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Audit Foundation

Most international accounting firms (Big 4) provide an internal international training course of several days to align their new audit staff and prepare them for the audit season. Now also staff working on audit assignments employed by other accounting firms can obtain the same level of training. The course is based on the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) as released by the IFAC and commonly translated 1:1 in national audit standards. This course is dedicated to give an audit training to new audit professionals working at a mid-size tier firms or small firms who dont have the resources and skills to give this training themselves. This training can also be used as an attractive motivation to new hires. The course will give the new hires an excellent opportunity to network and get ready for the new audit season. Typical for this training is a high-level of interaction and fun. This course can be give as an in-house training, where elements of the corporate policies and guidelines can be easily integrated, such as: what are the companys policies on time reports, communication, working papers, etc. This can manifest an excellent opportunity to introduce and establish your corporate image and core values. Please be aware that a similar training can be given to audit staff having 2 or 3 years experience and have of will be promoted as a senior or junior manager. In that training the focus will be on dealing on all aspects on a higher level, including how to communicate with the management of the client and the firm, reviewing working papers, and team work. Basically this training will move into how to constitute an efficient and effective audit. Delegates are encouraged to give their personal learning objectives beforehand by filling out a questionnaire.
1.1.1 Prerequisites

No practical experience is needed. Knowledge of accounting and common business English is strongly advised.

1.1.2 Topics

This 3-day course will include the following topics: What is an audit? How to plan, conduct and evaluate an audit. Communication. Fraud.

How to prepare an audit. Pre-audit prepare the audit. Audit Assurance. Inventory Observation. Business Process Risks and Controls. Testing of Controls. Transactions and Potential Errors. Understand your role as an audit assistant. Teamwork for assistants. Effective working papers. Electronic working papers. How to develop a work program? Understand the essentials of a financial audit, using modern techniques. Obtain skills how to plan audit testing and prepare working papers. Understand how to identify audit risks and how to mitigate them. Understand teamwork and testing of controls. Be updated on the latest audit issues, including the Clarity Project.

1.1.3 Course Benefits

1.1.4 Who should attend?

Professionals, working at an audit firm.

1.1.5 Number of days and CPE Credits

This three days course is eligible for 24 CPE Credits.

Course Audit Foundation Audit Foundation Audit Foundation Audit Foundation Days 3 3 3 3 City Accra Islamabad Kuala Lumpur Beirut Country Ghana Pakistan Zambia Lebanon Start 20-6-2011 3-10-2011 7-11-2011 2-11-2011 Finish 22-6-2011 5-10-2011 9-11-2011 4-11-2011 Fee $1.200 $1.200 $1.200 $1.200