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UNIT-I: Concepts of Marketing: Inroduction to Marketing-Traditional and Modern authorities on Marketing Management- Marketing Objectives MarketingFunctions-Imporance of Marketing Various Concepts of Marketing Management- Tasks of Marketing Manager. UNIT-II: Some Aspects of Marketing Management: Marketing Mix, Marketing Environment Micro Environment of Marketing and Macro Environment Marketing-Social Marketing Green Marketing- Services Marketing- Characteristics: Growth of services in India. - Direct and Online Marketing, Challenges of Online Marketing. UNIT-III: Market Segmentation-Market Targeting-Market Positioning: Introduction and Meaning of Segmentation-, Segmentation. Importance of Market SegmentationPurpose of Market Segmentation- Levels and Bases for Segmentation, Market Targeting Product Positioning.Strategis of Market Targeting and Positioning. UNIT-IV: Management of Product: Introduction to Product-Product Expectations Types of Products; Product Mix: Product Line: New Product Development-Stages in New Product Development Strategies in New Product Development PackagingLabeling- Product Life Cycle. UNIT-V: Management of Pricing: Concept of Price Definitions of Pricing Pricing Objectives Factors influencing pricing Internal-External- pricing Methods Pricing Strategies. UNIT-VI: Management of Distribution: Introduction to Distribution- Objectives of Channels of Distribution- Importance Factors Influencing Distribution Channel-Methods of Distribution -Types of Channels. UNIT-VII:Management of Promotion: Introduction to Promotion-Objectives of PromotionsImportance of Promotions- Promotion Mix Advertising-objectives of AdvertisingMeasuring effective ness of Advertising-Limitations of Advertising-Internet Advertising-Sales Promotion- Techniques of Sales Promotion Public Relations, Personal Selling Strategies of Person selling. UNIT-VIII: Marketing Research: Introduction to Marketing Research-Definition of Marketing Research-Importance Objectives Scope of MR-Marketing Research TechniquesMarketing Research Process. UNIT-IX: Marketing Control: Introduction to Marketing Control-Process of Marketing Control Types of Marketing control- Annual Plan control, Efficiency Control, Profitability Control and Strategic Control, Marketing Audit, Direct and Online Marketing, Challenges of Online Marketing. UNIT-X: Consumer Behaviour: Introduction to Consumer Behaviour-Definitions of Consumer Behaviour- Rational and Emotional Buying Motives-Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour- Buying decision Process.

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