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Where Is The Devil Today?

, Foreward For Too Many Years Nubians Have Been Discussing How The White Race Is The Devil And Evading The Fact That There Are Black Devils, Also. I Don't Mean A Black Devil By Conversion, Someone Who Started Listening To The Devil And Became A Devil By Doing Devilish Things Like Selling Drugs, Robbing, Raping, And Killing. That Is A Special Kind Of Devil Who Is Converted Into Devilishness, I'm Not Talking About Him. I'm Talking About "Black" People Who Are Devils, Like The "Black" Elohim With Blue Eyes, You've Heard About. Being A Black Devil Has Nothing To Do With Light Eyes, So Don't Fool Yourselves. I'm Talking About The Brother Or Sister Whose Skin Is Dark Brown, Light Brown Or Beige With Kinky (Kingly), Curly Or Wavy Hair, Nine Ether; People Of Color Like Me And You. You're Probably Wondering How You Would Be Able To Spot Them Or Who Around You Is

Where Is The Devil Today?_ One. It May Not Be Easy Because They Look Just Like You And Me, But What Might Make It Easy To Detect One Is The Attitude: They Are Negative, Or Should I Say Disagreeable Most Of The Time. They Are Uncooperative,

Where Is The Devil Today?_ Another Characteristic They Have Is That They'll Never Tell You About Their Past Life. They'll Have You Spill Your Guts About Your Life And Encourage You To Say More, But You Won't Hear About Them. They Also, Never Have Anything Good To Say About Anyone. Now, You'll Say That Pertains To A Lot Of People; But Think About The Person Who Has More Than Just One Disagreeable Characteristic, Is Very Negative And Always Initiates Negativity. When You Spot Them; Don't Run Up To Them And Say "You're A Black Devil", Just Know Who They Are And Stay Away From Them.

They'll Laugh At Your Jokes Probably Louder Than Anyone Else, But They Won't Tell Any Jokes. The Reason They Don't Tell Jokes Is Because Their Mission Is Not To Initiate Joy. You Can Also Predict Their Actions; Because They Over Accentuate Negative Things Like: When It's Cold, They'll Say It's Freezing And They'll Bundle Up Extra Warm. Or When They're Hungry, They'll Say They're Starving; Everything, Especially Negative Things, Are Over Exaggerated.

Question: If You Hang Around "Black Devils" Can You Become One? Answer: Yes. If You Hang Around People Who Are Black Devils You Will Eventually Develop Their Negative Characteristics And Then You

Where Is The Devil Today?_ May Become Possessed. So Now You Want To Know Who This Black Devil Is? He Can Be Your Boyfriend, Your Best Friend, Your Favorite Singer, Actor Or Leader. He Can Be Your Father, Your Mother, Sister, Or Brother. These Black Beings Exist Today And Are Descendants Of Devils Who Existed BEFORE The Pale Devil. There Are Just As Many Black Devils As There Are Pale Devils So Stop Lying To Yourself. Question: Aren't Whites More Devilish Than Blacks? Answer: No, Take Back The Racism. The Fact That You Say The Black Man Is Better Than The White Man Is Racism. Stop Lying, There Are Just As Many Crooked Nubians As There Are Europeans, So Stop. Let's Cut The Crap! No More Blaming It On The White Person, No More Blaming It On The Jew. The Jew Did This, The Jew Did That. The Jew, Because He Got More Money Or Because He Works Harder. In His Torah (Called Pentateuch Or The 5 Books

Where Is The Devil Today? _ Of Moses), That He Believes In, You Know What's Not There, No Promise Of Heaven. You Don't Find It In The Torah. It Starts In The New Testament And Is Really Escalated In The Koran. Tell Me Where In The Old Testament, It Speaks About Heaven, About You Dying And You Going To A Heavenly Place. Where? It Doesn't, It's Not There, That's Why The Jew Is Successful Because He's Not Being Trained From A Baby To Sit Around And Look For Something For Nothing. Christianity And Islam Teach People To Want Something For Nothing And To Look Forward, For An Eventual Retirement, In A Place Where They Do Nothing Forever. That Kind Of Th inking Will Breed Lazy People, Derelicts And Retarded People. Koran 47: 15

Where Is The Devil Today?'_

Where Is The Devil Today?_ {MASTER]) KAMAN (AS LIKE HE WHO) HUWA (IT IS HE) KHAALIDUN (ETERNAL) FEE (IN) AL NAAR (THE FIRE) WA (AND) SUQOO (SEEPS) MAA-AN (WATER) HAMEEMAAN (BOILING) FAQATA-A (SO IT CUTS UP) AM-AA-AHUM (THEIR BOWELS)." An Example Of The Enclosed Garden That Has Been Promised To Those Who Tremble; In It Are Rivers That Are Without Salt (Clear), And Rivers From Milk That Does Not Changes Its Taste. And Rivers From Intoxication That Is Delicious For The Drinkers, And Rivers From Pure Honey. And For Them Are Fruits, And Forgiveness From Their Rabb (Master). As Like He Who Is In The Fire Eternally, And Boiling Water Seeps; So It Cuts Up Their Bowels. Right Translation In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) By:


Dr. Malachi Z. York

Mistranslation For Abdullah Yusef All 1938 A.D.


Where Is The Devil Today?_ IN IT ARE RIVERS OF WATER INCORRUPTIBLE; RIVERS OF MILK OF WHICH THE TASTE NEVER CHANGES; RIVERS OF WINE, A JOY TO THOSE WHO DRINK; AND RIVERS OF HONEY PURE AND CLEAR. IN IT THERE ARE FOR THEM ALL KINDS OF FRUITS; AND GRACE FROM THEIR LORD. (CAN THOSE IN SUCH BLISS) BE COMPARED TO SUCH AS SHALL DWELL FOR EVER IN THE FIRE, AND BE GIVEN, TO DRINK, BOILING WATER, SO THAT IT CUTS UP THEIR BOWELS (TO PIECES)?1' Question: Why Are There So Many Derelicts In Our Race (The Nubian Race)? Answer: You Don't Have Derelicts Only In The Black Race, You Have Derelicts In The White Race, Oriental Race And All Other Races. Anybody Who Gets Their Hands On Islam Or Christianity Becomes A Derelict. Al Green Was Doing Fine As A Singer, Making A Whole Lot Of Money, Then Falls Back And Gets The Holy Ghost And Now He's On "Do

Where Is The Devil Today?_ Bad Street", The Same Thing Applies To Deniece Williams, Lew Alcindor Who Changed His Family Name For Kareem Abdul Jabar. Stevie Wonder Stepped Into Christianity A Year Ago And Saw That Just Kills The Mind. The Winans Look Like They Are Doing Good Because They Are Not Singing Gospel, They're Singing R&B. They Have Compromised With God. Mavis Staples' Coming Out Is Really Singing Rock And Roll. They Are Singing The "Devil's Music", That's What The Church Was Calling It A Couple Of Years Ago. Now They Are Getting Paid And They Are Not Going To The Church At Top Speed Anymore. They Walk To Church On Sunday, Now. They Used To Run To Church When They Had No Money, Now They Walk. The Walk Is Getting Slower And Slower. Pretty Soon The Winans Won't Be In Church Because They Will Be On Tour Doing Concerts, And Then Jesus Will Disappear Out Of Their Doctrine, Then They Will Be Singing For THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR Then The Devil, That They Believe In, Will Have Triumphed; As In The Case Of Whitney Houston.

Where Is The Devil Today?, Question: Do The Religious Scholars Really Know What Or Where Hell Is? Answer: They Can't Tell Me Where Hell Is, Which One Is It, The Lake Of Fire (Revelation 20:10) Or The Pit (Revelation 11:7)1 And How Did The Pit Get There? How Did A Big Place Of Fire Get Beneath Us? God Created It Down There? How Come Scientists Haven't Found It? They Have Dug Straight Through The World. How Come They Can't Find Hell And You Can Find It? Scientists Have Listened To The Ground, They Got All Kind Of Technical Equipment Now With Computers, They Don't Hear Crackling Fires, They Don't Hear Anybody Down There Screaming; And No Torturing. Revelation 19:20 KOCI 7iuxa9T| TO Bipiov Km uet a\)TO\> o \l/e-u5o7i:pc><j>T)Tr o mnr|aa<; tot ar)ueia evtoTtiov orutou, ev OK; en:A.avr|aev totx; Xapovtaq to xapayuot tov 0ipun) KCCI touq rcpoaKwo-uvtag TTI eucovi avTov oovt<; epXr)6T|aav 01 5\x) eu; TT|v Xuivnv tov jrupcx; Tin; Kotio^evr|<; ev Geico.

Where Is The Devil Today?_ "AND THE THAY-REE'-ON (WILD ANIMAL) WAS PEE-AD'-ZO (TAKEN), AND WITH HIM THE PSYOO-DOP-ROF-AY'-TACE (FALSE PROPHET) THAT POY-EH'-O (PERFORMED) SAY-MI'-ON (MIRACLES) EN-O'-PEE-ON (BEFORE) HIM, WITH HOS (WHICH) HE PLAN-AH'-O (DECEIVED) THEM THAT HAD LAM-BAN'-O (RECEIVED) THE KNAR'-AG-MAH (MARK) OF THE THAY-REE'-ON (WILD ANIMAL), AND THEM THAT PROS-KOO-NEH'-O (WORSHIPPED) HIS I-KONE (IMAGE). HO (THESE) DOO'-OBOTH (WERE) BAL'-LO (CAST) DZAH'-O (ALIVE) ICE (INTO) A LIM'-NAY (LAKE) OF POOR (FIRE) KAH'-YO (BURNING) WITH THI'-ON (SULFUR)." And The Beast Was Taken Prisoner, Together With The False Prophet Who Had Performed Miracles In His Presence. (It Was By Those Who Had The Mark Of The Beast And Lived In The Image Of The Beast.) The Beast And The False Prophet Were Both Thrown Alive Into The Lake Of Fire That Burns With Sulfur.


Where Is The Devil Today?'_ Right Translation In Greek By:

Where Is The Devil Today?_ Koran 101:9], [*~L~] Hutama [The Koran 104:4]) And Only One Heaven Jenna (^.Jl)? Just Think About It, You Hear Preachers, Ministers, Imaams, And Other So-Called Religious Leaders Preaching About A Lake Of Brimstone And Fire As One Hell And The Pits Of Hell As A Hole In The Middle Of The Earth, But Only One Heaven. First Of All Which Hell Is It Because This Can Confuse Many Of Your Followers. If You Are "Bad!:, You Have A Choice Of Which Hell You Can Go To? Why Is There Only One Heaven? Why Don't The "Good" People Have A Choice Of Which Heaven They Are Going To? Second, If Hell Is A Lake Of Fire Or A Hole In The Earth, Which Is A Physical Place, Then Where Is This Lake? Where Is The Hole In The Earth? People Know That The Entrance To The Center Of The Earth Is At The North And South Poles, So Have They Heard The People In Hell Screaming And Crying And Have They Heard The Fire Crackling? No! That's Because Hell Is A State Of Mind, It Is What You Make It. It Exists Within You For Each One Will Pattern His Hell According To What He Believes Is Hell. Your

Dr. Malachi Z. York

Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.

"AND THE BEAST WAS TAKEN, AND WITH HIM THE FALSE PROPHET THAT WROUGHT MIRACLES BEFORE HIM, WITH WHICH HE DECEIVED THEM THAT HAD RECEIVED THE MARK OF THE BEAST, AND THEM THAT WORSHIPPED HIS IMAGE. THESE BOTH WERE CAST ALIVE INTO A LAKE OF FIRE BURNING WITH BRIMSTONE." Hell Isn't Down There, They Don't Hear It. So By The Time They Got The New Testament, They Had To Make It Where You Hear Screaming On Earth. Then, It Became A Lake Of Fire. Have You Ever Noticed How In The Koran You Can Find At Least 15 Hells ([ f^^ ] Jahannam [The Koran 2:206], [ f.-^ ] Jaheem [The Koran 37:23], [ j-J- ] Saqar [The Koran 74:26], [ ^ ] Lazaa [The Koran 70:15], [^^] Sa'iyr [The Koran 35:6], [ ^jU ] Haawiya [The

Where Is The Devil Today?_ Hell Could Be Right Here On Earth. If A Person Has Troubles Day And Night, That Can Be A Form Of Hell. If You Are In Bad Health And Cannot Get Or Afford The Proper Attention, That Is A Kind Of Hell. If You Are Hungry, Clothes Ragged And Living In A Society With Closed Doors To Your Well-Being And Economic Progress; That Is Hell. If You Walked In The Wrong Neighborhood On The Right Night, It Wi!! Be You Screaming. That's Hell! When You Are Getting The H-LL Beat Out Of You. It Is What You're Walking Around In Today, The Planet Earth. The Devil Is Everybody Walking On This Planet Who Thinks They're Not The Devil. Anybody Who Walks In Here And Thinks They Don't Have An Influence On Other People; Anybody Who Thinks Their Little Shiftiness, Their Manipulating Actions Don't Affect Other People, And Of Course Those Who Say Me, "The Devil, Not Me, I Have Never Done Anything Devilish In My Life. I Have Never Told A Lie In My Life", Which Is One Of The Biggest Lies They Ever Told.

Why Is There Suffering? Why Are There So Many Wars? hy Is The World In The State,That It's In Today?


Authored By: Dr. Malachi Z. York


Where Is The Devil Today?_ The Devil Is Walking With You Everyday, He's Not Only White, He's Black, Brown, Etc. You Don't Know How Many Girls Run Out Of The Christian Church And How Many Men Run Out Of The Mosque Because They Have Found Out That The Reverend Or The Imaam Is The Devil. Not The Devil, Because When They Put (The) Up There, Or In Aramic (Hebrew), Ha Devil (]D^n, Ha-Satari), Or In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic), El Devil ( oLM^i, Al Shaytaan). Why Is The Devil Referred To In Your Churches As "The Devil" When He Has A Name? Beelzebub (Matthew 12:24,27, Mark 1:34, 3:22), The Name Used For The Devil Is Right In The Bible. It Is Coming From The Ancient Babylonian God Baal For "Lord" And Zebub Meaning "The Maggots Of A Fly". Also The Mohammedans In The Koran 2:14 And 2:102 Mention The Name Of The Devil As Shayaatiynihim ( ^ \ikua ) A Plural For The Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Equivalent Shaytaan Of The Aramic (Hebrew) Word Satan. When The Preachers And Imaams Refer To Him As Shaytan Or Satan That Is What He Is: Shay



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Where Is The Devil Today?, (&&) - A Thing; Tiyn ( ^ ) - Clay - A Thing Of Clay - That Is Not A Name That's A Description Of What He Is Made Of. So Though Mohammedans Will Tell You That There Is One God And One Devil The Koran 2:14 Teaches You That There Is More Than One Devil, Called "Shaytaans" And That There Are More Than One Jinn Which Are "Evil Demons" In Human Form As Men (Koran 72:1-6). The Name Shad (TV) Demon Is The Root Of The Word Shadi (HV) Almighty As Found In Genesis 17:1, Exodus 6:3 And Numbers 24:4. Here You See The Name That The Israelites Called The Almighty. The Mohammedans Have The Same Name As El Shadiyd (o-j^iJl) Used For The Strengthener Or The Almighty. If There Was Only One Devil How Could Satan Have Cast Out The Devils As Mentioned In Matthew 12:27 He Would Have To Cast Out Himself. So There Had To Be More Than One Devil. *The Torah Has Plural: Deuteromony 32:17 2 Chronicles 11:15 Psalm 106:37

Where Is The Devil Today?_ *The New Testament Has Plural: Matthew 4:24 Matthew 7:22 Matthew 8:31 *The Koran Has Plural: Koran 2:14 Koran 2:102 Koran 72:6 By The Devil Being Human, It Tends To Tie Them Into Somebody You Might Be Able To Whip Someday On A Good Or Bad Day. If I Can Get My Hands On The Devil, I'll Break His Neck, I Think I Can Take Him. Mike Tyson Probably Figured, "I Can Whip The Devil, I Whip Everybody Else On The Planet, I Bet I Can Whip Him." Here You Are Sitting Around Saying "Yeah, The White Man Came Over To Africa Our Homeland, Took Us Out Of Africa, Beat Us All Upside The Head, And Raped Our Women, Because They Look So Good." However, You Like To Think That All White Men Are Looking At Our Women Like, "Wow Man, Arenft They Just Fine." Just Like White Men Will Convince



Where Is The Devil Today?_ Themselves That Every Black Guy Walking Down The Street Is Thinking That, "I Guess I'll Rape Me A White Girl Today". Everybody Is Sick, Everybody Has A Mental Problem. So Here We Are Straight Out Of Africa Over In America, And Have Learned How To Read And Write English; Picked Up A Couple Of Books Translated By Him, Called Ourselves The Black Muslims, The Nubian Islaamic Hebrews, The African Pioneer Muslims, The African Islaamic Missions, The Black Panthers, The Young Lords, We Lost Our Minds. You Know Who We Blamed It On "The White Man". The White Man Did This, The White Man Did That, We've Been In Slavery For Almost 400 Years, Genesis 15:13

Where Is The Devil Today?_ YOU WILL YAW-DAH (KNOW) THAT YOUR ZAW-RAH (BLOOD SEED) WILL BE GARE (SOJOURNER'S) IN THAT PART OF THE EH-RETS (PLANET EARTH) LO (NOT) FOR HAYM (THEM) WA (AND) THEY WILL AW-BAD (SERVE) THEM WA (AND) THEY WILL A W-NA W (AFFLICT) THEM. And Yahuwa Said To Abraham Know This For A Fact, Your Blood Seed Will Be Sojourners Into A Part Of The Planet Earth (Western World) That Is Not Their Own Home And They Will Be Slaves There To Amorites And The Amorites Will Abuse Them And Persecute Them For 400 Years From 1600 Until The Year 2,000. Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrew) By:

pra *pnr rrrr THO 3nn irr oTsx1? -ran :rtnp rnxn iniK Dnx ton arnsn onV xV

Dr. Malachi Z. York

Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.


Where Is The Devil Today?_ SHALL AFFLICT THEM FOUR HUNDRED YEARS". Still Farrakhan, Is Saying "And The White Man Did This To Us And The White Man Did That To Us." Meanwhile, They Are On The Other Side Calling Themselves Skin Chins, That's Real Intelligent!

Where Is The Devil Today?,

Skinheads So They Have To Go Cut Their Hair To Join. You Have To Cut Your Beard Off, What's The Difference Between Being A Skin Head Or A Skin Chin, Same Stupidness, Same Ridiculousness, Both Of Them, Are Raised By A Nut, Hitler, As A Leader.

Nation Of Islam (Skin Chins)

Adolf Hitler



Where Is The Devil Today?_ Question: Wasn't It The White Man Who Has Us In This Oppressed State Since He Brought Us Over In The Ships? Answer: What's The Difference? We're Blaming White People For Everything Instead Of Getting Ourselves Together! The White Man Is Doing The Same Thing. He's Blaming Us For Everything; And Both Of Us Are Blaming Orientals. The Native Americans Are Still Running Around Mad Because They Named Football Teams And Baseball Teams After Them, And Took Their Land.

Where Is The Devil Today?_

Seahawks Sweaters & Redskins Caps Everybody Is Still Depressed Instead Of Getting Themselves Together Realizing, "I Slipped". You Go Skiing; When You Fall You Don't Stay In The Snow And Die, You Get Up And Put Your Ski's On And You Ski Away. If You Break Your Leg, You Limp Away And Then You Get Your Leg Fixed Up. You Don't Just Lay In The Snow Because You Fell Once.

A Native American

Where Is The Devil Today?_ That's What Nubians (Black People) Are Doing, They Are Laying Around Letting The Snow Cover Over Them. They Are Standing There Complaining, "The White Man Did This To Us", "He Did That To Us". Yet They Will Pin Their Eyes On A Television And Watch Any Soap Opera, That Comes On; And Wait For Every New Arnold Schwartzenegger Movie That Comes Out. Then They'll Say Arnold Schwartznegger Isn't White. What Are Some Of The People You Like? You'll Say "Al Pacino Isn't White". All Of Them Are White, But When It Comes Down To "The Scent Of A Women" (A Movie), Then You Walked Away Saying "He Acts Like A Black Man". You Know Why You Say That; Because You Want To Justify Liking Him. You Couldn't Admit That You Just Like Al Pacino And The Part He Played In A Movie. You Had To Make Him Black, Just So You Can Hide The Guilt Of Confessing To Yourself That You Don't Hate The White Man As Much As You Say You Hate Him. The White Man Is Doing The Same Thing. The White Man Is Saying, "Man That Darn Aretha

Where Is The Devil Today?_ Franklin Can Really Sing, Go James Brown Go". They Love Chuck Berry, Jimmy Hendrix, Ray Charles, And Many More. They Are The Same Old People Who Will Call You A Nigger In A Minute; Then Sit In Their Car And Listen, To James Brown Or Aretha Franklin And Say "I Like Those Oldies But Goodies." People, When Are We Going To Face The Reality That We Don't Hate Each Other As Much As We Pretend We Do And Go About Life? Question: In The Community, Didn't You Teach Racism? Answer: We As A Community Have Been Wobbling Inside This Stupid Racism For A Long Time, Now The More I Watch Racism, The More Ridiculous It Is. When I'm Dealing With White Men Down Here In The South, And They Act Narrow Minded I Look At Them And Say, "/ Was There I'm Glad I Passed Through That School Because I Can Understand Your Ignorance." It Makes You Hate The Whole

Where Is The Devil Today?_ World, Then You Get Stupid And Start Hating The Country, And That's Like Biting The Hand That Feeds You. We Couldn't Have A Community Like This Anywhere Else, In No Communist Country, Not Even In Sudan.

77f /)evi/ Today?_ I Was In Sudan Where They Hung A Man Just Because He Had Different Opinions, Of Basic Fundamental Islaam. This Is A Fact. They Would Say, "If You Don't Believe It, The Exact Same Way We Put It In Our Books, We're Hanging You." The Only Country In The World Where You Can Speak Out Against The President And People Just Say Shut Up Is In The U.S.A (United States Of America). If You Go To Any Foreign Country And Speak Out Against That President, They Will Cut Your Head Off. We're Willing To Sacrifice This Country, Badger This Country, Tear This Country Down And Build Up Sudan - A Bunch Of Backward Rock Worshiping People. Yes, I Was A Fool But Now I See Clear. Question: What Is Wrong With Racism, Doesn't This Keep Us Knowing Who The White Man Is And What He Is Capable Of Doing To Us As A Nation Of People?




Where Is The Devil Today?_ Answer: You Can Do It, If You Feel Like It. I Say Wake Up, You Black People Better Wake Up Out There, And Catch On To What?s Going On. I'm Not Saying Become White Lovers, But Don't Be Haters. People Are People Good And Bad. I'm Telling You That You Better Become The Lover Of Yourself. Have Enough Sense To Realize Where You Are, And The Things You Can Accomplish Here As A People And Things That You Will Not Be Able; Because I Haven't Met Anyone Yet Who Went Back To Africa. They Are Always Going Back To Africa, And They Never Went. Nubians Have Been Going Back To Africa Since Marcus Garvey,

Where Is The Devil Today?. They Are Walking Around America With Dreads And Walking Around With Haile Selassie's Picture, The Ethiopian Flag, Amharic Writings. When None Of Them Are Making Any Effort To Go Live In Ethiopia, Where You Can't Even Find A Box Of Corn Flakes.

Marcus Garvey

Haile Selassie



Where Is The Devil Today?_ There're A Bunch Of Muslims Talking That "As Salaam Alaykum" Stuff And You Ask Them; What Country Is Youi Imaam From? They Will Say Egypt. When Are You Moving There? How Come All Your Leaders, All These Islaamic Scholars, Are So Devoted To Their Country That They Come Right To America, Get Educated And Then Live Somewhere In An Apartment In Brooklyn? Can't You See Somethings Wrong With That? Then They Boast And Say, When I Was In Egypt I Had This, When I Was In Egypt I Was This. Why Are They Here? Why Is Bandar Living Here, And Not In Saudi Arabia?

_Where Is The Devil Today?_ This Is Real, And Some Of Them Wish They Can Live Here But They Can't Because They Are Obligated As A King, Or Prince To Their Country. They Are Dying To Come Here And Live, And You're Dying To Destroy The Country And Go Over There. They Would Love To Be An Exchange Student With You. Those Stupid Arabs, They Will Send You To The Desert, I've Been To Egypt,

Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Al Saud


This Is Me In Front Of The Step Pyramid In Egypt


Where Is The Devil Today?_ I've Been To Sudan,

I ^'

Where Is The Devil Today?'_ I've Been To Morocco,

This Is Me In Front Of The Qubbah In Sudan


This Is Me In Front Of A Mosque In Morocco


Where Is The Devil Today?_ I've Been To Mecca That's Me In Front Of The Ka'bah


And There Isn't Anything There. The People Are No More Religious Than Anywhere Else. If They Were, Then They Wouldn't All Be Over Here Being Imaam So And So. You Better Wake Up And See Who You Are, Or As They Say "You Better Wake Up And Smell The Coffee".

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Where Is The Devil Today?'_ Question: How Is Religion Based On Time? Answer: The Reason Why I Say Religion Is Based On Time, Is Because Religion Is Based On Alpha (A) And Omega (Q). In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) It's, Alif (l) And Yaa (<$), And For Aramic (Hebrew) Is The Same Thing Alef (K) And Then Its, A Tawb (n), Which Means The Beginning And The End. Revelation 1:8 eyco eijiii TO AXcjxx KOU TO Q Xeyei Kupixx;, o Geoc;, o cov KOCI o TJV KOCI o pxo|ievoq, o raxvTOKpocTCDp. "/ I-MEE (AM) AL-FAH (ALPHA) AND O-MEG-AH (OMEGA), THE AR-KHAY (BEGINNING) AND THE TEL-OS (ENDING), LEG-0 (SAID) KOO-REE-OS (MASTER), HO (WHICH) IS, AND HO (WHICH) WAS, AND HO (WHICH) IS TO ER-KHOM-AHEE (COME), THE PAN-TOK-RAT-ORE (ALMIGHTY):'

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Where Is The Devil Today? I El Eloh, Am "A" (Alif) The First Letter And "Y" (Ya), The Last Letter The Beginning And The End, Said The Master, The Creator, Who Exists Right Now And Was Able To Be Found In Ancient Times, And Who Will Be In The End, Governor Over All Things. In The End The Master Will Rule For He Is The Ruler Of The Day Of Judgement. Right Translation In Greek By:

Where Is The Devil Today?_ Disagreeable Beings Called Reptilians, Known To You As The Devil And His Agents. Now What Is Sad Is That, You As A People On Earth, Are Trapped In A Time Zone Of 365 Days To A Year, And That Is Based On The Revolutions Of Your Planet Earth Is Around The Sun. As It Makes Its Motions Around Your Sun, It Takes 365 Days. Thus You Have One Year. Look How Simple This Is, The Average Person Now Dies Around 70 Years Old. 70 Times Around Your Sun And That's The End Of Your Life.

Dr. Malachi Z. York

Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.

"/ AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE ENDING, SAITH THE LORD, WHICH IS, AND WHICH WAS, AND WHICH IS TO COME THE ALMIGHTY." Religion Speaks About In The Beginning: Regardless Whether It's Islaam, Judaism, Buddahism Or Whatever. Then It Speaks About An End. Anything That Has A Beginning And An End Is Trapped In A Time Zone. This Was Another Thing Used To Keep You Under The Spell Of Leviathan Cast On You By

The Earth Orbit Around The Sun In A Year When You Cut It Down That Way, All Your Planet Earth Has To Make Is 70 Circles Around

Where Is The Devil Today?_

Where Is The Devil Today?, God Compared To Your 70. If You Were Promised 1,000 Revolutions Around Your Sun, You Would Have A 1,000 Years That You Lived. 2 Peters 3:8 ev 8e TO-OTO ur| XavBaveto) tpag, ayarcriTOi , on uux rpepa .TOXDCX Kvpuo ax; x^* e^l KOCI %iXux err) ax; rpepa \ua. "BUT AG-AP-AY-TOS (BELOVED), BE NOT LAN-THAN-O (IGNORANT) OF TOO-TO (THIS) NICE (ONLY) THING THAT, MEE-AH (ONE) HAY-MER-AH (DAY) IS WITH THE KOO-RE-OS (MASTER) AS A KHIL-EE-OY (THOUSAND) ET-OS (YEARS) AS MEN-AH (ONE) HA Y-MER-AH (DA Y) ". But Do Not Ignore This Very Important Thing That One Day To The Master Is A Thousand Years And A Thousand Years Is As One Day. Right Translation In Greek By:

The Sun, "If You Die At 70". If You Die At 65, It Will Make 65 Circles Around The Sun, If You Die At 25 Because Of An Accident, Then How Many Will It Be? 25. Think About How Short That Is, If You Base It On The Universe And Not On Your Planet Earth. If You Base It On Your Planet Earth You Will Break The 65 Up Into Fractions And Give Yourself More Time.
You Will Say There's 60 Seconds To A Minute, And There Is 60 Minutes To An Hour And There's 24 Hours To A Day. Your 30 Or 31 Days To A Month, And There Are Twelve Months To A Year, And 70 Of Those Is The End Of My Life. So Now To Make God Grand, You Had To Take God Outside Of The Time Zone And Say God Is Eternal. God Is Infinite, God Is Everlasting, How Do You Determine That, By What Time Zone? Therefore, One Day To Them Would Be 1,000 Years, Does He Come From A Planet Where His Sun Is A 1,000 Years Away So One Day Would Be A 1,000 Years To Him? Either Way, If It Was A 1,000 Revolutions Around, That's Like


Where Is The Devil Today?_

Where Is The Devil Today? WA (AND) YAHUWA AW-MAR' (SAID), MY ROO'-AKH (SOUL) WILL NOT O-LAWM' (AL WA YS) DEEN (JUDGE) IN A W-DA WM' (THOSE HUMAN BEING OF THE GROUND, ADAMITE), FOR THAT HE (ADAMITES) IS SHA W-GAG' (ALSO) BA W-SAR' (IN SKIN,IN A BODY OF FLESH): HIS YOME (DAYS) WILL BE A MAY-AW (HUNDRED) WA (AND) ES-REEM' (TWENTY) SHAW-NEH' (120 YEARS)." Then Yahuwa Declared: My Soul (The Seed Of The Elohim Bred In The Adamites From Ninqi, The Divine) Will Not Judge In Their Genes For Eternity, (Because It Has Been Mixed With Human Skin), He Is Also A Mortal, Homo-Erectus To Homo-Sapien And Must Die In Time, In Fact All The Days Of His Physical Life Span Will Be Only 120 Years. Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrew) By:

Dr. Malachi Z. York

Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.

"BUT, BELOVED, BE NOT IGNORANT OF THIS ONE THING, THAT ONE DAY IS WITH THE LORD AS A THOUSAND YEARS, AND A THOUSANDS YEARS AS ONE DA Y". You Were Promised 120 Of Them (Genesis 6:3), You Only Use 70 Of Them, Then You Would Die And Rot For The Rest Of Them. So Religion Is Based On Time Because God Had To Be Put Outside Your Time Zone In Order For Him To Inherit The Title Eternal. That's Sad That God Can Be Placed Within The Distance Of Planets And Suns Because Planets And Suns Described What You Call Time. Now You Say How Old Is God, I Guess That Will Depend On What Universe He Comes From. Genesis 6:3

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Dr. Malachi Z. York

Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.


_Where Is The Devil Today?_ "AND THE LORD SAID, MY SPIRIT SHALL NOT ALWAYS STRIVE WITH MAN, FOR THAT HE ALSO IS FLESH: YET HIS DAYS SHALL BEAN HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS''. Because The People On Mercury, If There're People On Mercury Or Life Forms On Venus, Two Planets Closer To Your Sun, They Have A Shorter Life. Now If You Want To Find Anything On The Earth - That Is A Being - Like A Person From Venus, All You Have To Find Out Is How Long Does It Takes Venus To Make One Revolution Around Your Sun, Get How Many Days Are In It's Year, Then Check Species On The Planet Earth And Find Out Which Ones Die In That Same Life Span. Then You Go Oh, There Goes A Being That Would Be Like A Person On Venus. What Do I Mean By That? If I Make A Normal Trip From Here Up The Hill, That May Take Me Five Minutes, But For A Microscopic Living Bacteria If It Had To Travel On The Same Ground It Had To Be 50 Life Times Because Of Its Size. It Takes An Ant To Walk From Here To There A Day. Do You Realize It's Much Harder For An Ant To Get

Where Is The Devil Today?'_ From One End Of This Class To The Other? I'll Be At The End Of It Before I Know It. But An Ant Has To Take Fast Steps. So To An Ant My Life Is Eternal. And As Long As You Are So Wrapped Up In Keeping Track Of Time: "What Time Is It?", "What Day Is It?", "What Month Is It?", You Are Going To Stay In This World. When It's Time To Leave And I Won't Be Able To Help You Go To The Next. As Long As You Are Trapped In Time You Stay Under The Spell, And I Won't Be Able To Help You. I'm Trying To Show You How You Have Been Enchanted By Religion, Definitions And Time, But You Don't Want To Open Your Eyes. This Is What The Black Devils Have Done To You. You Think You Have Until Eternity. What I'm Trying To Tell You Is That There Is No Such Thing As Eternity Because As I Said Before To An Ant My Life Is Eternal. Ques: So The Black Devils Are Responsible For Sidetracking Us From The Track We Are Supposed To Be On?

_Where Is The Devil Today?_ Ans: I Don't Care Who You Are, I Know What's Going On In Your Nature: *The Black Devil Doesn't Have Horns, He Doesn't Look Mean, He Doesn't Look Vicious. He Walks With You, He Looks Like You, He'll Pray With You, He'll Play Sincere, But Deep Down In His Heart Is The Question: That Doubt, That Little Bug, I Have To Know, I Have To Feel, I'm Not Sure, I Don't Like, I Want, He'll Never Be Sure,

Where Is The Devil Today?_ He'll Never Know Because He's Not Suppose To Know He's Suppose To Be Confused. The Christians Just Say It Like This Here "You Just Don't Have The Holy Ghost." Everytime You Try To Talk To Them About Jesus, They Say Your Problem Is, You're Not Born Again, You're Not Saved. Well We Have Ansaars Who Have Not Been Born Again, They Have Not Moved Up To 5, 6, 7 Notches. They Still Are At 1, 2, 3 And They Still Are Saying, "Who Is Allah? What Kind Of Force Is He? Is He A Spiritual Being? I Need To Know These Things In My Mind: Is He Physical? They Don't Want To Go Up, They Want To Stay Down In This Little Thing, Don't Let Them Do That To You. Recognize That There Are Black Devils. I Don't Care If He Or She Has Been Coming To Class For Years. I Don't Care If He Or She Is Your Husband/Or Wife And You're Sleeping Next To Him/Her Every Night, And Have Babies By Him, Or Your Wife. That Can Be A Black Devil.

Where Is The Devil Today?_ That's The Black Devil's Whole Purpose - Cain's Descendants (Children) And They Live Right Here With Us.


Where Is The Devil Today?_

Religions Like Christianity, Judaism And Mohammedism Tried To Give You The Impression That The Evil One Is Some Kind Of "Spirit" That Has Always Existed And Always Will Exist. However, Just As I've Shown You The Evil One Manifested As A "Physical" Devil That Has Been Fruitful And Have Multiplied, I Will Show You That The Same Thing Exists For The Black Devil. Black Devils Existed In The Beginning And Walked The Planet Earth In The Flesh Before The Flood Of Noah. Genesis 6:4

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Cain Son Of Adam (Zakar) And Eve (Nekaybaw)


Where Is The Devil Today?_ BANE (CHILDREN) OF ELOHEEM (THESE BEINGS) BO (CAME) AL (INTO) THE BANE (DAUGHTERS) OF HA (THE) AW-DAW-MAW (THOSE OF THE GROUND, ADAMITES DOGON TRIBES OF MALI), WA (AND) THEY YAW-LAD (GAVE BIRTH) TO THE CHILDREN, HAYM (SAME) BECAME GHIB-BORE (OVERCOME WITH POWER, JIBBAREENS) AW-DAW-MAW (THOSE HUMAN BEINGS OF THE GROUND, ADAMITES) ASH-ER (WHICH) WERE FROM O-LAWM (ETERNITY), ENOSHITES OF SHAME (UP THERE, OVER THERE, SPACESHIPS). Also Those Who Fell Down, Nephilims To The Planet Earth In That Same Period Of Time Were The Shaggy Giants, Genus-Homo, Form The 6 Star Constellation Orion, The Disagreeable Elohim Anaqites. After The Rape Of The Adamite Dogon Tribe's Daughters, The Sons Of The Agreeable Elohim Anunaqi From Arcturus Rizq, The 8Th Planet In The 9Th Galaxy Called Illyuwn, Were Sent There To Breed Amongst

Where Is The Devil Today?, The Mortals, When They Had Sexual Intercourse With The Daughters Of The Adamites And Gave Birth To Children With A Dual Nature (Homo-Erectus). These Jibbareens Were Very Powerful Because They Were The Sons And Daughters Of The Elohim Anunaqi, Who Had Existed For What It Seem To Be An Eternity. The Anunaqi Had Come To The Earth From Out There By 12 Ships Of 50 Passenger Ship Called Nibiru. Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrew) By:

Dr. Malachi Z. York

Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.




Where Is The Devil Today?, A Physical Body. Not A Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed Demon, But Black Skin And With 9 Ether (Kingly) Hair. These Black Demons Had A Nasala (J^), A Physical Seed, The Very Same Word Used In Genesis 3:15, In Reference To The Physical Offspring Of The Evil One And Nekaybaw (Eve). These 200 Disagreeable Elohim Took On A Physical Form (Nubian) After They Were Cast Down From Heaven With The Devil. They Came To Earth, Genesis 6 Tells Us, As Nephilims Or Giants In The Earth And They Had Sex With The Daughters Of Men (Cain's Seed) And Bore Children; They Lived On Even Afterwards As The Anaqites. When They Came To Earth They Formed A Land Called Nod. The Nephilim Took The Agreeable Women Of Ptah Up To 10 Generations Which Is Mentioned In Genesis 6:1. Genesis 6:1-2

Where Is The Devil Today?.

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Where Is The Devil Today?_ Unto Them. And The Sons Of The Disagreeable Elohim (Anaqites) Saw The Daughters Of Adamites That They Were Very Agreeable And Beautiful "Burnt Blackskin," In There Hearts, And They Took Them By Force To Be Their Wives, All Of Those They Chose, The Seed Of Anath (Eve's [Nekaybawfs] Mother) The Hawilahites Or The Dogon Tribes Of Mali. Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrew) By:

Where Is The Devil Today?_ lose And Raped Them. After This, The Verse Continues To Say, That The Sons Of Elohim In Unto The Daughters Of Men. Who Was lis Second Set Of Elohim Mentioned? The Agreeable Elohim. wenesis 6:4 Specifically Says "The Nephilim (Disagreeable Tribes Of Elohim) Were In The Manet Earth In Those Days". In The Planet [Earth Means Inside The Caves, Because It Didn't Say "On The Surface On The Planet Like It Said n Genesis 6:1. They Were In The Planet Earth, "he Giants Went Into The Earth, Their Sons Were The Ones Who Roamed The Earth As Mortals. The Elders That Ruled Them Stayed In Their Pits. When It Speaks Of The Agreeable Elohim It Says That The Sons Of Elohim Came In Unto The Daughters Of Men, They Did Not Take Them, They Had Sexual Intercourse With Them, They Came In Unto Them. The Daughters Of Man Bore The Agreeable Elohim Offspring Who Were The Agreeable Gibborim. The Nephilim Like Goliyath Ben Makhmud, Descendant Of The Disagreeable Elohim,

Dr. Malachi Z. York

Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.


Where Is The Devil Today?_ Became Mighty Warriors And Shed Blood On | The Earth.

Where Is The Devil Today?,





. Where Is The Devil Today?_ This Is The Difference Between The Agreeable And The Disagreeable Elohim. The Children Of The Agreeable Elohim Became The Men Of Renown, A Peaceful People. The Word For Renown Is Sham (pip) Which Also Means "Rocketship." They Were Called This Because They Came From The Sky, The Mothership Above The Earth, Called "The Crystal City'1. The Descendents Of The Disagreeable Elohim Are Walking The Planet Earth Right Now, Working With You, Eating With You And Maybe Even Sleeping With You, And Look Just Like You And Me, Nubians. What Better Way Can The Evil Ones Pull You Off The Path, Without You Even Knowing It? In Order To Overstand Who And What Black Devils Are And Their Nature, You Must First Overstand The Titles That Are Attributed To Them, Like: Iblis Means: Rebellious Satan Means: Liar In Wait Devil Means: False Accuser

Is There A Such Thing As A Resurrection From The Dead? Is ResurrectloniAnd Reincarnation The Same Thlng?\ X
\ 1 ^ How Was LazcuMslBrought Sack From The Dead?\ \ \

The Resurrection
Scroll 59
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Where Is The Devil Today?'_ iat Do I Mean By This? For Example, Iblis Is A Title. Anybody Can Be An Iblis, Anyone Who Rebels. What Is Happening Is, You Are Making Iblis His Name. Iblis Is Just A Title Meaning Rebellious. Tarnush, The Leader Of The Disagreeable Elohim (Angelic Beings), And His Son Were Both Called Iblis And They Were Both Called Satan, Satan, Iblis, The Devil, Can All Be The Same Person If Their Actions Are That Of Satan, Iblis Or The Devil, Because These Are All Titles Attributed To Their Actions. Let Me Explain A Little Further: You Have Three Groups Of People: You Have The People Of Amon (Ptah) In Mitsrayim (Egypt) Along The Nile, They Were Called Mu'min (Faithful); You Had The People Under Tsedaq (Sodoq, Zodok) Of Salaam In Mu, They Were Called Muslim (Ones Of Peace); And You Had The People From The Fallen Elohim Who Were Jinns, And They Were Called Kaafirs (Coverers Of The Truth). You Have Kaafiruwn, Muslimuwn And Mu'minuwn All Living On The Planet Earth At The Same Time, That's Where These Titles Are Really Coming From.

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JVhere Is The Devil Today?_ So Whenever You Want To Insult Someone, You Would Say, You Are Min El Kaaliruwn* You Are A Kaafir, Meaning You Are From The Disagreeable Beings. Or To Compliment You, Someone Would Say, You Are Mu'min Meaning You Are A Faithful Person, And If They Want To Ascribe To Your Ordinance To Obey, They Call You A Muslim. Don't Get Titles Confused With Species. Titles Are Names By Which A Particular Thing Is Identified, Known, Or Referred To; And Species Are Distinct Kinds Or Types That Have Permanent Characteristics In Common. Take For Instance The Anaqites. They Were A Species Of Giants; There Were Tribes Of Them. First There Was Tarnush And His Five Sons Who Each Yielded A Different Species, The Ifrit, Ghuwls (Ghouls), Jann, Jenniya, Marid. There're Quite A Few Of Them. They Are Here On The Planet 1/3 Of The Planet Earth Is Made Up Of This Negative Energy. The Anaqites Were A Tribe Of Disagreeable Giants. These Giants Came About By The Rape

Where Is The Devil Today?, The Pygmy By The Nephilims, Who Were le First Race Of Disagreeable Giants To Come iwn To The Planet Earth. These Beings Gave iirth To The Race Of Disagreeable Elohim Lnown As The Watusi, They Were The Ancestors Of The Anaqite Race. They Were Noticed During Moses1 Time When He Sent 12 Spies To Report On The Land Of Hebron. It /as There On This Land That They Came In Contact With The Anaqites. lumbers 13:33

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Where fs The Devil Today?_ And There We Saw Nefflian (Those Who Fell Down To Earth ) Children Of Anak Himself Who Is The Ghibbor (Mighty Ones) And We Ourselves In Our Own Eyes Were As Grasshopper And In Their Eyes As Well.
Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrew) By:

Where Is The Devil Today?_ tie Of Them Out Of A Name Because You ome Into Another Language. That's Why In \evelation 12:9, They Start By Saying: That fid Serpent Called The Devil And Iblis And The receiver, He's A Slime, He's A Snake, And fcon't Trust Him. That's What It All Comes Pown To. Remember, These Disagreeable Beings Were Not Destroyed, They Came Down From Cain To Enoch, Trying To Duplicate The Other Enoch Who's Called Idriys, By The Moslems And Adapa By The Ancient Sumerians. Enoch (Adapa) Son Of Lemek

Dr. Malachi Z. York

Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.

"AND THERE WE SAW THE GIANTS, THE SONS OF ANAK, WHICH COME OF THE GIANTS: AND WE WERE IN OUR OWN SIGHT AS GRASSHOPPERS, AND SO WE WERE IN THEIR SIGHT." Then You Have Nicknames, The Evil One Has All Kinds Of Nicknames Like, Serpent, Beast, Dragon, Nakhash (The Whisperer) And The Flatterer. People Use Nicknames For Him According To His Wickedness At The Time And Which One They Are Dealing With; Like Someone Saying, He's A Devil, He's A Slime, He's A Lowlife. You Keep Saying, 'What's That, Shaytaan?" Then You Try To Make Each

Where Is The Devil Today?_ Then From There He Moved Into The Land CM Nod - The First Recreation Park, Where Any Kind Of Beings Could Wander There For Recreation, A Good Time And Party. Just Like You Can Do At Six Flags Or Coney Island, That's A Recreation Park. It Gets Its Name From Nudimmud The Real Name Of Enqi The Anunaqi.

_Where Is The Devil Today? lead It In Your Mind And Spell It Out On A >iece Of Paper, And You Will See It Reads sk-Creation Park, Recreation Garden. That's f Where Cain Took His Son Enoch. Then Cain Broke Off And Set Up A Land Called Enoch (Genesis 4:17). Then The Bible Doesn't Speak Of Him Anymore, Because None Of The People From The Bible Era Were Allowed In His Land Anymore. That Was The First Time On The Planet Earth Where A Border Was Set Up, And That You Needed A Pass Or A Visa, And Notice The Visa.

The Land Of Nud (Nod)

62 63

Where Is The Devil Today?_ The Greek 666 You Needed Is A Visa To Get Into This Land Here. That's Why There Are No Reports Because If The News Reporters Cannot Get Into Your Community By Infiltration, Like The Devil And The Garden, He Can't Find Out What's Going On In There. He Can't Write About It. If He Can't Write About It, People On The Outside Won't Know About It. Cain's Sons, The Black Devils, Cainites Would Not Let Anybody From The Seed Of His Brothers In The Land Of Nud (Nod) At All. Only Demons And Other Wicked People From Nod Could Enter. They Had A Visa Or What We Call A Border Law. Roman Numerical VI Greek S English A

Where Is The Devil Today?_ At That Point And Has No More Information. 'The Last You Know Is That Cain In Genesis 4:8, Killed His Brother Abel, Even Though They Say, Eli (God) Sent The Angels (Elohim) And Told Him Not To Do It, Then He Went On To The Land Of Nod Which Christians, Jews, Or Muslims Can't Explain Where The Land Nod Came From, Or Even The People Who Dwelt In The Land Of Nud (Nod) Because They Don't Know. Cain Lived Amongst These Wicked People And They Casted Him Out. So He Went Up And Set Up A Land For His Son Called Enoch (Genesis 4:17). Seven Generations Later, Cain Was Killed By Lemek, Who Also Has A Name Of One Of The People On The Blessed Side Of The Family Trying To Trick Him. Then That's The End Of Those Black Devils, Where Are They Today? The Old Testament Doesn't Pick Them Up Anywhere Else. The New Testament Doesnt' Pick Them Up Anywhere Else. The Koran Doesn't Pick Them Anywhere Else. They Are

The Mark Of The Beast First They Set Up A Border Law In The Planet Earth (Qi, The Original Name Of Earth). They Will Let No One In There, So Their Bible Stops

Where Is The Devil Today?_ Sitting In This Class With Us; They Are Laying In The Bed With You; They Party With You They Are The Dj, f s They're Kid Capri, They're Ron G. They Are The Demons In The World That Keep On Leading Us. They Are The Michael Jackson's That Make A Million Kids Drop Their Natural Cause Towards Success, And Go Out And Emulate Him With His Plastic Face, Plastic Hair And Plastic Everything's Else And Then They Loose Their Lives. They're Prince. They're Rick James. You Keep On Going To The People You Like. All These People Do Is Create An Image. They Become Your Idols Like Magic Johnson, Who Is Now Known To Have A.I.D.S., From 'Messing Around'. You May Not Like This One, Because You Like The Way Magic Johnson Plays Basketball; But He Has A Whole Bunch Of Kids Instead Of Doing Their Homework, Come Home From School With A Towel In Their Back Pocket, Put Some Sneakers On With No Socks (Which Gives You Athletes' Feet Which Isn't Funny) And Launch Out For The Playground To Play Around And

Where Is The Devil Today?_ .et Girls Watch Them Play, Show Off, Elbow iach Other, Break Into Fights. Has Magic Johnson Also Influenced Them To Contract A.I.D.S.? What Is He Doing To Dissuade The Younger Generation From Contracting Such A Deadly Disease? And Then These Young Kids Come Home When The Sun Sets, Or Hangs Out.

Magic Johnson



Where Is The Devil Today?_ If Another Demon Who Has Another Side - The Pan Side - Brings A Record Player To The Play Ground And Starts The Music, The Kid Still Doesn't Get Home. Then He Goes Back To School, Not Studied For That Day, And They Do This All Throughout Your Childhood And That's Their Job, That's The Guy Buster Or Buck Or What Was His Name In Your Neighborhood Who Everybody Was Scared Of, That's Him, He Keeps A Sense Of Intimidation Going Over The Community. He Has A Gang Of Demons That Walk With Him. They Walk Up And Take Other Children's Money. That Makes You Not Want To Go To School, Because At 3:00 O'clock He's Saying "When You Get Outside At 3:00 O'clock I'm Going To Kick Your Butt." You Stop Studying For The Whole Day All You're Thinking About Is Getting Beat Up By A Bunch Of Kids From Outside, Or A Bunch Of Ugly Girls, Right! They Intimidate You, They Take Your Lunch Money, That Doesn't Make You The Chump. I'm Talking To Anybody, You Might Not Have Been The Guy Doing It, But You Were There. Then You Saw A Little Jewish Boy Standing There With A Yamaka On,

Where Is The Devil Today?_ And Out The Clear Blue Sky, For Nothing, "Let's Go Slap Him Up Side His Head Because He's Jewish", Then They Laughed, And You Were With Him; Not Realizing That You Are Becoming The Devil For That Little Gesture, Just Because He's A White Jewish Kid, It's Alright To Slap Him And Play Tough Guy With Your Friends. Or The Little Guy Whose Coming Down The Street With Tape On His Glasses, Which Renders Him A Spaze Or A Nerd. And Just Because You Tripped Him, And Pushed Him In The Cafeteria, And Made Him Drop His Food, Then You Laugh. The Guy Who Insighted You To Do That, That Was The Black Devil. He Was Your Bestfriend. He's Also The Guy That Says "Come On Smoke This Marajuana, This Ain't Going To Kill You." Then He Gets You When You're On Your Way To A Party And Says, "I'm Going To A Party Tonight But I'm Getting High First. Let's Stop Off At The Wet Store, Or The Package Store Or The Gin Store, The Liquor Store, Whatever Name You Want To Call It. The Black Devil Goes On To Say "Let's Stop

Where Is The Devil Today?_ And Get A Little Bag Man, So We Can Get High And Have A Good Time At The Party." Remember Those Guys, Sometimes He Came To The Party With The Bag. I Already Got The Whiskey Or The Wine Or Whatever Case It May Be Saying, "Oh Let's Get High", Start Sipping And Get All High And Then Drive Off To The Party. You've Donned Your Huffs And Your Horns And Went Into The Party With A New Attitude Like P.M. Dawn. What A Heck Of Name For A Black Group P.M. Dawn. In This Record He Says "I Donned My Huffs And Put On My Horns And Take On A New Attitude." A New Boy George, A Demon Out There, Nice Music, P.M. Dawn Has Real Nice Music, Nice Sample, Nice Tracks And They Can Hook You Into It, He's A Devil. You May Not Care Because You Don't Value Your Soul. I Don't Care If You Don't Care Because I'm Only Concerned With The People Who Do Care. I Know There Are People Who Don't Care Because You Are Black Devils. They're The Ones That Say, "You Know I'm Going To Listen To Hip Hop Anyway", I Don't Care What

Where Is The Devil Today?, Anybody Says." That's What They Are Suppose To Say, Because They Have To Buck Everything I Say. So They'll Say I'm Going To Listen To It Anyway Man, It Ain't Going To Hurt Me, I Say Go Ahead, As They Come To Me. I'm Ducking Them; They Say, "Let Me Talk To You" And I Go, "Wow," I'm Trying To Get Out Their Way Because They Basically Said To Me I Want To Surrender To Satan, Or I Want To Surrender To Zu, Zuen Or Enzu Of The Hindu Faith I Want To Give Myself Over To His Ways. I Don't Want To Have Any Parts In That. I Wish You The Best. Cain Is Amongst Us Today. The Word Cain Means (pp, jjj) A Spear Or Javelin And That's Where They Get That Pitch Fork Story From. They Are The Ones That Will Side Track This Mission. They Will Get In Here And They Start Talking About Things That Are Not Important To Everybody, But Important To Them.


Where Is The Devil Today? Question: Were There Actually Beings That Lived Here Millions Of Years Ago? Answer: You're Talking About Beings Who Came To This Planet, Crashed Down, Like If A Meteorite Hit, Millions Of Years Ago And Lived Here In The Seas (The Valkuns - Maldekians). Some Of The Survivors Of The Maldekians Took Refuge Beneath The Waters On The Planet Earth (Then Called Tiamat), And Cut Off Contact With Their Home Planet, Whose People Were Referred To As Valkuns - Meaning Those Who Are Of Frogs, Frog-Liked People. They Come From A Planet That They Refer To As Maldek, Which Scientists Through N.A.S.A. Have Found Out There Was Another Planet. Now They Are Talking About It, They Don't Know What To Say About It, But They Got That Much, But They Heard The Name Maldek, You'll Hear It, And Those People Are What They Refer To On T.V As Valkuns. Half Sea Creatures. You May Not Like It But They Mixed In With You. We Have Another "MUST For Your Wardrobe. Dazzling Nylon SATIN JACKETS That Shimmer Like Jewels In A Variety Of Colors. Each With The H.T.M Logo That Includes Our Colorful ROYAL CROWN. STAY WARM IN STYLE!!! Free Will Offering $32.00



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Where Is The Devil Today?, t's Do It Again, Hold Up Your Hand In Front Of You And Part Your Fingers As Far As You Can And You'll See The Webs, Where You Once Had Webs. You Also Had Gills, You Bred As A Tadpole. You Were In A Sack Of Water While In The Womb Of Your Mother, So You Can Breath Under Water. It Is Now A Scientific Fact That Europeans In Russia Are Delivering Babies Under Water.

Nubian fncense "(


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A Child In It's Mother Womb Breathing Under Water

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_Where Is The Devil Today?_ When They Did The Movie 'The Abyss" They Were Showing That With The Reinsertion Of A Certain Chemical, You Can Breath Under Water Again. So Those Beings Who Came Here Which Happened To Be Disagreeable Elohim Are Part Of Why You Have A Disagreeable Nature, The Evil In You. Dolphins Are A Species Of Valkuns And Are Man-Eating Whales. They Can Communicate With All Extraterrestrials, Human And Animal Life. Dolphins Are The Parents Of Humans And They Know It, You Just Don't.

Where Is The Devil Today?, Question: So, Is Our Mixing In The Reason For So Much Devilishment In The World? Answer: Yes, That's Why There Is So Much Devilishment In The World Whether They Are White Or Black, So Don't Tell Me That All White People Are Devils And All Black People Are Angels, Because You Know We Know That Isn't True.


Ku Klux Klan

Where Is The Devil Today?_ They Admit The KKK Is Nuts. It's Time For Us To Admit That Some Of Us Can Go Nuts, Too; And Think Everybody White Is Bad The Way The KKK Or The Skin Heads Can Say All Black People Are Bad, All Jews Are Bad Or All Orientals Are Bad. That Becomes Some Type Of Sickness, Because You Know That You Have A Brother Or An Uncle That You Would Say To Yourself "Now That Is The Devil". He Comes To Every Family Meeting And Starts A Fight; Every Homecoming Is A Fight. Can't Start A Picnic Because You're Getting Ready To Get On The Bus And Uncle Nat Is Out There Whoofmg. Then You Say "Come On Nat We're Trying To Have A Picnic", And Then Uncle Nat Says, "Someone Done Stole My Whiskey". Or You Got Aunt Maxine In The Kitchen Trying To Cook And Uncle Nat Has Walked In There, Put His Hand In The Pot, Took Something Out; And Aunt Maxine Says, "Get The Nigga' Out The Kitchen". When This Happens, He Says "It Ain't

Where Is The Devil Today?_ 'our Kitchen, B "; Then The Husband Says, "Did You Have To Call My Wife A B ?" Someone Says, "Why Don't You Mind Your Business". Then There Goes The Whole Party And The Whole Thing Is Destroyed. Doesn't This Happen? Let's Be Honest. There Is No Sense In Lying To The White Man Making Him Think That This Doesn't Happen; Because It Does. He Has The Same Problem, You Think He's Proud Of Charles Manson?

Charles Manson

Where Is The Devil Today?_ That's Why Every Time Charles Manson, Looking Like Jesus, Appears On Television,The White People Become Embarrassed Because Of The Demons In Their Family. Well, Let's Stop Pretending That There Are No Black Devils Because There Are A Whole Lot Of Them Out There, Doing Devilishment Right Now: Selling Kids Drugs On The Streets Today And Teaching People How To Kill. All These Gangs Are Doing This Stuff Today.

Where Is The Devil Today? These People Are Inside Of You. You Got Some Of That Devilishment Bred Into You From Way Back. To Get To Your Point, These Beings Have Lived On The Planet, In The Seas, Right Beside You For Thousands And Thousands Of Years And They Seek To Come To Surface Like You Did. Come Out Of The Water, Walk Dry Land Like Any Other Mammal, And Then Take Control Of The Land.
Ill lll :>iiiilpiiiTOP^;!::i*^:: *;iii; "*9mm

Gangs Today Are Playing The Role Of The Black Devil 78

From Water To Dry Land


Where Is The Devil Today?_ Some Of The Children That You Have Aborted In The Cities, Go Down Into The Sewage Have Not Died. These Being Have Taken Them And Have Nursed Them Back To Health. They Groomed Them And They Walk Amongst Us. They Are Waiting For The Day To Take Control Of The Earth.

_Where Is The Devil Today?_ They Hate You With Good Reason Because Their First Contact With Any Object Was Somebody Trying To Hack Them To Death, Or Some Doctor Trying To Crush Their Head To Pull Them Out Of Their Mother. Because Some Parents That Say They Love You, To The Point Where They Are The Ones That Say If Anybody Wants To Kill You It Might As Well Be Me, Parents Say That. The Moment The Daughter Comes Home Pregnant At 13 Years Old The Parents Sit Around Discussing Whether Or Not They Should Become Murderers. Should We Kill This Kid Isn't That What They Talk About, It's A Sin THOU SHALL NOT KILL (Exodus 20: 13). Who Gave Them The Right To Abort? Then They Say It's Really Not Alive, Everybody Know When It's A Sperm Cell, It's Alive, It May Not Be What You Call Life But Its Alive. These Beings Have Received These Children And They Have An Underground Army That's Moving, And They Live On Surface. These People Have Access To The Banks And The Cars. They Have Identification Of Everything They Need Because They Live Under. Have You

Aborted Babies

Where Is The Devil Today? Ever Driven By A Park And Noticed That They Have Doorways Going To Parkways That Go Nowhere? In A Regular Big Park On The Road, You'll See A Big Old Door Going To Nowhere, Then You Say, "I Wonder What That Door Is Doing Out There?" Nobody You Know Can Tell You What's It Doing There Or What's It For? There's Nobody From The Military, Nobody From The Police Department, Everybody's Saying The Same Thing, Why Is That Door There? You Can Go Up Under The Bridge, Any Bridge, And You Look Down As You're Driving On The Bridge. You'll See These Big Hollow Areas That Are Inside, That Are Unused. The Cities Don't Use Them, The States Doesn't Use Them Why? Because The People That Are In The Government Are A Part Of It. The First Thing They Did Was Move Inside Of The Sanitation Department. They Control The Amount Of Pollution That Is Being Let Into The System, And The Pollution Of The Water, So Anytime They Are Ready, They Can Poison You. That's Where They Work, That's Their Job. They Don't Want The

Where Is The Devil Today? As Teachers In Schools, They Want To Get Into The Sanitation Department. They Want To [Get Into The Fire Department, When They ' Come In Your House And The Fire Is Over ! Here. They Run Over There With Axes And Tear Down The Wall. Don't They Tell You That Oxygen Causes Fires. So Why Do They Knock I The Window Out? Why Don't They Go Through The Door, And Tear Everything Up? So The iFire Can Go Out On The Inside? They Knock I Out The Windows So Air Can Get In, So The ! Fire Rises.


Where Is The Devil Today?, Have You Ever Seen That Happen? You're In There Trying To Stop The Fire In That Wall. They Are Over There Tearing Up This Wall And Knocking Out The Ceiling. The Fire Is Over Here, We Know What We're Doing, Tell Me What You're Doing. It Doesn't Take Much Sense To Realize That You're Knocking Down The Wrong Wall. Question: Who Was That Anti-Christ That Lives In Belgium, Germany And Is He An Extraterrestrial And Does He Have The Barathary Gland? Answer: Yes He Does Have The Power. He Has His Barathary Gland. He Is A Descendant Directly From Zu, Zuen, Enzu, Or Tarnush The Father Of Haylal (Isaiah 14:12). He Was Choice Bred. They Planned It. They Used The Blood To Breed 13 Children Which You Would Find Back In The International Year Of The Child, 1979 A.D. Which Puts You Exactly 13 Years After June 6, 1966 A.D.

Where Is The Devil Today?_ len He Was Born In The Dakota House, None [Of This Information Changes. He Is Still The I Child That Was Bred To Work The Computers I.B.M. 666, The Master Computer Called I.B.M. 3, Which Is The Beast, And He Is Responsible All The Wars And You've Seen The State World Has Been In Since 1966 A.D.

The Beast In Belgium

84 85

Where Is The Devil Today?_ He's Called Damian In The Movies. He's Called Adrien In Rosemary's Baby. He Has Many Names And Definitely He Has His Powers, He Has His Psychic Powers, He's In Tune With Those Hindu Elohim (The Avataras),

Where Is The Devil Today?_ Up Their Religion. They Were All Pursuing Him, To Set Their Circle Around Him And They Knew That Two Were Here. So They Came Again In The 70's Trying To Catch Up With What We Were Doing, But Then The Government In The United States Could Not Deal With Their Extremeness, Like The Hari Krishna. So Then They Started Suppressing Them, Because It Was Too Far Removed From Southern Baptist Christianity; So They Pushed Them Out Of Here. He's Still In Power Still Working Out Of Germany. Germany Was The Place That They Set Him Up Purposely, Because All The Money Comes Through Germany. That's The Swiss Bank Account, As They Call It. That Means Anybody Can Put Money In Germany And They Do Not Check Their Record Or How Much They Had. They Can Refer Funds To Any Government; So Then They Set Up This Thing In New York City Way Back In 1979 A. D. They Had King Tut On Tour Around The World, Then They Built A Special Building That's In Central Park Right Next To Cleopatra's Needle, Which Is The Main Gate Of

Damien At 13 (From The Movie) And If You Notice Right After 1966 A. D. The Country Filled Up With Swamies, Yogies, Phoebe Pipettes, And A Whole Bunch Of Hindus Came To This Country To Try To Set

Where Is The Devil Today?_ Central Park Leads To The Dakota House On 72 Street. Europeans Came From All Over The World Right To Central Park. That's Where They Met The Kid, And They Called It King Tut.

Where Is The Devil Today?_ tie Reason Why They Call It King Tut Is Because King Tut Caught A Disease At 13 And Died At 19 Years Old, And The High Priest And Them Where Up Against Him, Trying To Stop Him Because He (Tut Ankhaton Or King Tut) Was An Anti-Christ Of His Day In Ancient Egypt And They Were Trying To Eliminate Him. They Succeeded In Killing Him By Way Of A Disease. This One Here Was Born Protected, By Paul The Six Which Is (P) Pope Paul, The Six, 666,

King Tut Ankhaton

Pope Paul VI

Where Is The Devil Today?'_ l i e Protected Them And Got Them Into The Power, Like I Said He Was In That House That John Lennon Was Assassinated In On 72nd Street In Manhattan, Right Across The Street From Central Park, And Straight From It You Will See Cleopatra's Needle Standing There Just Go Visit It. That's The Same House That Lon Chaney And Bellalogosi And All Those People Who Played Dracular And Frankenstein In The Old Days Lived, Do A Research, You'll Find That All Of Them Lived In There.

Where Is The Devil Today?_ I Wrote An Article On The Media Years Ago Called "The Media", And I Also Wrote One On Music And The Devil. It Talks About Those Things, And It Breaks It All Down. Same Information Still Applies He's The Man, He's In Power And He's Responsible For A Link, He Does Have Links With The Extraterrestrials, The Negative ElohlElS. This Is Why Everybody Is Bowing To The U.S.A., Because The U.S.A. Are The Ones, I Told You Years Ago That The Extraterrestrials Chose Them, Those Vulkans, Or Maldekians. They Are Working With Them They Gave Them The Stealth, And They Gave Them The Hovercraft. I Told You All, Two Years Ago When The War Was Breaking Out Between Iraq And America That, Now Israel Will Have To Bow, Because Now That The U.S.A. Has A Taste Of Arab Money, Kuwait Money They Learnt What Real Money Is About. I Said They Are Going To Bow. Now Just Last Year Israel Signed The Pack, Then They Backed Up. I Also Mentioned Then That Yasir Arafat Had A Plane Crash, And He's The Only One That They Pulled Out On A

The Dakota House


Where Is The Devil Today?, Stretcher. It Was On Television And I Said That's The End Of Yasir Arafat's P.L.O. Ideas, Because When They Get Him Into The Hospital There's Going To Be A Lobotomy Done On Him And He's Going To Be A Different Man.

Where Is The Devil Today?, I Money That The Arab World Has Now Invested And Bandar Himself, And You A l l Know Who Bandar Is, That Black Arab Was There. I Ic Was There From The Wahhabi Sect, He's The Head Of The Wahhabi Sect And He Goes All The Way Back To The God Rahmaan Of Ancient Riyaad His Name Is Bandar, He Was There, He Embraced The Prime Minister Of Israel And He Embraced Yasir Arafat And Remember He Lives In The U.S. Now Bandar, That's The Black Saudi Arabian That You See In Our Book 360 Questions To Ask A Sunni Muslim Edition #198, And He Represents Saudi Arabia For Them. It's All About The Money, It's All About Industry, They All Have Come Together With The Extraterrestrials, The Negative Ones, And Are Controlling The World Now. Our Man President Bill Clinton Is Strictly Business, Nothing Else, That's His Soul Concern, I Told You All That. Then I Said George Bush Is A Warrior, And Clinton Is A Businessman, How Do You Know That Clinton Is A Businessman?

Yasir Arafat Yasir Arafat Stood Up On A Stage In Washington, D.C. And Shook The Hand Of The Prime Minister Of Israel, Something That They Vowed That They Would Never Do. Israel Was Forced To Bow Because Of The Power And



Where Is The Devil Today?, Because Only Businessmen Came Out To Battle Him, Like Ross Perot.

Where Ts The Devil Today? There's Going To Be More Lay-Oils, And MoreJob Losses Than You've Seen In Tlu- I tit I Years Around The Coming In OH he N r u YIMI Get Ready For It. He's Already M;m;ijril To < ui Off Welfare Beginning In January I <) ( M A I > Question: The Ships That Are Recorded, To Be Concentrated In Belgium, Are They Disagreeable, Or Are They There To Protect Him? Answer: Yes, They Are There To Protect Him, They Are On His Side. We Have Our Ships Looking Out For Us, They Are In Tune With You. That's That Buzz You Have In Your Head. When They Buzz That's When They Are Homing In On You, Tuning In On You, When You Hear That Buzz, That's Like Ok That's One Of Them, They're Keeping Check On You. Sometimes If They Are Too Close, It Causes You To Have A Headache Right On The Left Side Of Your Face Pass Your Nose Going Straight Up Your Eye, It Aches Right There. That's Because There Are Nerves Up In There, When They Get Too Close They'll Give You

George Bush If It Was Strictly About Politics, Ross Perot Wouldn't Have Been Involved. Because Ross Perot Doesn't Care Anything About Politics, He Cares About Industry And Money. And Because Clinton Is A Business Man, This Country Around January Is Going To Go Into It's First Stage Of Depression, Be Prepared For It. We Will Survive It Because We Always Do, But The Country Is Going To Drop Into A Depression,

_Where Is The Devil Today?_ That Which You Think Is A Sinus Headache And It Usually Lasts A Miserable Day And Then It's Gone. That Means That The Ship Was Too Close. That's Because They Focus Machinery On You And They Are Doing A Scan On Your Body Making Sure There Are No Alien Diseases - Keeping A Check On Their Children. And If You Have Contracted A Disease They Just Cut Off Your Connection. If You're Out There And Contract A.I.D.S., They'll Just Cut You Off. A Fleet Of Elohim Will Be Passing Through Earth's Atmosphere In Or Around The Year 2,000 On 2,880 Spacecrafts, Able To Board 50 Beings Each, Coming Out Of The Mothership, Called The Crystal City, To Reclaim Their Children Which Are Only 144,000, Who Are Spiritually And Physically Ready. If You Keep And Build Your Faith, Your Contact Will Be Re-Linked . Therefore The Devil Could Be Anywhere, In Anything, Or In Anybody. Any One Who Disrupts Peace, By Your Definition, Is The Devil. THE BEGINNING 96

JilC Has Touched Many Hear is And I I is Changed Many Lives For The Better. HeHas Given You A Better Overstanding Since 1970 A.D. , And For Those Who Ask, And Want To Do Something For Him. "How Can I..."

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