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Day 4 Day 5 Volume 2 Number 22

Jesus shows His disciples a future reality that

is greater than their current difficulty. He tells the
disciples they can trust Him because He is not going to
I’m glad Thomas asked Jesus (vs. 5) what
I’m sure each of the other disciples were thinking at
that moment, and what you and I also ask in one way
be defeated; He will be with the Father. Notice these May 29–June 4
or another, each time we face difficult situations.
four realities Jesus told His disciples they can hold on “Lord, how . . . how can I make it through this? Lord,
to, in the midst of their present circumstances:
what should I do; where should I go? Lord, why?”
1. The Father has an eternal dwelling place. The Greek
Jesus’ statement, “I am the way, the truth and the
word translated “rooms” or “mansions” in the King
James comes from the verb that means “abide” or life” is made in response to Thomas’ question. If
“remain.” This is not a temporary shelter; it is an eternal Thomas had not asked his question then we may
home. have never had such a direct statement from Jesus
2. Jesus is going there to get a place ready for them. as to the way to the Father. Jesus does not penalize
3. He is not giving up but truly desires to live eternally us for asking questions. Notice though, Jesus does
with His followers. not answer the first part of Thomas’ question; He just
4. Jesus reminds the disciples that they already know told the disciples He was going to be with the Father.
the road that He is taking to His Fathers house. Rather than get sidetracked, Jesus focuses in on
But then Thomas says, what I think they were all clarifying the way. He does not want His disciples,
thinking, ‘no we don’t.’ nor you and I, to be uncertain of how to come into the
Perhaps each of us is a little like Thomas. Although Father’s presence. Where we are going is not nearly
Jesus speaks to our hearts telling us not to be as important as Whom we will be with. Is this the
overwhelmed and troubled, we don’t always hear Him. driving force of your faith? To be with Jesus? You
Although we know we can trust Jesus, we sometimes can be in His presence now; just open His inerrant
lose sight of the eternal and focus on our problems; we plenary verbal Word and spend time hearing His John 14:6
see our immediate surroundings and lose sight of the voice.
eternal. That’s what Thomas did in verse 5; Thomas “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the
missed what Jesus had just told him. In what ways are truth, and the life. No one comes to the
you like Thomas? Repent of that and Trust the Truth! Father except through Me.”
Because of the general attitude that prevails MISSION MOMENT: Pray for our first Family Camp

starting Wednesday, here at the church, and then everyone
in America today about absolute truth, we often shy
Do you relate to people in a way that allows heads to camp on Thursday. Pray for Neil, Lori & Corey, as
away from revealing that we believe in it. But the
you to tell them the truth and have them give you a they lead us to grow closer to Christ.
truth is the truth. And as pointed out in day one,
hearing? Is it possible that the way you say
everybody really believes in truth. The difference for
something has as much impact as what you are
the one who follows Jesus is that they are uniquely
saying? Paul talks about “speaking the truth in love.”
empowered to share the truth with impact. Do not
How can you practice this concept?
allow your ability to impact others to lie dormant.
Your words possess the power to change lives by the
In John chapter 14, no wonder the disciples truth that dwells in you. Use it!
were troubled (vv. 1, 27): Jesus was going to leave
them, one of them would betray Him and Peter
would deny Him.
Thomas said, "Master, we have no idea
Jesus encouraged them by telling them about where you're going. How do you expect us to know
Himself and the Father. the road?"
Jesus takes us to the Father. We have a home in Jesus said, "I am the Road, also the Truth, also the
heaven when life is over, and we shall meet Jesus Life. No one gets to the Father apart from me. If you
and the Father. James M. Gray wrote, "Who could really knew me, you would know my Father as well.
mind the journey when the road leads home?" From now on, you do know Him. You've even seen
Blessed assurance! Him!" (The Message)
Discuss, as a family, what it will be like one day, to
live in heaven and meet Jesus.
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Read this verse in the full context: Reread John 14:1-6 Jesus begins the passage by reassuring
John 14:1-6 If God’s Word can be trusted, Jesus is saying His disciples to trust Him. The hearts and minds
I want you to clearly see what Jesus is He is the only Way. Does this seem unfair to of each of the disciples were overwhelmed with
saying. There is no other way to God but you? More and more people today–even many the thought of what Jesus has told them. They
Jesus. This passage can only be taken who consider themselves Christians–believe can’t imagine that each of them would forsake
seriously if we can trust the authority of there are many roads that lead to God. Today, Jesus, that one of them was set to betray Jesus,
God’s Word. Do you truly believe God’s and that Jesus would be crucified–executed like
people believe that as long as you are sincere in
a criminal. It was all-unbelievable, and yet, it all
Word? Do you yearn to live according to what you believe and do your best to be a good happened just like Jesus said it would.
every word? The Bible is Inerrant (without moral person, God will accept you in the end. In the midst of these overwhelming
flaw) as it was originally given. It is called What Jesus says does not fit within our circumstances, Jesus tells His disciples to trust
‘plenary verbal’. God Himself directly pluralistic society that encourages tolerance of Him. “Don’t give up hope! You can trust me even
inspires every word. If every Christian lived all beliefs. Jesus claims to be THE WAY, THE as you have faith in God.” How can Jesus make
out the Word, what would the world look TRUTH and THE LIFE (not just a way, a truth such a statement? If what Jesus is telling His
like? What difference would be in your world and a life). But He didn’t stop there. Jesus also disciples happens, how can they trust Him if He’s
if you lived out the Inerrant, plenary verbal, said no one would come to the Father God, dead? Notice Jesus does not ask His disciples to
Word of God? except through Him. Jesus leaves no room for have faith in a corpse. Jesus wants the disciples
to look beyond their present difficulty. He desires
the inclusive mentality that believes all paths will
the hearts of the disciples to rest confidently
This week’s engage relationship focus lead to God. How has the pluralistic society within the assurance of what is to come. Our
is on communicating the gospel to those with silenced your stand for Jesus and right things? lives work the same way. Our trust in Jesus must
whom you relate. The world has become come before our trust in our circumstances?
increasingly hostile to the idea that any one Rate yourself from 1-10 on how well you trust
religion, or way of thinking about spiritual Jesus when the going gets rough.
things, has the only answer to life’s
questions. But remember this as you face One of the earmarks of good Today, consider some passages where
this challenging climate for sharing the truth. communication is to actually hear the other Jesus was both sympathetic and firm in His
The world’s insistence that we allow for a person, processing what they say and believe, dealings with people. Look at His dealings with the
plurality of “truths” is their “ONE WAY” of before you respond to them. How do you listen woman at the well in John 5. When was He blunt?
well, while at the same time holding the absolute When was He gentle? How did He mesh the two?
looking at things. They insist upon the
Can you find other passages that show both sides
freedom for themselves that they deny to truth in your mind? Is it possible to listen both of His communication style?
those who say Jesus is the only way. They sympathetically and critically?
are not denying there is only one way; they What about those who never hear about
simply want their one way to be “The Way”! Jesus?
Answer: There may be no satisfactory answer to this
question. The Bible is clear about the exclusive claims
Let’s start off today with a question. Can I put my faith in something else and of Christ (John 14:6). Yet we also know God is
it will lead me to heaven? merciful and absolutely just.
Is Christ the only way to heaven?
Answer: NO! It would seem to contradict what we know of His
Answer: YES! nature if He did not account for the disadvantages of
No amount of good deeds, social action or No other faith system can lead people to the one
those who, through no fault of their own, have never
humanitarian aid can gain an eternal reward. true God. Some people chafe at such an heard of Jesus.
Discuss, as a family, how important it is to exclusive position, but the words of the apostles Still, God's grace requires a human response.
know that Christ is the only way to heaven. and Jesus Himself, leaves no other option. Christians have a responsibility to make Christ known
Read Acts 4:12 and 1 Timothy 2:5. in all the world, so people have the opportunity to
respond (Matt. 28:19-20).
Ultimately, we can trust God to judge the world justly.