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Credit Risk Manager

Citigroup Inc.
London, UK
Job Type:
Full Time
Banking / Finance
Yrs of Exp:
2+ to 5 years
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Job Description
Job Title: IPB EMEA Margin Lending Credit Manager /Credit Manager for Lombard
Job Purpose:
This is an important role in the credit sanctioning team and supports the growth
of the lending portfolio in a controlled, safe and profitable manner. A persona
l discretionary Lending Limit will be awarded with the seniority of the role.
Based in London, the position objective are:
• To ensure that all credit extensions are consistent with the credit standards an
d policies of IPB/Wealth Management/EMEA/global credit, and in compliance with l
aws and regulations of all relevant jurisdictions.
• To oversee all account Initiation/maintenance and collections operations through
offshore business units.
Responsible for process improvement and optimization. Structuring and analysis o
f complex credit transactions. Collateral management. Testing for compliance wit
h credit policy. System and MIS enhancement.
Job Background/context:
Citi International Personal Bank is the preferred centre in EMEA for the provisi
on of International Expatriate Banking and International Wealth Management for c
lients who wish to hold a proportion of their wealth outside the country they re
side in
IPB Credit Team is responsible for Credit Risk Management of the lending portfol
io. The margin lending activity has shown strong growth and is one of the strate
gic growth objectives of IPB EMEA across all is centres London, Jersey and Genev
a. The activities of the team cover sanctioning, credit policies & procedures, m
anagement of information, collateral evaluation, credit model and management of
numerous strategy & technology project changes.
New products (Leveraged Lending, FX lending/ trading lines).
Core Responsibilities:
• Provide strong direction and leadership to the Credit team in London, Jersey & S
• Work effectively with the front line in stimulating a strong credit culture thro
• Collaborate effectively with the business and Product team in structuring and pr
esenting individual transactions.
• Assessment of new / renewal credit applications in a timely manner to meet clien
t requirements, based on thorough and effective analysis of financial and non-fi
nancial information with personal accountability for lending decisions.
• Ensure that execution excellence prevails within the function with regard to cor
e processes and application turnaround times.
• Adequate and pro-active surveillance of the credit portfolio to ensure that any
deterioration in portfolio is quickly recognised and acted upon and local market
conditions monitored in order to identify trends and the necessity / opportunit
y to adjust the credit procedures to reflect the competition and the market / cr
edit conditions, and provide an early warning system to Bank management.
• Develop robust and timely risk reporting to enable sound decisions to be made by
the various business Exco's and divisional credit team(s).
• Minimise risk of loss by early identification of unsatisfactory exposures, initi
ating preventive/remedial measures and providing guidance/support to Relationshi
p Managers.
• In close co-operation with RMs, Product team and Credit Policy,.
• Development and enhancement of credit systems, procedures and standard documenta
tion, ensuring that such are reviewed and updated periodically.
• Obtain and maintain satisfactory grading on Credit and Market Risk audits, and e
nsure prompt follow up and clearance of issues raised.
• Provide effective people management and training and development opportunities t
o Credit and Market Risk staff members to ensure retention and continuing profes
sional development.
• Keep abreast of current developments and trends in, and maintain high level mark
et and legal infrastructure knowledge of, CITI IPB EMEA's key markets.
• Strong interface with Relationship Managers, Product Team and Credit Operations.
Development Value:
• Position will have highest credit authority level after the Credit & Risk Head a
nd will be empowered to Credit Initiation and Collection decision.
• Help launch new products: Work with the business on new projects (system enhance
• Training: Consumer Credit Course, Letter of Credit Training.
• Private and Investment Banking background
• At least 4/5 years in the Banking/Financial Business industry
• Previous Credit Officer experience.
Skills & knowledge
• Analytical skills
• PC proficient
• Project Management Skills
• Documentation discipline
• Understanding of the use and importance of analysis
Integrity / Knowledge/ Judgment / Common Sense:
• Satisfactory Completion of entry-level credit training or equivalent.
• Experience and training in consumer or business lending.
• Exposure to diverse credit situations.
• Knowledge of credit risk policies of the global consumer group and the ability t
o apply the same of specific situations.
• Thorough understanding of credit and/or portfolio management process.
• Ability to evaluate, negotiate, structure and/or monitor Product approvals or cr
edit transactions.
• Ability to think and act independently and to know when to ask for guidance from
more experienced officers or specialists in the credit process.
• Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics or economics or banking Finance and MBA, MSF or
similar, required. , Professional qualifications etc]
• Team player
• Ability to deliver in a multi-task environment
• Integrity
• Independent thinker
• Communicate effectively across all levels
• Initiative and self-drive is critical.