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Report on Recruitment Process of GrameenPhone

Prepared for Khabir Md. Latiful Faculty of Human Resource Management American International University-Bangladesh Prepared By
Name Mahbub Sabrina Tabassum Saheli Palash Dey Tamanna Islam Nilima Afroz Sweety ID 08-10518-1 08-10523-1 08-10628-1 08-10641-1 06-06583-1 Signature

American International University-Bangladesh, BBA Departmant, 4, Banani Commercial Area, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh.

Date of Submission- 14th December, 2009.

American International University- Bangladesh 4, Banani Commercial Area Kemal Ataturk Avenue Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh
14th December, 2009.

Khabir Md. Latiful Faculty of Human Resource Management American International University-Bangladesh. Dear Md.Khabir,
Here is the report that we have prepared for our final term exam, which is given by you a few weeks ago. As you will see from this report there is the significant information General recruitment process of any organization, sources of recruitment, recruitment policy, Purpose & Importance of Recruitment, Type of employment, employee Selection and Recruitment, the Interview Plan and many other informations.

We appreciate having this assignment. If you should need any assistance in interpreting this report or in implementing recommendation, please feel free to contact me at Sincerely Yours,

Sabrina Mahbub

Saheli Tabassum

Palash Day

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Nilima Afroz Sweety


At this point we would specially like to thank our friends who do not study in this university but also had helped me to finish this assignment possible in any ways and directed me properly in completing my report. We also would like to thank our course instructor that he gave us this assignment and as well as helped a lot to finish the report.

Table of contents: Meaning of Recruitment05 Purpose & Importance of Recruitment..05 Recruitment Process...06 Sources of Recruitment. 06-07 Recruitment Policy of a Company.07-08 Grameenphone08-09 Vacancies and Application Process 09 Type of Employment.. 09-10 Description of job recruitment 11-14 Employee Selection and Recruitment. 14-15 The Interview Plan....16 Other Differences between GrameenPhone Recruitment Process and General Recruitment Process of any Organization16 References.. .. 17

Recruitment Process of GrameenPhone


Meaning of Recruitment A process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are submitted. The result is a pool of applications from which new employees are selected. RECRUITMENT NEEDS ARE OF THREE TYPES Planned: The needs arising from changes in organization and retirement policy. Anticipated: Anticipated needs are those movements in personnel, which an organization can predict by studying trends in internal and external environment. Unexpected: Resignation, deaths, accidents, illness give rise to unexpected needs.

Purpose & Importance of Recruitment The Purpose and Importance of Recruitment are given below: Attract and encourage more and more candidates to apply in the organization. Create a talent pool of candidates to enable the selection of best candidates for the organization. Determine present and future requirements of the organization in conjunction with its personnel planning and job analysis activities. Recruitment is the process which links the employers with the employees. Increase the pool of job candidates at minimum cost. Help increase the success rate of selection process by decreasing number of visibly under qualified or overqualified job applicants. Help reduce the probability that job applicants once recruited and selected will leave the organization only after a short period of time. Meet the organizations legal and social obligations regarding the composition of its workforce. Begin identifying and preparing potential job applicants who will be appropriate candidates. Increase organization and individual effectiveness of various recruiting techniques and sources for all types of job applicants Recruitment Process 5

The recruitment and selection is the major function of the human resource department and recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the recruitment strategic advantage for the organizations. Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and requires many resources and time. A general recruitment process is as follows: Identifying the vacancy: The recruitment process begins with the human resource department receiving requisitions for recruitment from any department of the company. These contain: Posts to be filled Number of persons Duties to be performed Qualifications required

Prepare job description and person specification Advertising the vacancy Managing the response Short-listing Arrange interviews Conducting interview and decision making

The recruitment process is immediately followed by the selection process i.e. the final interviews and the decision making, conveying the decision and the appointment formalities. 6

Sources of Recruitment Every organization has the option of choosing the candidates for its recruitment processes from two kinds of sources: internal and external sources. The sources within the organization itself to fill a position are known as the internal sources of recruitment. Recruitment candidates from all the other sources are known as the external sources of The recruitment. SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT

Recruitment Policy of a Company In todays rapidly changing business environment, a well defined recruitment policy is necessary for organizations to respond to its human resource requirements in time. Therefore, it is important to have a clear and concise recruitment policy in place, which can be executed effectively to recruit the best talent pool for the selection of the right candidate at the right place quickly. Creating a suitable recruitment policy is the first step in the efficient hiring process. A clear and concise recruitment policy helps ensure a sound recruitment process. It specifies the objectives of recruitment and provides a framework for implementation of recruitment programme. It may involve organizational system to be developed for Implementing recruitment programmes and procedures by filling up vacancies with best qualified people.

Component of the recruitment policy


The general recruitment policies and terms of the organization Recruitment services of consultants Recruitment of temporary employees Unique recruitment situations The selection process The job descriptions The terms and conditions of the employment

A recruitment policy of an organization should be such that:

It should focus on recruiting the best potential people. To ensure that every applicant and employee is treated equally with dignity and respect. Unbiased policy. To aid and encourage employees in realizing their full potential. Transparent, task oriented and merit based selection. Weight age during selection given to factors that suit organization needs. Optimization of manpower at the time of selection process. Defining the competent authority to approve each selection. Abides by relevant public policy and legislation on hiring and employment relationship. Integrates employee needs with the organizational needs.

Factors affecting recruitment policy

Organizational objectives Personnel policies of the organization and its competitors. Government policies on reservations. Preferred sources of recruitment. Need of the organization. Recruitment costs and financial implications.

Grameenphone (Bengali: ), widely known as GP, is the leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh. With more than 20 million subscribers (as of June 2008), Grameenphone is the largest cellular operator in the country. It is a joint venture enterprise between Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation, a non-profit sister concern of the internationally acclaimed microfinance organization and community development bank Grameen Bank. Telenor, the largest telecommunications company in Norway, owns 62% shares of grameenphone and Grameen Telecom owns the remaining 38%. Grameenphone was the first company to introduce GSM technology in Bangladesh). It also established the first 24-hour Call Center to support its subscribers. With the slogan Stay Close, 8

stated goal of Grameenphone is to provide affordable telephony to the entire population of Bangladesh.

Vacancies and Application Process Since all jobs are posted and processed through their automated system, they strongly encourage candidates to apply online through our career website. This online CV form enables them to compare and select candidates based on the information they provide. Therefore, it is essential that candidates provide all information regarding their personal, educational, career, training, extra-curricular, and any other skills that they feel would enhance their chances to be a part of their (GrameenPhone) family.

Type of Employment There are mainly two types of employment in Grameenphone: Regular and Temporary. Regular employment at entry-level (officer position) does not require experience; but is preferred in certain cases depending on job scope. Mid to senior level positions require relevant experience. There are several categories for non-regular employees that are given below.

Types of Employment

Temporary employment

Regular employment




Internship This is usually for three months and can be a paid or non-paid depending on the department requirements. Each year we receive hundreds of applications from students. The hiring process is highly selective and subject to availability. Students who are on their final semester are encouraged to apply. Part-time Part-time work in Grameenphone is on an hourly basis and based on business needs and requirements. Part-time employment requires a minimum of two years of undergraduate (Bachelors) education. Competition is intense, and qualifications and skill requirements vary according to role/scope or work.

Contractual This is usually project based employment with duration of six-month. Based on organizational need the tenure may get extended. Applicants need at least a Bachelors degree at the time of applying. The hiring process is very selective; qualifications and skill requirement vary by role/scope or work. This also includes consultant recruitment.


Description of JOB REQUAIRMENT Job Title Location Department Overview Job Description 11 Customer Manager Dhaka, BD This is a part-time employment in Customer Service.

Provide one-stop customer services over phone to ensure positive customer experience. Proactively aware/inform customer regarding available product or services. Initial sales through contacts gathered from various sources. Capture customer insights and escalate critical issues / complaints and provide timely feedback Achieve and maintain targeted on a regular basis.

Education & Experience Requirements Undergraduate students, who fall under the following criteria, are encouraged to apply

Credit hours completed between 30 - 81 C.G.P.A.: 2.80 and above

Special Skill Requirements

Interest in customer orientation and service deliveries Computer literacy with basic application Flexible to work in shifts and rotation Ability to work under pressure Ability to attain set targets & a team player

Recruitment Process for Customer Manager This job is for the students who seek job as a part-time.

Job Title Location Department Overview

Head of Business Data Solutions Dhaka, BD


Enable the Bangla people, businesses and organizations to enjoy the benefits of fixed internet by developing the fixed internet market and securing GP market-share and profitability through innovative services & applications that meet customer demands. The position is measured on the availability of business-solutions, customer satisfaction, market-share and profitability. Job Description

Develop and Manage Business Solutions including VPN, intranet , Leased Capacity Develop strategies, plans and business-cases Product & Service Development Initiation of new projects Conduct Product & Market parts of development projects

Job Responsibility

Develop and Manage Business Solutions including VPN, intranet , Leased Capacity Develop strategies, plans and business-cases Product & Service Development Initiation of new projects Conduct Product & Market parts of development projects Manage the product-portfolio Develop right functionality incl QoS&SLA definitions Establish right pricing Establish marketing strategies & follow-up Establish Distribution-channel strategies & follow up Monitor market, products and value-chains, initiate and follow up improvement initiatives Lead, follow up and administer employees

Education & Experience Requirements

Business Graduate from a reputed University Proven track record in related within the telecom industry Experience in project leadership Knowledge on: Technical ICT Business ICT solution requirements Internet, Broadband and telecommunication know how Product Development & Management Marketing and value chains Business management Strategic and tactical pricing

Special Skill Requirements 13

Excellent communication and interpersonal Skills Strong negotiation, analytical and problem solving skills Strong leadership and team building skills Ability to lead and motivate a big team Result oriented and positive mindset

Job Title Location

Head of Dhaka South Business Market Dhaka, BD

Job Responsibility Manage acquisition, retention and win-back activities of key and profitable business customers within the Business Market Analyze the business market and formulate effective planning and execution to serve target market through quality sales visits, customer targeting, product positioning and effective Account Management Achieve Annual Business Targets for the Business Market in terms of selling quality subscriptions and value-added solutions Develop the Zone Managers and Account Managers through intensive on-thejob coaching, mentoring and effective supervision in achieving their respective business targets on Quality Sales Provide multi-level support to the Zone Managers and Account Managers in terms of achieving their respective Business targets Work closely with key Business Customers within the Business Market in order to boost up and facilitate expanded usage of mobile phone subscriptions and value-added features within the respective organizations Effectively and efficiently coordinate and align with other concerned stakeholders within the Company in order to ensure smooth and efficient after sales service delivery for the Business Customers Ensure efficient and effective implementation of different interactive events and activities with the important Customers in the Business Market from time to time Analyze competitive scenario within the Business Market and provide quality 14

feedback and inputs to the Company in effectively counteracting competition Ensure smooth and effective implementation of Companys business strategies from time to time

Education & Experience Requirements

Business Graduate from a reputed University Proven track record in the realms of Direct / Corporate Sales with at least 5 years of direct sales working experience including experience in team leadership role.

Special Skill Requirements Excellent communication and interpersonal Skills Strong negotiation, analytical and problem solving skills Strong leadership and team building skills Ability to lead and motivate a big team Result oriented and positive mindset High level of career commitment High level of initiatives demonstrated Ability to work extended hours and under pressure Strong ability to manage internal and external stakeholders Employee Selection and Recruitment For the selection process there are some steps which are given bellow: Inviting CVs: Like any other organization Gremeenphone at first invite CVs for the selection process. This invitation is mainly given by the HRM department of the organization. This invitation is done through Newspaper and online. Now a days online is the most popular way to invite CVs. Reviewing CVs Screen out unqualified CVs: After the candidates submitted their CVs the section manager review those CVs and serene out those CVs which are unqualified. Which means if there are any information which does not fulfill their requirements, they declare that CV as unqualified and they just screened it out. CVs checked by the line manager: Then the selected CVs are checked by the line manager who filters those CVs for next level of employment. Interview with the Employee selection manager: After the line manager checked the CVs, they are proceeding to the employee section manager for an interview or test. Interview with the line manager: Then finally the line manager checked the CVs for final interview or test. 15

For the Recruitment process there are some steps which are given bellow:
After the selection process is done the HR manager send e-mail to the selected candidates that they are qualified for the written exam. Written exam is different for each department. For the written exam there are some questions which are asked very frequently: 1. How are placement opportunities created in Grameenphone? 2. Where would I find job advertisements or vacancy announcements for Grameenphone?

3. What are the criteria for being called for an interview? 4. I have joined as a part-time / contractual employee. What are my career options? 5. What do you look for in a candidate in an interview? After the written exam the manager will thank the candidates for their effort and applying for the post. He/she will also inform them that they will be notified of the exam. Here is the hard part. The HR manager has to select employees according to their intelligence which is the written exam, previous educational background, working experiences etc. After the result is done, each and every applicant will receive an e-mail. If anyone is selected then the mail will be for the next level which is an interview with the managers. If someone is not selected then he /she will get regret later, in which they said that they are sorry that he / she did not get the job and thank the candidates to try their best. In the interview board the candidates are asked mainly logical questions. The management mainly observes how much smart the candidates are. They also observe how the candidates handle any situation by what answers they give. After the interview is done they confirm that the candidates will get the result through mail or they will call them (candidates). The candidates who get through the interview board are called for an Assessment Test. This assessment test takes place in different department of the organization. After the assessment test is done the candidates have to go through a medical test. This test is mandatory for each and every employee of the organization. If the test result seems ok then the candidates will receive their appointment later to join the Grameenphone family. 16

The Interview Plan All the preparation having been done (job analysis and criteria definition, application processing etc), applicants can now be invited to meet the "selectors" - representatives of the organization who will make the judgments. They discriminate between candidates and deciding on suitability for the job and whether he/she should be offered a job contract A programmed and plans are needed if we are to be systematic. Generally we have to invite candidates to An interview program generally two interview structures are used - the one-to-one interview and a panel interview. These are central activities which may be supplemented by ... site/departmental tours, lunches Tests (presentations, discussion groups, ability and psychometric tests and medicals).

Interviewer Briefing/Preparation This section largely assumes that the interviewer will follow a sequence based on a biographical examination of the candidate. The interviewer "should have" Analyzed the job properly and understand its demands, critical success factors, skills/competences and constraints. If the job is new, reviewed and agreed on job requirements. conceived of the characteristics of an ideal appointee may present i.e. construct a model against which candidates can be compared for fit Scrutinized application forms or curriculum vitae. This is no mean task if there are twenty applicants for a complex job.

Other Differences between GrameenPhone Recruitment Process and General Recruitment Process of any Organization Grameenphone follows the rule of General Recruitment Process and there are almost no differences between the two process. For internal recruitment grameenphone transfers employees from one branch to another branch. Promotion process in GP is very slow. But some students who have done their internship in GP get a chance to join as a member of GrameenPhone family if they have done a good job on their internship. Otherwise Grameenphone management does not recruit from their own family members or friends. It is very rare for grameenphone to hair internal 17

employee. On the other hand some other companies recruit their family members and friends as employees.

References 1. 2. 3. Sajjad Sarwar Customer Manager, Grameenphone.