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invites applications for following posts for appointment on regular basis or on

contract basis:

(a) (1) PILOT : (Reservation : 2 SC, 2 ST and 4 OBC)

Duties cover piloting of vessels, berthing Certificate of Competency as Master
of vessels in the docks as well as posting (Foreign Going) issued by the Ministry
on dredgers. of Surface Transport/ Shipping, Road
Transport & Highways, Government of
Working pattern is 24 hours on 24 hours India and one year post qualification
off basis with pilotage of vessels as per experience as a Master/Chief Officer of
work requirements. When posted on a foreign-going ship.
berthing or dredging duties, may be
required to work in 12 hours shifts.

(2) MARINE ENGINEER (Reservation : 2 SC, 1 ST and 4 OBC)

Posting may be as in-charge of floating Certificate of Competency as
craft or on shore in repair establishment 1st Class Engineer (Motor) or (Steam
or in office. and Motor) issued by the Ministry of
Shipping, Road Transport & Highways,
Work pattern is 24 hours on 24 hours off Government of India. One year post
basis on harbour tugs or on 12 hours qualification experience as Chief
shifts on other craft, or in shifts and Engineer on a foreign going ship.
timings as per requirements.


Duties cover berthing of vessels and Certificate of Competency as Master
working as Dredge Master on dredgers. (Home Trade/Coastal) issued by the
Ministry of Shipping. Experience as
Work pattern is 24 hours on 24 hours off Berthing Master in the Port.
basis on harbour tugs or on 12 hours
shifts on other craft, or in shifts and
timings as per requirements.

(b) Remuneration and benefits :

Regular appointments in case of Pilot and Marine Engineer will be on the
payscale of Rs.32900-58000 with annual increment of 3%. At present pay
levels, the remuneration works out approximately to Rs.62000/- at the
minimum exclusive of certain work related perks/ allowances.
In addition, candidates will be entitled to other service benefits like leave,
Leave Travel Concession, Medical aid for self and family, advances for
purchase of house, car, etc. as per the Port Trust regulations and admissible to
all employees from time to time.
For appointment on contract basis remuneration per month w.e.f. 1.4.2011 will be as under :


During training Rs.57,500

On commencing berthing/ dredging Rs.86,250
pending grant of pilot licence
After licence as Pilot/ on commencing Rs.1,03,500
When licensed to pilot vessels
Upto 10,000 GRT Rs.1,15,000
10,000-15,000 GRT Rs.1,26,500
15,000-20,000 GRT Rs.1,38,000
Full tonnage except Suez Max tankers Rs.1,55,250
Unrestricted tonnage including Suez Rs.1,72,500
Max tankers

Marine Engineer
Consolidated pay of Rs.75,000 per month (Revision is under consideration)

Marine Officer
Consolidated pay of Rs.75,000 per month (Revision is under consideration)

The above remuneration is all inclusive with no other allowances, benefits except 30
days leave in a year.

Ex-MbPT Pilot rejoining on contract would be paid remuneration based on the

tonnage he last handled while in service of the Mumbai Port.

Pilots having experience of pilotage at another Port may after suitable evaluation and
training and examination and recommendation of the Deputy Conservator, MbPT be
granted a higher starting tonnage and consequently paid remuneration corresponding
to the tonnage.

(c) Age limit :

For regular appointment, upper age limit is upto 40 years, relaxable by 5 years
for SC/ST candidates and 3 years for OBC candidates.
In case of contract appointment, age limit can be upto the age of 65 years.

(d) Other conditions :

(i) Applications may be submitted in the prescribed form and can also be
forwarded by e-mail.

(ii) Persons already in service of Government/Semi-Government

Organisations/Public Sector Undertaking/Autonomous Bodies must apply
through proper channel.
(iii) Candidates should produce all original documents in support of essential
qualifications and Caste Certificates issued by the Competent Authority
including the “OBC” status as well as “exclusion from Creamy Layer”
Certificate in case of OBC candidates.

Desirous candidates may walk in for interview between 1500 hours and 1600 hours
on any working day upto 30.6.2011 and meet Smt. S.G. Patwardhan, Dy. Secretary,
Human Resources Department, Port House, 2nd floor, Shoorji Vallabhdas Marg,
Ballard Estate, Mumbai – 400 001. (Mr. Ravi Nair, Sr. Asstt. Secretary has been
transferred). Alternatively, candidates may also forward the application by post or e-
mail indicating the desired date for interview to