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European Demographic Suicide By Dr.

Ileana Johnson Paugh Monday, June 13, 2011 A recent interview with Neagu Djuvara, brought to the forefront the sad issue of cultural suicide by Europeans in the last thirty years. Statistical demographic s prove that most western nations are not replacing their population at a rate h igher than death rates and are thus galloping in the direction of self-extinctio n. The birth rate in various countries has dropped dramatically for Europeans wh ile the birth rates of groups such as gypsies and immigrants from Africa and the Middle East are sky rocketing. The explosion of immigrant birth rate is aided by generous welfare programs in n ations like Sweden, Finland, Norway, U.K., France, Belgium, Denmark, and the cre ation of ghettos where immigrants reject integration, creating sub-cultures that clash with western civilization in every way. Refusing to learn the language, t he immigrants promise the destruction of the very country they are occupying. Th ey receive welfare and free housing while vowing to remake Europe into a new wor ld order Caliphate. Muslim takeover of many European countries enabled by appeasement, self-censorsh ip, apologies, and bans on Islamophobia Bruce Bawer aptly named his book, While Europe Slept, describing the Muslim takeov er of many European countries enabled by appeasement, self-censorship, apologies , and bans on Islamophobia. It is forbidden to criticize anything connected to the religion of peace. The guest workers, refugees, asylum seekers, or family reunification claimants are eally refugees, they deliberately destroy their papers en route to the country o f destination, knowing that they would evade detection if they were terrorists s ought by Interpol. They come from very poor, remote villages, are highly hostile to and unfamiliar with Western values and are not likely to accept them. They a re very dishonest, corrupt, and adept at taking advantage of the generous welfar e system: unemployment, public assistance, relief payments, child payments, disa bility, cash support, and rent allowance. In some Nordic countries, social secur ity is based on the honor system. These savages do not understand the word honor . Islamic law gives them advice to abuse the infidels system, to cheat and lie to th e countries that harbor them. The monetary benefits are considered jizya, a tribute that infidels in Muslim-controlled countries must pay in order to stay alive. F orty percent of welfare payments in Denmark are given to Muslims who make up 5% of the population. Many immigrants in Norway who receive disability payments do not even live in Norway anymore and receive generous benefits on bogus certifica tes because nobody checks them or is afraid. Europeans have forgotten their hist ory; they have paid tribute or jizya to the Ottoman Empire for 500 years during th e wars between Christians and Muslims. Djuvara believes that Europe will eventually belong to Arabs and gypsies. The bi ggest crime against Western Europe, in his view, was the opening of the floodgat es of unchecked immigration for labor reasons or political correctness. These bar barian hordes will transform the civilized and prosperous Christian Europe of toda y into Euro-Indo-Arabia of tomorrow. He firmly believes that our children and gr andchildren will probably survive a few generations on specially designated reser vations. Djuvara likens the European demise to countries entering into a new Middle Age, similar to the end of the Roman Empire when wars were waged on the outskirts of the Empire, while the rest collapsed from within. Hundreds of years of darkness and strife followed when Europe fought the advancement of the Ottoman Empire for 500 years. Lack of ideals, morality, and blatant debauchery among civilized society, especi

ally young people Djuvara finds fault with the lack of ideals, morality, and blatant debauchery am ong civilized society, especially young people. He criticizes the disconnect bet ween art and thought which occurred long before the American empire took shape. He believes that the American hegemony, which assured and kept world peace for mos t of the twentieth century, will not last much longer. Europeans lack ambitions and have stopped having children. The West has thus cre ated a vacuum which third world countries are more than happy to fill. The Europ ean Union itself does not have ideals, he says, a unified goal, i.e., citizens d o not look up to one government or one president; they are adrift in a cacophony of governments and conflicting directions. European civilization, which has dominated the world for centuries, is meant to disappear, it is a universal law, says Djuvara. So much splendor and creativity i n science and art, so much economic and political power over the entire globe is meant to burn itself out and disappear. Europeans are doing nothing to change this disastrous course. In his opinion, th ey deserve their shameful fate. Muslims have never left their ancestral lands; they just brought them with them in the ghettos and the colonies they formed in the invaded countries. Niall Fergus on puts it very succinctly, a youthful Muslim society to the south and east of th e Mediterranean is poised to colonize a senescent Europe to the north and west. T wenty percent of children in Western Europe are Muslims. A popular t-shirt among young Muslims in Sweden says, 2030 then we take over. Young Europeans are strongly anti-American and intensely nostalgic for Communism . Many European nations such as Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Franc e, Spain, Portugal, and Italy celebrate May Day, the first day of the month when Soviets celebrated the Communist system. They have huge marches of young people , waving red flags, and carrying banners that read, Stop the U.S. and Israel, Rejec t globalized capitalism yes to socialism, and We are proud socialists! Yet they are blind to the proliferation of women in hijab. Most of the Muslims have four wiv es because they can afford to support them on the generous welfare systems in Eu rope that give them in excess of $4,000 a month in cash and other non-monetary b enefits. The asylum seekers were encouraged to segregate, alienate themselves, and rely on welfare The asylum seekers were encouraged to segregate, alienate themselves, and rely on welfare. Nobody learned the language of the country that gave them asylum. The s ocial security system worked so well that the new arrivals felt entitled to anyt hing they wanted. If you told them that you had spent all your money at the begin ning of the month and didnt have anything left, they gave you some more. The media in Western Europe, just like the media in the U.S. has been encouragin g and supporting not just the tide of Communism but the Muslim influx with their entitled mentality. The U.K. has gone a step further to make it punishable by l aw to criticize the religion of peace. European imams are preaching jihad. Dhimmitude is progressing daily. European go vernments are subsidizing mosques and Muslim schools. Sharia law is introduced i n more and more western countries as legal pluralism. Anti-Semitism is on the rise . Youth riots and violence are escalating. Burka-style hospital gowns and clothing are required in many public places. Police officers receive Muslim diversity trai ning. British children are taught race relations and multiculturalism with every subject they study from Spanish to science. Yet in spite of all the back-bending, Muslim appeasing accommodations and laws, France and Germany have admitted that multiculturalism has failed. Europe is in a down spiral of self-destruction, of suicide through attrition and political correctness. Truths have become lies, evil has become good, aggressor s are innocent victims, and defenders of freedom are hate mongers. As Benjamin F ranklin said, Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little tem porary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.