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Innovation does not get recognized by just a grant of patent. The real challenge lies in enhancing and enriching the Innovation in order to increase its utility and value. At Anindus we not only assist you in identifying key areas of enhancement that will enable you to improve the value and the life of the patent, but also assist you in protecting and enforcing your patent rights.

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Anindus ConsultAnts Pvt. ltd.

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Who are we?
Anindus Consultants Pvt. Ltd was founded in 2006 under the name of Bluefile. Anindus is promoted by a leading Indian law firm specializing in the areas of Intellectual Property Laws, Taxation, and Corporate Laws. We operate from Delhi and Chennai. Our areas of specialization are IP Consultancy, end-toend support for Patent Lifecycle Management, and Litigation Support.

Our Team
Our team comprises patent specialists and technical consultants. The technical consultant team has engineers and scientists with advanced degrees, who are also subject matter experts with experience in the industry. The patent specialists are engineers specialized in patent law. The patent specialists in the team act as team leaders and coordinators. They hold either patent bar qualifications or a law degree and have experience working in different jurisdictions on patent related issues.

What do we do?
Anindus provides services in the domains of IP Consultancy, end-to-end support for Patent Lifecycle Management, and Litigation Support. IP Consultancy practice involves a thorough understanding and analysis of the R&D and innovation ecosystem of the clients, and providing solutions aimed at aligning their strategies, practices, and policies with the goals of the organization with a view to maximize the competitive advantage and the returns on investment. Patent life cycle management includes drafting patent specification, prosecuting patent applications, evaluating patents, and identifying licensing opportunities. It also includes analytics services such as patent search, mapping, and analysis for patentability, infringement, invalidation, valuation, and FTO studies. We also provide litigation support to clients for filing patent invalidation suits or infringement suits and for defending patents.

Anindus Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Our Service Offering



iP Consultancy


At Anindus, we believe in pooling our knowledge and advisory skills to assist clients in structuring their IP activities to gain competitive advantages, maximize freedom to operate in the market, and above all, leverage their IP rights to contribute to the bottom line. The scope of IP consultancy includes: Understanding the existing R&D and innovation ecosystem of the organization Identifying areas of improvements to promote inventions and mine IP rights from the ecosystem Recommending an IP ecosystem that includes strategic focus, IP management structure, innovation and IP culture, policy framework, implementation framework, governance mechanisms, and performance metrics Assisting the organization in the implementation of the recommendations



Patent Preparation

Technical consultants in Anindus are trained to prepare patent specifications for filing in different jurisdictions including US, EP PCT, and India. We follow , a well-defined and structured procedure for drafting applications which are tailored to our clients requirements. To ensure high quality, we have built relationships with patent attorneys of different jurisdictions for training and review (if requested by the client). Our consultants can also manage inhouse invention submission programs. Scope of Patent Preparation: Scheduling and conducting meetings with inventors Patentability search and prior art analysis Preparing patent applications (claims, specification, summary and background) Drafting formal patent drawings

Prosecution Analysis

We have a dedicated prosecution team to help our clients to manage prosecution. Our prosecution team works very closely with the drafting team. Within our prosecution services portfolio we offer following services: Office Action analysis which includes technical analysis of any cited art and identification of factors that may distinguish the application from the prior art Preliminary draft of office action responses based on the technical analysis and inputs provided by inventor and client legal counsel Foreign Prosecution Intelligence for harmonization of prosecution of family members across different jurisdictions

Patent Analytics (search, Mapping, and Analysis)

Many of our clients have used our patent analytics services for patentability and invalidation analysis. We have access to many patent and non-patent databases such as Delphion, Micropatent, STN, and Science-Direct. Our consultants have been trained to choose the right type of keywords for obtaining the most relevant results in the shortest amount of time. For the patent analytics services, our offerings include:

Anindus Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Patentability studies Validity analysis Freedom to operate study Landscape analysis White space analysis Competitive IP landscapes Trends and risks analysis Licensing and acquisition opportunities Invalidity Analysis

Litigation support

Patent litigation requires subject matter support to clients for invalidity analysis, infringement analysis, and e-discovery. Discovery proceedings in patent litigation typically involve analysis of large volumes of complex and technical data with short turnaround times. During litigation, Anindus also provides support in the form of case law research and memo drafting. At Anindus, we pride ourselves in providing end-to-end patent litigation support. Our highly specialized group of technical consultants and patent specialists provide legal and technical support to our clients at all stages of litigation. We have specialized teams for the pre-litigation, litigation, and postlitigation stage support. The services offered include: E-discovery support Invalidity and Infringement search Invalidity and Infringement claim charts Case law research Summary of cases Memo drafting during litigation License Agreement Support Valuation of patents

Whom do we cater to?

We cater to both corporates and law firms in India and outside India. We provide IP Consultancy services to corporate clients, whereas services for patent lifecycle support and litigation support are provided to both corporate clients and law firms.

What technical areas do we cover?

Anindus has expertise in many technologies, including: Automotive and Aerospace Electronics and Semiconductors Software, IT, Networking Telecommunications Material Sciences Electrical Engineering Process and Project Engineering Security and Cryptography Medical Devices

Anindus Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Why Anindus?
Our Service Model
We specialize in IP consultancy, Patent Life Cycle Support, and Litigation Support by providing a unique blend of technical and legal expertise.
Knowledge and Skills: We continuously upgrade the knowledge and skills of our team. In-house research is conducted to get in-depth insight into different subject matters. Continuous learning in case laws and technology developments is the mantra used to excel in our profession. Regular study circles are conducted where the latest patent cases from different countries are discussed. We regularly have patent attorneys from different jurisdictions come to India to train our teams in patent drafting and prosecution. We pride ourselves in having one of the best-trained teams in the industry. Technology Focus: Our scientists and engineers hold advanced degrees from reputed institutions and have experience working in industry environments. This translates to better and faster understanding of the technology and the ingrained innovation. At Anindus, we emphasize on adding value to our clients by providing them with superior technology focus and delivery. Legal Support: Anindus is promoted by an Indian law firm and has access to legal domain knowledge in the area of IP The technical . consultants and patent specialists in Anindus are exposed to a variety of patent litigation and oppositions in different jurisdictions. The in-house patent specialists have patent bar qualifications and are involved in enhancing legal support in the area of patents. Conflict of Interest Policy: Anindus follows a strict conflict of interest policy. Before entering into discussion with clients, we analyze the company profile to ensure that there is no conflict of business interests of existing clients and prospective clients. IT Infrastructure: At Anindus we understand the importance of data security and integrity. (a) To ensure business continuity, the services are available 24 hours a day for seven days a week. (b) All data are transmitted over the internet using a secured encryption through a virtual private network. (c) We keep data only on the server. Data cannot be copied from the server to any local storage medium. (d) We have deployed state-of-the-art tools and software to protect data and ensure traceability. (e) Access to data is available to an authorized user through layered privileges starting from desktop login, network login, CITRIX login, application login, and data folder login. We have implemented best practices to further assure our clients of data protection, integrity, and security.

Anindus Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Anindus ConsultAnts Pvt. ltd.

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