 0800 032 1365 0 1st 12 mths 0 1st 12 mths 3% 15.9 (a)
buyer mortgage — a two-year fixed rate
at 5.79 pc — for those with a 10 pc Barclaycard Platinum with Purchase Visa 0844 811 9151 0 1st 12 mths 0 1st 12 mths 2.9% 18.9
deposit. Borrowers must have a current Barclaycard Platinum Balance Transfer Visa 0844 811 9151 0 1st 3 mths 0 1st 17 mths 2.9% 16.9
account to qualify for the rate. MBNA Platinum 16 Month Visa 0800 068 8788 - 1st 3 mths 0 1st 16 mths 2.88% 16.7
But a better deal can be found with Barclaycard Platinum Simplicity Visa 0844 811 9151 - - - - 0% 6.8
HSBC, which offers 4.99 pc for two
years with a £99 fee. Monthly The Co-operative Bank Platinum Tracker Visa 0845 600 6000 0.5% 1st 6 mths 0.5 1st 6 mths 0% 7.7
repayments would be £876, compared Source: (11.1.11) a = rate is typical and dependent on credit scoring * True cost of £150,000 repayment remortgage over offer period including product fees, valuation fee and £500 legal fees. Mortgage
with £947 with Halifax. products shown include a range of maximum loan to value (LTV) limits; other products with similar true costs may be available at the same or different maximum LTVs

Why half of
us won’t get
the cheapest
card deals
NEARLY half of all borrowers who
apply for credit cards and loans from
By Liz Phillips
next month could be charged more
than the advertised interest rate. this and other changes in the code
Britain has been forced to bring in will benefit consumers to the tune
new consumer protection rules laid of £533 million. Britain’s 30 million
down by the EU, which actually make credit card users will also see other
life tougher for borrowers. changes. Credit limits cannot be
Currently, card companies and increased without warning, as
lenders must make the rate they customers will be given a new 30-day
advertise available to at least two- notice period and easy opt-out.
thirds of applicants. But from And those struggling to pay their
February 1, when the Consumer bills will not be offered unsolicited
Credit Directive is implemented, it limit increases.
has to apply to only 51 pc. Higher To ward off calls for an increase in
rates are given to borrowers that minimum payments, the card com-
lenders consider to be higher risk. panies have promised to contact
Vera Cottrell, policy adviser at those who repeatedly pay the mini-
consumer group Which?, says: ‘This mum to explain how expensive it is.
is a backward step. Fewer consum- Issuers must also give 60 days’ notice
ers will be guaranteed to get the rate before increasing interest rates.
advertised. But there’s nothing we A n d u n d e r t h e n e w E U l a w,
could do about it because it was borrowers will have a 14-day
agreed at EU level.’ cooling-off period to can-
With only a one in two
chance of getting the rate Cash cel store cards, credit
cards and other loans if
applied for, there will be
more disgruntled
stash they were taken out in
a shop, bank or lend-
er’s premises.
Alex Higgs, of Britons have When newlywed Han-, says: nah Maundrell, 26,
‘There’s going to be £7 billion in cash in applied for a credit
a lot more people wallets, purses and card to use on honey-
getting a nasty surprise. moon in Mauritius, she
And it’s not easy to go piggy banks in
was shocked to find she
elsewhere, as several their homes would be charged almost
searches showing on your double the advertised rate.
credit file will damage your Hannah, who married Andre
credit record.’ Hodges, 25, from Cirencester, in
Borrowers who make several appli- October, wanted the Halifax Clarity
cations — even if they do not take credit card because it doesn’t charge
the card or loan — are more likely to extra for use abroad and has no cash
be turned down or offered an even withdrawal fee.
higher interest rate. Best of all, it advertises a low typi-
Comparison websites have credit cal rate of just 12.9 pc.
checkers that give you an idea of But when it came through, she
your credit rating without it showing found her interest rate was 21.9 pc.
up on your credit record. Ha n n a h s a y s : ‘ I m a n a g e m y
However, it is not all bad news for finances very carefully and have no
borrowers. outstanding debts, so I’m a good
Under the new Lending Code, credit risk.
payments made on your credit card ‘I’ve never had any problems. I
bill now go towards reducing the can’t understand why I was given
highest-cost debt first. such a significantly higher rate than
In the past, most lenders reduced the one advertised.’
your cheapest debt first. So those A spokesman for Halifax says: ‘We
with an interest-free balance made the decision based on our
would see this paid off, while risk-based pricing process, which
purchases and cash withdrawals allows us to price accurately for
continued to be charged interest risk and a borrower’s individual
as high as 30 pc. circumstances.’
The UK Cards Association reckons
MoneyMail: ADVICEPage47

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 47

My car ferry

Illustration: ANDY WARD

Dear Margaret
IN NOVEMBER 2008 I took the car ferry from to get my no claims discount re-instated, and must refund the money and sort out
Plymouth to Santander, northern Spain. As there is still the outstanding matter of the £250 the problem. However, your payments
instructed, I left my car in gear with the excess that Groupama said they would recover were made by standing order (SO),
for me, through the courts if necessary. not direct debit.
handbrake on.
During the overnight crossing, a Freelander car Your money M.T.P., London.
In this case, it is up to you to tell
your bank to stop the payments,
broke loose, striking the cars in front and behind
it. This ricocheting pushed another car into mine,
problems solved ... WHAT a complicated case this turned out to
be — as indicated by the different accounts
which you say you did. And it is up to
them to act on your instructions.
and updates you have received over the two So what went wrong? Lloyds TSB’s
causing damage to my offside front wing. intervening years. says it can find no evidence the
The second captain’s investigation came to the this and the insurance details of the three other The current state of play and, indeed, the standing order was cancelled.
conclusion that the Freelander’s handbrake had vehicles involved to my insurers, Groupama. heart of the matter, is the fact the driver of the It seems you had run down funds in
not been securely applied, nor had the car been They dealt with the damage to the car Freelander vehicle appears to have vanished. that account, as no further payments
left in gear, and gave us the written report. I sent satisfactorily. But, two years on, I am still waiting He apparently was moving to Spain and his were needed. But once the account
UK car insurance had been cancelled was in credit, the bank made up what
from the ill-fated date of departure. it believed were missing payments.
This doesn’t square with the letter you Lloyds TSB says it was getting ready
received from Groupama in July last to resolve your potential dispute with
year, which states the Freelander driver your former landlord by providing
was disputing liability and blaming the details and documentation relating to
ferry company, as he had followed the the payments in question.
instructions for securing his vehicle. In the process, it double-checked
It seems fairly obvious Groupama your account and discovered the
isn’t going to track down this driver to landlord has now reimbursed you.
obtain redress from him via the courts; That’s good news, and so is the
he didn’t have insurance in place, so decision of Lloyds TSB to waive the
they can’t get the money, including £75 charges you incurred due to this
your excess, from his non-existent (at mix-up.
that point) insurer.
However, it is equally obvious you TWO years ago, I had to visit
were a totally innocent participant in Birmingham for the day. As I had
this damaging dance — and entitled to recently undergone surgery, I booked a
the full support of your insurance com- room for day use at the Travelodge
pany. Instead, you have spent two costing £68.65 using my Smile credit
years chasing Groupama, have been
financially penalised by the loss of your card. But when I checked my card
no claims discount and had to stump statement, I discovered that a further
up the £250 excess charge. £160 had been debited for the same
Yes, it was a complicated case, but I night.
think Groupama could have accepted I have been trying for nearly two
earlier it was going nowhere in its years to discuss this with Travelodge,
pursuit of the guilty driver. but no one ever comes back to me.
It now has. The outcome is that it is
recording the incident as a non-fault I did get one email reply saying they
accident and reinstating your no could not trace the credit card; and
claims discount forthwith. my bank says that, as it happened
And although not technically such a long time ago, they cannot
responsible for the excess, it is going help with a refund.
to reimburse the £250. I have let the matter slide because I
IN JUNE I moved home and thought I have been very ill, but it is my money
had cancelled my Lloyds TSB monthly and I think I deserve an answer.
Ms B.D., Oxford.
direct debit payments of £170 to my
former landlord. But the bank did not SO DO I. And, when I contacted them,
follow my instructions and made two so did Travelodge, which agreed within
24 hours that you should be refunded
further payments of £170 apiece to my the £160 for the phantom booking.
ex-landlord. I haven’t got a full explanation,
The bank manager says it cannot because Travelodge itself cannot
refund the money and that I must explain what went wrong. Apparently,
contact my former landlord if I wish to there was some difficulty in tracking
get my money back. Now the bank you and your card reference down.
refuses to reply or listen to my phone I suspect part of the problems may
calls about this. Can you advise me how be because you did not stay overnight
and used the room only during the
to reclaim my £340. day. And it is probably significant that
L.L., Penrith. Travelodge has changed its systems
FIRST things first. If there is a dispute in the meantime. But everything is
with a direct debit, then your bank satisfactory now.


YOU mentioned in Money Mail recently might be eligible for a refund on the
that the state pension will be increased PPI premiums and interest.
by the retail prices index next April. Claims management companies
I thought the Government had such as these will take a large slice of
any payout as their fee. But you can
announced the pension is increasing in get a payout for free yourself. Make
line with the lower consumer prices an official complaint to Halifax and, if
index. Could you explain please? it rejects you, take your case to the
A.S., Tamworth. Financial Ombudsman Service,
CPI will be used for state pension which is free and independent.
increases from April 2012. In the June
Budget, the Government announced a IN 1989, I took out two 25-year
new ‘triple lock’ system — which means endowment policies with Legal &
your state pension will increase by the General to cover my mortgage. I
highest of earnings, inflation or 2.5 pc. stopped paying the premiums in 1992,
But for April 2011, RPI will still be used. but now want to cash them in. Legal &
General says it has no record of them.
I HAVE been approached by a company J.U., Bristol.
which says I am owed about £200 by
Halifax after I was mis-sold a loan. The LEGAL & General says you cashed
them in in 1993. It wrote both to you
person I spoke to had all my details. and your lender at the time, Britannia
Should I agree to them trying to claim BS, which held the policy details and
money from the Halifax? sent you a cheque for £734.27.
P.G., London. Insurance companies are only
THE company is probably saying you required to keep records on file for six
were mis-sold payment protection years after a policy is cashed in — but
insurance (PPI) alongside the loan and Legal & General kept them for longer.

÷WRITE to Dear Margaret, Money separate note addressed to the send original documents as we
Mail, Northcliffe House, London W8 offending organisation giving them cannot take responsibility for them.
5TT or email m.stone@dailymail. permission to talk to Margaret No legal responsibility can be — please include your daytime Stone. We regret we cannot reply accepted by the Daily Mail for
phone number, postal address and a to individual letters. Please do not answers given.
48 MoneyMail: NEWS
Page 48 
Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Exposed: How


By James Salmon

MILLIONS of consumers risk

banks con you

being herded into the wrong
investments because banks and
insurance companies skew the
questions they ask, the City
watchdog has revealed.
Questionnaires designed to discover
how much risk customers are happy to

into gambling
take are often deeply flawed and can
lead to cautious customers being
misled into taking huge gambles with
their money.
Any customer meeting a bank or
insurance company adviser faces a
standard series of questions put by the
salesmen. But these are so slanted and
misleading that many cautious savers

your savings
have their money gambled in high-risk
investments, which pay huge commission
and charges to the adviser.
In a damning paper, the Financial
Services Authority revealed that the
vast majority of questionnaires it
analysed had weaknesses which could
lead to unsuitable advice. The answers RETIRED couple John and Janet
customers give to these OFAIL to spot low-risk customers sold risky funds by Barclays McCartney were advised by
unsuitable because the investment
questions put by advisers are who should leave their money salesmen. Investors saw up to half Barclays in the summer of 2007
selection failed to match the
used to determine where their in cash. of their money wiped out. Many t o i nve s t £ 2 2 5,0 0 0 — t h e
customer’s risk profile.
money is invested and how much The FSA has refused to complained that the answers they proceeds from the sale of their
Justin Urquhart Stewart,

It’s a
risk they take. name and shame the gave to the bank’s salesmen were
The FSA says they often:
marketing director of house and business — into the
guilty firms, but a Seven Investment not reflected in the investments high-risk Aviva Global Balanced
ODON’T consider how much
spokesman says: ‘The Management, says: they were recommended. Income fund. But 18 months later
customers can afford to lose; level of failure in this ‘These questionnaires A Barclays spokesman says:
OASK them to pick a number more than £120,000 had been
area is unacceptable. are face-saving ‘The FSA discussed risk-profiling
between one and ten to decide with us last year, but has made no wiped off their nest egg — they
The high number of More than half of exercises geared
how much risk they want to take; unsuitable investment direct comment on our process. got their money back via the
towards making
children aged five savers
OUSE poor, vague question and selections we see in take out stand- ‘Our profile tool is highly Financial Ombudsman.
answer options and interpret pensions and invest- to nine own a ard investment rigorous and the questions cannot Mr McCartney, 64, remembers
answers as they see fit; ment markets is still a mobile phone products rather than be manipulated provided the the questionnaire: ‘We made it
OFAIL to understand the risk of significant concern.’ determining their real customer answers them clear we could not afford to lose
the investment or choose The FSA’s investigation attitude to risk.’ honestly.’ our capital. It seemed to be an
unsuitable investments, even said that of 366 cases it found Two years ago, Money Mail Questions to ask before you exercise designed to make us
when they have got the risk right; to be unsuitable between March reported how thousands of cautious i n v e s t a t w w w. t h i s i s m o n e y. invest money rather than reflect
OGIVE too much weighting to cer- 2008 and September 2010, more savers — many of them pensioners our real attitude to risk.’
tain answers and ignore others; than half were deemed to be or approaching retirement — were

lied over



ÒÒ ¶ Ø

  . ؼ
ΧÒÒ ¶¼@
Which? has called for an
investigation into insur-
ance giant Aviva, after a
high-profile TV advert
claiming it could boost
pension income was
banned for ‘misleading’
The ad, starring come-
dian Paul Whitehouse,
claimed Aviva offered

7D 77 7A&+#7 B&=$ + ==6=&A A6&) &+=67= 6= B$&$
&+)@7  C 67= D6 -+@7 - E3E2 #6-773
s $--7 6-* D6)D &+=67= = ?3!!2 #6-77 :  -6 *-+=$)D &+=67=

pension incomes 20 pc
higher than its competi- = ?3!?2 #6-77 : ?3!!2 
tors in 22 pc of cases. In
fact, its pension rates s -@6 6= &7 #@6+= =-  +- )77 =$+ ?3EE2 )-B =$ +(
were tested against only
three out of nine major - +#)+ +( = 7@'= =-  *&+&*@* - E3?!2  + 
competitors. *C&*@* - 3EE2 
When compared with
all competitors, Aviva s A 6-* '@7= <. @/ =-  *C&*@* - <. *&))&-+ -6 $ @7=-*6
offered this 20 pc boost in
only 3 pc of cases. The
Advertising Standards
s 7D + -+A+&+= =- *+# D-@6 -@+= D =)/$-+


   Authority banned the
advert because ‘it had
not seen evidence that
s ( @+)&*&= /-7&=7 + B&=$6B)7 B&=$-@= +-=& /6&-7
-6 7
Aviva could get consum-
Y ¡ëmÒÜ zל Ú® ܧ Úã|ôaôôô ers up to 20 pc more
annuity income’. s $ /-7&= =(6 -6 =$&7 -@+= &7 &6*&+#$* &7$&673
Y ¼®|» u ¡§ ìÜŠdÎ@ì@–Ò §Î m@Ζî Z–§ÒåÎmÒ Aviva sold £1.7 billion
worth of individual
Y ¼Ö|» u ìÜŠdÎ@ì@–Ò ÒåP”mZÜ Ü§ ®rô d@îÒË ¡ÜmÎmÒÜ ¶m¡@–Üî annuities, the product
which pays pensions
 D-@ 6 !E -6 -A6 ))
income, in the third
quarter of 2010 — more
than in all 2009.
Now Which? is urging
!! ! 

&+7 6 -/+ ,*%!/* -+D =- =@6D 0C)@&+# +( -)&D71
œÜmd @ë@–@P–Üî¼ ¶¶–î ¡§ì` the City watchdog the

Financial Services
Authority to investigate.
-6 A&7&=      
Dominic Lindley, policy
    adviser at Which?, says:
‘It would be a serious
Ãå§Ü¡ ÎmzmÎm¡Zm ¡åœPmÎ ®Öôô concern if these mislead-
ing claims were being
§Î ëÒÜ î§åÎ –§Z@– PÎ@¡ZŠ used by the firm’s sales

Aviva says the ‘20 pc
boost’ claims were not $ # )/$-+ A6 &7 A&)) =-  67&+=7 # !E + -A63 =7 6 -66= 7 = ..:E.:?E..3 +=67= &7 )@)=
used in its sales processes. &)D + /& D6)D -+ =$ ++&A676D - =$ 67= /-7&= -6 *-+=$)D -+ =$ 67= D - $ *-+=$3 7  )&*&= &77@ =$&7 -@+=
3ËÒ ÞÎd –@΁mÒÜ P卖d¡ Ò§ZmÜî David Barral, chief oper-
ating officer at Aviva UK
*D +-=  A&)) = =$ =&* D-@ //)D3  7=+7 -6 ++@) 4@&A)+= = + &))@7=6=7 B$= =$ 6= - &+=67= B-@) 
& &+=67= B7 /& + -*/-@+ -+ $ D63 6-77 &7 =$ -+=6=@) 6= - &+=67= /D) -6 =$ @=&-+ -
&+-* =C = =$ 6= 7/&  D )B3 ))7 *D  *-+&=-6 + 6-6 -6 7@6&=D + =6&+&+# /@6/-773 &6*&+#$*
. ÒÜ@¡dÒ z§Î ¡¡å@– Ãåë@–m¡Ü .@Üm @¡d ––åÒÜÎ@ÜmÒ ìŠ@Ü ÜŠm ¡ÜmÎmÒÜ Î@Üm ì§å–d Pm z ¡ÜmÎmÒÜ ì@Ò ¶@d @¡d @ddmd m@ZŠ Life, says: ‘We should have &7$&67  &A&7&-+ - +( - -=)+ /) &7 @=$-6&7 -6 /=&+# /-7&=7 D =$ &++&) 6A&7 @=$-6&=D3 = &7 +=6 &+
îm@μ 1Šm Î§ÒÒ Î@Üm Ò ܊m Î@Üm ¶@î@P–m Pmz§Îm dmdåZ܍§¡ §z Ü@í¼ ¡ÜmÎmÒÜ ¶@d @¡¡å@––îa œ§¡ÜŠ–î §¶Ü§¡ @ë@–@P–m¼ 喖 dmÜ@–Ò made it clear we were =$ 57 #&7=6 + &=7 #&7=6 @*6 &7 .9,9?3 #&7=6 -  $ -@+ &+@6#$ . .3 0#&7=6 &+ -=)+
@ë@–@P–m §¡ ÎmÃåmÒܼ
§¡Ü@ZÜ î§åÎ ÒmÎëZm ¶Î§ëdmÎ z§Î dmÜ@–Ò §z Z@–– ZŠ@΁mÒ @Ò ÜŠmÒm ë@Îî¼ 1§ œ@¡Ü@¡ @ Ãå@–Üî ÒmÎëZma comparing our rates with -3 >?8EEE13 # 67-+) &++
&*&= &7 @=$-6&7 + 6#@)= D =$ &++&) 6A&7 @=$-6&=D3 # 67-+)
Z@––Ò ܧ @¡d zל ܊m /§ZmÜî œ@î Pm œ§¡Ü§Îmd @¡d ÎmZ§Îdmd¼ 1ŠÒ Ò ¡§Ü @ –m@––î P¡d¡ §zzmμ ¡z§Îœ@܍§¡ Z§ÎÎmZÜ @Ü Üœm &++
&*&= &7 6#&7=6 &+ +#)+ + )7 0-*/+D - >E?>",>1 + &7  B$-))D -B+ 7@7&&6D - # 6-@/
§z §¡ ܧ ¶ÎmÒÒ ®®¼ô®¼ãô®®¼
§ëm¡ÜÎî 卖d¡ /§ZmÜî¼ .mÒÜmÎmd #z{Zm` Z§¡§œZ §åÒma ,# §í £a Š /ÜÎmmÜa
§ëm¡ÜÎî those offered by savers’
&*&=3 #&7=6   +6--( 6( +#= -)(7=-+ += ?E > E.?9

8® |-!¼ ãô®®Ødm¶Øôôã¼ existing pensions firms.’

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Page 49

We need
more than
By Tony Hazell
IT CAME as little customer service at the
surprise to us at bottom of its list of
Money Mail that It has already pushed
TalkTalk won our the regulator to the limit
Wooden Spoon award of its patience and is
this year. facing the possibility of a
Complaints about its huge fine for harassing
shoddy customer service, customers with debt
its bullying attitude to collectors.
customers with whom it The obvious question is
has disputes and its awful why is it beyond the wit
call centres are a depress- of a telecoms firm to
ingly regular feature of communicate properly
our mailbag. with its customers? Is it
I personally experienced the will that is lacking —
its deceitful call centres or the technology?
when a sales person cold Part of the problem is
called in an attempt to that it has 20 different call
persuade me to swap to centres — many of them
another tariff. with employees lacking
He lied about my current the right levels of training
usage level in an attempt both in technical issues
to convince me that the and customer courtesy.
deal he was offering would Money Mail believes the
be cheaper. answer is simple. In the
When I asked for past, we have seen
written confirmation of Nationwide close its doors
what was on offer, he said to new cash Isa customers,
that was not possible as it knew it could not
and hung up! offer the right levels of
This is a minor niggle service.
compared with the horror And last year, British
stories which we receive Gas radically reformed its
on a daily basis. customer service after
We h e a r o f s e r v i c e s receiving our award.
promised but never Apologies are one thing,
delivered, phone or but now TalkTalk must
internet connections take action. This abject
being cut off for weeks on excuse for a telecoms
end and debt collectors company should not tout
set on people who have for new customers until it
never been customers or can deliver its current
who have merely tried to customers with the level
move to an alternative of service it has promised
phone supplier. and which they have a
TalkTalk has fallen into right to receive.
the trap of offering more And it must unilaterally
than it is able to deliver in call off debt collectors in
its headlong rush to every case until it has got
expand. its recovery process
It has been attempting working properly. It can
to run a phone company talk the TalkTalk, now it
on the cheap and putting must walk the WalkWalk.

Questionable motives
IT’S A technique well Services Authority appears
known to those who wish to be ready for a crackdown
to influence surveys: ask on these questionnaires,
the right questions and which are also used by
you will get the answers some independent financial
you want. advisers and insurance
This is what has been companies.
going on in banks for How many hundreds of
years. When they want to thousands — or possibly
flog something to their millions — of people have
customers, they take them been sold the wrong
through a questionnaire to investments on the back of
look at how much risk they them we may never know.
are prepared to take and Whatever the number, it
which investment would is vital that the FSA forces
be most appropriate. a change.
However, many of these But what many
questionnaires are so consumers should be ask-
skewed they will come up ing is why, with something
with the answer the bank so obvious, has it taken so
wants, rather than the one many years for the FSA to
that is right for their cus- investigate and act?
tomer. Now the Financial
Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011




Midsomer Murders, 8pm, ITV1 MICHEL ROUX’S SERVICE, 8PM, BBC2
THIS new episode of the perennial rural THERE’S no denying that the Jamie Oliver-style challenge —
detective drama is the last but one to star standard of food in British to train eight young people
John Nettles as that nice DCI Barnaby — he restaurants has risen from scratch to provide top-
will be handing over the reins to his
cousin, DCI John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon). dramatically in recent decades quality service. In two months’
It’s a typical Midsomer murder, occasioned — but can the same be said for time, the two best trainees will
by a row over plans to build a ‘monstrous standards of service? Michel be awarded scholarships to
carbuncle’ of a housing development on the Roux (pictured centre) doesn’t enable them to make careers
outskirts of the think so: service, he declares, is front-of-house in top
achingly pretty too often ‘surly and slapdash’ restaurants and hotels. His
village of Pelfe.
An impressive and can ruin the experience of novices, however, get off to a
line-up of guest eating out. In this series, he deeply unpromising start.
stars includes sets about trying to improve Perhaps they will improve in
Peter Egan and the situation by taking on a tomorrow’s second episode…
Hugo Speer.

FISHY Dawson (pictured), a chef who is passionate HARVEST TIME RETURN OF ZIVA
BUSINESS about ‘sustainable’ food and the Edwardian Farm, 9pm, BBC2 NCIS, 9pm, Ch5
Arthur’s Hell environment. He’s no fan of commercial IN THIS penultimate report from the AFTER last week’s high-impact seventh
On High Water, trawling, but here he goes to sea on a Edwardian farm, it’s July and time to season opener, things quieten down as
8pm, Ch4 trawler to find out about fishing from the harvest the cherries — if the rain ever stops Ziva rejoins the team. It’s a thoughtful
NO, IT’S not trawlermen’s point of view. Later, at 9pm, — and potatoes, with the help of the and emotionally charged reunion, with
Arthur Smith — Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall investigates wonderful Francis Mudge and keen local the case they are investigating (the murder
it’s Arthur Potts the problems with tinned tuna. children. There’s a charabanc outing, too. of a Marine at a bachelor party) rather

BB C 1 BB C 2 I T V 1 C HA N N E L 4
6.00 Breakfast 83188980 6.00 CBeebies: Harry and Toto (R) 3560386 6.00 Daybreak (HD) 584522 6.00 Yo Gabba Gabba (R) 8974299
9.15 Wanted Down Under 5524947 6.10 Everything’s Rosie (AD,R) 3551638 6.20 8.30 Lorraine 3709265 6.25 The Hoobs (AD,BSL,R) 2071270
10.00 Homes Under the Hammer Dirtgirlworld (R) 3564102 6.35 Jakers! (R) 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 2434980 7.15 Freshly Squeezed 60947
Properties in Tavistock, Wembley and 9529116 7.00 CBBC: Animals at Work (R) 10.30 This Morning 53096 7.45 Everybody Loves Raymond (R)
Swindon; BBC News; Weather 40454 7948096 7.25 Newsround 1766396 7.30 Dennis 12.30 Loose Women With TV presenter and Debra comes down with flu. 2262102
11.00 Saints and Scroungers Two benefit and Gnasher (R) 7268270 7.45 Eliot Kid (R); The DJ Alex Zane. 29015 8.10 Frasier (R) 6507522
abusers are exposed. 9705522 Owl (R) 7263725 8.00 Mission: 2110 (AD,R) 97299 1.30 News; Weather 56974218 8.40 According to Jim (R,HD) 8292102
11.45 To Buy or Not to Buy (R) Searching 8.30 CBeebies: LazyTown (R) 2815541 8.55 1.55 Regional News; Weather 34240706 9.10 Supernanny USA (R) 5509638
for the perfect property in Cannock Numberjacks (R); Octonauts: Creature 2.00 May the Best House Win Four 10.00 Doctor in Distress (1963) (PG) M
Chase, Staffordshire; BBC News; Reports 8273270 9.10 The Koala Brothers (R); homeowners in Leicester rate one FILM Amorous medic Simon Sparrow plays
Weather 414251 Dip Dap 7899386 9.25 Sesame Tree (R) 7887541 another’s properties, including a Cupid for pompous chief surgeon Sir
12.15 Bargain Hunt From Kedleston, 9.40 Big & Small (R) 3684522 9.55 Guess with cluttered farmhouse, a home full of Lancelot Spratt. Hospital comedy,
Derbyshire. 6465386 Jess (R) 5604562 10.05 Postman Pat (R) 1765251 brewery memorabilia and a Star Trek starring Dirk Bogarde. 38034
1.00 BBC News; Weather 64034 10.20 Pingu (R) 7301270 10.25 64 Zoo Lane (R) fan’s futuristic bachelor pad. 28744 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary 5100928
1.30 Regional News; Weather 97421928 1785015 10.40 Waybuloo (R) 1665639 11.00 In the 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal David 12.05 Three in a Bed (R) 2461473
1.45 Doctors (AD,HD) Mrs Tembe offers Night Garden (R) 3831 11.30 Daily Politics 94183 Dickinson and the team are in 12.35 Come Dine with Me Down Under (R)
support to a homesick Joshua. 784522 1.00 See Hear (BSL) The best moments of Nottingham, where David Ford Actor Bryan Wiseman hosts the first of
2.15 Cash in the Celebrity Attic Graham the 2010 series. With voiceover. 62676 splashes out on a Lalique bowl a week of dinner parties. 8710367
Bell tries to raise money for his 1.30 Live Snooker: The Masters Neil previously purchased for next to 1.05 Come Dine with Me Down Under (R)
selected charity. 5459657 Robertson v Stephen Hendry. Rishi nothing. 2102 Artist Mel Nahas hosts. 57301657
3.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News Persad presents coverage of the final 3.59 Regional Weather 4850170 1.35 Come Dine with Me Down Under (R)
1328454 day of first-round matches, which 4.00 Doc Martin (AD,R) Louisa’s chances of Rita Barb hosts a party. 56952096
3.05 CBBC: Deadly 60 (R) 9100218 gets under way with this encounter at promotion lie in Dr Ellingham’s hands, 2.05 Come Dine with Me Down Under (R)
3.35 Me and My Monsters (R,HD) 2489560 Wembley Arena. 550725 an infectious skin disease causes Veal roulade is on the menu. 5795305
4.00 Little Howard’s Big Question (R); 4.30 Pointless (R) Quiz show, in which problems at the school, and Bert runs 2.40 Come Dine with Me Down Under (R)
Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab: The contestants have to score the fewest the fish and chip shop in Mrs Cronk’s The final party of the week. 7326589
Experiments (R) 9705021 points possible. Last in series. 7184928 absence. 8909 3.10 Countdown Tim Vine guests. 4483541
4.25 MI High (R,HD); Diddy Dick & Dom (R) 5.15 Antiques Road Trip The antiques 5.00 The Chase (HD) Bradley Walsh 3.55 Deal or No Deal (AD) 7069015
Children’s fun. 5594909 experts travel from Chester to the presents as four contestants answer 5.00 Celebrity Five Go To The celebrities
5.00 Newsround 7354164 Wirral Peninsula. 5257893 general knowledge questions and have to do their own cleaning. 9865522
5.15 Weakest Link (HD) Anne Robinson 6.00 Eggheads (HD) Quiz show, hosted by work as a team to take on ruthless 5.55 Jamie’s Fish Supper 760034
piles on the pressure. 5259251 Jeremy Vine. 893 quiz genius the Chaser and secure a 6.00 The Simpsons Sideshow Bob vows to
6.00 BBC News; Weather 251 6.30 Great British Railway Journeys cash prize. 9657 kill his former boss Krusty. (AD,R) 589
6.30 Regional News Programmes; (AD,HD) Michael Portillo travels from 6.00 Regional News; Weather 947 6.30 Hollyoaks (AD,HD) Jason’s accident
Weather 831 Chester to Conwy. 473 6.30 News; Weather 299 exposes his self-harming problem. 541

7.00 The One Show (HD) Topical 7.00 Live Snooker: The Masters Shaun 7.00 Emmerdale (AD) Katie tells 7.00 Channel 4 News [349367]
magazine show. [5218] Murphy v Jamie Cope. Hazel Irvine Henshall she is not ready for a 7.55 Caren Pickering Hope
7.30 Rip Off Britain (R) Angela Rippon, presents coverage of the final relationship. [9706] was raised a Christian but has been
Gloria Hunniford and Jennie Bond match in the first round at Wembley 7.30 The Unforgettable Pat Phoenix practising Scientology since the age
tackle consumer issues. (Followed Arena, as the quarter-final line-up is (R) Profile of the Coronation Street of 17. She presents her argument
by BBC News) [789251] decided. [7763] veteran. [183] that the two faiths are entirely
PM compatible. [834763]

8.10 Indiana Jones and the Temple 8.00 Michel Roux’s Service (AD,HD) 8.00 Midsomer Murders (AD,HD) Not 8.00 Arthur’s Hell on High Water

8 PM
FILM of Doom (1984) (PG) M (HD) The
CHOICE archaeologist, with his young
sidekick and a nightclub singer in
tow, is stranded in India, where he
takes on a mission to recover lost
sacred stones with magical powers
from the hands of an evil cult
PICK New series. Training young people
to become front-of-house experts.
See Pick of the Day. [3183]
PICK in My Back Yard: A planning dispute
leads to murder after a stalwart in
the Midsomer Conservation Society
suspects her neighbours are
involved in a development scam.
See Critics’ Choice. [1725]
PICK Arthur Potts Dawson experiences life

as part of a commercial fishing crew.
See Critics’ Choice. [212164]

Jamie’s Fish Supper Jamie Oliver

cooks up a korma. [432015]

engaged in human sacrifice and 9.00 Edwardian Farm (AD) The trio face 9.00 Hugh’s Fish Fight (HD) Hugh

child slavery. Steven Spielberg’s
action adventure prequel, starring PICK their busiest time as harvest arrives. Fearnley-Whittingstall investigates
See Critics’ Choice. [3947] the problems with tinned tuna, and
Harrison Ford and Kate Capshaw. heads to the Maldives and Ghana in
(Contains violence and swearing) search of alternatives to the
See Critics’ Choice. [65157763] current mass fishing techniques.
PM Concludes tomorrow. [8015]

10.00 BBC News [649638] 10.00 Never Mind the Buzzcocks (R) 10.00 News (Followed by Weather) 10.00 Shameless (AD,HD) Frank is still

10.25 Regional News (Followed by David Walliams hosts the comedy [88541] lost in his own sci-fi odyssey, Shane
Weather) [356676] music quiz, with team captains Phill 10.30 Regional News (Followed by discovers a new venture for the
10.35 The National Lottery Wednesday Jupitus and Noel Fielding. [91015] Weather) [955706] Maguires, and Mickey is anxious
Night Draws [748096] 10.30 Newsnight With Emily Maitlis. 10.35 Constantine (2005) (15) V (AD,HD) about Timmy’s release from prison.
10.45 Film 2011 with Claudia Winkleman (Followed by Weather) [661218] FILM Exorcist John Constantine is cursed Continues tomorrow. [3756560]
PM (HD) [182386] with the ability to see spirits
stalking the Earth and possessing
11.25 The League Cup Show Action from 11.20 Snooker: The Masters Shaun the souls of innocent people. He 11.10 Teenage Paparazzo (2010) (HD)

the semi-final first-leg matches, Murphy v Jamie Cope. Hazel Irvine grudgingly takes on the forces of
evil, hoping his actions will earn him FILM Premiere. Documentary in which
featuring Ipswich Town v Arsenal at introduces action from the
a place in heaven. Supernatural
CHOICE actor Adrian Grenier follows 14-year-
Portman Road and West Ham concluding first-round match on old celebrity photographer Austin
United v Birmingham City at Upton day four. [866096] thriller, starring Keanu Reeves and Visschedyk and gains an insight
Park. [144386] Rachel Weisz. (Contains violence into the nature of the business.
and swearing) [80594928]
PM See Critics’ Choice. [110725]

12.05 FILM: Timecop (1994) (18) T (Contains 12.10 Snooker Extra The Masters. 12.45 The Zone; News 18008416 2.50 FILM: 1.00 My Family’s Crazy Gap Year (R)

12 FILM Out for Justice (1991) (18) T (BSL,HD) FILM 9467226 1.55 FILM: Gregory’s Two Girls
FILM violence, swearing, nudity and sex Extended highlights of today’s first-
scenes); Weatherview 441665 1.45 round match between Neil Robertson A tough Brooklyn detective sets out (1999) (15) M (BSL) Romantic comedy
Country Tracks (BSL,R) 1527619 2.40 Ian and Stephen Hendry at Wembley on a one-man quest to avenge the sequel, starring John Gordon Sinclair
Hislop’s Age of the Do-Gooders Arena. 720684 2.10 BBC News 94200868 murder of his partner. Thriller, with and Carly McKinnon. 594042 3.50
(AD,BSL,R) 1686771 3.40 Turn Back Time 4.40 Close Steven Seagal. (Contains violence and Brothers & Sisters (AD,R,HD) 8052619
swearing) 1584416 4.20 ITV Nightscreen 4.35 Hill Street Blues (BSL,R) 4980690
MNT — The High Street (BSL,R) 7211619 4.40
BBC News 4017619 8344313 5.30 News 52690 5.25 Countdown (R) 6122752

O Family viewing M Generally suitable for all V Caution recommended T Particularly liable to offend

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

pushed into the background. But will

Gibbs welcome the return of Ziva? RADIO 4 FM: 92.4-94.6MHZ; LW: 198KHZ
5.30 News Briefing. 5.43 Prayer
FILM CHOICES for the Day. 5.45 Farming LEBANON is not the first Radio 3’s 12- instruments, then,
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Today. 6.00 Today. 8.31 place to spring to mind as a day feast of in PERFORMANCE
Doom, 8.10pm, BBC1 (LW) Yesterday in winemaking country — but, in Mozart ends ON 3 (7PM, RADIO
Parliament. With Sean the vineyards of the Bekaa today with the 3), in a modern
HARRISON FORD’S intrepid archaeologist
returns for a prequel to runaway hit Raiders Curran. 8.58 (LW) Weather. valley (pictured), they’ve been focus on 1791, the concert performance.
Of The Lost Ark. This 9.00 Midweek. Guests include making excellent wine for year of his death Both are glorious.
one’s an even more Dame Kelly Holmes. millennia. In VINES ON THE and of the deeply The guest on this
cartoon-like adventure, 9.45 (LW) Daily Service. FRONT LINE (11AM, RADIO moving masterpiece that he evening’s MIKE HARDING
with Steven Spielberg 9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: 4), Jeremy Bowen talks to the didn’t live long enough to SHOW (7PM, RADIO 2) is
laying on the thrills — The Invention of Murder. wonderfully brave and positive finish — the Requiem in D American singer-songwriter
most memorably that By Judith Flanders. winemakers who are still very Minor. Today offers a rare Richard Shindell. He has a
roller-coaster mine- 10.00 Woman’s Hour. Including at much in business, despite civil chance to hear it twice — first, nice line in storytelling songs,
cart ride — while Ford 10.45 Drama: Part three of war, the Israel-Lebanon conflict in CHORAL EVENSONG some of which he plays as he
(pictured with Kate Capshaw) shows he’s a, by Jenny
consistently engaging leading man. and Muslim disapproval. Long (4PM, RADIO 3), in a liturgical chats to Mike about his work
Eclair and Julie Balloo. may they thrive. performance with period and what has inspired it.
11.00 PICK Vines on the Front
Teenage Paparazzo, 11.10pm, Ch4 Line.
ADRIAN GRENIER, from U.S. series 11.30 Count Arthur Strong’s 7.45 By Julie 9.00 Thin Air. New series. 11.15 My Teenage Diary. With
Entourage (which satirises the Hollywood Radio Show! The former Balloo and Jenny Eclair. Gabriella Walker explores comedian Rob Deering.
lifestyle), made this documentary after variety star goes fishing. 8.00 Unreliable Evidence. Clive the Earth’s atmosphere. 11.30 Today in Parliament.
meeting 14-year-old Austin Visschedyk — 12.00 News; (LW) Shipping Anderson and a panel of 9.30 Midweek. Presented by Report on the first Prime
who stalks the night-time streets snapping Forecast. experts examine maritime Libby Purves. Minister’s Questions of 2011.
stars. The result offers a fascinating insight 12.04 You and Yours. laws. Last in series. 9.59 Weather. 12.00 News and Weather. 12.30
into the dynamics of our celebrity culture. 12.57 Weather. 8.45 It Happened Here. Peter 10.00 The World Tonight. Book of the Week: The
1.00 The World at One. Hennessy visits the Office 10.45 Book at Bedtime: Invention of Murder. 12.48
CH AN NE L 5 1.30 The Media Show. of the Prime Minister in the Snowdrops. By A.D. Miller. Shipping Forecast. 1.00
2.00 The Archers. There is much House of Commons. 11.00 iGod. Comedy series. World Service.
6.00 Milkshake! Thomas & Friends (R)
40107638 6.10 Roary the Racing Car (R) 40121218 concern about the children.
6.20 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His 2.15 Afternoon Play: My

Best Friend Corky (R) 40101454 6.35 Elmo’s Haunted Expression. By
World (R) 45250218 6.50 Peppa Pig (R) Helen Clohessy. A tale of
82995305 6.55 Little Princess (R) 23311164 7.10 grief, love and kindness.
Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures (R) 4957015 3.00 Money Box Live.
7.15 The Mr Men Show (R) 4911580 7.30 Thomas 3.30 Agatha Christie’s The
& Friends (R) 3207270 7.45 Noddy in Toyland
(R) 3202725 8.00 Fifi and the Flowertots (R)
Mysterious Mr Quin. The
5279928 8.10 The Milky and Shake Show (R) Soul of the Croupier, adapted
4337725 8.15 Peppa Pig (R) 4336096 8.20 by Archie Scottney.
Peppa Pig (R) 5259164 8.30 Roary the Racing 3.45 Europeans on the Edge.
Car (R) 2389589 8.40 Hana’s Helpline (R) Lives that reflect the crisis
2363541 8.50 The WotWots (R) 2369725 9.00 in the continent’s economy.
Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom 9367928
9.15 The Wright Stuff (HD) 23895473
11.00 The Vanessa Show (HD) 6259893
11.45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (R)
4.00 Thinking Allowed.
Thought-provoking issues.
4.30 Follow the Leader. Carolyn
Quinn concludes her study
, * #,*0  &
A showgirl is killed. 1485299
12.40 Five News 19040034 of the psychology of

 &  & %

12.45 Emergency Bikers (R) 8087454 successful leadership.
1.45 Neighbours (AD,HD) 9697893 5.00 PM. News headlines; (LW)
2.15 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (R) Shipping Forecast.
A cop is murdered. 3660473 5.57 Weather.
3.10 Murder 101 (2006) (PG) M
6.00 Six O’Clock News.

FILM A criminology professor helps the 6.30 Shappi Talk. Shappi
police to solve the case of a wealthy
executive who was killed in an Khorsandi takes a comedic
explosion. Mystery, starring Dick Van look at politics. Last in series.
Dyke and Barry Van Dyke. 40281909 7.00 The Archers. Jill reveals a
5.00 Five News at 5; Weather 4525831 surprising secret.
5.30 Neighbours (AD,R,HD) 1058015 7.15 Front Row. Review of Gilbert
6.00 Monkey Life 9800034 & George’s latest exhibition.
6.25 Live from Studio Five 9747473
RADIO 2 FM: 88-90.2MHZ
 # ") ( #)#$)" () 
 # # !
7.00 Five News at 7 [4512367]
7.30 How Do They Do It? (R) 50,000-ton 5.00 Lynn Parsons. 6.30 Richard Madeley. &) ($ ) '% ")!)(&) !($ %# $!# %) (&
ship Zim New York’s navigation of 9.30 Ken Bruce. 12.00 Matthew Bannister.
2.00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon. 5.00
%')  '$ # " "#)"%
the Panama Canal, and how 40,000
tons of rubbish are processed every Simon Mayo. 7.00 PICK Mike Harding.
day in San Francisco Bay. (Followed 8.00 Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie.
by Five News Update) [1035164] 10.00 The Story of Funk. 11.00 Trevor ) ('! ('! ( ) %)()  '% )
Nelson’s Soul Show. 12.00 Janice Long.
)%'"))$% #! %'#$& %)  & !)('$
8.00 Battle of Britain: The Lost RADIO 3 FM: 90.2-92.4MHZ
Evidence (R) World War II footage 7.00 Breakfast. 9.00 Classical Collection.
'$))$)$% ) '% ")!)(&) ( '&)"&
reveals the tactics that won the 12.00 Donald Macleod’s Mozart; News.
Battle of Britain. Featuring hundreds 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. Mozart.
of aerial photographs taken before 2.00 Afternoon on 3. Mozart. 4.00 PICK '&  ('! ('!  ') )!('$& %) (&'& # ) '%
and after the conflict. (Followed by Choral Evensong. Mozart’s Requiem Mass
Five News at 9) [9126522] in D minor. 5.00 In Tune. With guest ")!)(&) %) "#& ($ #$& # )( %) # !($ ($ # %) #"
Alasdair Malloy. 7.00 PICK Performance
9.00 NCIS The team investigate the
on 3. Mozart. 10.00 Play Mozart for Me.
1.00 Through the Night.
*$&  &&*  &* %* !*   %0
PICK bizarre deaths of a Marine and his RADIO 5 LIVE MW: 693/909KHZ
friends, and Ziva tries to rejoin NCIS.
See Critics’ Choice. [9146386] 5.00 Morning Reports. 5.30 Wake Up to
Money. 6.00 Breakfast. 10.00 Victoria
 /! & . 0,   & 0 % &  & .*  *0
%! 0*&
Derbyshire. 12.00 Gabby Logan. 2.00
Richard Bacon. 4.00 5 Live Drive. 7.00 5

10.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (R)

Live Sport. 7.45 5 Live Sport: League Cup
2010-11. 9.40 5 Live Sport: Final Whistle.
10.30 Tony Livesey. 1.00 Up All Night.
 -& 0, * !    * * 0,   &* 0  0,% . 
% &  & 0, 
A womanising doctor’s death is
investigated. [4109305] CLASSIC FM FM: 100-102MHZ
10.55 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
(R) The team uncover a smuggling
6.00 Classic FM Brighter Breakfast. 9.00
John Suchet. 1.00 Jamie Crick. 5.00 John  &,%& 0, . . ! & %, * - ,  0,% &* * 
and prostitution ring. Drama, with Brunning. 8.00 The Full Works Concert.   * 0,% *** * &* * *&"
Christopher Meloni. [4526522] 10.00 Smooth Classics.
11.55 Poker Highlights of a recent 6.00 Alan Brazil and Ronnie Irani. 10.00
'& '& ($ ) '% ")!)(&) !($ # $)"&%($ %) )(% ")& ($ "'&&
tournament from around the
world, as a table of card-sharps
Mike Parry and Mike Graham. 1.00 (& #" ( )"&#$(!'&) '!! &%"(%'#$
Hawksbee and Jacobs. 4.00 Adrian
aimed to scoop the big-money first Durham and Darren Gough. 7.00 Kick-off.
prize. [6763102] 10.00 Ian Collins. 1.00 Duncan Barkes.
TV VARIATIONS: S4C % 0,% %  0   ,  

7.00am Cyw. 1.20pm Penawdau Newyddion a’r
Tywydd. 1.25 Wedi 7. 1.55 Doctor, Doctor. 2.25 Aur:
12.50 SuperCasino 97762023 4.00 How Not Crwydro. 2.55 Penawdau Newyddion a’r Tywydd.
to Decorate (R) An orange-painted 3.00 Wedi 3. 4.00 Stwnsh. 6.00 Pobol y Cwm. 6.30

111   + +
Diwrnod Mawr y Plant. 7.00 Wedi 7. 7.30 Newyddion
living room. 1534868 4.45 a’r Tywydd. 8.00 Pobol y Cwm. 8.25 Byw Yn Ôl y
HouseBusters (BSL,R) Changes to the Llyfr. 9.00 Iolo ac Indiaid America. 10.00 Ol Traed
home that could improve lives. Gerallt Gymro. 10.30 Penawdau Newyddion a’r
Tywydd. 10.35 Byd Pawb. 11.40 Y Dydd yn y Cynulliad.
27817085 5.10 Wildlife SOS (BSL,R) An
animal sanctuary. 37505394 5.35 (R) Repeat. (HD) High Definition. (AD) Audio
& % ! '  0& .'  * '!
House Doctor (BSL,R) 46137023 Description. (b/w) Not in colour. (BSL) British
Sign Language. The numbers after each
programme are for VIDEOPlus+ programming.

52 SATELLITE, CABLE & DIGITAL Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time BBC 3 BBC 4 E4

attitude towards the counsellor
Australia v England, isn’t helping her case. Meanwhile,
8am, Sky Sports 1 comic relief comes from a 7 9 28

lightning strike that lands a Madagascar World News Today; Hollyoaks Bombhead
HE RETIRED from Test cricket on a football team in hospital and (2005,U) Animated Weather returns to the village
high at the end of the Ashes series, prompts a romantic disclosure. 7.00pm adventure, with the for the wedding
but Paul Collingwood returns to voices of Ben Stiller,
action today to captain England in
this first of two Twenty20 games.
quite as enjoyable as last week’s BEST DOCUMENTARY David Schwimmer, The Boats That Built 7.35 Friends Rachel
effort on the post-war years. The Secret Life Of The Chris Rock, Jada Britain The story of and Joey hit the town
AFTERNOON MOVIE Motorway, 10pm, BBC4 7.30pm Pinkett Smith and HMS Pickle
Terms Of Endearment, FLY-ON-THE-WALL FOOD MOTORWAYS might not seem like
Sacha Baron Cohen
3.35pm, Sky Drama Ace Of Cakes, 9pm, Good Food a reason for wide-eyed optimism,
ALLISON DUBOIS — yes, she who but in the Fifties, they were the 8.20 Doctor Who Art of the Sea Owen Friends Chandler
SHIRLEY MacLAINE and Debra Amy encounters the Sheers examines how discovers the pleasures
Winger are the mother and
is played by Patricia Arquette in
Medium — drops by to give the
bold new frontier, promising
blessed release from choking
8.00pm terrifying Smilers in the sea has inspired of a scented bath
daughter facing life’s trials and bakery a reading as new episodes urban congestion. Showing in its the distant future. many of Britain’s most
tribulations in James L. Brooks’s of this show about Baltimore cake- entirety, this passionate three-part Fantasy drama, celebrated artists, as Friends Joey takes
guaranteed tear-jerker. It’s followed makers continues. As fun as ever, documentary explores their story starring Matt Smith well as writers such as Rachel to the hospital
this afternoon by the belated
Nineties sequel, The Evening Star.
but an increased focus on the with surprising verve. 8.30pm and Karen Gillan Shakespeare and
Patrick O’Brian
cakes would be appreciated.
Ipswich Town v Arsenal, NEW REAL-LIFE SERIES Thank You 9.05 Doctor Who
Churchill calls on the
Timeshift: The
Modern Age of
Never Been Kissed
(1999,12) A clumsy
7.30pm, Sky Sports 1 Hoarders/Intervention, For Smoking, 9.00pm Daleks to help to win Coach Travel 25-year-old would-
9pm/10pm, Bio 10.55pm, World War II Exploring Britain’s love be reporter is given
IT HASN’T been a good week for Film4
Ipswich, with the sacking of TWO relatively understated new of coach journeys in the chance to
real-life U.S. series about addiction, JASON (JUNO) 9.50 Great Movie recent years. Narrated prove herself when
manager Roy Keane followed by
Mistakes 2: The
a humiliating 7-0 FA Cup defeat
to Chelsea. Can the Tractor
opening in the home of 21-year-old
compulsive hoarder Jake and his
debut feature
9.30pm Sequel Presented by
by Julian Rhind-Tutt she is sent on an
assignment to get
Boys turn their fortunes around alcoholic dad. The sense of how is a satire that Robert Webb an inside take on
with a strong performance in trapped he feels is takes aim at spin doctors and The Terminator The Secret Life of the high-school life.
this Carling Cup semi-final heartbreakingly well conveyed. pressure groups, and hits its (1984,15) A cyborg Motorway Examining Romantic comedy,
first-leg tie? Intervention opens with targets — on both sides of political 10.00pm from the future is Britain’s motorways starring Drew
children trying to explain to correctness coin — with panache. sent back in time to through the eyes of Barrymore, Michael
TRAVEL NOSTALGIA their mum how her drinking Aaron Eckhart (pictured) stars as a kill a woman whose the people who built Vartan, David
The Modern Age Of is wrecking all their lives, gleefully amoral tobacco lobbyist. son is destined to them and protesters Arquette and
and paints a vivid portrait
Coach Travel, 9pm, BBC4
of a family in crisis. BEST FILM DRAMA 10.30pm help the human
race in a war
who tried to block
their construction
Marley Shelton
WHEN National Express
hoovered up the smaller and Paris, Texas, midnight, against machines.
more eccentric firms, coach MEDICAL DRAMA Sky Arts 2 James Cameron’s The Secret Life of the 11.05 Rude Tube:
travel in Britain became a Grey’s Anatomy, HARRY DEAN STANTON is the sci-fi thriller, Motorway How Rude Tunes Alex Zane
less eclectic experience. 10pm, Living drifter walking out of the desert 11.00pm starring Arnold motorways in the continues his
This new documentary MORE from the new, after a four-year absence and Schwarzenegger Sixties were exciting, countdown, focusing
looks at the rebirth of seventh series of the setting out to find his family. Ry glamorous places on people who have
niche operators — mostly glossy U.S. supersoap. Cooder’s slide-guitar soundtrack 11.40 Family Guy opening a world of shot to stardom from
Peter is placed under
for football fans and rock
tours — and features some
Meredith (Ellen Pompeo,
pictured) is still banned
adds to the haunting quality to
Wim Wenders’s beautifully
11.30pm house arrest (To 12.05)
freedom to drivers nowhere thanks to the
(To 12.00) internet (To 12.05)
good stories, but isn’t from surgery, and a spiky atmospheric and affecting film.


ALIBI DAVE (DAYTIME) EDEN GOLD MORE4 (DAYTIME) Berry Plays Avo Session. 5.25 Neil
Young: Silver and Gold. 6.30 Art
Sky 132 Virgin 130 Freeview 19 Sky 111 Virgin 128 Sky 532 Virgin 208 Sky 110 Virgin 126 Freeview 14 Sky 138 Virgin 147 Race. 7.00 Artland USA. 8.00 From
12noon Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye. 1.00 12noon Top Gear. 2.00 Dragons’ Den. 12noon Michael Palin’s New Europe. 11.00am Last of the Summer Wine. 9.00am Deal or No Deal. 9.45 Room the Basement. 8.50 Drux Flux. 9.00
Murdoch Mysteries. 2.00 Diagnosis 3.00 Fifth Gear. 3.30 The Gadget 1.00 Ray Mears Goes Walkabout. 12.20pm dinnerladies. 1.40 The Good for Improvement. 10.45 How Clean Is The Tiger Lillies: Shockheaded Peter
Murder. 4.00 Murder, She Wrote. Show. 4.00 Top Gear. Double bill. 2.00 Expedition Borneo. 3.00 Hell on Life. 3.00 Blackadder the Third. 3.40 Your House? 11.15 FILM: The Four and Other Songs. 10.00 The Man
6.00 Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye. 7.00 New 6.00 Dragons’ Den. Earth. 4.00 Michael Palin’s New To the Manor Born. 5.00 Last of the Feathers. (1939) (U) 1.30pm Deal or Who Drew Bug-Eyed Monsters. 11.00
Tricks. 9.00 Castle. 10.00 Republic of Europe. 5.00 Ray Mears Goes Summer Wine. 6.20 dinnerladies. No Deal. 2.35 Come Dine with Me
Doyle. 11.00 New Tricks. DISCOVERY Walkabout. 6.00 Expedition Borneo. 7.40 The Good Life. 9.00 Blackadder Down Under. 3.05 Coach Trip. 3.35
Naked Nashville.
Sky 520 Virgin 212 7.00 Michael Palin’s New Europe. the Third. 11.40 The Black Adder. Location, Location, Location. 4.40 A SKY CLASSICS
ANIMAL PLANET 9.00am Mark Williams on the Rails. From Transdniester. 8.00 Ray Mears Place in the Sun: Home or Away. 5.45
Sky 525 Virgin 215 10.00 X-Machines. 11.00 Days That Goes Walkabout. 9.00 Hell on Earth. HISTORY Relocation, Relocation. 6.50 Come
Sky 311 Virgin 411
12noon Monkey Life. 1.00 Emergency Shook the World. 12noon Treasure 10.00 Michael Palin’s New Europe. Sky 529 Virgin 234 Dine with Me. I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND
Vet School. 1.30 Wildlife SOS. 2.00 Quest. 1.00 Extreme Engineering. 11.00 Expedition Borneo. 9.00am Warriors. 10.00 Ancients
Dogs 101. 3.00 Last Chance Highway. 2.00 Weaponology. 3.00 Greatest Behaving Badly. 11.00 Battles BC. NAT’L GEOGRAPHIC LOVE THE BOMB. (1963) (PG)
4.00 Cats of Claw Hill. 4.30 Aussie Tank Battles. 4.00 World War Two: ESPN 12noon India: The First Civilisation. Sky 526 Virgin 230
(72566386) 9.50 TOUCH OF EVIL.
(1958) (12) (89014831) 11.50
Animal Rescue. 5.00 Animal Cops The Complete History. 5.00 Deadliest Sky 417 Virgin 529 1.00 UFO Files. 2.00 Ancients 9.00am Dive Detectives. 10.00 BEDAZZLED. (1967) (PG) (11186305)
Houston. 6.00 Miami Animal Police. Catch. 6.00 Mythbusters. Double bill. 11.15am Basketball. 1.00pm NBA Behaving Badly. 3.00 Battles BC. Ancient X Files. 11.00 Seconds from 1.50pm SPARTACUS. (1960) (PG)
7.00 Emergency Vet School. 7.30 8.00 How Do They Do It? 8.30 How Tonight. 1.30 ESPN Premier League 4.00 Heir Hunters. 5.00 Mega Disaster. 12noon Hooked: Monster (64368725) 5.00 SABOTEUR. (1942)
Wildlife SOS. 8.00 Monkey Life. 9.00 It’s Made. Pencil manufacture. 9.00 Kicks. 1.45 ESPN Serie A Kicks. 2.00 Movers. 6.00 UFO Files. 7.00 Heir Fishing. 1.00 Inca Mummies: Secrets (PG) Hitchcock thriller, starring
Giant Squid: Caught on Camera. Brace For Impact. 10.00 Investigation Press Pass. 2.30 Eredivisie. 4.30 Live Hunters. 8.00 Ax Men. 10.00 IRT of a Lost Empire. 2.00 Nevada Robert Cummings. (3046034) 7.00
10.00 Animal Cops Houston. 11.00 X. 11.00 Swamp Loggers. Coppa Italia. 6.30 ESPN Premier Deadliest Roads. Mystery Quakes. 3.00 Breaking Up SHANE. (1953) (PG) Western, starring
Miami Animal Police. League Kicks. 6.45 ESPN Kicks: FA the Biggest. 4.00 Air Crash
DISCOVERY HISTORY Cup. 7.15 ESPN Scottish Premier HOME Investigation. 5.00 Inside 9/11. 6.00
Alan Ladd. (9363812) 9.00 VIVA
BIO Sky 522 Virgin 217 League Kicks. 7.30 Premier League Sky 246 Virgin 265 Journey to the Planets. 7.00 Seconds
ZAPATA! (1952) (PG) Biopic of the
Mexican revolutionary. Marlon
Sky 156 Virgin 242 6.00pm Inventing History. 7.00 Time World. 8.00 Live Coppa Italia. 10.00 12noon Showhouse. 1.00 Fantasy from Disaster. 8.00 Ancient X Files. Brando stars. (2211152) 11.00 SORRY,
9.00am Little Miss Perfect. 10.00 Team. 8.00 World War Two: The ESPN Kicks Extra. 10.15 Premier Homes by the Sea. 2.00 Love the 9.00 Jesus: The Missing Years. 10.00 WRONG NUMBER. (1948) (PG)
Diary of a Mother on the Edge. 11.00 Complete History. 9.00 Time Team. League World. 10.45 ESPN Serie A Place You’re In. 3.00 Escape to the Lost Mines of King Solomon. 11.00 Thriller, starring Burt Lancaster.
Marathon Love. 12noon Re-Vamped. 10.00 Tony Robinson’s Crime and Kicks. 11.00 FIS Alpine Ski World Country. 4.00 DIY SOS. 5.00 Flog It! Nevada Mystery Quakes. 12midnight (8039589) 12.35am THE BOSTON
1.00 The Role That Changed My Life. Punishment. 11.00 Inventing History. Cup Report. 11.30 Rallycross. Ten of the Best. 6.00 Fantasy Homes Ancient X Files. 1.00 Megastructures. STRANGLER. (1968) (18) (88289787)
2.00 Natalie Wood. 3.00 Angie 12midnight Time Team. 1.00 Best by the Sea. 7.00 Extreme Makeover: 2.00 Close.
Dickinson. 4.00 Little Miss Perfect. Evidence. 2.00 Tony Robinson’s FILM4 Home Edition. 8.00 DIY SOS. 9.00 SKY COMEDY
5.00 Re-Vamped. 6.00 Doris Day. Crime and Punishment. 3.00 Great Freeview 15 Sky 315 Virgin 428 Fantasy Homes by the Sea. 10.00 QUEST Sky 304 Virgin 404
7.00 Mickey Rooney. 8.00 The Planes. 4.00 Elite Forces. 11.00am BLANCHE FURY. (1948) (U) Escape to the Country. 11.00 Extreme Freeview 38 Sky 154 Virgin 179 11.15am I LOVE YOU, MAN. (2008)
Locator. 9.00 Hoarders. 10.00 (34014314) 12.50pm THE FIGHTING Makeover: Home Edition. 12noon Mission: Impossible. 1.00 A (30771218) 1.05pm
Intervention. 11.00 The Locator. DISCOVERY REAL TIME KENTUCKIAN. (1949) (U) (30023299) Car Is Born. 1.30 A Plane Is Born.
(15) THE
Sky 240 Virgin 271 2.45 THAT RIVIERA TOUCH. (1966) ITV2 (DAYTIME) 2.00 Boat Yard. 3.00 Al Murray’s
HANGOVER. (2009) (15) (61034367)
2.50 IT TAKES TWO. (1996) (U) With
BLIGHTY 9.00am Joy of Painting. 10.00 A (PG) Comedy, starring Eric Freeview 6 Sky 118 Virgin 115 Road to Berlin. 4.00 Chris Barrie’s Kirstie Alley. (47695676) 4.35
Sky 534 Virgin 206 Place in the Sun: Home or Away. Morecambe. (19798657) 4.40 THE 8.35am Judge Judy. 9.25 All Star Massive Engines. 5.00 Total Fishing HANNAH MONTANA: THE MOVIE.
12noon Coast. 1.00 The Nation’s 11.00 How Clean Is Your House? ROBE. (1953) (U) Historical drama, Family Fortunes. 10.10 Judge Judy. with Matt Hayes. 6.00 Challenge (2009) (U) (51241541) 6.20 WAYNE’S
Favourite Blooms. 2.00 Halcyon 12noon Homes Under the Hammer. starring Richard Burton. (64671657) 12noon Emmerdale. 12.30 Nanny 911. Tommy Walsh. 7.00 American Hot WORLD. (1992) (PG) With Mike
River Diaries. 3.00 Coast. 4.00 Who 1.00 Supernanny. 2.00 Cake Boss. 7.15 THE PERFECT SCORE. (2004) (12) 1.30 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 3.40 Rod. 8.00 American Chopper. 9.00 Myers. (15118201) 8.00 I LOVE YOU,
Do You Think You Are? 5.00 The 3.00 Come Dine with Me. 4.00 Homes Comedy, starring Scarlett Johansson. Loose Women. 4.40 Sally Jessy Olympic Park Machines with Jonny MAN. (2008) (15) With Paul Rudd.
Nation’s Favourite Blooms. 6.00 Under the Hammer. 5.00 Wheeler (80130034) 9.00 NINE MONTHS. Raphael. 5.30 Judge Judy. Smith. 10.00 How Stuff Works. 11.00 (5420812) 10.00 THE HANGOVER.
Halcyon River Diaries. 7.00 Who Do Dealers. 6.00 A Place in the Sun: (1995) (12) Comedy, starring Hugh Extreme Engineering. (2009) (15) With Bradley Cooper.
You Think You Are? 8.00 Coast. 9.00 Home or Away. 7.00 Homes Under Grant and Julianne Moore. (50774638) ITV3 (DAYTIME) (7798638) 11.45 WAYNE’S WORLD.
Halcyon River Diaries. 10.00 Who Do the Hammer. 8.00 Come Dine with 10.55 THANK YOU FOR SMOKING. Freeview 10 Sky 119 Virgin 117 SKY ACTION (1992) (PG) (1204909)
You Think You Are? 11.00 The Me. 9.00 Wife Swap. 10.00 Wife (2005) (15) Comedy starring Aaron 9.00am Terry and June. 9.40 Sky 305 Virgin 405
Nation’s Favourite Blooms. Swap USA. 11.00 Cake Boss. Eckhart. (32746928) 12.45am THE Ballykissangel. 10.45 Inspector 7.50am THE LIBRARIAN: RETURN TO SKY DRAMA
DREAMERS. (2003) (18) (35146416) Morse: The Ghost in the Machine. KING SOLOMON’S MINES. (2006) Sky 308 Virgin 408
BRITISH EUROSPORT E! 1.00pm Heartbeat. 2.00 Born and (PG) (51881473) 9.30 VALKYRIE.
Sky 410 Virgin 521 Sky 151 Virgin 156 FIVE USA (DAYTIME) Bred. 3.05 Dr Quinn: Medicine (2008) (12) (56601589) 11.35 THE
10.20am FAME. (2009) (PG)
(36568305) 12.30pm PEARL HARBOR.
8.15am Live WTA Tennis. (18835096) 12noon Extreme Close-Up. 1.00 E! Freeview 31 Sky 174 Virgin 153 Woman. 4.05 Daily Cooks Challenge. INTERNATIONAL. (2009) (15) (2001) (12) (92787305) 3.35 TERMS OF
12.15pm Freeride Spirit Show. News. 2.00 Kendra. 3.30 Fashion 12noon ’Til Death. 1.00 FILM: Dying 5.00 Terry and June. 5.40 Heartbeat. (98130396) 1.35pm A PERFECT ENDEARMENT. (1983) (15) With
(2254812) 12.30 Dakar Rally. (78299) Police. 4.00 E! News. 5.00 Holly’s to Belong. (1997) (15) 3.00 Law & WORLD. (1993) (15) (83051855) 3.55 Shirley MacLaine. (30638909) 5.50
1.00 Live Biathlon. (82980) 3.00 World. 5.30 Keeping Up with the Order. 4.00 FILM: Ambulance Girl. ITV4 (DAYTIME) OUTLANDER. (2008) (15) (2038638) THE EVENING STAR. (1996) (15) With
Alpine Skiing. (1752638) 3.45 WTA Kardashians. 6.00 The Spin Crowd. (2005) (PG) 6.00 Law & Order. Freeview 24 Sky 120 Virgin 118 5.55 VALKYRIE. (2008) (12) With Tom Shirley MacLaine. (23842763) 8.00
Tennis. (899473) 5.15 Caribbean 6.30 Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami. 8.40am The Champions. 9.40 The Cruise. (89106134) 8.00 THE HANGING UP. (2000) (15) With Meg
Twenty20 Cricket. (471386) 7.15 Live 7.00 E! News. 8.00 The E! True FIVER (DAYTIME) Saint. 10.45 The Professionals. 11.45 INTERNATIONAL. (2009) (15) With Ryan. (87675812) 9.45 FAME. (2009)
Dakar Rally. (135367) 7.45 euroCRASH! Hollywood Story. 9.00 Kendra. 9.30 Freeview 30 Sky 176 Virgin 151 Quantum Leap. 12.50pm Police, Clive Owen. (1634560) 10.00 CRANK: (PG) (87339367)
(722454) 8.00 Live Caribbean Married to Rock. 10.00 Keeping Up 11.30am The Wright Stuff. 1.20pm Camera, Action! 1.50 Minder. 2.50 HIGH VOLTAGE. (2009) (18) (7716744)
Twenty20 Cricket. (465183) 11.00 with the Kardashians. 10.30 Kendra. The Vanessa Show. 2.00 Dharma & The Champions. 3.55 The Saint. 4.55 11.40 BLIND FURY. (1989) (18) With SKY MODERN GREATS
Dakar Rally. (22947) 11.00 E! Entertainment Specials. Greg. 3.00 Zoo Days. 4.10 8 Simple The Professionals. Bodie is Rutger Hauer. (1975183) 1.10am Sky 310 Virgin 410
Rules. Double bill. 5.05 Dharma & suspended. 6.00 Quantum Leap. DAMAGE. (2009) (15) (1516085) 7.50am BOOMERANG. (1992) (15)
COMEDY CENTRAL E4 (DAYTIME) Greg. 6.00 Malcolm in the Middle. (19131742) 9.50 VERTIGO. (1958) (PG)
Sky 126 Virgin 132 Freeview 28 Sky 136 Virgin 144 6.25 Zoo Days. LIVING SKY ARTS 1 (32075812) 12.05pm QUANTUM OF
12noon Scrubs. 1.00 Two and a Half 9.00am One Tree Hill. 9.55 Friends. Sky 112 Virgin 109 Sky 243 Virgin 284 SOLACE. (2008) (12) (9538015) 1.55
Men. 2.00 The King of Queens. 3.00 10.20 Gilmore Girls. 11.15 90210. FX 12noon CSI: Crime Scene 12noon Naked Nashville. 1.00 From THE FRIGHTENERS. (1996) (15)
Two and a Half Men. 4.00 Scrubs. 12.05pm Everwood. 1.00 Scrubs. Sky 164 Virgin 157 Investigation. 3.00 Criminal Minds. the Basement. 1.50 Beat Beat Beat. (28696763) 3.45 BOOMERANG. (1992)
5.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. 2.00 Hollyoaks. Bart’s efforts to 10.00am Law & Order. 12noon NCIS. 4.00 Charmed. 6.00 America’s Next 2.00 Inside the Actors Studio. 2.50 (15) Comedy, starring Eddie Murphy.
6.00 Two and a Half Men. 7.30 Mike impress Ruby have devastating 2.00 JAG. 3.00 Farscape. 4.00 Law & Top Model. 7.00 Ghost Whisperer. Working Space: Michael Vaughan — (7375305) 5.45 VERTIGO. (1958) (PG)
& Molly. 8.00 Scrubs. 8.30 Two and a consequences for Jason. 2.30 Gilmore Order. 6.00 JAG. 7.00 NCIS. 9.00 8.00 Half Ton Teen. Teenage obesity. Cricketer and Artist. 3.00 Clive Hitchcock thriller, starring James
Half Men. 10.00 Sex and the City. Girls. 3.30 Life Unexpected. 4.25 American Dad! 10.00 Breaking Bad. 9.00 Bones. 10.00 Grey’s Anatomy. James Talking in the Library. 3.30 Stewart. (58110305) 8.00 QUANTUM
11.05 Mike & Molly. Friends. 6.00 Scrubs. 11.00 Better Off Ted. 11.00 Criminal Minds. The Beat Is the Law. 4.30 Chuck OF SOLACE. (2008) (12) James Bond

Daily Mail, Wednesday, January 12, 2011
6 10 24 14 11 20 19 30 31
Harry Hill’s the Best 6.40 Born and Bred The Force Reports on 6.50 Come Dine with Airline Blizzards bring Star Trek: Voyager The Gadget Show Neighbours The day CSI: Crime Scene
of TV Burp Classic clips Deborah’s mother domestic disturbances Me Four competitors the airlines to a halt The crew rescue the The latest of Steph’s sentencing Investigation Grissom
from previous series arrives unexpectedly 7.15 Minder Terry battle it out in Devon occupants of a technological toys arrives, while Summer and the team struggle
gives shelter to a critically damaged struggles to cope to apprehend the
Life’s Funniest 7.55 Mr Bean Rowan friend who’s broken 7.55 Grand Designs Airline A Paris-bound prison vessel, but Top Gear Jeremy 7.35 Malcolm in the murderers of an
Moments Candid Atkinson’s comic alter out of prison, but his Kevin McCloud meets passenger is arrested begins to question the Clarkson spends the Middle The family go elderly woman. Crime
moments captured ego gets entangled act of charity backfires a south Devon couple judicial system of the day at Towcester on a picnic drama, starring
on camera with a nude model who are determined convicts’ home planet races, finding out William Petersen
to turn two run-down whether the
Primeval Two deadly 8.25 Mr Bean A trip 8.15 Jackie Chan’s barns into their dream Real Filth Fighters Brit Cops: Rapid suspension of the Mel B: It’s a Scary CSI: Crime Scene
arboreal dinosaurs are to the dentist ends First Strike house using a Series following Response The officers Citroën C6 is all it is World Reality show Investigation The
on the loose. Hannah disastrously for Bean, (1996,12) A combination of London’s specialist tackle a man with a cracked up to be following the life of the team search for a
Spearritt, Ciaran and a quiet stroll in courageous kung- traditional English clean-up teams samurai sword, before former Spice Girl and missing 12-year-old
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Bradley star pitched battle with a delves into the and cutting-edge 21st- The daily war against a mass brawl and which host Robert he has found someone
wasp. Comedy starring murky world of century technology the capital’s grime dealing with the Llewellyn picks up a to step into his shoes
Rowan Atkinson international arms aftermath of a fire guest in his car
theft to track down
The Bourne Rod Stewart: One a missing nuclear Time Team The team My Son, Drugs and Criminal Minds A Not Going Out Lee Most Shocking Heartbreak Ridge
Ultimatum Night Only The singer warhead — but the receive an invitation to Me Two women serial killer uses his car pretends to be Tim. Celebrity Moments (1986,15)
(2007,12) The performs some of his bad guys try to get excavate the remains describe the damage as a murder weapon, Comedy, starring Lee 2010 Countdown of A hellraising Marine
amnesiac assassin greatest hits, including him out of the way of what is thought to done to their lives and causing the BAU team Mack and Tim Vine the year’s best water- sergeant is assigned
regains his memory, Maggie May and I by framing him for be one of Scotland’s families by their sons’ to consider why a cooler stories, to whip a squad of
just as the CIA sets Don’t Want to Talk murder. Action earliest chapels on the drug addictions murderer would rely 9.40 Not Going Out featuring Cheryl Cole raw recruits into
in motion a plan to About It . Ben adventure, starring Isle of Mull on such an impersonal Lee agrees to give divorcing Ashley, shape for the
kill him. Third Shephard hosts Jackie Chan modus operandi Kate driving lessons closely followed by the invasion of Grenada
instalment of the singer catching in 1983 — but his old-
spy thriller series, 10.10 A Touch of Frost International The Real Vikings: A Miami SWAT Criminal Minds A 10.20 Mock the Week malaria and then fashioned, hard-as-
directed by Paul Dead Male One: Jack Twenty20 Cricket Time Team Special Following the work of killer releases a deadly Comedians Rhod getting caught up in nails methods meet
Greengrass and Frost’s plans for a Australia v England. Tony Robinson, Mick the Miami Swat team, new strain of the Gilbert, Jo Caulfield the controversy over with disapproval
starring Matt quiet weekend are Action from the first of Aston and Phil Harding as the elite tactical anthrax virus in a park, and Andy Parsons Gamu-gate on The X from superior
Damon, Julia Stiles, disrupted by the two Twenty20 matches follow digs around the unit fights crime on threatening the public compete alongside Factor ; George officers and create
David Strathairn, gruesome discovery between the rivals, UK that uncover an the city’s streets and putting a member Hugh Dennis and Michael getting locked conflict with senior
Paddy Considine of a body floating in from the Adelaide Oval array of archaeology of the team at risk Frankie Boyle. Dara up for crashing his car command. Action
and Albert Finney the river and an act of O’Briain hosts into Snappy Snaps; adventure, starring
violence at a football Lady GaGa’s meat Clint Eastwood,
match which left a dress; Chris Moyles’s Marsha Mason,
11.15 Three Kings The Shadow 11.05 Engineering Road Wars Simon and Eurotrash: The Sexy Would I Lie to You? 30-minute on-air rant Everett McGill,
(1999,15) David O. player in a coma. (1994,12) Britain’s Chris chase a drug Bits Interviews with With guests including
Crime drama, starring about his pay; Moses Gunn and
Russell’s adventure, Adventure, starring Superweapons dealer on a Milton the inventors of Fern Britton and Charlotte Church and Bo Svenson
starring George David Jason, Larry Alec Baldwin, John The story behind the Keynes estate, and an extreme sex toys Reginald D. Hunter
Lamb, Bruce Gavin Henson’s split;
Clooney, Mark Lone, Penelope Ann 1957 announcement illegal driver tries to and the end of Big
Wahlberg, Ice Cube, Alexander, Lindy Miller, Peter Boyle, of Britain’s H-bomb fool Charley and Roma Sexarama Adult 11.40 Not Going Out 11.40 Breaking Bad
Whiteford and Berwick entertainment series Lee pretends to be Brother after a Walt and Jesse want to
Spike Jonze and Ian McKellen and (To 12.10) by giving them false decade of fly-on-the-
Nora Dunn (To 1.30) Kaler (To 12.25) Tim Curry (To 1.10) documents (To 12.00) (To 12.00) Tim. Comedy, starring end their partnership
Lee Mack (To 12.20) wall fun (To 12.00) with Tuco (To 12.45)

adventure, starring Daniel Craig. 12noon Women’s International SKY SPORTS 3 (99193400) 1.00 Aerobics Oz Style. 5.00 Legend of the Seeker. 6.00 5.00 House. 6.00 Sea Patrol. 7.00
(9133812) 10.00 THE FRIGHTENERS. Cricket. (62638) 1.00 Hyundai A (89347481) 1.30 Kings of the Snow. Smallville. 7.00 Buffy the Vampire Law & Order: Criminal Intent. 8.00
(1996) (15) Comic horror, starring League Football. (48034) 1.30 Revista Sky 403 Virgin 513 (89266400) 2.00 Sports Adventure. Slayer. 8.10 FILM: Polar Storm. (2009) CSI: NY. 9.00 Law & Order: Criminal
Michael J. Fox. (3999980) 11.55 THE De La Liga. (59893) 2.30 The Sky 9.00am British Basketball. (95678329) 2.30 Close. (PG) 10.00 FILM: Into the Sun. (2005) Intent. 11.00 The Mentalist.
DAY OF THE LOCUST. (1975) (18) Sports Years. (64980) 3.30