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One day on quietthe beach was born of a green turtle named Sammy, Sammy was born in beach sand pit, and after five minutes Sammy was born he tried to get out of the sand pit but when Sammy was trying to ride him even slipped and to fall downafter that a bird to attack and bring Sammy and Sammy was looking for ways to loose from the bird is throwing sand from the bird and finally Sammy also successfulloose from the bird and Sammyto fall down and then met with Sally who is a tortoise new born also like sammy. Sammy and Sally decided to sail together. But when on the road Sally andSammyto falldown ,his head bumped on a wooden until maked Sammyunconscious. When Sammyconscious he was alone and no beSally beside it and decided to go sailing by himself by using wood which he made as a raft. While on the waySammy met and to meet with a tortoise also named Ray and at last they were friendly. Oneday Rayintroduced Sammy on a large octopus named Slim then they were playing together, but when they're playing , they to realize if that the ocean has been polluted by oil spills them to go from there. Then they went back to sail and when the trip they were caught by fishing nets so as to make them separate. Sammy trying to get out of the net and finallySammyalso successful got out of the net. When Sammy was sailing he met with the man named Ralph, Snow, and Zeese. Ralph decided to take careSammy and Sammy now friends with pet cat Ralph namedFufy. A few days later, Ralph found a tortoiseadult namedVera, Veraand Sammyto meet and they became friends. Until one day Ralph gave a sign on their shell. At one day Ralph to let loose vera into the sea and when in the evening Ralp, Snow and Zeese left Sammy alone on the beach and Sammy decided to sailing, when Sammy was sailing he met again with Vera, then they sailed together. While the trip they decided to eat , but when they are eating food they heard the cries of a tortoise who asks for help and they soon find that the sound source and when in nearly a tortoise being chased by a fish shark, Sammy too soon to help the tortoise and the fact it is Sally thenSally and Sammy sail together to go to sea ice, but they are separated again on the way and when the trip Sammymet with Fufy and Ralph, and Ralph back to caring Sammy until Sammy conditions recovered, and when Sammy conditions recovered, Ralphto let loose back Sammy into the sea. When at sea Sammymet again with Ray, then they decided to look for Sally. And when the trip they see sally with another tortoise named Rubye and Sammy was thought that Sally has chosen Rubye as his life companion, but it turns out it was all a misunderstanding. After thatSammy and Sally was united with the help of Ray and Bara which is the lover Ray.ThenSammyandSallygot married, Sammysaid that"Ray has given itthe meaningof afriendshipandmetwithSallyisalifeforSammy" Finally Sammy and Reywas having a happy family and the gift of many children.

Moral message : "That to be and get a friend is not easy, it takes sacrifice. That is the say as True that there will always be in love and sorrow, like Sammy and Ray's friendship "


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: KarmilaApriliantiWahyudinSwarrts : XI AP 3


Title Synopsis : Sammy'Adventures People :


Sammy Sally Ray Slim Vera Ralph Snow Zeese Rubye Bara Fufy Bird : : Well, brave, and An Adventurer : Good and Friendly : Brave and helper : Friendly : Adult and Friendly : Helper and Loving : Loving : Loving : Good : Good and helper : Funny : Naughty and evil



Sammy Sally Ray Slim Vera Ralph Snow Zeese Rubye Bara Fufy  Bird