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Advanced Technology and ERP Security

Chapter 10

IT affects ERP systems:
PDAs and Pocket PCs Wireless systems for connecting these devices Mobile computer access Other technologies that expand our ability to work

Early ERP solutions inherently secure as they were focused internally The need to open up ERP systems

Consider different views of future ERP development Present the idea of middleware to allow enhancement of ERP Discuss trends toward open ERP systems Discuss security aspects of ERP

ERP advances
Broader use of web-enabled systems to support closer coordination, especially in supply chains Greater AI driven systems supporting more powerful advanced planning
Greater ERP presence in midrange manufacturing, with more stable technology enabling less time and money for installation

ERP advances (2)

More flexible, modular systems (the best-ofbreed concept)
More third-party applications (bolt-ons) to perform specialty applications accessed by middleware

Open-architecture and ERP Bolt-ons

Bolt-on 3-rd party application
Employ client-specific business rules to meet unique needs. Component: separate, encapsulated soft. easier to manage, upgrade, and connect to host systems. Components make open systems possible!

Open-architecture and ERP Bolt-ons (2)

Drivers for open-architecture:
The need to not necessarily select from a single vendor The need for additional functionality (through components) Shift from internal design coherence to communication with external software.

Bolt-on products
See table 10.1

Example of an optimization Bolt-on

A powerful tool that planning systems sometimes include as a feature.
See Optimization add-on at Kellogg

Other types of bolt-ons:

Auction mgmt soft. Shopping cart mgmt soft. Credit authorization soft., etc

API code at low level, which is time consuming, costly, and difficult to maintain. Middleware enabling engine to tie applications together. It removes the need for APIs.
Web-delivered ERP systems and the concept of the portal (See tables: 10.2, 10.3)

Security and ERP

See table 10.4 Real Application: Dow Corning and Middleware

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