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The h - parameter hi is a ________.

a) Conductance b) Forward current gain c) Resistance d) Reverse voltage gain An amplifier class in which the transistor is conducting for the entire input cy cle. a) C b) AB c) A d) B The maximum rate of increase in anode to cathode voltage that will cause false t riggering. a) Valley voltage b) Critical rise rating c) Roll-off rate d) Slew rate What is the lagging effect between the magnetizing force applied and the flux de nsity? a) Permeance b) Hysteresis c) Eddy current d) Reluctance The region in an electronic transistor that is lightly doped and very thin is re ferred to the __________. a) Emitter b) Collector-base c) Collector d) Base What is the process of designing more than 100 gates on a single chip? a) MSI b) LSI c) SLSI d) SSI A VT triode having an amplification factor of 100 is considered to be a) Mid - b) High - c) Low power d) Low - Another name for photo-SCR. a) LED b) LASCR c) Photosensitive d) LASER Which is not an advantage of an integrated circuit rectifier? a) It is more compact thus space is save b) It does not need any heat sink c) Less cost d) Easier to trouble shoot This core construction is usually made up of E an I-shaped laminations. a) Cylindrical type b) Core type c) Shell type d) Wound core type Solve the collector current, if the base current is 200mA and the current gain i s 20. a) 1 A b) 10 A c) 40 A d) 4 A

Which of the following company was first to develop an op-amp. a) Fairchild b) Texas instrument c) ROHM d) Intel What happens to the conductivity of the semiconductor when temperature increases ? a) Increases b) Remains the same c) Cannot be predicted d) Decreases What is the most stable type of biasing? a) Current feedback b) Voltage feedback c) Fixed bias d) Voltage divider ________ is the most influential factor in the switching speed of saturated bipo lar transistor. a) Base current b) Charge storage c) Collector current d) Hfe It consists of a single coil rotated in a magnetic field and produces an AC volt age. a) Armature b) Commutator c) Field winding d) Elementary generator _________ has a unit of electronvolt (eV). (0 correct answers) a) Current b) Charge c) Potential difference d) Energy It is specialized test equipment that can be used easily to obtain the hFE of a BJT. a) Oscilloscope b) Transistor checker c) Ohmmeter d) Logic analyzer It is the component that is used to provide a discharge path for the capacitor i n a voltage multiplier if the load opens. a) Inductive path b) Discharging path c) Bleeder resistor d) Tuned circuit What is the grid voltage required to produce zero plate current in a triode whos e amplification factor is 25 and plate voltage is 200 V. a) 500 V b) 5000 V 10 V c) d) 8 V What are the two terminals of a Shockley? a) Anode 1 and anode 2 b) MT1 and MT2 c) Anode and cathode d) Collector and emitter A mode of operation for Depletion-type MOSFET to increase the size of the channe l. a) Enhancement mode b) Positive mode

c) Depletion mode d) On mode The filter in the output of a power supply is a ________. a) Low pass filter b) Band reject filter c) High pass filter d) Band pass filter How many diodes will you use to have a basic half-wave rectifier? a) Two b) One c) Three d) Four A type of multivibrator that has no stable state. a) Astable b) Zerostable c) Monostable d) Bistable It is the term for the phenomenon wherein the current and voltage are inversely proportional. a) Inverse current voltage b) Reverse ohm s law phenomenon c) Negative resistance d) Negative I-V What happens to the output resistance of an amplifier employing voltage - series feedback? a) It is decreased b) It remains the same c) It is increased d) Equals infinity Another name for band reject filter. a) BPF b) Stop Band c) Notch d) Tuned circuit Another name for Eccles Jordan multivibrator. a) Bistable b) Monostable c) Astable d) Zerostable The ability of a tuned circuit to maintain oscillation. a) Tuned effect b) Flywheel effect c) Edison effect d) Barkhausen effect What is responsible for the phenomenon when voltages across reactance in series can often be larger than the voltage applied to them? a) Resistance b) Resonance c) Capacitance d) Conductance How do zener diodes widely used? a) Power collectors b) Current limiter c) Variable resistors d) Voltage regulators How do you determine if a diode is defective? a) Very low current b) High current c) Diode resistance is very low or very high on either direction d) High voltage

What is the critical rise rating of 2N682 series SCRs? a) 40 V / s b) 30 V / s c) 3 V / s d) 300 V / What is the power output of a 100- VT amplifier having a load resistance of 10k?, plate resistance of 5k? and an input of 1 VRMS? a) 1W b) 0.44W c) 0.66W d) 0.66W __________ is a pn junction semiconductor device that emits non coherent optical radiation when biased in the forward direction, as a result of a recombination effect. a) LED b) JUGPET c) Optical cavity d) LASER Circuits that generates non sinusoid waveform that is designed to have one, two or no stable output state. a) Converter b) Multivibrator c) Rectifier d) Clipper ___________is the air space between poles of magnet. a) Air gap b) Free zone c) Vacuum d) Free space The base resistance RE as seen by the emitter circuit is a) (+1) RB b) / RB c) RB /(+1) d) aRB In this type of armature core arrangement, the conductors are placed in the slot s on the surface of the core. a) Disk type b) Drum type c) Shell type d) Gramme-ring type A term for a directly heated cathode of thermionic vacuum tubes. a) Straight cathode b) Cold cathode c) Soft cathode d) Filamentary Which of the following is not a valid expression of ohm s law? a) R=E/I b) I=E/R c) R=PI d) R=E/R Pin 2 of 555 timers. a) Ground b) Reset c) Output d) trigger ___________ refers to the term, remote sensing with regard to a linear voltage r egulator. a) The error amplifier compares the input voltage to the reference voltage b) The load connection is made outside the feedback loop c) Sensing is accomplished by wireless inductive loops

d) The feedback connection to the error amplifier is made directly to the l oad An amplifier class in which the transistor is biased way below cutoff and usuall y employs a tuned circuit. a) B b) A c) AC d) C The voltage at which the device suddenly turns on or off. a) Trigger b) Bias voltage c) Knee voltage d) Holding voltage When the power supply is first turned on, the output is all right but after a fe w minutes, the dc output voltage drops to 0 and then the fuse blows. Which of th e following could be the probable reason for this? a) Shorted secondary winding of the transformer b) Leaky filter capacitor c) Open load resistance d) Shorted primary winding of the transformer What does O in the VCBO, VCEO and VBEO ratings indicates? a) Open b) Overload c) Oscillator d) Output Which is not true regarding a MOSFET? a) Also called IGFET b) It is a special kind of JFET c) Gate current is always zero d) Drain current can be greater than IDSS If the gain of an amplifier without feedback is 10 and with negative feedback is 8, then the feedback fraction is a) 0.8 b) 0.9 c) 0.225 d) 0.025 A process of constant loses of free electrons and then regaining them is called _______. a) Induction b) Electron gaining c) Ionization d) Polarization Which has the highest noise? a) Triode b) Tetrode c) Pentode d) Diode It is the same as ac. a) a b) hFE c) dc d) hfe For how much time can 2N682 handle a surge current of 50 A? a) 5 ms b) 37.2 ms c) 93 ms d) 1.86 ms ___________ is the voltage applied in direct current circuit having a power of 3 6 watts and a total resistance of 4 ?. a) 12 V

b) 6 V c) 9 V d) 24 V In order to have the best efficiency and stability, where on the loadline should a solid state power amplifier be operated? a) At the saturation point b) At 1.414 times the saturation point c) Just above the saturation point d) Just power below the saturation point Method used in producing thick film components. a) Screening b) Evaporation c) Diffusion d) Epitaxial The screen grid is usually connected to a) Static positive voltage b) Ground c) Control grid d) 5V Which is not true for a schottky diode? a) It uses a metal instead of the p-type material b) Low junction capacitance c) It has only one pn junction d) High switching speed Which comparison of ordinary pn junction and PIN diode is not true? a) The PIN diode has an intrinsic layer at the middle of P and N type while the pn junction only has the depletion region at the middle b) The pn junction conduction starts at nearly 0V while the PIN diode start s conducting at 0.75V. c) The pn junction diode has a definite turning point in the curve while th e PIN diode shows no definite knee voltage d) When forward biased the PIN diode is not conducting while the pn junctio n is conducting How many Maxwells is 4000 lines of magnetic force? a) 200 b) 2000 c) 400 d) 4000 A big metallic object that helps to cool transistors and usually attached to the collector. a) Leads b) Heat sink c) Bleeder resistor d) Transformer Which is not usually used as a plate of a vacuum tube diode? a) Thoriated tungsten b) Molybdenum c) Graphite d) Nickel What is the atomic number of silicon? a) 32 b) 14 c) 4 d) 6 When a voltage of 100 V at 50 Hz is applied to a choking coil A, the current tak en is 8A and the power is 120 W, when applied to coil B, the current is 10A and the power is 120 W. What will be taken when 100 V is applied to the two coils co nnected in series? a) 4737 W b) 1454 W

c) 140 W d) 70 W It is the measure of effectiveness of the control grid in the controlling the pl ate current. a) Transconductance b) Amplification factor c) Plate resistance d) Gain He devised the phasor analysis and derived an empirical formula for hysteresis l oss. a) Heinrich Hertz b) Charles Proteus Steinmetz c) Nikola Tesla d) Michael Faraday As you increase the doping level of a crystal diode its voltage ________. a) Destabilizes b) Increases c) Stabilizes d) Decreases Another name for free running multivibrator. a) Bistable b) Astable c) Monostable d) Zerostable Which of the following circuits is the least probable building block of an op-am p? a) Tuned circuit b) Current source c) Level source d) Differential amplifier The collector curve of the BJT relates the values of ___________. a) IB, IC, and VCE b) IB, IC, and IE c) IB, IC, and VBE d) ID, VDS, and VGS The following losses are called variable losses except. a) Interpole winding loss b) Series field loss c) Iron loss d) Armature copper loss A program that converts an instruments written in a high-level language into mac hine code. a) Interpreter b) Assembler c) Compiler d) Translator What are the three terminals of a UJT? a) Anode, cathode and gate b) Anode 1, anode 2 and anode 3 c) MT1 and MT2 and gate d) Base 1, base 2 and emitter What is the exact overall of a Darlington amplifier composed of 2 BJTs with s of 100 and 200? a) 20,000 b) 200 c) 300 d) 20,300 What appropriate diode model is used for mathematical circuit analysis? a) Practical b) Ideal

c) First approximation d) Complete Circuit that is used to eliminate portion or portions of the input waveform abov e or below a specified level. a) Multiplier b) Clipper c) DC restorer d) Clamper Which of the following exhibits the best piezoelectric activity? a) Tourmaline b) Carbon c) Rochelle salt d) Quartz What is the property of the magnetic circuit that resists the establishment of f lux? a) Permeance b) Mutual inductance c) Inductance d) Reluctance What does the second strip of an electronic resistor color code represents? a) Multiplier b) Second digit value c) Temperature d) Tolerance Which is not true regarding a gas filled tube? a) Its terminals are larger than their equivalent for VT b) It can be used as an amplifier c) Its control grid loses its control over the plate current once it is tur ned on d) They handle higher current A 33 k ? resistor connected in series with a parallel combination made up of a 5 6 k ? resistor and a 7.8 k ? resistor. What is the total combined resistance of these three resistors? a) 95,800 ? b) 39,067 ? c) 63,769 ? d) 49,069 ? Emission of electrons from a material by bombardment of high speed particles. a) Secondary emission b) Thermionic emission c) High field emission d) Photoelectric emission The primary and secondary winding of ______________ are both electrically and ma gnetically connected. a) Current transformer b) Distribution transformer c) Potential transformer d) Autotransformer An electronic semiconductor behaves as _________ at absolute zero temperature. a) A variable resistor b) An insulator c) A super conductor d) A conductor A dynamo using a permanent magnet in producing a magnetic flux. a) Relay b) Alternator c) Magneto d) Amplidyne What FET terminal corresponds to Emitter of BJT? a) Source

b) Gate c) Anode d) Drain What is the circuit fusing rating of the 2N682-92 series of SCR? a) 93 A2s b) 56 A c) 1A2s d) 10 A Magnetic core are usually laminated due to the following except a) Decrease equivalent core resistance b) Increase efficiency c) Decrease core loss d) Decrease manufacturing cost A crystal with its major flat surfaces cut so that they are perpendicular to a m echanical axis of the original quartz crystal is called __________. a) An X cut crystal b) A Z cut crystal c) A Y cut crystal d) An XY cut crystal It is the biasing of the BJT at room temperature with no voltage applied. a) Zero bias b) VDB c) Unbias d) Base bias Two low pass filter sections each has a roll-off rate of -6 dB/octave. If they a re connected in cascade, what will be the overall roll-off rate? a) 6 dB/octave b) -6 dB/octave c) -12dB/octave d) 36 dB/octave The area of a conductor whose diameter is 0.001 in. is equal to a) One micron b) One angstrong c) One circular mil d) One steradian The voltage across the collector terminal of a BJT is equal to the summation of the dc voltage supply around the collector-emitter loop. The BJT what mode of op eration? a) Common emitter b) Common base c) Cut-off d) Saturation Which of the following cannot be used to make a magnet? a) Lodestone b) Carbon c) Cobalt d) Iron