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Model 1000- Fixed Electrochemical

Model 113 Portable Electrochemical
Model 210-Zirconium Oxide

Model 210R-19” Rack Mount Model 1000- NEMA 4 Wall Mount

Model 113 Portable Electrochemical

Process, Stack, Envronmental, QC, Portable

ppm to 100%

Low cost Electrochemical O2 Analyzer
Model 1000

Introduction Applications
The Model 1000 Oxygen Analyzer is a -Air liquification plants
reliable, flexible and inexpensive in- -Gas purity analysis
strument that is based on the reduc- -Hydrocarbon stream monitoring
tion of oxyen at the cathode of an elec- -Fermentation processes
trochemical cell. the sensor has a life- -Heat treating & annealing
time that is > 24 months, is easy to re- -Protective blanketing
place and relatively inexpensive. -Combustion efficiency
-Stack Gas monitoring
We have recently added these -Blast furnace gas
Oxygen Analyzers to our Continuous -Natural gas transmission
Analyzer Product Line and to expand -Purging
the applications and versatility of our Features-
1. Long life electrochemical sensor >24
This product is available in a NEMA 4 months
wall mount configuration and comes 2. Recovers from air to low ppm values
with a 0-1 VDC (analog) and RS232 (digi- in just a few minutes
tal) outputs at no extra cost. An optional 3. RS232 and 0-1 VDC are standard
programmable 4-20 mA and dual 4. 5 digit oxygen LCD readout to 2
setpoints are available. decimal places
5. Fast sensor response (<10 seconds)
Principle of Operation to 90%
Oxygen diffuses through a semi-perme-
able mmbane, dissolves in the electro-
lyte and is reduced at the cathode. The • 5 digit LCD Display
reduction is facilitated by simultaneous • 16 bit ADC
oxidation of an anode material, such • NEMA 4 Wall Mount- General
as lead. At the anode the lead elctrode purpose
is consumed via the reaction below. 7" W x 9.25 "H x 5"D;
Weight- 7.4 pounds
During this process, a current (propor-
• Standard output: 0-1 VDC, RS232;
tional to concentration) is generated.
optional outputs- 4-20 mA & RS485
This signal generated is amplified and
displayed on the digital meter. The Options
chemical reactions are as follows:
• X purge
Cathode- O2 + 2 H2O + 2 e- = 4 OH- • 0-2000 ppb O2 sensor
Anode- Pb + 4 OH- = 2 PbO + 2 H2O + • Stack gas O2 sensor for exhausts
4 e- containing high levels of acid gases
(CO2, SO2)
In this configuration, it essential that
• 4-20 mA output
there is sufficient anode material to last
the lifetime of the sensor which is 60 • 2 nd sensor for low level O2 purging
months. • programmable contact closure
ZrO2 Stack Gas or Area Oxygen Analyzer
Model 210 R or 201W

Model 210- Zirconium Oxide O2
The Zirconium Oxide Oxygen
Analyzer is a reliable, flexible and
versatile instrument that is used for
optimization of combustion efficiency
and minimization of emissions. The 19” Rack and NEMA 4 wall mount
Analyzer is supplied in a fiberglass
NEMA 4 enclosure. Purging can be
added for installation in hazardous

Principle of Operation

Although most metal oxides are In-stack O2 Probe

insulators, zirconium oxide is a
viscous liquid that can carry a Available in 3”, 8.7” & 15.7” lengths
charge between the two electrodes
at high temperatures. A potential • Range from 0-1 to 0-100% O2
(proportional to the O2 concentration) Applications
is generated as a result of the
-Power plant stack gases
following reaction: -O2 in incinerator effluents
O2 (g) + e- = O2- -Blast furnaces
This potential is governed by the -Cement & lime kilns
Nernst equation: E = E0 - 0.059 Log -Asphalt batching
O2 -Landfill gases
Monitor O2 levels in rooms or work
Specifications - Wall/Rack: areas where O2 levels are critical
=5 Digit LED Display; 16 bit ADC
-Type of sensor: Heated ZrO Options
-Type of sampling: Extrative or In- • 19” Rack or NEMA 4 Wall Mount
stack (In- situ) • Z purge for NEMA 4 enclosure
-Response time: < 6 sec to 90% • Outputs- 4-20 mA, MODBUS
Wall-NEMA 4 (optional)
• Probe length 3”, 8.7” , 15.7” or
Dimensions: 9.25” H x 7”W x 5 ” D internal
-Weight: 6.0 pounds • Bluetooth capability
-Rack (NEMA 2)-
19" W x 51/4"H x 14"D
Zirconium Oxide Combination Analyzers & Portable
O2 Analyzers

ZrO2 Combination Analyzers Model 113- Portable O2 Analyzer

PID Analyzers offers a new portable
Oxygen is frequently measured with other analyzer for oxygen that can oper-
components such as CO2, or hydrocarbons. ate in three different modes: % O2,
It is possible to combine the O2 ppm O2 (0-10,000 ppm) and head-
measurement with a dual beam infrared space mode for food or pharm-
sensor for the measurement of CO2 aceutical packaging. The Analyzer
in the 0-10% or 0-20% range. An insitu O2 is extremely easy to use, has data-
and an extractive O2/CO2 setup are shown logging capability, a 5 digit readout
in the schematic below: for oxygen, a long lifetime electrochemical
O2 sensor (> 40 months), and a rechargeable
Ni hydride battery.

· Single piece construction
· Rugged- ABS case
· Rechargeable NiMH battery
· Simple 3 button control
· Modes
0- 100 % range
0-10,000 ppm range or
0-2000 ppb sensor
Headspace measurements
· Recovers from air to low ppm values
in just a few minutes
· Very easy to calibrate & use
Features of ZrO2 Sensor · Datalogging for > 7,000 points
- No reference gas is needed · Fast response <7 sec
· Long lifetime O2 sensor > 40 months
- Long life sensor
- Easy to install Applications
- Very stable
- Calibration frequency is > 6 months & -Checking glove boxes
-Checking Hydrocarbon streams
calibration is easy to perform
-Checking Fermentation processes
- Economical to purchase & maintain
-Protective blanketing
-Combustion efficiency
-Pharmaceutical Processing
- Headspace


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