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Y~ur Amazing Body

Match each term in Column B with its description in Column A. Write the letter of the answer on the line at the left. ColumnA ColumnB

1. 2.

A strong, hard body part A group of organs that work together to do a certain job All the bones in your body Groups of tissues that work together to doa certain job These carry messages to and from your brain Groups of cells that work together to do a certain job Nerves that run through the backbone The smallest working part of your body A strong strip of tough material that attaches a muscle to a bone The rate at which you grow

a organ system
b growth rate




d skeletal system

e spinal cord
f cell

8. 9. 10.

9 bone h nerves

i tissue

j organ

Chapter 1 • Your Amazing


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Write the letter of the best answer on the line at the left. 11. Your is the tube that connects your throat to your lungs. A diaphragm C trachea 8 esophagus 0 stomach __ 12. The main part(s) of your respiratory system are your __ F mouth H trachea G esophagus J lungs 13. The muscle under your ribs that moves to push air in and out of your lungs is your __ A esophagus C trachea 8 diaphragm 0 stomach 14. Muscles in your __ F diaphragm G lungsJ 15. The acids in your __ A mouth 8 stomach push food from the mouth to the stomach. H trachea esophagus break down food. C trachea 0 lungs




Write Tor F to tell whether the sentence is true or false. 16. The human life cycle is made up of three stages of growth. 17. The mineral calcium helps keep bones healthy. 18. Your nose and mouth are parts of your body's nervous system. 19. The stomach, liver, small intestine, and large intestine are parts of the body's respiratory system. __ 20. Humans grow at different rates.

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Your Amazing Body· Chapter


__ ~~~


Taking (are of Yourself

Match the words below to the sentences. Write the correct letters on the lines to the left of the sentences.
a eardrum b dentin c consumer

ChaRter Test

d cavity e bacteria f dental floss

9 pores h plaque sunscreen

ear canal

1. Even though these living things are too small to see, they can cause illness. 2. Sound waves enter your ear at the opening to this ear part. 3 You sweat through these tiny holes in your skin. 4. You use this special thread to remove plaque from between your teeth. 5. Sound waves make this part of your ear move back and forth. 6. Acid-producing bacteria cause this hole in your tooth. 7. This is a person who buys a product. 8. This protects you from the sun's harmful rays. 9. This hard yellow material surrounds a tooth's pulp. __ 10. This sticky material can build up on your teeth.

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Taking Care of Yourself·

Chapter 2

Write the letter of the best answer on the line at the left.
11. Wash your hands to get rid of __

A cells B bacteria

on your skin. C pores D skin cancer

12. Tooth decay starts in the tooth enamel, goes through the dentin) and finally reaches the __ F gums H root G crown J fluoride 13. Plaque and food between your teeth can be removed by __ A fluoride C toothpaste D mouthwash B flossing __ 14. Placing something pointed, such as a pencil, in your ear could make a hole in your __ F ear canal H middle ear G crown J eardrum 15. A consumer is a person who buys a __ A product C grocer B advertiser D dentist Write Tor F to tell whether the sentence is true or false. 16. The main goal of advertising is to get consumers to buy the advertised product. __ __ 17. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day. 18. Sweat comes to the surface of your skin along the tiny hairs ·t on your skm. 19. It is best to stay out of the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.


20. Fluoride is a chemical that damages teeth.

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Chapter 2· Taking Care of Yourself

21. Look at the diagram of the tooth. Write the name of each tooth part.







The Parts of a Tooth

a. [~:~:
b. [ ~.






Put the steps for flossing in order by writing 1 to 4 on the lines in front of the steps. __ 22. Use your thumbs and index fingers to guide the floss. Gently push it between two teeth. Rub gently up and down, away from the gum. Rub near the gum line of one tooth and then the other. 23. Pull out about 18 inches of dental floss. 24. Remove the floss. Unwind it a bit to reach a clean part. Repeat for each tooth in your mouth. 25. Wrap one end of the piece of floss around the middle finger of each hand. Leave a few inches between your two hands.

__ __

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Taking Care of Yourself· Chapter



Write Tor F to tell whether the statement is true or false. __ __ __ 11. It is healthful to eat just one kind of food. 12. As long as you choose healthful foods, you can eat as much as you want. 13. The largest part of the USDA Food Guide Pyramid is the bread, pasta, rice, and cereal group.

-'-----_14. Snacks can be a part of a balanced diet.

__ 15. Fluoride is a vitamin.

Write the letter of the correct answer on the line at the left. __ 16. Fruits and vegetables are foods that corne from __ A plants C proteins 8 ingredients 0 animals 17. One medium-sized apple is an example of a (an) __ from the fruit group. F ingredient H balanced diet G nutrient J serving 18. __ is an example of a healthful snack. A Soda C Celery 8 Sugary cereal D Candy 19. A balanced diet contains __ F one kind of food G no snacks


. __


H a good variety of foods J only expensive foods


20. A food that smells and looks bad is probably __ . A spoiled C a serving
8 balanced 0 ,safe to eat

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Food for a Healthy Body· Chapter 3



Activity for a Healthy Body

Match each word below to a definition. Write the correct letter on the line at the left of the sentence.
a exercise b warm-up c aerobic exercise
d cool-down e safety gear f mouth guard

9 strength
h flexibility endurance


1. This kind of exercise makes your heart stronger 2. How powerful your muscles are 3. Being able to exercise for a long period of time without getting tired 4. Any activity that makes your body work hard 5. A way to get your body ready for exercise 6. Clothing or equipment that helps protect you during sports or exercise 7. Slow exercises after your workout 8. A plastic shield that protects your teeth and gums 9. How easily you can bend and stretch __ 10. The number of hours of sleep a person your age should get

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Activity for a Healthy Body· Chapter

A moutn guard can pTOleCI your snms wnen you

It is important to warm up before you exercise. The Activity Pyramid can help you choose a varie keep' your body fit. .

If you are injured, you should stop exercising or I right away, and tell your parent or another trustee
tter of the best answer on the line. If you don't get enough sleep each night, you cou A rested C healthy B stressed :0' relaxed A person who can exercise for a long time withot has good . F flexibility H endura: JI aerobic G strength What should you do if you are injured while you
spo-rt or exercising? .

A tell a parent or coach 8, act as if nothing is wrong

C keep de
D playa c

What body Dart zets stronzer when vou do aerob:

Name ___

21. Draw a picture of someone following a rule for water safety, and write a

sentence that tells about the water safety rule in the picture.

22. Latasha said she does not exercise because it makes her tired. What would

you say to Latasha to encourage her to start exercising?

23. Underline the sentences that tell ways to get enough sleep at night.

Don't eat much right before bedtime. Run around or ride your bike right before bedtime. Go to bed at the same time each night. Be calm and quiet right before bedtime. Drink soda right before bedtime. Go to bed and wake up at different times each day.
24. Tim and Michael are planning a long bike ride. What are two rules they

should follow to stay safe on their bike ride?

25. Justin has made an exercise plan. When you read his plan, you see that

it does not have a warm-up or a cool-down. What could you tell Justin about warm-ups and cool-downs so that he will use them?

. 30· Assessment Guide

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Activity tor a Healthy Body· Chapter 4