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American Literature: A Series of Movements

Honors English III: Final Exam

Explanation: This is a practice test based off of Mr. Steigleders Honors American Literature: Semester Final
Study Guide. This test will follow his description of the final. Thus, the majority of this test will be
short answer (i.e. put the correct word or phrase on the line). There will be a brief matching section to
test your knowledge of chronology (i.e. put these events in order). There will be a total of around 300
questions. Expect two to four passage identifications. Also expect a brief essay question based off of
American exceptionalism. I recommend taking this test after studying for at least a couple of hours. See
the Honors English III Facebook group for more resources. Good luck.
Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct word or phrase.
IN GENERAL: For questions 1-7, identify as
specifically as possible the movement of which the
writer, author, poet, or artist is a part.
1. Jonathan Edwards
2. Henry David Thoreau
3. John Winthrop
4. Benjamin Franklin
5. Herman Melville
6. Edgar Allan Poe
7. Thomas Paine

1. ________________________________________
2. ________________________________________
3. ________________________________________
4. ________________________________________
5. ________________________________________
6. ________________________________________
7. ________________________________________
8. ________________________________________

CONTEXT: England has had a major influence on

American literature. For questions 8-15, fill in the
blank with the correct word or phrase.
8. In 1527, Henry VIII (in)famously married who
after the Vatican denied his requests for a
divorce from Catherine of Aragon?
9. In response to the Vaticans unfavorable
decision, Henry VIII did what?
10. During Queen Marys reign, which individual
famously nailed theses to a door?
11. Which person within the Protestant camp
stressed the ideas of predestination, grace,
and the Elect?
12. Complete the following phrase: the sun never
sets on the
13. During the period of American colonization, the
English government gave what to many
different types of settlements?
14. Where did John Smith land in America?
15. This movement within Protestantism is based
off of the idea that faith alone saves.

9. ________________________________________
10. _______________________________________
11. _______________________________________
12. _______________________________________
13. _______________________________________
14. _______________________________________
15. _______________________________________

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THE MOVEMENT: For questions 16-25, fill in

the blank with the correct word or phrase.
16. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote about a society
based on which movement in his piece
entitled The Scarlet Letter?
17. Who wrote in Plaine style, with singular regard
unto the simple truth in all things?
18. Who declared his settlement to be as a city
upon a Hill?
19. In what work is a group of settlers saved from
sure death due to kidnapping? The settlers
connect their fate with Gods divine
20. Who saved the settlers mentioned in previous
21. What work implored people to live by the rules
of justice and mercy?
22. According to John Winthrop, human condition
is what?
23. What work presents a personal journal of events
that occur in a settlers community?
24. Which poet looks upon the burning of his/her
house as the will of God and quickly
dismisses it as if it is not a big deal?
25. Who said that Gods altar needs not our
26. Who says that there is nothing between you
and hell but the air; it is only the power and
mere pleasure of God that holds you up?
27. Of which specific movement is the author
described in number 26 a part?

16. _______________________________________
17. _______________________________________
18. _______________________________________
19. _______________________________________
20. _______________________________________
21. _______________________________________
22. _______________________________________
23. _______________________________________
24. _______________________________________
25. _______________________________________
26. _______________________________________
27. _______________________________________
28. _______________________________________
29. _______________________________________
30. _______________________________________
31. _______________________________________

CONTEXT: The Scarlet Letter takes place in

Puritan New England. For questions 28-31,
fill in the blank with the correct word or
28. Though The Scarlet Letter was written about a
community in Puritan New England, it was
written during a very different time period.
Of which movement is the novel a part?
29. What is the title of the prologue to the novel?
30. Who wrote The Scarlet Letter?
31. According to the novels mythology, the
feminine main characters ancestors were
responsible for what controversial actions?
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THE NOVEL: The Scarlet Letter takes place in

Puritan New England. For questions 32-41,
fill in the blank with the correct word or

32. _______________________________________

32. The novels protagonist, this character is the

wearer of the scarlet letter.

35. _______________________________________

33. For what word does the scarlet letter A stand?

33. _______________________________________
34. _______________________________________
36. _______________________________________
37. _______________________________________

34. The young theologian who becomes, in a lapse

of judgment, the lover of the novels

38. _______________________________________

35. This character is actually a witch.

40. _______________________________________

36. This character arrives belatedly after being

kidnapped by Native Americans.

41. _______________________________________

37. To where is the novels protagonist taken to be

publicly humiliated?

42. _______________________________________

38. What shape becomes visible on Arthurs chest?

39. _______________________________________

43. _______________________________________
44. _______________________________________

39. Arthur attempts to punish himself for his sin.

Name one of the methods which he

45. _______________________________________

40. To whom does Roger leave his inheritance?

47. _______________________________________

46. _______________________________________

41. To where does the novels protagonist after the

events of the story?
CONTEXT: In keeping with the idea that
American literature has followed a series of
movements, we now move on to the reaction
to Puritanism. For questions 42-47, fill in
the blank with the correct word or phrase.
42. The Latin term for Lockes concept of the
blank slate.
43. Sir Isaac Newton, one of the most brilliant
scientists of his age, proposed a novel
concept of all being. What was it?
44. The religion of this movement was
characterized by a clockmaker God who
did not take an active role in peoples lives.
What was it?
45. This movement believed that history advances
to achievements of human progress resting
on individual what?
46. What individual implored others to know then
thyself, presume not God to scan and that
the proper study of mankind is man?
47. What movement is being described here?

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THE MOVEMENT: The Enlightenment was

typified by a variety of writers. For
questions 48-56, fill in the blank with the
correct word or phrase.
48. Who said that a penny saved is a penny
49. What is another name for the Enlightenment?
50. Who wrote Poor Richards Almanack?
51. What type of art moved beyond the biblical and
the mythological to still life, landscape, and
subjects from everyday life?
52. In what piece did Benjamin Franklin implore
readers to be industrious and free; be frugal
and free?
53. What work played an essential role in
convincing ordinary American colonists to
support the cause of independence?
54. Who wrote On the Religion of Nature?
55. What movement responded unfavorably to the
56. Name one of the thirteen virtues which
Benjamin Franklin vowed to follow.

48. _______________________________________
49. _______________________________________
50. _______________________________________
51. _______________________________________
52. _______________________________________
53. _______________________________________
54. _______________________________________
55. _______________________________________
56. _______________________________________
57. _______________________________________
58. _______________________________________
59. _______________________________________
60. _______________________________________
61. _______________________________________
62. _______________________________________
63. _______________________________________
64. _______________________________________

CONTEXT: In keeping with the idea that

American literature has been simply
following a series of movements, we now
move on to the reaction to the
Enlightenment. For questions 57-63, fill in
the blank with the correct word or phrase.
57. What movement was a concentrated form of
58. Emerson proposed that humanity and nature
share a universal creative force called what?
59. What word literally means to go beyond or
to cross a threshold?
60. Emerson and his followers felt that Lockes
theory of what and of knowledge being
acquired from the outside through the senses
was insufficient?
61. The modernizing, machine-driven revolution
which so troubled the Romantics?
62. The I of Romanticism that indicates who is
63. Literary Romanticism originated in the country
and then moved to America.
64. Transcendentalist attempt at a pastoral, Utopian

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THE AUTHORS: For questions 65-71, identify the

writer of the following pieces.
65. Rip Van Winkle
66. Walden
67. Anabel Lee
68. Fall of the House of Usher
69. Self-Reliance
70. Rappaccinis Daughter
71. I Sing the Body Electric
THE MOVEMENT: For questions, 72-85, fill in
the blank with the correct word or phrase.
72. Who said, simplicity, simplicity,
simplicity!;I say, let your affairs be two or
three, and not a hundred or a thousand?
73. The single word repeatedly uttered by the raven
in Poes poem of the same name.
74. This characters senses are so acute that he hears
his sister in her tomb.
75. Rappaccinis daughter
76. One of the two ancient civilizations which so
heavily influenced the Romantics
77. Gangly teacher who meets the Headless
78. The Massachusetts town that apparently
exhibited a genius cluster
79. The sibling in one of Poes stories who is
artistically sensitive
80. Whitmans continuously-revised lifes work
81. The Romantic piece utilized by Gandhi in the
fight for Indian independence
82. Bryants poetic meditation on death
83. The brand of Romanticism typified by Poe
84. In one of Poes works, this character is one of
Rodericks best childhood friends.
85. The schoolteacher and singing master in one of
Irvings works
86. Melvilles grand whaling tale, considered by
many to be the quintessential American
87. In Romantic literature, the Individual screams
his uniqueness; at the end of Song of Myself,
Whitman sounds his barbaricwhat?

65. _______________________________________
66. _______________________________________
67. _______________________________________
68. _______________________________________
69. _______________________________________
70. _______________________________________
71. _______________________________________
72. _______________________________________
73. _______________________________________
74. _______________________________________
75. _______________________________________
76. _______________________________________
77. _______________________________________
78. _______________________________________
79. _______________________________________
80. _______________________________________
81. _______________________________________
82. _______________________________________
83. _______________________________________
84. _______________________________________
85. _______________________________________
86. _______________________________________
87. _______________________________________

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questions 88-94, you will be given a quote.
Please fill in the blank with the correct
writer of the work specified.
88. Madman! I tell you that she now stands
without that door!
89. The virtue in most request is conformity.;
Whoso would be a man must be a
90. There is no good on earth; and sin is but a
name. Come, devil! For to thee is this world
91. TRUENERVOUSVERY, very dreadfully
nervous I had been and am; but why will
you say that I am mad?...Hearken! And
observe how healthilyhow calmly I can
tell you the whole story.
92. My Faith is gone! cried he, after one stupefied
93. Art is long, and time is fleeting, and our hearts,
though stout and brave, still, like the
muffled drums are beating, funeral marches
to the grave.
94. And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the
side of my darlingmy darlingmy life
and my bride, in the sepulcher there by the
seain her tomb by the sounding sea.

88. _______________________________________
89. _______________________________________
90. _______________________________________
91. _______________________________________
92. _______________________________________
93. _______________________________________
94. _______________________________________
95. _______________________________________
96. _______________________________________
97. _______________________________________
98. _______________________________________
99. _______________________________________

DATES/CONTEXT: When attempting to

understand American literature, context is
critical. For questions 95-99, fill in the
blank with the correct response.
95. Around what date did the Pilgrims land at
96. It is their right; it is their duty to abolish such
government, and provide new guards for
their future security. Around when were
these words agreed upon among the thirteen
American colonies?
97. In what document are these words held?
98. After Romanticism/Transcendentalism peaked,
it faded quite quickly after Walt Whitman.
What event facilitated this rapid change?
99. Around when did it occur?

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PASSAGE IDENTIFICATION: After naming the writer and the work in which this line appears, please
explain the importance of this piece. Consider its relevance to a movement, a time in the countrys
history, the philosophy and psychology of the country, and other aspects which you consider to be
Insist on yourself; never imitate. Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a
whole lifes cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another, you have only an extemporaneous, halfposession.
Writer: ___________________________________ Piece: __________________________________________

SHORT RESPONSE/ESSAY: In Hector St. John de Crevecoeurs essay entitled What is an American, de
Crevecoeur expresses his belief that America is the most perfect society now existing in the world.
John Winthrop believed that his colony would be as a city upon a hill to other nations. Throughout
history, American writers have had a history of exalting the nation as a nation above all other nations.
In other words, American exceptionalism. Where in the literature that we have studied has this idea
been exhibited? In what ways could you say that exceptionalism, one of the key tenets of modern
political movements (such as the Tea Party), has been present from the outset of American society?

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IN GENERAL: For questions 102-106, fill in the

blank with the correct word or phrase.
102. Whitmans first work; this collection contains
Song of Myself
103. Fill in the blanks: I _________ myself and
____ myself.
104. Fill in the blank: I sound my barbaric ____.
105. Walt Whitman emphasizes what kind of
106. Fill in the blanks: I am the poet of the ____
and I am the poet of the ____.
CONTEXT: Transcendentalism was followed by a
movement that shouldnt surprise, given the
history of the time period in which it was
placed. For questions 107-112, fill in the
blank with the correct word or phrase.
107. There are four defining characteristics of
realism. Name two of them.
108. Nature is portrayed in realism as what?
109. Biological and what forces determined the
character of society and the fate of the
110. From which person did this movement take
many of its cues?
111. survival of the fittest
112. True or False: Realism says that being nice
alone wont get you anywhere in life.

102. ______________________________________
103. ______________________________________
104. ______________________________________
105. ______________________________________
106. ______________________________________
107. ______________________________________
108. ______________________________________
109. ______________________________________
110. ______________________________________
111. ______________________________________
112. ______________________________________
113. ______________________________________
114. ______________________________________
115. ______________________________________
116. ______________________________________
117. ______________________________________
118. ______________________________________

THE WRITERS: For questions 113-116, fill in the

blank with the author of the title.
113. The Damned Human Race
114. Chickamauga
115. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
116. The Open Boat
questions 117-121, you will be given a
quote. Please fill in the blank with the title in
which the quote appears.
117. of all the animals, man is the only one that
is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain
for the pleasure of doing it.
118. Ye have prayed it; if ye still desire it, speak!
The messenger of the Most High waits!
continued on the following page

119. Suddenly he saw before him a strange moving

object which he took to be some large
animala dog, a pighe could not name
itthey were men.
120. Peyton Farquhar was dead; his body, with a
broken neck, swung gently from side to side
beneath the timbers
121. Just you drown me, now, and then hear what I
call you!
IN GENERAL: For questions 122-128, fill in the
blank with the correct word or phrase.
122. This works says that humans have descended
from the Higher Animalsnot ascended
from the Lower Animals.
123. This satirical work features a congregation
praying for success in war.
124. This story opens with a person hanging by a
125. In this story, a person imagines his escape as
he dies brutally.
126. This story follows the survivors of a
127. In Chickamauga, a small boy pretends to be a
128. Realism suggests that natures is what?

119. ______________________________________
120. ______________________________________
121. ______________________________________
122. ______________________________________
123. ______________________________________
124. ______________________________________
125. ______________________________________
126. ______________________________________
127. ______________________________________
128. ______________________________________
129. ______________________________________
130. ______________________________________
131. ______________________________________
132. ______________________________________
133. ______________________________________
134. ______________________________________
135. ______________________________________

THE MOVEMENT: As is common in American

literature, naturalism included a more
intense movement that followed many of the
same ideals. For questions 129-135, fill in
the blank with the correct word or phrase.
129. What is the name of the movement that
followed naturalism?
130. According to the naturalists, life is a struggle
for survival in which not the fittest, but the
most _____ prevail.
131. What were the religious beliefs of the
132. Author of To Build a Fire
133. How is the weather in To Build a Fire?
134. What is the name of the traveler?
135. The traveler attempts to kill who/what?

continued on the following page

THE MOVEMENT: Realism was unlike other

movements. It set the stage for several
offshootsamong them, the following. For
questions 136-143, fill in the blank with the
correct word or phrase.
136. Upton Sinclairs muckraking work that
exposed the horrors of the Chicago
meatpacking industry.
137. Upton Sinclairs famous quote: The private
control of credit is the modern form of
138. This work exposed the terrible injustices,
corruption, and price inflation of the
American railroad industry.
139. Looking Backward qualifies as what type of
novel? (What category?)
140. In this novel, a character falls asleep in 1887
and wakes up in 2000.
141. Edward Bellamys most significant work
foresees the use of what type of payment?
142. In W.D. Howells work, a traveler comes from
what nation?
143. That novel suggests that by legislating
________, America would become a better

136. ______________________________________
137. ______________________________________
138. ______________________________________
139. ______________________________________
140. ______________________________________
141. ______________________________________
142. ______________________________________
143. ______________________________________
144. ______________________________________
145. ______________________________________
146. ______________________________________
147. ______________________________________
148. ______________________________________


questions 144-148, you will be given a list of
quotes. Please fill in the blank with the novel
in which the quote appeared.
144. When, for instance, a man had fallen into one
of the rendering tanks and had been made
into pure leaf lard and peerless fertilizer,
there was no use letting the facto out and
making his family unhappy.
145. According to our ideas, buying and selling is
essentially antisocial in all its tendencies.
146. The new rate ate up every cent of his gains.
There he stood, ruined.
147. A public wrong can never be a public right.
148. It was said by the boss at Durhams that he
had gotten his weeks money and left there.
That might not be true, of course; for
sometimes when they said that a man had
been killed, it was the easiest way out of it
for all concerned.
continued on the following page

CONTEXT: For questions 149-158, fill in the

blank with the correct word or phrase.
149. The name of the movement that responded to
the sense of social breakdown between the
two World Wars
150. The War to end all Wars
151. This action, enacted by a constitutional
amendment, contributed to a rise in
organized crime.
152. Amendment that granted womens suffrage
153. The New Woman (starts with an F)
154. Theorist who said that people are controlled by
unconscious forces within the self
155. Theorist who said that people are controlled by
economic forces outside the self
156. This movement (#149) depicted a sense of
social _____.
157. Yes/No: Do works of this movement (#149)
usually have explanation or interpretations?
158. Extreme modernism
THE MOVEMENT: For questions 159-168, fill in
the blank with the correct word or phrase.
159. Robinsons work depicting a drinking
160. Robinsons work depicting a seemingly perfect
individual; ends with a twist
161. T.S. Eliot was an ______________.
162. Existentialist fears include, alienation,
loneliness, and _____.
163. Eliots work in which this quote appears:
Time for you and time for me/And time yet
for a hundred indecisions/And for a hundred
visions and revisions.
164. Eliots work about people stuck in limbo
165. From what point of view does e. e. cummings
In Just relate its tale?
166. e. e. cummings work that describes Small
Town U.S.A.
167. The most famous modernist quote comes from
which writer? This is the way the world
ends/Not with a bang, but with a whimper.
168. Eliots chronic procrastinator

149. ______________________________________
150. ______________________________________
151. ______________________________________
152. ______________________________________
153. ______________________________________
154. ______________________________________
155. ______________________________________
156. ______________________________________
157. ______________________________________
158. ______________________________________
159. ______________________________________
160. ______________________________________
161. ______________________________________
162. ______________________________________
163. ______________________________________
164. ______________________________________
165. ______________________________________
166. ______________________________________
167. ______________________________________
168. ______________________________________

continued on the following page

NOVEL: For questions 169-183, you will be asked

to demonstrate your knowledge of The Great
Gatsby. Please fill in the blank with the
correct word of phrase.
169. This novelist wrote The Great Gatsby
170. The novels narrator
171. The narrators profession
172. The novels protagonist
173. The new money side of Long Island
174. Gatsbys real name
175. Who did Gatsby make his millions?
176. Nicks cousin; Toms wife
177. This character has an affair with Myrtle Baker
178. Myrtle Bakers husband
179. Gatsbys huge events
180. Yes/No: Did Gatsby really attend Oxford?
181. Who was driving the car that hit Myrtle?
182. Who tells George where to find the person that
killed Myrtle?
183. This person arranges Gatsbys funeral, which
few attend
CONTEXT: For questions 184-190, fill in the
blank with the correct word or phrase.
184. The mass movement of freed slaves to
northern cities
185. Laws that unconstitutionally restricted the
rights of freed slaves
186. What types of jobs boomed after WWI?
187. This type of music represented a celebration of
life; its improvisational, collaborative style
made it very engaging to many people.
188. What is the name of this movement?
189. In which city was this movement
concentrated? (Hint: one of its boroughs is
in the name of the movement)
190. Name one of the many things that the (answer
to #185) attempted to restrain.

169. ______________________________________
170. ______________________________________
171. ______________________________________
172. ______________________________________
173. ______________________________________
174. ______________________________________
175. ______________________________________
176. ______________________________________
177. ______________________________________
178. ______________________________________
179. ______________________________________
180. ______________________________________
181. ______________________________________
182. ______________________________________
183. ______________________________________
184. ______________________________________
185. ______________________________________
186. ______________________________________
187. ______________________________________
188. ______________________________________
190. ______________________________________

continued on the following page

THE MOVEMENT: For questions 191-201, fill in

the blank with the correct word or phrase.
191. Hurstons story about an African-American
girl whose family works in the fertilizer
192. Character in (answer to #191) who is cheated
193. Missie May has whose baby?
194. Yes/No: Was this story strictly about AfricanAmericans?
195. Bob Stone is a character (in love with a black
kitchen maid) in which story?
196. Who is the third character in the love triangle?
197. Who ends up with Louisa?
198. This story is about an algebra teacher in
199. Why was Sonny arrested?
200. Where was Sonny when he was skipping
201. At the end of the story, Sonny takes his brother

191. ______________________________________
192. ______________________________________
193. ______________________________________
194. ______________________________________
195. ______________________________________
196. ______________________________________
197. ______________________________________
198. ______________________________________
199. ______________________________________
200. ______________________________________
201. ______________________________________
202. ______________________________________
203. ______________________________________
204. ______________________________________
205. ______________________________________
206. ______________________________________


questions 202-205, you will be given a
quote. Please identify in which work the
quote appears.
202. I started down the steps, whistling to keep
from crying, I kept whistling to myself, You
going to need me, baby, one of these cold,
rainy days.
203. Dont look back like Lots wife and turn to
204. Red nigger moon. Sinner! Blood-burning
moon. Sinner! Come out that factry door.
205. You may not be able to stop nothing from
happening. But you got to let him know
yous there.
206. Ahm satisfied de way ah is. So long as ah be
yo husband, ah dont keer bout nothing

continued on the following page

CONTEXT: For questions 207-209, fill in the

blank with the correct word or phrase.
207. Example of the knight in shining armor from
To Kill a Mockingbird
208. The creepy, weird character
209. _________ isolationthe misfits, outcasts,
damaged characters are emphasized
NOVEL: For questions 210-221, you will be asked
to demonstrate your understanding of
Beloved. Please fill in the blank with the
correct word or phrase.
210. Author of Beloved
211. Plantation on which the novels protagonist
served as a slave
212. House in Cincinnati, Ohio
213. How many Pauls are there at (answer to #211)?
214. The brutal overseer whose sons or nephews
steal Sethes milk
215. Sethes living daughter
216. Sethes husband
217. Whose mother is Baby Suggs?
218. Mysterious ghost who appears after a trip to
the carnival
219. Person who helps Sethe deliver her baby
220. Beloved hates this character that is living with
Sethe and Denver
221. Character whom Sethe brutally murdered
222. Paul D compares his hearts trapped emotions
and memories to what?
223. With whose baby is Beloved pregnant?
224. This person says, you your best thing, Sethe.

207. ______________________________________
208. ______________________________________
209. ______________________________________
210. ______________________________________
211. ______________________________________
212. ______________________________________
213. ______________________________________
214. ______________________________________
215. ______________________________________
216. ______________________________________
217. ______________________________________
218. ______________________________________
219. ______________________________________
220. ______________________________________
221. ______________________________________
222. ______________________________________
223. ______________________________________
224. ______________________________________
225. ______________________________________
226. ______________________________________
227. ______________________________________
228. ______________________________________
229. ______________________________________
230. ______________________________________
231. ______________________________________

NOVEL: For questions 225-238, you will be asked

to demonstrate your understanding of In
Cold Blood. Please fill in the blank with the
correct word or phrase.
225. Author of In Cold Blood
226. The family who is attacked
227. The two co-conspirators in their killing
228. KBI agent in charge of the investigation
229. Who is a suspect until he passes a polygraph
230. Who discovers the bodies?
231. To where do (answer to #227) initially flee?
continued on the following page

232. Two of three of whose siblings have

committed suicide?
233. Who initially turns in the killers?
234. Who confesses first?
235. The two are condemned to what?
236. Which of the two is remorseful?
237. This character bides his time on Death Row by
writing to various appeals organizations.
238. Who pulled the trigger?
239. Was there money to be found in the (answer to
#226) house?
THE MOVEMENT: For questions 240-253, fill in
the blank with the correct word or phrase.
240. Writer of A Rose for Emily
241. Whose funeral begins the story?
242. Yes/No: Did she leave her house?
243. What does she buy at the drugstore?
244. With whose decaying body had she been
245. Flannery OConnors short story about a
family on vacation
246. To where is the family traveling?
247. Who is the escaped convict?
248. The grandmother convinces the family to turn
off of what in search of a plantation that
actually lies in Tennessee?
249. The Misfit kills whom last?
250. Flannery OConnors short story about a
traveling Bible salesman
251. Doctor of philosophy with a fake leg
252. What does Mr. Pointer steal?
253. What are actually in the Bibles that Mr. Pointer
CONTEXT: In keeping with the idea that
American literature is simply a series of
movements that respond to each other, we
move on to the next movement. For
questions 254-262, fill in the blank with the
correct word or phrase.
254. The two spheres of influence into which the
world is split after WWII
255. Theory that if we dont stop Communism, it
will spread until the whole world is

232. ______________________________________
233. ______________________________________
234. ______________________________________
235. ______________________________________
236. ______________________________________
237. ______________________________________
238. ______________________________________
239. ______________________________________
240. ______________________________________
241. ______________________________________
242. ______________________________________
243. ______________________________________
244. ______________________________________
245. ______________________________________
246. ______________________________________
247. ______________________________________
248. ______________________________________
249. ______________________________________
250. ______________________________________
251. ______________________________________
252. ______________________________________
253. ______________________________________
254. ______________________________________
255. ______________________________________

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256. Chairman of the House Un-American

Activities Committee
257. This process led some in the white community
to believe that society was slipping.
258. This Supreme Court ruling overturned
separate but equal
259. These huge suburban developments
symbolized the conformity of the 1950s
260. Kerouacs definition of Beat
261. Writer who described the Beat movement as
at the bottom of the world, rejected by
NOVEL: For questions 262-268, you will be asked
to demonstrate your understanding of On
the Road. Please fill in the blanks with the
correct word or phrase.
262. Main character; represents Jack Kerouac
263. This character is searching for his missing
264. Character in New Orleans with whom Sal and
Dean stay
265. City which always seems to be Sals Pacific
266. Where does Dean abandon Sal after finding
267. True/False: Dean is mad.
268. The metaphysical, transcendent self-awareness
described in the novel

256. ______________________________________
257. ______________________________________
258. ______________________________________
259. ______________________________________
260. ______________________________________
261. ______________________________________
262. ______________________________________
263. ______________________________________
264. ______________________________________
265. ______________________________________
266. ______________________________________
267. ______________________________________
268. ______________________________________
269. ______________________________________
270. ______________________________________
271. ______________________________________
272. ______________________________________
273. ______________________________________

THE MOVEMENT: For questions 269-279, fill in

the blank with the correct word or phrase.
269. Published by Lawrence Ferlinghettis City
Lights Bookstore after the Six Gallery
reading in San Francisco
270. Who writes the following? I saw the best
minds of my generation destroyed by
madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging
themselves through the negro streets at dawn
looking for an angry fix.
271. the Canaanite fire god whose worship was
marked by parents burning of their children
as proprietary sacrifice.
272. Im with you in ________.
273. Ginsbergs work is most similar to that of
which late Romantic poet?
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274. Ginsbergs poem bashing materialism,

consumerism, and rules
275. The quote, lost America with love appears in
this work
276. Writer of Smokey the Bear Sutra
277. Religion from which many of its analogies are
278. Alan Ginsbergs poem about a dead sunflower
279. Kerouac calls to Ginsbergs attention a dead
gray sunflower amid the piles of junk lining
the dirty riverbanks on which they are
sitting. What does Ginsberg think? Yes/No:
Is it ugly?

274. ______________________________________
275. ______________________________________
276. ______________________________________
277. ______________________________________
278. ______________________________________
279. ______________________________________