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Grade Two English End of Year Exam – June 2011

Revision Paper (Comprehension Paper 1)

Robot Fun
“Will you play with me?” Junayd asked his sister.
“Not now,” Jood said. “I have to clean my room.”
Jood picked up a sock. Then she put it down. “This is boring.”
“I have an idea,” Junayd said. “Pretend you are a robot. I will control
“Okay,” Jood said.
“Robot,” Junayd said, “Pick up your clothes.”
Jood put her socks, shorts, and shirts in the hamper.
“Robot, pick up your books.” Junayd said.
Jood stacked her books on the shelf.
“Robot, make your bed,” Junayd said.
Jood folded her quilt and fluffed her pillow. Now her room looked neat.
“Hey!” Jood said. “Thanks for helping me clean my room!”
Junayd smiled. “Thanks for playing with me.”

What did Junayd do to help his sister??


How is Jood different to a real robot?
robot? How is she different?

How did Jood and Junayd feel at the end of the story?

Grade Two English End of Year Exam – June 2011
Revision Paper (Comprehension Paper 1)

Mahir and Maryam are brother and sister. Mahir likes reading. Maryam
likes maths. Mahir and Maryam have a lot of homework.
“Wow,” says Maryam. “I have six maths problems to do.”
“Oh, no,” says Mahir. “I have ten maths problems to do.”
Maryam helps Mahir with his maths homework. Mahir works each
problem. Maryam checks each problem.
“Good job,” says Maryam. “Now I have to read a book for class.”
“Let me help you,” says Mahir. Mahir helps Maryam with her reading
homework. Maryam reads each page. Mahir helps her read big words.
“Great job!” says Mahir.
“That was a lot of homework,” says Maryam.
“I’m happy we are finished,” says Mahir.
“Me too,” says Maryam.
“Now we can go outside and play!” says Mahir.
“Okay. Tag, you are it!” Maryam runs out the door.

Mahir and Maryam have homework. Is this a fact or an opinion?


How are Mahir and Maryam alike and different?

Why was Mahir happy at the end of the story?