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CMST 220
Summer 2011

INSTRUCTOR: Kate Katims OFFICE: Salich Hall 120-58 (second row of offices-last office on the right) PHONE: Office 833-9111 ext.4283 E-mail: (school) (home which should be used after 12:00 p.m. and on weekends) OFFICE HOURS: 10:30 MTW,.and by appointment

Author John Powell once said, "Communication works for those who work at it." Each of us spends many hours each day performing verbal and nonverbal communication behaviors, but many of us take communication for granted, We often assume that communication is natural and not something that can be taught or improved; yet, communication is a learned behavior, and any'thing that has been leamed can be reJeamed. This course is designed to help you increase skills and confidence in oral communication. The focus in this class is public communication or communicating with an audience. Most of us have many opportunities to speak publicly; the ability to speak well is a highlyvaluable tool for success in almost any chosen career. In addition, because all ofus spend a high proportion ofour time communicating in the more private situations we know as the intelpersonal communication setting, this course is also designed to seek opporlunities to work collaboratively with others and to improve interpersonal relations.

COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. To create a leaming community that will foster success and confidence for each community member.

2. To develop
3. To

an understanding of the communication process and to be able to


characteristics of various kinds of communication situations.

be able to plan, course.

orguize and deliver

a speech based upon the principles developed in this

4. To be able to practice habits of effective listening.


To build confidence in public speaking skills.

6. To develop the ability to develop the skills that will

enable you to do a critical analysis of your own performance as well as the speeches ofothers. Self-Evaluations are an important part of

meeting this objective. I video-tane all performances with the exceotion of the final speech. and in that case being video-taped is an optional and not a requirement.

7. To develop the ability to participate effectively in group



COURSE ORGANIZATION (Actual assignments may vary depending upon the

needs of the group)

Each student will participate in the following oral presentations:


Two or three non-graded short speeches

b. At least one impromptu speech.

c. . Delivery workshop (This will be video-recorded)

d. Three major speech presentations: (1) Demonstration speech (This speech will be video-recorded) (2) Persuasive speech (This speech will be video-recorded) (3) Final speech

Tentative point


fo, g.uding this class is






hFc Pu.

#3 Unit. rest

200 pts

Self Evaluations 85 pts Outlines (3) 150 pEs Attendance/ Parti cipat.ion 100 pts q-ln ..irc /ea.h) Additignal homeworL

Potentj-al pop quizzes

? pts

You are an important part of this group. Since this class involves daily participation it is important that you be here! ! Also, because this is a performance class, audience participation is essential. You are needed as a member of each speaker's audience, as a listener as well as an evaluator. Actively participating means that you will be on time for class, and will not starl packing up your belongings until the end of the fifty-minute period. Please be aware that sleeping through class or preparing for another class will result in an absence for that class period, You are expected arrive in class on time, Three unexcused tardies results in one absence. Participation points will be given for being here as well as participating. Therefore, attendance/participation point distribution is as follows: 0 - 2: 100 pts 3 :90 pts

4=80pts 5=6Upts
6= 40 pts 7= 20 pts No points possible for 8 or more absences With the exception of extreme cases, you cannot pass the class after 9 absences. The last day to officially withdraw from a class is July 21st. When a student,s grade is on ttre fine,

I will use class participation to decide whethar or not t,o rouncl up to the next percentaEe. The last d.av to drop a class and. not have it Dost,ed. to official- transcripts igJuLv 7th. The 1ast d.av to officiallv ilrop is ,JuLv 21st, ttre last day to suhEnit pass / petition is Julv 21st.
DECIMAL GRADING Green River uses numerical grading. Numerical equivalents of grades are listed below: = 4.0 A


94-93 92-91 :3.5 90 : 3.4 89


= 3.8 = 3,7 = 3.6

76 75

= 2.0


87 86 85 84 83 82 81 80 79


= 3.2 = 3.1

74 =1.9 73 = 1.8 72 = 1.7 71 = 1.6 70 = 1.5 69 :1.4

68 67



3.0 = 2.9

66 =1.1

= =

1.3 1.2

65 : 64

= 2.5 = 2.4

63 62 - 0.7

r.0 = 0.9 = 0.8 D.


= 0.6-0.0

SPECIFIC COURSE REOUIREMENTS 1. Each student is responsible for giving his or her speech, except for excused illness or emersency, on the assigned day. Failure to speak on the assigned day will lower your grade for that particular speech by 20 points. If you are ill and can't give your speech, you must email me or call me the day before your assigned day. In addition, I will expect a note from your Dr. or the medical center you consulted. If you are unable to reach me, you must leave a message on my voice-mail or e-mail. Your
outline and speaker notes should be printed and ready to use for practice several days before your speech. I will not accept "crashed computer" as an excuse on the day of your speech. I can,t guarantee that we will be able to fit in a make-up speech, so do eveq,thing you can to deliver your speech on your assigned day.
speech during the period in which the speech is delivered. Outlines turned in during class time on the day of the speech may be revised for a higher grade, and you must turn in the original outline along with the revision. Outlines will not be accepted for revisions without the original outline. Revisions must be done within one week after getting it back from me. There will be no revisions allowed for the final speechl therefore. vou may want me to check it over before the speech. Late outlines will also result in a reduction of points no matter the quality of the outline.

2. Each student must turn in an outline for each graded

standards of grammar, spelling and punctuation are expected. Please flpg and proofread your papers. Paners must include vour class time. Papers are due during class time. and must be stapled. You must obtain permission from me to email rrapers. Each student should have access to a wdter's guide that will provide you with current MLA or APA documentation guidelines. You may want to go to the Tutoring Center in the Library or to the Writing Center in RLC to get help with writing mechanics before submitting papers. They are willing to help with Works Cited pages as well. If a paper does not meet college standards, I might return it to you for further editing before I grade it. Papers that do not meet colleqe-level standards of crammar will not receive a qrade hiqher than a C reqardless of the strenqth of the orqanization or

3. CollegeJevel


4. Papers must be in Times Roman # 12 Font, typed, and double spaced. Papers must also be stapled. and you need to put the class # as well as the class iime on your paper. late papers will be based on individual circumstances. .lt is your responsibility to apprise me of the reason for turning in a late paper. Papers must be tumed in during class time to be counted "on time". Only with rare circumstances may you e-mail papers. Late papers will result in a reduction of points.

5. The decision to accept

6. In order to make up
a. Be

an exam, you must: an unavoidable emergency.

ill or have


Notifii me prior to the exam period that you are not able to take the exam on the
scheduled date.

7. I generally don't give pop quizzes; however, if I find that students are not reading, I may ' administer pop quizzes in order to encourage staying current with required reading assignments. Tbese mav not be made up if you are absent.

8. I have never lost a student paper; however, there is always a first. You should keep copies of papers, or at Ieast keep the papers once they have been returned to you.
9. No
late papers


be accepted after the last day of instruction for this class.

10. There will be no opportunities for extra credit in this class. 11. In this class, working in collbboration with others is encouraged. However, individual assignments, such as papers, speeches, outlines, and tests must be written individually. Absolutely no cheating or plagiarism will be tolerated in this class. If I discover that vou have taken as much as one sentence from another source without citing the source. vou will receive a 0 on that assignment or sDeech, have any concerns or suspicion that your work may have been taken from an un-cited source, I will ask you to turn in the articles listed on your work cited page, so keep copies of all researched articles.(Please refer to the Student Handbook and my assignment explanation sheets)


12. I must be able to access your original source for any citation provided on a Works Cited page. Any citation that fails to provide me with access to the original article will not be accepted. Internet research will not be accepted without complete bibliographical information (author, date, organization, source etc.). Failure to comply with these requirements will affect the grade for the particular speech in question. If I susnect that a speech or portion of a speech has been nlagiarized. I may ask you to provide copies of the sources that were used and the burden will be unon you to demonstrate that I am wrong,
13. You may use a dictionary in order to provide a definition, but it will not count as one of the required sources. You may use encyclopedias as research references, but encyclopedias will not count as one ofthe required sources for the speech. (f,lo Wikipedia).

If you must

14. I understand the need to be able to be reached. However, cell phones disruptions are not allowed. have one with you in class, please be sure that it is in a silent mode at all times.

15. IfI see you talking on your cell phone, or texting (is that a verb?) during class, I reserve the right to embarrass you by asking you to put it away, Please practice common communication courtesy (how is that for an alliteration?) in all respects including use of electronic devices.

The required text for this course is A Pocket Guide to Public Speakingby Dan. O'Hair, Hannah Rubenstein, and Rob Stewart. BedforUSt, Martin's.


If you believe you qualify for course adaptations or special accommodations under the Americans With

Disabilities Act, it is your responsibility to contact the Disability Support Services Coordinator in the LSC and provide the appropriate documentation. lf you have already documented a disability or other condition through the GRCC Disability Support Services Office, which would qualify you for special accommodations, or if you have emergency medical information or special needs I, should know about, please notify me during the first week of class, You can reach me by phone at 253-833-91 1 1, extension 4283. Or, you can schedule an office appointment to meet me in the HS Office Building, office number 56 during my posted offlce hours or at another mutually determined time. lf this location is not convenient for you, wewill schedule an alternative placeforthe meeting. lf you use an alternative medium for communicating, letmeknowwell in advance of the meeting (at least one week) so that appropriate accommodations can be arranged.

Green River Community College has set goals Eoward achieving campuswide learning outcomes. These are determined to be outcomes that wif l- hel,p you succeed at this college as well as after you have left this co11ege. The Communication Studies department endorses the implementation of the following outcomes into this course:




written Connunication . SLudents demonstrate a clear sense of purpose, unity, and focus in t.heir writing by respondi ng to the question asked and resist.inq the temptation to add additional and/or only semirelated information. . St.udents demonstrate an awareness of the intended audience and modify their writing appropriately by answering test and assignmenL questions as if the reader had no prior knowledge of the subj ect. ResponsibiL ity . Students demonst.rate knowledge of and willingness to comply with stated and/or agreed upon expectations, policies, and procedures by coming Eo cfass on time, notifying the instructor when absences are unavoidable, turning in papers in on time. Et.c.
Note about Sunmer Ouarter

. .

Many students take summer quarter with the assumption that it will be easier and more laid back since it is only an eight (8) week quarter. Unfortunately, this isn't actually the case. The attire is more casual, but the work load is more intense.

The curricula for this (and really all for credit courses at GRCC) is designed to meet specific learning outcomes in an 11 week quarter. Summer quarter, being only eight weeks, necessitates condensing all of the material, instruction, assignments, assessments, etc. So, in short, you are expected to do all of the same work that is done in '1 1 weeks in eight. This means that things move much faster and are more intense than during the other three quarters of the year.


It is normal to feel overwhelmed at the beginning ofthe quarter. I know that I often do! However, I also look forward to each new quarter and to getting to know each of you. I believe that every person in the class is going to leam. If you have any particular concerns, any questions about the course or

+" a^/