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Taisa N.

670 Hills Mill Rd. Cornelia, GA 30531 â— Phone: (810) 624-2720 â— Email:taisatomycz

August 30th, 2010

Dear Sirs:
Enclosed please find my resume and transcript, submitted for your review and con
As you will readily note, I was graduated top of my class from Thomas M. Cooley
Law School, known to be one of the largest, most diverse and competitive law sch
ools in America. Cooley is a school that prides itself in preparing future atto
rneys both academically and practically. For instance, I was required to comple
te an externship with a law firm to afford me an opportunity to put my law schoo
l training into practice. In addition, I was required to take a pre-trial class
as well as an advanced writing class where I was exposed to writing appellate b
riefs and arguing motions for summary judgment in front of a judge. Due to my h
ard work, tenacity, and intense passion for the law I was graduated number 28 ou
t of 221 students. Finally, Cooley’s motto, in corde hominem est anima legis," - the s
it of the law is in the heart of Man." My years at Cooley certainly did awaken
the same spirit within me and I eagerly welcome the opportunity to begin my prof
essional journey.
In order to satisfy my externship, I spent four months working at the District A
ttorney General’s Office in Franklin, Tennessee. As an extern, I practiced under rule
ven, the student practice act, making plea negotiations with pro se defendants a
nd defense attorneys in General Sessions Criminal Court and Juvenile Court. I a
lso conducted preliminary and sentencing hearings before the Honorable Judge Al
Nations. Moreover, I prosecuted a jury trial in a “DUI†case which resulted in a
This experience has prepared me to tackle various complicated legal issues.
During law school, I excelled in multiple trial simulations. In the first year
I made it to the final round of the school’s mock trial competition where I represente
defendant in a first degree murder case. Additionally, in my pretrial class I w
as given the opportunity to argue a motion for summary disposition in a premises
liability case in front of a circuit court judge. All of these experiences sha
rpened and honed my oral advocacy skills.
As my resume reveals, my academic highlights include Cum Laude, Dean’s List, Honor Rol
and a top 12 percent class rank; these distinctions are a testament to my enthus
iasm for learning, diligence, and a commitment to embrace the professional legal
challenges I will encounter throughout my career. In addition to my strong wor
k ethic, I am an effective communicator, a proficient worker, and a team leader.
I anticipate my academic achievements to translate directly to professional su
ccess because I enjoy the same drive and passion I had in law school.
Thank you for your time and efforts on my behalf. It would be my pleasure to me
et with you to discuss the possibility of working with you and your firm.


Taisa N. Tomycz