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All About Choices

Ron Lalla, CMO, Rexall Drugs

Crystal Clean from the Sea

Major health organizations around the world agree that Omega-3 essential fatty acids are very important for your overall good health. Because it isnt always easy to get enough Omega-3 in our diet, a superior quality Omega-3 supplement is essential. MEG-3 fish oils from webber naturals provide your customers with a natural source that is nutritious, pure, and safe.

Cardio | Healthy Heart

Provides maximum health benef its to the cardiovascular system. Supports circulation with its blood thinning properties and has an anti- inf lammatory effect on the lining of the coronary arteries. | One softgel delivers 200 mg EPA, 100 mg DHA and 265 mg ALA.

Pharmaceutical Grade MEG-3 sh oils are Molecularly Distilled and Ultra Puried, exceeding government standards for safety.
MEG-3 is a safe and pure product from naturally sourced ocean sh (anchovy, sardine, and mackerel). It is produced by a unique patented process, ensuring crystal clean sh oil, free of contaminants. MEG-3 is among the safest sources of Omega-3 available on the market today.



Enteric | No Fish Burps!

This enteric coated, high potency formula lowers triglyceride levels and promotes cardiovascular health. Canadian processed and super concentrated. | One softgel delivers 400 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA. Enteric coated to eliminate heartburn or reux.

enteric coated softgels


We have an Omega-3 essentially for YOU.

Omega-3s are benecial for cardio, mental, visual, nervous system, and overall health. With Omega-3 ESSENTIALS you can target any or all of these areas. Omega-3 ESSENTIALS make it easy for your customers to include Omega-3 as part of a healthy lifestyle and are guaranteed to meet label claims for strength, purity, and quality.

SuperVision | Eye Health



Specially formulated for eye health, with bioavonoids and antioxidants for nutritional support of the macula, retina, and lens. Lutein helps lter out damaging blue light while DHA supports healthy cell membranes. | Two softgels daily deliver 10 mg Lutein and 200 mg DHA.

Triple Strength | One Per Day

Convenient One Per Day formula for cardiovascular health and brain function ideal for people with high blood pressure, high triglyceride levels, risk of coronary artery disease, and those struggling with cognitive decline. | One softgel delivers 600 mg EPA and 300 mg DHA. Enteric coated to eliminate heartburn or reux.

Emotions | Mood Support


enteric coated softgels


Essential fatty acids can improve mood and support central nervous system function. EPA in particular has a powerful effect on stabilizing mood and emotions. This product provides a high EPA to DHA ratio to support improved mood and emotional well-being. | One softgel delivers 500 mg EPA and 70 mg DHA.



Women | Balanced for Women
A balanced blend of essential fatty acids from Fish, Flax, and Evening Primrose Oil for the unique nutritional needs of women. Can help support circulation, cardio, and mental health, relieve PMS and menopause symptoms, and nourish hair, skin, and nails. | One softgel delivers 200 mg EPA, 100 mg DHA, 130 mg ALA and 25 mg GLA (Omega-6).




KIDS | Kid Sized!

Perfect for growing children, this product provides a balanced blend of EPA and DHA to support brain activity and retinal development. These softgels are naturally orange flavoured and very small, so children can swallow them. | One softgel delivers 100 mg EPA and 50 mg DHA.

The BEST Omega-3 You Ever Tasted !

avoured softgels


Premium | Super Concentrate

This high potency formula lowers triglyceride levels and promotes cardiovascular health. Canadian processed and super concentrated. | One softgel delivers 400 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA. DHA

Liquid | Super Concentrate with A + D

Get your Omega-3 in liquid form with the added benets of Vitamins A + D. Perfect for anyone who is seeking higher concentrations of sh oil, or for those who dont like swallowing pills. Natural orange avour. | One serving delivers 980 mg EPA and 545 mg DHA.

369 Plus | Balanced for Overall Health

This balanced ratio of Essential Fatty Acids can help address eczema and dull hair, relieve digestive disorders, support brain function and development, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and improve blood pressure. | One softgel delivers 400 mg each of Flaxseed, Borage and Fish Oils (120 EPA, 80 DHA).



Want more information about webber naturals products?

1-800-430-7898 |

700 mg of Omega-3 PLUS 100% of your daily requirements of Vitamins D and A in every delicious spoonful!

Herbals and supplements from webber naturals are advertised on national television, major market radio, in consumer magazines, and daily newspapers.

For details, write #101 on Free Info Page, page 73.



Stock your Shelves with Canadas #1 Selling *

Tea Tree Oil from Holista

Tea Tree Oil is a top-seller for the consumer natural health medicine cabinet. Its antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties make it the ultimate product for convenient family rst aid, health, and beauty!

Potent Tea Tree Oil

Natures First Aid in a Bottle!
A potent antiseptic and germicide that can be applied to minor cuts, abrasions, acne, stings, and more. The convenient spray is perfect for freshening hands or feet, or for gently treating minor cuts, scrapes or infected areas.

Skin Health
Protect, Soothe, and Moisturize Skin
Natural antibacterial action without the negative side effects such as dryness, redness or peeling. These fresh scented lotions can be used as daily moisturizers or to help relieve acne and fungal skin infections.

Scalp & Foot Health

Combat Head Lice, Dandruff and Athletes Foot
An effective natural alternative to potentially toxic chemical lice treatments. Topical use of Tea Tree Oil can relieve athletes foot symptoms, including inammation, itching and burning.

Call today and ask about adding our NEW Tea Tree Hand & Body Lotion and Tea Tree Spray to your shelves! 1.800.204.4372

* Nielsen MarketTrack, National All Channels, 52 Weeks Ending June 5, 2010

For details, write #102 on Free Info Page, page 73.

New! Tea Tree Spray

New! Hand & Body Lotion

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Volume 11 Issue 2

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Olivier Felicio

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editorial board
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Andrew Betts Category Manager, Natural Foods Thrifty Foods

Sanjiv Jagota President Natures Source

Gilles Houde President and COO GNC Canada

Olivier Felicio President Rive Gauche Media

Aaron Skelton, BSc (NNS) Sr. Category Manager Health Food Natural Value, Soins Naturels, Loblaw Companies Ltd.

John Gibbins Publisher Integrated Health Retailer

IHR february 2011

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Your Customers Can Stay Healthy

Stop colds and flu from attacking the immune system! It really works!
By actively preparing the immune systems white blood cells to destroy bacteria and viruses quickly, these SISU products provide a simple, natural way to build immune health in just one convenient capsule a day. Here are just a few of the many testimonials we have received. SISUs HealthmuneTM, ColdmuneTM, and StressmuneTM feature the patented ingredient Wellmune WGP. Wellmune WGP has been the subject of numerous clinical human studies and the results are clear.


Improves overall immune health and well-being Healthmune has been a great addition to our family. With the bitter cold of winter, we were coughing and sneezing a lot. I decided to try this product and it has worked wonders. I feel I have protected my family from sickness. Kristine H. Reduces fatigue, and improves energy and mood during periods of physical or mental stress Stressmune has been a great help to our family over the winter. We live a busy life and have some health problems, but Stressmune has helped us sail through without the usual winter health concerns. Janet M.

StressmuneTM with Rhodiola

ColdmuneTM with Ester-C

Reduces the occurrence and severity of colds and helps prevent respiratory infections Coldmune has given me a cold free winter so far. My husband had a bad headcold that lasted nearly three weeks. I was scared that I would catch it. I faithfully took Coldmune every day and never got sick! No cold for me this winter! Shirley H.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ask your Account Manager about listing these products and how to order the FREE book Natural Defences by Dr. Paul Clayton to offer your customers as a gift with purchase.
Wellmune WGP is a registered trademark of Biothera.
Wellmune WGP is aregistered trademark of Biothera.

FREE! 1.800.663.4163

Retailers Enter to Win!

Share Your SISU Story with us for a chance to win a $750 iPad. Visit for complete details.

For details, write #105 on Free Info Page, page 73.


Ken Vannucci is a Merchandise Manager for London Drugs responsible for OTC, NHP, Vitamins, baby and Grocery. Ken has a passion for retail, has been in retail with London Drugs since he graduated from ubC in 1989 with a bachelor of Commerce specializing in marketing. He has a keen interest in product and package development and the marketing of products with the emphasis on consumer-packaged goods. Ken is from Trail, b.C and is married with two sons.

aaron Skelton is the Senior Category Manager for Health Food with Canadas largest grocery retailer, Loblaw, based in Mississauga. He is responsible for vitamins, NHP, diet, sports nutrition, health and beauty in the Natural Value Department. aaron started his retail career with Loblaw working in the Natural Value department, moving on to be Operational Specialist and then to his current position. He holds a degree in Nutrition and Nutraceutical Science from the university of Guelph and his passion for fitness and life is instrumental to his recognition as a leader in the natural health industry. He is on the Editorial board of IHr and is now sharing his passion for this industry by contributing articles to IHr. He and his wife live in Pickering, Ont.

ron Garant, a Toronto native, resided and contributed to several music magazines in California and New york before returning home recently. He has written cover stories with artists such as american Idols randy Jackson, and covered countless product reviews, news and profiles. During his music career, ron won a Juno award for best Childrens album.

Julie broadbent has had a lifelong passion for photography and starting shooting while attending Journalism school. With summer internships being hard to find, she became a nanny and started creating daily photo stories of the childrens every move, so that their working parents wouldnt miss a step. Originally focusing on childrens portraiture; the company is now four photographers specializing in lifestyle photography.


If you are a regular reader of IHr you probably have noticed that I am not Olivier. I am the new publisher of IHR. I would like to say that I am replacing Olivier but I do not think that is possible. Olivier founded IHR and and in doing so created a magazine that has offered retailers and suppliers a vehicle to better understand our industry. An industry that has become closer as consumers seek a healthier life style. Olivier has a quality that is hard to resist, passion for retail, passion for success. I would like to think that I also have passion. I have been in the health retail business for 40 years. I still get up in the morning looking forward to going to work. My goal is to provide you with a magazine that you look forward to receiving and after reading have a much better understanding of what is happening in our industry. What products are hot so you can capitalize on the start of the curve not at the top. The latest breaking health news . Merchandising trends. Market data. So I will be working with Olivier and our Rive Gauche team to bring to you the most informative retailer magazine that our passion can provide.


IHR FEbruary 2011

For details, write #127 on Free Info Page, page 73.

Contrary to the beliefs of many, head lice infestations do not reflect poor hygiene or lack of cleanliness, but rather social and play habits. unfortunately, it spreads rapidly from head to head and requires persistence to eradicate. The Tea Tree Oil and Tea Tree Oil Shampoo included in Holistas Head Lice Kit provide an effective, natural alternative to chemical treatments that prevent and kill head lice infestations.

The first 100 retailers to FAX us at 1-888-849-0155 will get these goods for FREE

Coldbuster' is a fast-acting formula that delivers a powerful dose of vitamin C, zinc, vitamin b6 and vitamin b12 in just ONe convenient 60mL liquid shot. Coldbuster is just right for people on the go. The handy 60mL bottle is lightweight and tough - a perfect fit for pockets, purses or packs, without fear of spills. Keep your good health at your fingertips!


The u-be Proteinberry Chewz combine 100% New Zealand Whey Isolate with a Super Fruit blend of pomegranates, blueberries and more. With ZerO artificial ingredients, sweeteners, or preservatives, each chew is 100% natural, gluten free and has just 20 calories. each 7g chew provides 2g protein, and 2g carbs. and yes, The Taste is Out of This World!

Get me these goods! Fill out the form below clearly and completely.
Name: Store: Address: City: Province: Phone: Fax: Email: Postal Code:


IHR February 2011



Quash 100% Natural Hand Sanitizer

Quash is a 100% natural hand sanitizer spray with a patented* formulation of ingredients, lab-proven to kill the toughest of germs & viruses without the need for soap or water. Made from only 100% natural ingredients, and powered with the miracle ingredient Manuka honey, Quash is truly a revolutionary product. Quash contains no harsh chemicals or alcohol that can dry and crack your skin.
Quash is now available in Canada exclusively through Purity Life Health Products. For more information visit Quash online at

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

For details, write #106 on Free Info Page, page 73.

sku review

1. eSterC 600 mg, eaSy SWaLLoW

600 mg | 75 capsules 24 Hour Immune Support better absorption Stomach friendly EsterC is a unique and patented form of Vitamin C, valued for its nonacidic, stomachfriendly nature. because esterC is pHneutral and buffered with calcium, it is the number one choice for people with sensitive stomachs. Now available in an easy-to-swallow, easy-to-digest 600 mg capsule. for more information, write 130 on the free Info Card on page 73.


2. DermaSiLK anti-WrinKLe
anti-wrinkle supplement fights wrinkle formation at the important intracellular level. New DermaSilk anti-wrinkle works to counteract the damage from oxidation, sunlight, uV light and smoking. Clinically proven to increase facial skins firmness, hydration, elasticity, and density; promote collagen production; and reduce age spots. Check out the entire DermaSilk line of products to promote beautiful, health skin! for more information, write 132 on the free Info Card on page 73.


3. HoLiSta WeigHt LoSS Kit

attention, New years resolutions!! use the Holista Weight Loss Kit to help you reach your weight loss goals safely and effectively. Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant and helps to increase fat and calorie metabolism. CLa is a natural fatty acid that helps promote the loss of body fat. for more information, write 133 on the free Info Card on page 73.


4. Vitamin D3, LiquiD anD SoftgeLS

Vitamin D3 from webber naturals helps the body incorporate calcium into the bones, boosting bone mineral density. Vitamin Drelated bone thinning is common among the elderly, those with dark skin, people dont go outside often, or who wear clothing covering most of their skin. research suggests higher doses of vitamin D may also provide protection against certain cancers. Vitamin D3 Liquid offers fast absorption and dose flexibility; Vitamin D3 softgels provide a high potency option in an easy-to-swallow softgel format. for more information, write 134 on the free Info Card on page 73.

5. muLtiSure eaSy SWaLLoW CapSuLeS

MultiSure for Women from Webber Naturals provides antioxidant protection for the maintenance of good health. also included: calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3 (in respected ratios). Iron and folic acid are at optimal levels since young and middle aged women may be prone to low levels at this time of life, possibly leading to deficiency. for more information, write 135 on the free Info Card on page 73.



IHR february 2011

For Details, write #107 on Free Info Page, page 73

sku review
1. 1. Life Science nutrition
In 2009, Life Science Nutritionals Partnered with the National basketball association and their Nbafit program to create Nba allStar Gummies. Life Science Nutritionals is pleased to partner with Nba since both companies share a passion for creating awareness for the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Nba all-Star gummies are great tasting SuGar-free childrens gummies. They do not contain any artificial flavors or colors, nor do they contain any high fructose corn syrup or aspartame. Nba aLL -STar Multi-vitamin gummies provide 9 essential vitamins to help support an active lifestyle. They were designed to help keep your kids healthy and active by provided vitamins that are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of active children. Nba aLL -STar Vitamin D gummies help prevent Vitamin D deficiency. each gummy contains 400 Iu of vitamin D. available at True North Nutrition. 1-800-261 4223 for more information, write 136 on the free Info Card on page 73.


2. HoLiSta Body cLean detox kit

Need a post-holiday detox? use the Holista body Clean Detox Kit to do so! Clear Digest and Milk Thistle help eliminate toxins from the liver and bowels, to improve overall health and digestion. for more information, write 137 on the free Info Card on page 73.


3. WeBBer naturaLS Vitamin d3 Liquid

Liquid Vitamin D3 delivers fast absorption and dose flexibility! Vitamin D helps the body incorporate calcium into the bones, boosting bone mineral density. research suggests higher doses of vitamin D may also provide protection against certain cancers. for more information, write 138 on the free Info Card on page 73.

4. PGX DAILY New FormAts

Reduces Appetite Great with ALL Weight Management Programs Lowers the Glycemic Index and Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Reduces Elevated Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels PGX DAILY ON-THE-GO from webber naturals- Now you can take your PGX everywhere you go! Portable 3-softgel packets are ideal for purse or pocket. easy to take along when youre traveling or eating on the go. PGX DAILY SINGLES from webber naturals- Conveniently packaged in single-serving (2.5 g) sticks PGX granules can be quickly , dissolved in a beverage or sprinkled on food. This is a great format for anyone who doesnt like to swallow capsules. for more information, write 139 on the free Info Card on page 73.



5. ironkidS caLcium gummieS

Since 2006 Life Science Nutritionals Inc and the World Triathlon Corporation have been partners in the development of Ironkids nutritional gummy products for kids. IronKids great tasting calcium gummies help children build strong bones by providing as much calcium as one full glass of milk. Ironkids calcium gummies also provide 100% of your childs daily recommended intake for Vitamin D. a. for more information, write 140 on the free Info Card on page 73.


IHR february 2011



Canadas leading cooperative for independent health & wellness retailers.

We o er services to keep your store competitive and independent


Marketing Buying Exclusive Private Label Networking Opportunities

You decide whats right for your store: Opt in or opt out of all programs at your discretion.

1(888)333-6353 ext 222

To learn more contactDave Freeman, CEO

For details, write #108 on Free Info Page, page 73.

YOU own an independent health food store or organic grocery.

sku review
1. 1. Iron KIds omegas for smart KIds
Since 2006 Life Science Nutritionals Inc and the World Triathlon Corporation have been partners in the development of Ironkids nutritional gummy products for kids. This partnership developed out of a shared desire to create a trusted brand of childrens nutritional products that exhibits a strong commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle. Ironkids gummies contain all natural flavors, colors and sweeteners, helping parents provide great tasting and guilt-free nutrition for their active children. IronKids Multi-vitamin gummies were designed to help keep your kids healthy and active by provided vitamins that are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of active children. IronKids Omega-3 gummies support the development of your childs learning skills by supplying over 100 mg of fish oils per serving. available at True North Nutrion. 1-8000261-4223 for more information, write 141 on the free Info Card on page 73.


2. delapoIntes sHea Butter

feel this wonderful, high-quality pure shea butter from Delapointe. Delapointe is the first importer of fair Trade certified and certified organic shea butter in Canada. Pure and 100% natural, shea butter can provide relief from dry skin to many minor dermatological diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. use it on your lips and skin to battle the harsh winter climate! for more information, write 142 on the free Info Card on page 73.


3. HolIsta VItamIn d
Vitamin D helps the body incorporate calcium into the bones, boosting bone mineral density. The winter season inhibits the bodys ability to produce optimal levels of vitamin D, making vitamin D3 supplementation even more necessary to ensure your body receives an adequate supply. for more information, write 143 on the free Info Card on page 73.

4. ascentas nutrasea+ d 4.
NutraSea+ D is an omega-3 supplement with added vitamin D3. With a balanced ratio of ePa and DHa combined with 1,000 Iu of natural vitamin D3, it is suitable for children, adults and seniors, and is available in an apple-flavour. ascentas green tea antioxidant gives NutraSea+ D a fresh twist. for more information, write 144 on the free Info Card on page 73.

5. organIKas all natural gummIes

Introducing an innovative way of allowing your kids to take their daily supplements with ease. Organikas Vita bears, Omega yummies and Calcium bears have come to their rescue! yes, they look like regular gummies but the similarity ends here. Organikas gummy supplements are packed full of wholesome goodness, for the kids you love! for more information, visit our website at for more information, write 145 on the free Info Card on page 73.



IHR february 2011

Quenching Quince
For details, write #109 on Free Info Page, page 73.

The perfect choice for a dry throat, fiery stomach and longing heart.
Just Juice offers you the opportunity to enjoy the legendary juice of quince, revered by many cultures for centuries. Quince (Cydonia oblonga) also commonly referred to as the golden apple is one of the earliest-known fruits. Believed by some to be the forbidden fruit, eaten by Eve in the Garden of Eden, Quince was also the mythical prize given to Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, in celebration of her astounding beauty. Quince has continued through the ages as a symbol of temptation and love, likely in part due to its incredibly delicious and healthful juice. Although similar to pears and apples in shape and appearance, the unique flavour and fragrance of quince, hinting of pineapple, guava and pear, can reportedly perfume a room or the breath of those that consume it. To this day, Quince juice is recognized by Unani Medical Practitioners as a key component of stomach ulcer therapy. The juice is also recorded as having been used, traditionally, as a mouthwash or gargle to treat mouth ulcers, gum problems and sore throats and was consumed for its digestive and blood lipid lowering properties. Although the quince has been cultivated for thousands of years in Asia, it has largely retained the character of a wild fruit. Just Juice captures the ancient tradition of this juice by using only fruit grown organically in the Caucasus region, where the quince originated.

Just Juice is available exclusively from Puresource. 1-888-313-3369

sku review
1. Aubrey OrgAnics Pure AlOe VerA 1.
for sun-exposed skin, aubrey Organics Pure aloe is made with 98% certified organic ingredients, plus a touch of our natural preservative. Carry a bottle in your beach bag or backpack to soothe and hydrate stressed skin on contact. Keep one in your fridge for a cool pick-me-up. for more information, write 146 on the free Info Card on page 73.


2. Weider dAily FiTness bArs

Daily fitness bars are delicious 100% natural protein and fibre bars; perfect for busy and active lifestyles, and as a natural and healthy support to weight management programs. each 50g bar contains 16g of protein and 7g of fibre, providing a delicious, longlasting and slow-burning snack. Daily fitness bars are glutenfree, vegetarian and suitable for diabetics. for more information, write 147 on the free Info Card on page 73.

3.sciVATiOn WHey cOnTAins HigH QuAliTy WHey PrOTein.

Whey protein is unsurpassed in its ability to provide fast acting protein that is readily absorbed and utilized by your muscles. In addition to a delicious taste, SciVation whey is: Loaded with bCaa and Glutamine to help build lean muscle. Perfect for high protein diets. fast acting- ideal for pre and post workout use. aspartame free.available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry 5 lb at True North Nutrition. 1-800-261-4223. for more information, write 148 on the free Info Card on page 73.


4. PuresOurce 4.
Introducing new Now Lip balms that are completely kissable. These all-natural pomegranate lip balms moisturize and repair dry lips with no petroleum or phthalates, plus are gluten-free! for more information, write 149 on the free Info Card on page 73.

5. FuncTiOnAl FOOd TecHnOlOgies lAuncHes u-be PrOTeinberry cHeWz And smOOTHie in cAnAdA!
The u-be Proteinberry Chewz are unlike any product on the market, a worldwide first! With absolutely nothing artificial, the incredible real fruit taste explodes in your mouth from the very first bite. Made with 100% New Zealand Whey Isolate, and a super fruit blend of pomegranate, blueberries and more, the u-be Proteinberry Chewz are a true super food snack perfect for kids and adults. 2 Chewz=1 fruit Serving and provide an OraC value of 1080! The u-be Proteinberry Smoothie is the perfect way to fortify any fruit drink, smoothie or shake. each 30 gram serving provides 20 grams of pure New Zealand Whey Isolate, 9 grams of u-bes Super fruit blend, and 2 grams of naturally occurring fibre from real fruit. and with absolutely ZerO artificial sweeteners or additives, its safe for all your customers to use, kids and adults alike. u-be has taken natural to a whole new level with exceptional quality, purity, and above all, out of this world great taste. Get a free Sample for your store at all u-be products are available through Purity Life Health Products by calling 800-265-2615. for more information, write 150 on the free Info Card on page 73.



IHR february 2011

Protect the Earth Promote the well-being of people Nourish the Spirit
Our mission is to provide all-natural, safe and effective personal care and lifestyle products to our customers. We offer a true and authentic alternative to many of the massproduced synthetic products on the market today. We craft only the highest quality allnatural products without compromise as to ingredients, packaging or cost. We believe in education and transparency. A customer is best able to make an educated and correct purchasing decision only when armed with true and valued information not marketing fluff and puffery. Part of our core purpose is to provide that information as best as we can.

Lumessence Skin Care

A unique blend of all-natural ingredients and advanced skincare science that helps to minimize signs of aging, for a younger, rejuvenated look.

In better natural product retailers throughout Canada. For more information, call Purity Life at 1-800-265-2615 or Tall Grass Distribution at 1-800-616-5900, or New Age Marketing at 1-888-868-0127.


For details, write #110 on Free Info Page, page 73.

top seller review

The Health basket Dartmouth, NS Store Size: under 1,000 sq. ft Demographics: 25-65 Income: $20,000-$40,000

aliments Naturels fleur Sauvage Montreal, QC Store Size: 1,000 3,000 sq.ft Demographics: 25-40 Income: over $60,000 N/a Soaring Heart Wellness Shelburne, ON Store Size: 1,000-3,000sq.ft. Demographics: 40-65 Income: $40,000-$60,000 Sticklings Organic 7 Grain Homesteader Health foods fort St. John, bC Store Size: 1,000-3,000sq.ft. Demographics: 25-40 Income: $20,000-$40,000 yogurt Liberte Soda blue Sky N/a rising Sun Natural foods berwick, NS Store Size: 1,000-3,000sq.ft. Demographics: 40-65 Income: $40,000-$60,000 Coconut Water Zygo Juices Lakewood N/a Organic fruits Juices W. Newtson N/a Natures essence Health Products Inc richmond, bC Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft Demographics: 25-40 Income: $20,000-$40,000 N/a

Sangsters Health Centre Vineland, ON Store Size: 1,000-3,000sq.ft. Demographics: 40-65 Income: $40,000-$60,000 almond Milk, almond breeze



N/a N/a GinGin Original Ginger People N/a

N/a Organic Tomatoes N/a



Glucosamine acidophilus


N/a N/a




Cal+Vitamin d Jamieson Vitamin d Jamieson Multivitamin Centrum

N/a N/a N/a









N/a Deodrant Toms maine Shampoo earth Science Hand and body lotion Desert essence N/a

face Care Dr. brownier face Care Dr. Hauska face Care Green beaver

face Care Green beaver face Care Now face Care Weleda

Personal Care alba Personal Care Diovanni Personal Care Weleda

Personal Care Dr. bronner Lavendar Moisturizer avalon Organics


N/a N/a




Protein drink Sisu food and drink Vega food and drink Sequel

Protein Powder ISOWhey


Whey Protein Progressive Hemp Protein NOW

N/a N/a

N/a N/a

Protein powder ensure Health drink boost Sugar substitute Twin

Whey Protein Sangsters brand


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N/a Protein Power Matrimonio harvest



Vitamin C Sisu Vitamin b com Natural factors Vitamin b com New roots

Influenzium boiron Mineral Matrix St. francis Vital Greens Naka

Vitamin Supplements SISu Vitamin Supplements Natural factors Vitamin Supplements ascenta

Omega 3 fish Oil Nordic Naturals NutraSea ascenta

Vitamin Natural factors Vitamin flora Vitamin Trophic

Omega 3 Natural factors ultimate flora renew Life Multivitamins Carlson

Calcium+Vitamin d Jamieson Vitamint d Jamieson Multivitamin Centrum

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IHR february 2011

top seller review

Nutters bulk & Natural foods red Deer, ab Store Size: Over 5,000sq.ft. Demographics: 40-65 Income: N/a Honey Cornflakes Natures Path The root Cellar Charlottetown, Pe Store Size: 3,000-5,000sq.ft. Demographics: N/a Income: N/a Ground flax bulk apple Cider Vinegar braggs N/a N/a Mother Natures Health foods blairmore, ab Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft Demographics: 25-40 Income: N/a fruit Juice Goji berry fruit Juice blackberry N/a fruit Juice Cranberry N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a Cal+Vitamin d Jamieson Vitamin d Jamieson Multivitamin Centrum Glucosamine Webber Naturals Jamieson Omega 3 N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a Hunter river Pharmacy Hunter river, Pe Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft Demographics: 40-65 Income: $20,000-$40,000 N/a My Health Pharmacy Winnipeg, Mb Store Size: under 1,000 sq.ft Demographics: 25-40 Income: $40,000-$60,000 N/a Vitamin Store richmond, bC Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft Demographics: 40-65 Income: N/a Pure Health Centre Pharmacy Surrey, bC Store Size: 3,000-5,000sq.ft Demographics: 40-65 Income: N/a N/a Meadowbrook Drug Mart airdrie, ab Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft Demographics: 40-65 Income: N/a N/a


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face Care Derma-e Shampoo avalon rose Mary Tooth Paste Jason

Shampoo Giovanni Hand Soap avalon Personal Care Weleda

Personal Care Derma-e Personal Care Natures Gate Personal Care avery

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The Top selling producTs in the review are from randomly selected retailers. The review is meant to give readers some idea of what consumers are buying most of in these selected stores. participating stores are free of any third-party influence and provide all the information. The information cannot be seen as a statistical survey or taken to reflect top-selling products on a national, regional or local level. *demographics: store owners estimated primary demographic

february 2011 IHR


industry news
Health First Network AGM Report
The bata Shoe Museum in Toronto served as a fun backdrop for part of Health first Networks (HfN) annual general meeting last month. HfN is Canadas leading buying and marketing group for independent natural health product retailers, with membership currently at 115 stores across the country. each year in November HfN convenes for its annual general meeting. This years location was Toronto. During the aGM HfN hosted a thank-you dinner at the bata Shoe Museum for its vendor partners. 1 The aGM lasted two and a half days and featured a broad range of planning, education and networking. HfN staff lead by CeO Dave freeman outlined 2011 plans including a refreshed branding launch and a new e-marketing program for HfN Members. Guest speakers included evan Hackel of Ingage Consulting of Woburn, Massachusetts, a buying group expert, and Carl Carter, the CHfas Director of regulatory affairs. Carl provided an update on the NHP regulations and timelines, and a primer on the responsibilities of retailers and vendors over the coming months. The aGM also included a half-day of smaller group networking sessions on all kinds of subjects selected beforehand by HfN Members, including e-marketing, staff retention techniques, staff compensation strategies, and lease renewal tactics. The sessions were led by a mix of HfN Members, vendors and outside experts. HfN board Chair Tim MacMillan was pleased with the aGM stating This was another outstanding meeting for our great Network. Our demonstrated unity and common purpose gives us much optimism going into 2011.

1. Bill Gall, Burlington Health Foods, Burlington, ON; Don Smith, Foodsmiths, Perth, ON; Katerine Murphy, Sun Spun, Truro, NS 2. Annette McDermot, Healing Waters, High Prairie, AB; Dave Freeman, CEO Health First Network 3. Don Smith, Foodsmiths, Perth, ON; Jennifer Grant, Harmony Whole Foods, Orangeville, On; Lawrence Titcher, Noahs, Toronto, On; Julien Lepourte, La Rosalie, Quebec City, QC 4. Janet Hradil, Genuine Health; Lou Liberator, The Healthy Bug, Halifax, NS; Michelle McKay, Genuine Health. 5. Brent Palmer, Marketing Manager, Health First Network; Shelly Hutcheson, Category Manager, Health First Network; Jason Gloster, Horns of Plenty, Dundas, ON


IHR february 2011

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Walmart Shares Digital Marketing Results
As part of its 100th Anniversary BIG Show (January 9-12, 2011 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City), the National Retail Federation includes the breakout session In-store Digital Marketing at Walmart: Case Studies from 2010. Topics include how in-store digital marketing delivers results for Walmart and top CPG manufacturers, and the session will address three digital campaigns: Campaign Optimization, Mobile integration and Dynamic content. Also revealed for the rst time publicly are actual sales gains from optimization and technology that re-targets campaigns in-ight to maximize sales. effects in the gut, including an ability to prevent the growth of pathogenic organisms, and most currently accepted prebiotics do not elicit changes in lactobacilli, wrote Dr. Spencer and his co-workers. The increased growth of bi dobacteria has been strongly associated with positive effects in the large intestine through the ability of the bidobacteria to inhibit the growth of pathogens, drive the synthesis of certain vitamins (e.g. vitamin B-9), and reduce plasma cholesterol concentrations, they added. Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2011, Volume 93, Pages 62-72; doi:10.3945/ ajcn.110.000075

Atrium Innovations Inc. Acquires Seroyal International

Ontario-based Seroyal, with brands Genestra, Unda and Pharmax, was purchased by Quebec City-based Atrium on December 31, 2010 for the total cash consideration of US$110 million. Seroyal also owns CoreLab, a health food store brand sold in the U.S., and is well known for its Continuing Education Program via stand-alone seminars and teleconferences supported by internationally recognized practitioners and educators. Seroyal is one of the largest acquisitions in our short history. It will allow Atrium to surpass the important milestone of US$100 million in EBITDA. said Pierre Fitzgibbon, President and CEO of Atrium. [Atrium] has experience leveraging product innovations successfully among HCP brands, e.g. between the Douglas Lab brand and the Pure Encapsulations brand operating in the same health care professional channels at the same time. There are certainly opportunities, especially in key categories of probiotics and sh oils, where Seroyal had some leading products, to integrate either product or the technology used to generate those products to differentiate and create product that will work in the Pure and Douglas lines. Vice versa, we can go the other direction as well; we have some licensing opportunities at Atrium that werent available to Seroyal for product development as well as some manufacturing capabilities and formats that were not previously available that will be introduced. [We have] a go-to market strategy where we have a strong continuing educational program at Seroyal, a strong technical catalogue at Pure and a strong sales force at Douglas, and all of that can be leveraged. Regarding the reason for the sale of Seroyal, Fitzgibbon commented, They were owned by a private equity rm called BRS (Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co.) and have done quite well with it, so as you would expect from a private equity the longevity of the funds (I think they owned the assets since 2004) it was a typical closure of the funds. A competitive bidding situation was avoided because, Atrium had been working with BRS for quite some time and the certainty of a transaction and the impact on management was a key, and BRS felt good that Atrium could come through with a closure, which we did in a time-effective manner. While most of Atriums acquisitions have been in the U.S. or Europe, The key was always to acquire quality brands and I see the North American market as a pretty homogenous market, Fitzgibbon stated.

New Study Indicates Prebiotic Potential in Cocoa Flavanols

A recent study led by the University of Readings Jeremy Spencer, PhD, and sponsored by Mars, showed a signicant increase in gut levels of bidobacterial and lactobacilli populations as a result of the highcocoa phase of a randomized, double-blind, crossover, controlled intervention study. Participants were assigned to consume a beverage containing 23 (low) or 494 (high) milligrams of cocoa avanols per day. The changes in the lactobacilli numbers were associated with reductions in levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of inammation and linked to heart health. The increase in the growth of Lactobacillus spp. in response to cocoa avanols is of note because this bacterial group is associated with benecial

Beetroot Juice Study Indicates Reduced O2 Cost of Sub-maximal Exercise

A placebo-controlled study conducted at Exeter University in England has shown that dietary supplementation with beetroot juice (BR) reduces resting blood pressure and the O2 cost of sub-maximal exercise, as well as increasing tolerance to high-intensity cycling. The hypothesis that the physiological effects of BR were consequent to its high nitrate content, per se, was tested, and not to the presence of other potentially bioactive compounds. In contrast, relative to control, nitratedepleted beetroot juice (PL) did not alter plasma [nitrite], blood pressure or the physiological responses to exercise. These results indicate that the positive effects of six days of BR supplementation on the physiological responses to exercise can be ascribed to the high nitrate content per se.



ric St-Pierre

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industry news
Walmart Looks to Invest in India
Already the worlds largest company in sales, Walmarts CEO Michael Duke is optimistic that Indias government will allow overseas companies to invest in the worlds most populous nations retail industry. According to a report by U.S. consulting group AT Kearney, India is the third most attractive retail market for global retailers among the thirty largest emerging markets, following China and Kuwait. later in life. Over the seven months of the study, it was observed that infants fed a protein hydrolysate formula gained weight at a slower rate than infants fed cow milk formula even though they both contained the same caloric content. According to the study, Recent evidence suggests that, relative to intact proteins, hydrolyzed proteins are absorbed and metabolized in a way that promotes greater satiation One of the reasons the protein hydrolysate infants had similar growth patterns to breast-fed infants, who are the gold standard, is that they consumed less formula during a feed as compared to infants fed cows milk formula said Mennella. The next question to ask is: Why do infants on cows milk formula overfeed? The longer-term effects of hydrolyzed protein diets, which are relatively new in the human food supply, also need to be investigated the team added.

Soyaworld Name Change

As of February 1, 2011, the company Soyaworld Inc. will be now known as Earths Own Food Company Inc. The change is a reection of the companys product expansion and the healthy options it now offers beyond soy. The company plans to build on Soyaworlds market leadership in the dairy alternative and organic beverage market. It will continue to produce the popular Ryza whole-grain rice beverage, the Almond Fresh products, and the soy beverage lines. Earths Own will help consumers take ownership of their health, through a full range of delicious and nutritious products, said Maheb Nathoo, president and CEO of Earths Own Food Company. The name change supports the companys evolution and paves the way for future product innovation in the health and wellness arena.

Kiss My Face Receives Growth Capital Investment

Los Angles-based Caltius Equity Partners, in partnership with investors Lisa Yarnell and Ron Gordon (who will serve as CEO and non-executive Chairman of the Board respectively for KMF) has made an undisclosed amount of capital investment in the personal care company Kiss My Face, and anticipate growth and continued success for the New York-based company. Steve (Byckiewicz VP) and I are really excited about the potential and possibilities for this next phase of Kiss My Face President Bob MacLeod stated. Our brand awareness is so oversized, if you will, and the goal is to bring our sales up to the brand awareness level. According to a commissioned study, we were the third best-known natural brand in America. Number one and two are many times our volume in sales, and were far ahead of other brands that are larger than us, so wed really like to translate that into larger sales. MacLeod also indicated that he and Steve would be less involved in the day-to-day operations and that they would be focusing on the creative side of the business. Lisa Yarnells experience includes previous senior roles at Jane & Company, Coty, Inc., Colgate-Palmolive and LOreal, while Ron Gordon was CEO of Beiersdorf North America and past President and COO of Nice-Pak Products, Inc. The Kiss My Face brand is sold through premier natural, mass, grocery, online and specialty retailers including Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, Target, Meijers, Wegmans, Fred Meyer, Stop n Shop and Kiss My Face enjoys signicant unaided brand awareness given its limited distribution and is well positioned to unlock tremendous potential for retailers who want to grow and develop natural product segments in their stores, [and] is well positioned for continued success said Yarnell.

Canadian Omega-3 Provider Strikes Agreement with Asias Wilmar International

Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd., supplier of MEG-3 brand Omega-3 EPA/DHA, has announced a long-term strategic agreement with Singapore-based Wilmar. The collaboration has resulted in the launch of Wilmars new Arawana 3A+ cooking oil containing MEG-3 sh oil, which will assist Chinese consumers in meeting the United States Institute of Medicines recommended intake of EPA/DHA levels.

Beiersdorfs Juvena and Marlies Mller Brands Sold to Troll Cosmetics

Citing a focus on skin care, Germany-based Beiersdorfs Consumer Business strategy will concentrate on a small number of global products such as Nivea, Eucerin and La Prairie, each of which has critical mass or global distribution potential, whereas Juvena and Marlies Mller are predominantly sold in Europe. The sale of the two brands to Troll Cosmetics formed part of Beiersdorfs realignment, as well as aiding Austria-based Trolls expansion in the European market.

Infants Rate of Weight Gain May Be Affected by Formula Composition

A study led by Dr. Julie Mennella, a developmental psychobiologist at the Monell Chemical Senses Centre in Philadelphia, Penn., suggests that the protein composition of infant formulas may have implications for the risk of developing obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases



aztec Super food

I N T R O D U C I N G ChIa SeeD
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Known as the running food, the Chia seeds use as a high energy, endurance food has been recorded as far back as the ancient Aztecs. The name Chia is derived from the Aztec word, chian, meaning oily. The oil from Chia seeds is one of the richest sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Transform Your Recipes Adding Benexia to your food can give it an excellent nutritional profile without compromising the taste. Benexia incorporates easily into a variety of foods, including baked goods, snacks, bars and drink mixes. Other features, include: The only GMP, HACCP and GAP certified source for highest purity and quality. Exceptional source of Omega-3, fiber, protein, calcium, vitamins and other minerals. Higher ORAC value than fresh blueberries. Available in bulk seed, sprouted seed, milled seed, flour and oil. Inventories warehoused locally. Now available from

in Bulk Oil and Water-Soluble, Neutral-Tasting Powder.


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industry news
Kathleen Dills named Publisher of Viva at Rive Gauche Media
Coming to Viva at Rive Gauche Media is full circle for Kathleen Dills, who grew up in the family business of Dills Printing and Publishing. Dills holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and has years of experience in retail systems software development in Canada and the United States. Dills comes to Viva from Purity Life where she has spent the last 16 years as Director of Marketing and Vendor Relations. As the face of Viva, Dills runs the business operations including advertising, marketing, sales, circulation, nance, and editorial. She hopes that the printers ink that runs in her veins will serve her well as she embraces her new title as Publisher of Viva magazine. director of universitys centre for building sustainable value, said. Based on data supplied by Jantzi Sustainalytics, research director Heather Lang added, What does it mean if a product is green? What does it mean if a product is environmentally friendly? To what extent are retailers taking a role in distinguishing the real sustainable products from those were not sure about? We track fair trade. A company is either certied fair trade or not. Theres no way to get around it. Around organics, certication isnt perfect. When it comes to green and environmentallyfriendly labels this is where things get a little bit fuzzier. Bansal also commented, Retailers are just the provider of the goods. The emphasis is on the product, rather than the rm thats providing it.

Dey Pharma Agrees to $280 Million Settlement in False Claims Act Allegations
Following $421.1 million dollars in settlements involving similar allegations against Abbott Laboratories Inc., B. Braun Medical Inc. and Roxane Laboratories Inc., the U.S. Department of Justice alleged that Dey Inc., Dey Pharma LP and Dey LP created articially inated spreads to market, promote and sell numerous pharmaceutical products to existing and potential customers. Because payment from the Medicare and Medicaid programs was based on the false inated prices, the government alleged that Dey caused false and fraudulent claims to be submitted to federal health care programs and, as a result, the government paid millions of claims for far greater amounts than it would have if Dey had reported truthful prices.

notwithstanding, imported food is getting more and more popular in China., the largest shopping website for imported food in China, has seen a 30% increase in orders since early December, 2010. Their number of orders has grown from a dozen per day in December 2008 to 1,000 in 2010. Sixty per cent of the imported foods they sell are from the U.S., including nuts such as pistachio and sauces. Plans include bringing another 7,000 kinds of foreign food to the Chinese market. Chinas potential as a foodimporting country is vast and it will continue to expand along with the rapid growth of Chinas middle class, says Lin Wei, founder of Chinas rst imported wholesale food website.

in 2011 compared to 2010. In addition, Walmart closed its Moscow ofce shortly after X5 announced its Kopeika deal, which consisted of a $1.65 billion acquisition of the nearly 700-store chain. X5 said it would use around 55 percent of the planned $1.3 billion capex for new store openings (up to 545 new stores).

Omega-3s in the News

While sales of omega-3 products present failures for some companies and success for others, the predominately niche and lifestyle category is reective of an industry that is still guring out the best way to incorporate omega-3s into foods and market them. Robert Orr, chairman of Ocean Nutrition Canada indicates that the global deciency in omega-3s is only slowly being addressed, yet the success rate for new products is still signicantly better than average of new products. The truth is that EPA and DHA are important to human health and well being, Orr states. Omega-3s are among the largest dietary deciencies in the western diet. The need and demand to improve health is not going away.

Retailers May Not Be As Green As They Claim

A report by the University of Western Ontario, Ivey School of Business, called Dreaming of A Green Christmas? Sustainability and the Retail Sector shows that retailers could improve in three areas: Adoption of sustainable products; weak social and environmental supply chain standards that are poorly monitored; and lack of job security for employees, and a shortfall on workplace diversity and discrimination practices vis--vis stated policies. The best improvement is to purchase locally. It keeps employment local, prots local, it keeps the environmental footprint down, Tima Bansal,

Russias Top Food Retailer Expecting 40% Sales Growth in 2011

Thanks to a recovering economy and its acquisition of rival Kopeika, X5 Retail Group, part of billionaire Mikhail Fridmans business empire Alfa Group, expects double the growth

Chinese Embrace Imported Food

Christmas, Belgium chocolates and French wines



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industry news

In mid December, Webber Account Manager Lawrence Muise visited Fionnula Reynolds at Shoppers Drug Mart in Halifax to present her with her $60,000 Diamondfirst prize in the Webber Naturals Anniversary Sweepstakes.

Diamonds and webber naturals are a girls Best Friend!

When WN Pharmaceuticals celebrated its 60th anniversary, eVeryONe was invited! a $60,000 diamond, fully appraised, was the Grand Prize in the webber naturals Diamond anniversary Sweepstakes held from May 1, 2010, to September 31, 2010. Pharmacies and grocery outlets across Canada were invited to participate. Don bird, executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for WN Pharmaceuticals says, The webber name has been synonymous with health enhancing products for 60 years. We think thats worth celebrating. He adds, We decided to made it an opportunity for Canadians to give us feedback on their favorite webber products and to win an incredible prize. The diamond, plus $1000 toward its setting into a ring or other piece of jewellry, was an appropriate diamond anniversary prize and it drew plenty of consumers to their local pharmacies and to to enter the sweepstakes. entrants were asked to tell WN their personal reasons for entering the contest and more about their personal use of webber products. We had over 5000 entries submitted, comments bird. and the feedback was great. Our retailers did an excellent job of participating with in-store displays and encouragement.

And the winner is...

an excited team of webber sales and marketing staff gathered on Dec. 10 when Don bird placed the call to the sweepstakes winner, fionnula reynolds of Halifax. fionnula had a very special reason for wanting to win the $60,000 diamond offered in webbers Diamond anniversary Contest. In her winning entry, fionnula said, If I win this diamond, Id like to use it as an engagement ring and ask my guy to marry me. Needless to say, fionnula was extremely pleased with her prize! She told WN that she has been using several webber naturals supplements and has a particular favorite, MultiSure multivitamin/ multimineral. When I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 28, I consulted a naturopathic doctor who advised me to switch to webber MultiSure vitamins, as she said they were far superior to others. after comparing the ingredients I was amazed at how true this was! MultiSure is now part of my daily ritual. Thanks for a great product. Will that dazzling diamond soon adorn fionnulas finger as an engagement ring? yes! and she has promised to send us photos of the finished ring, and the wedding. Congratulations to fionnula and her fianc!


IHR february 2011

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industry news
The Yoplait Group (France) Acquires Libert Brand Products
Libert, number 4 in the Canadian yogourt market with about a five-to six-per-cent share overall, was purchased by yoplait from Swander Pace Capital, roynat Capital and the management team, for an unspecified sum. Libert generated CaD$175 million in 2009, with a 13% average growth since 2004. In Canada, the yoplait brand is licensed to ultima foods and in the new ownership structure, there will be no business relationship between ultima foods and Libert, which will continue producing products for its consumers from its headquarters in Saint-Hubert, Que. Lucien fa, President and CeO of yoplait, said: This acquisition illustrates yoplaits international investment strategy. fresh dairy products are expected to enjoy sustained growth, especially outside europe, and in particular through new consumer segments, and we intend to take advantage of these favorable trends. rothschild was the exclusive financial advisor to yoplait on this transaction. has been on its core business of ingredients. In our decision to sell the business to TPr we considered that they were an organization with proven global expertise and substantial resources that should provide a more appropriate fit for Trilogy fragrances. In the past, TPr has provided transition services for Shiseido and P&G, and has turned to Trilogy due to its recognition in the personal care fragrance sector. serving clients boiron Labs, Quantum Health and Purity Life, Carol can be reached at 604-534-7556, carolhauta@ or curcumin, a dietary phenolic, with soy Phospholipids relieves pain and increases mobility in patients with osteoarthritis. In the study, 100 patients with x-ray confirmed osteoarthritis (Oa) were divided into two groups, one using the best available treatment, and one using the best available treatment plus Meriva, at a dosage corresponding to 200 mg curcumin per day. The results showed that the Merivatreated group had a statistically significant reduction in all primary clinical end-points, the WOMaC score, the Karnofsky Performance Scale, and the treadmill walking performance test. Meriva has also been elected best New Product of the year by the european Outsourcing awards.

Walmart Kicks Off Big Apple Campaign

While no plans for a New york City store have been announced, WalMart has long been keen on expanding into the city as it has in other cities where it faced opposition, including its 2006 entry into Chicago. The company hopes to win over New yorkers with a new website which shows that in a poll of 1,000 New yorkers, 71% support a Walmart store opening in the city.

New Brokerage for Qubec Market

after more than a decade in the Health food Industry and over twenty years in the consumer goods market, Denis Courchesne has formed Qubec Contact Inc. Designed to assist companies reach their full potential in the Qubec market, Courchesne offers services within the health food channel and Qubec-based businesses, including drug and convenience stores. To join clients such as Dr. Hos, Pro-action, eauganics, Traditional Medicinals, Purity Life Health Products and others, contact Denis at 450475-0619, or visit

CVS Pharmacy Launches Beauty Club

as an extension of their extraCare Loyalty Program, CVS has added the beauty Club, which provides extraCare cardholders additional rewards on beauty purchases and other beauty-specific benefits. Members will receive a 10% discount upon enrollment, $5 in extrabucks rewards with every $50 purchase, and $3 in extrabucks rewards on the members birthday, as well as special beauty offers throughout the year. a monthly e-mail newsletter with exclusive coupons and other related information is also included.

Clorox Writes Down Burts Bees Business

Due to the international expansion of the burts bees brand being slower than expected, Clorox has written down the business by a quarter of its acquisition price. Purchased for $913 million in 2007, the company announced that it will record a noncash goodwill impairment charge of $250-255 million in its fiscal second quarter. Dan Staublin, Cloroxs Director of Corporate external Communications, said, burts bees is performing well in established countries such as Canada, the united Kingdom, australia, Korea and Taiwan. The challenges we face are primarily in newly entered countries, due in large part to a slower build in trial among value-oriented consumers. Other challenges include securing regulatory approval of distribution and formulas, and building our

New York-based TPR Holdings Acquires Trilogy Fragrances

Seeking further growth in the natural and organics sector, TPr President brian robinson stated, Trilogy offers a fantastic platform for strong expansion and further category growth. The Pisano family were the major shareholders of Trilogy, and of the sale, richard Pisano Jr. stated, for over 75 years, the Pisano familys focus

Carol Hauta Sales & Marketing

Providing sales services in western Canada and specializing in the food and Grocery channels as well as the Health food Trade sector, Carol Hauta has formed her own brokerage company. an entrepreneurial professional with over thirty years in Natural products, body care items and consumer goods, Hauta is committed to building long-term, integritybased relationships. Currently

Indenas Meriva Efficacy and Safety Confirmed by Study

a new study published in alternative Medicine review showed that Meriva a proprietary formulation of


IHR february 2011

industry news
network of distributors. That said, burts bees remains our fastest growing business and we continue to project very good international growth, just not at previously anticipated levels. and through sourcing, pricing and transportation and logistics initiatives, save customers approximately $1 billion annually on fresh fruits and vegetables; developing a simple front-of-package seal that will assist customers in identifying healthier food options, such as whole grain cereal, whole wheat pasta and unsweetened canned fruit; build stores in underserved communities in need of fresh and affordable groceries; and boost charitable support for nutrition programs that help educate consumers about healthier food solutions and choices. andrea Thomas, senior VP of sustainability stated, This is not about telling people what they should eat. Our customers understand that products like cookies and ice cream are meant to be an indulgent treat. This effort is aimed at eliminating sodium, sugar and trans fat in products where they are not really needed. Walmart plans to reformulate key product categories of Great Value label and collaborate with suppliers to reformulate national brands within the same categories by 2015. period amounted to $135,000 compared to $440,000 the year before, and the nine-month period resulted in $1.543 million for 2010 compared to - $1.478 million in 2009. The three-month period resulted in net income of $1.8 million, or $0.04/share, compared to net income of $2.02 million, or $0.05/share, for 2009. for the nine-month period in 2010, net earnings increased by $4.048 million and net income reached $2.552 million, or $0.06/ share compared to a net loss of $1.496 million, or - $0.04/ share, in 2009. We are pleased to report continued solid significant growth in revenues within a more competitive market than previous years, stated andr Godin, Vice-President, administration and finance. The increase of more than $3,000,000 in ebITDa for nutraceutical business for the nine-month period ended November 30, 2010 over the corresponding period of 2009 is demonstrating the managements commitment to efficiency and performance. Neptune is a science-based phospholipid products company for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets. The company focuses on growing consumer health markets including cardiovascular, inflammatory and neurological diseases driven by consumers taking a more proactive approach to managing health and preventing disease. The company is also benefiting from pharmaceutical opportunities through its subsidiaries acasti Pharma and NeurobioPharm (including medical food, OTC and prescription drug applications).

Walmart and First Lady Michelle Obama Move On Healthier Food

unveiled in Washington, D.C., and in tandem with the first Lady, Walmart has announced a major initiative to make healthy food choices more convenient and affordable for families. The multi-pronged plan ranges from sodium and sugar reduction in packaged foods and improved nutritional content in food items to more efficient sourcing, pricing initiatives and increased support of nutrition programs and healthy food education. President and CeO bill Simon stated, With more than 140 million customer visits each week, Walmart is uniquely positioned to make a difference by making food healthier and more affordable to everyone. Obama commented, With this announcement, the largest corporation in america is launching a new initiative that has the potential to transform the marketplace and to help families put healthier food on their tables every single day. There are five key elements to the Walmart plan: reformulating thousands of everyday packaged foods by reducing sodium 25% and added sugars 10%, and removing all remaining industrially produced trans fats; reduce or eliminate the price premium on key better-foryou items such as reduced sodium, sugar or fat products,

Your Press Releases to

Neptune Releases 3rd Quarter 2010 Financial Results

Laval, Quebec-based Neptune Technologies & bioressources Inc. has reported its threemonth and nine-month financial results ending Nov. 30th, 2010. Consolidated revenue for the three-month period increased by 14% to $4.2 million, up from $3.758 million in 2009, while the nine-month period revenue increased 57% to $12.566 million from $8 million previously. Consolidated ebITDa for the three-month


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Probiotics have become increasingly popular over the last decade, and are generally recommended to help strengthen your natural defenses and assist in recovery from certain diseases. However, the general public and many health care professionals still remain confused about how best probiotics should be used or which ones are effective. Despite this challenge, the over the counter (OTC) sales growth is driven by the probiotic category and keeps expanding exponentially throughout North America. It could be found and purchased in diverse forms: fresh and drinkable, capsules or powder. According to a recent study from McFarland1 the quality of these probiotic products varies from one to the other. It is therefore recommended to choose a probiotic from a reliable company that has conducted clinical studies on the finished commercial product. Not all products are found to have high standards of manufacture and quality control, as only some conform to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Moreover, a recent article disclosed that qualities of the probiotic bacteria strains are important, but it is the quality of the product itself, that guarantees the specific health benefit to the consumer (production method, quality control, standardization, etc.)2 Bio-K+ products have been well characterized by fundamental researches3,4,5,6 and have passed numerous rigorous clinical trials that have been published7,8,9,10. You, our retailers, can be assured of the efficacy of Bio-K+ probiotics and can help us help the public with their selection. Here are some myths and realities for your consideration when selecting an effective probiotic MYTH Probiotic products in the market follow all the same regulatory standards and quality control. REALITY. NO THEY DONT! A survey11, analyzing 14 different probiotics in the U.S., showed that 93% of them had errors on their labels, 57% contained contaminants of some kind and 36% did not indicate any bacterial strains on their label. Another study12, examining 58 probiotics from America, Europe and Asia, showed that only 38% of these

Myths & Realities

products contained the exact amount of bacteria (as indicated on the label) and 29% did not have the strains indicated on the label. We must therefore conclude that not all companies have the same standards of manufacturing and quality control, so be careful! MYTH Whatever the process, all bacteria being found in various products survive gastro-intestinal transit and provide the same efficacy. REALITY. NO, THIS IS NOT SO! The bacteria must be protected from stomach acid and bile salts to arrive in the intestines intact. A substrate-based dairy product is a good example of an environment, protecting bacteria. The survival rate of bacteria in various probiotic capsules during the gastric passage, was highly superior to capsules with enteric coated versus uncoated capsules13. When a product looses a quantity of bacteria, the quality and efficacy of the product is also affected. Thus, the production method and ingredients used are important elements in obtaining an effective probiotic In conclusion, before investing in a probiotic, it is important to learn about the product and the company that manufactures it. Most probiotics are supported by good marketing, however, only a few are proven to work. Why choose a probiotic that is not effective nor have any proven published clinical studies? Your health is your richest asset, PROTECT it...!
References: 1. McFarland LV. 2010. Vol 16. 2202-2222 2. Grzeskowiak et al, 2010. British Journal of Nutrition. page 1 of 8 (ahead of print) Peer-reviewed publications- Fundamental Research 3. Baldwin et al. 2010. Nutrition and Cancer, 62:371-378. 4. Karska-Wysocki et al. 2010. Microbiological research, 165(8):674-86 5. Millette et la. 2008. Dairy Science and Technology, 88: 695-708. 6. Millette et al. 2007. Letters in Applied Microbiology, 44:314-319 Peer-reviewed publications - Clinical Research 7. Gao, et al 2010. American Journal of Gastroenterology, 105(7):1636-1641. 8. Dylewski, et al. 2010. Archives of Medical Science, 6(1):56-64. 9. Beausoleil, et al. Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology, 21(11):732-736 10. Koulis, et al. 2007. References: 11. Marcobal A. et al, 2008. Vol 46. P.608-611 12. Masco L. et al, 2005. Vol 102. P.221-230 13. Independant analysis, INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier, 2009. Research laboratory


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company profile

Life Science Nutritionals

Nutritional Innovation for the Nation (of Kids)
by ron Garant Photography by Julie broadbent
nnovation is paramount to the success of any company and Life Science Nutritionals of Burlington, Ont. gets high marks for their science-based proprietary products and unusual business model. Contrary to most companies, Lowther puts people first and profits last, and truly believes his business, or any business, will not only thrive financially that way, but will better serve the consumer. LSNs mission statement is to Deliver high-quality nutritional products to market with true nutritional value that help optimize the health and life of our consumers. A self-described science geek, Lowther has always had an interest in nutrition, enjoying yogurt and salad for lunch while his friends ate french fries. Upon finishing school, he became the general manager for a weight-loss company. A desire for more knowledge, drove him to quit the job and go back to school at the age of 27. Several years later he attained his masters degree in nutritional sciences with a specialty in nutritional human physiology. Upon completing his studies, he worked in the pharma industry,

then was recruited into sports nutrition with Iovate Health Sciences in Oakville, Ont. A few years later he made the decision to start his own business; however, after an offer from Jamieson Laboratories for an international sales rep, he put his own plans on hold for a couple of years, feeling it would provide additional opportunities, knowledge and international travel. Once that was completed, he started Life Science Nutrutionals. Through evolution, Stuart had always been involved with the Ironman World Championships, part of the World Triathlon Corporation, which has been held in Kona, Hawaii for many years. Just as he was about to put some sports nutrition products out with Ironman, Gatorade/Pepsico put the kibosh on the deal because they had a sponsorship arrangement with the World Triathlon Corp. So I came up with the idea of IronKids, Lowther says. I ran across the whole gummy vitamin concept in 2002 in Dubai at the Arab Health show and brought some samples back in a bag. Over the last two years weve been full press into the market. No one else is doing it and I believe theres a big market niche.


IHR february 2011

company profile

What we have in the marketplace is what I call commoditized nutrition the challenge is, if you make a product thats more nutritionally sound, it does cost more money so it becomes very difficult to put sound nutritional products on the market at a price point where the consumers understand the value and you can still create a profitable company. Although his first gummies were manufactured in Germany, Lowther acquired a manufacturing facility in Quebec in June, 2010. The plant is one of only four in the world that make this style of product and out of those four, Were the only one that Health Canada has inspected, audited and licensed to make gummy vitamins, he stated. Every product weve launched has gone to market as a fully licensed product. For LSN, people come first: We put consumers, employees, and family first; after them comes the product (the best possible product at the best possible price to meet their nutritional needs). If you do those two things, profit looks after itself and becomes the biggest piece of the pie. I think if you have long-term vision and stick to your principles, over time, itll kick in. To market IronKids products differently than the other packages on the shelves, which are primarily in bottles, Lowther decided to put the product in a box, which enables them to provide stronger branding with a premium product; then begin the innovation process. Although they werent the first to market a kids multivitamin, Stuart points out that they were, First to market with no sugar coating, natural flavours and natural colours; first to market with an omega for kids 100% fish oil in a gummy. Behind that, LSN launched a calcium, then a Vitamin D product; all first to market in Canada. If you take cumulative numbers of our entire brand, were the number two brand in Canada, second only to Flintstones, Lowther says. Our demographic is household incomes $130,000+; most of the couples are both university-educated, theyre 30 to 45 years old even as old as 50 because some people had kids later. Theyre proactive, they try to live a healthy lifestyle; they read about kids obesity and the problem with overweight kids in the marketplace, and they take affirmative action. In addition to IronKids, Life Science Nutritionals was approached by the National Basketball Association, who have a program called NBA Fit to make kids gummy products for them. Whereas IronKids gummies have two grams of sugar per serving, the NBAs All-Star vitamins are the first sugar-free gummy products on the market. As with most companies these days, Life Science Nutritionals is expanding its Internet presence with both websites and social media sites. As Stuart indicates, My wife (Deborah Lowther) now works for the company, she is now KidsGummyMum on Twitter,

and has Facebooks pages for both Life Science Nutritionals and Iron Kids (see addresses under At a Glance). See how integrated things are? That is why you cant have [information] silos anymore, its not that way anymore. Whats in the future? I have things Im doing in the adult market over the next couple of years that will target baby boomers, Lowther says. Everything we have on the books that were doing is all science-based my chief science officer is Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, who is with Childrens Hospital at McMaster University. He has North Americas first and only neuromuscular rehabilitation centre. He works with patients with all diseases Lou Gehrigs disease, muscular dystrophy hes the worlds premier researcher in that field and also one of the top exercise physiologists because of the work he does. Hes also a high-end endurance athlete. I did my grad work with him so he [later] became a partner in the company. Between him and I, weve got a list of projects everything from mental health, joint health, things to help preserve muscle mass in the aging; everything were working on is all science based. In the meantime, Lowther and Dr. Tarnopolsky enjoy giving back to the community. For the past four years they have donated to the Bikes for Kids program with Halton region, and the Moon in June kids event in Burlington on behalf of Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital. For the first time, this year they will be sponsoring kids hockey teams, and look forward to donating to the Hospital for Sick Children in the future.

At a Glance
Life Science Nutritionals Location: 6-5040 Mainway, burlington, ON L7L 7G5 Phone: 905-319-8080 or 877-927-8080 Fax: 905-319-8020 Email: General inquiries,; Sales, Websites:; Social Media: Twitter,; facebook, search LSN or Ironkids-gummy-vitamins Blog: Staff: 30 (23 at the Quebec plant; 7 at the burlington office) Awards: 2010 best New Product award from Canadian Living Magazine for Ironkids Omega gummies. Products Iron Kids Multi-vitamins Omega-3 Calcium Vitamin D

NBA All-Star Multi-vitamins Vitamin D

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with the NEWEST Innovation for Joint Care from webber naturals Canadas #1 Joint Care Brand!



with Patent Pending



Osteoarthritis sufferers commonly use over-the-counter pain relievers, and nonsteroidal anti-inammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to reduce pain and swelling and to cope with joint stiffness. While these drugs may be helpful they can cause side effects, and they do nothing to support long term joint health.


Osteo Joint Ease represents the next generation of natural joint care. This innovative formula contains patented In amEase, a synergistic combination o f a n t i ox i d a n t , a n t i - i n f l a m m a to r y, p a i n - r e l i e v i n g b o t a n i c a l s t h a t relieve pain and inammation fast and without side effects. Osteo Joint Ease is a 100% natural formula that addresses pain associated with osteoarthritis, and protects against deterioriation of cartilage.


Osteo Joint Ease also contains the joint care superstars Glucosamine, Glucosamine Chondroitin, and MSM. They not only help with pain and inflammation, but support long term joint health, helping to rebuild cartilage and lubricate joints. Only two caplets a day provide the key nutrients to ease joint pain and support healthy cartilage, without drugs or unwanted side effects.

The most natural and effective way to build joint cartilage and reduce inammation 100% natural anti-inammatory ingredients Results within one week* Only 2 per day
For details, write #119 on Free Info Page, page 73.

InamEase Why it works ...


Osteo Joint Ease contains InamEase BioStandard process super extract formula. Simply said, weve put our best scientic minds together to make Osteo Joint Ease the best product for chronic joint pain available in Canada! InamEase contains 100% natural anti-inammatory ingredients: 76% Polyphenols. These promising plant compounds may help control oxidative stress and consequently inammatory response, related to chronic and acute inammation. Boswellia works by blocking enzymes, 5-LOX and HLE. 5-LOX leads to the formation of harmful inammatory substances called leukotrienesthought to directly inuence disease processes in a number of different disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and asthma.2,3 HLE is a pro-inammatory enzyme that along with leukotrienes is increased in a number of inammatory conditions. Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties due to its high curcumin content. Curcumin is as effective as cortisone or phenylbutazone against acute inammation. 4 This unique botanical formula combines the power of Boswellia, Turmeric and Polyphenols (extracts from 7 of natures most powerful antioxidants) into a POWERHOUSE antioxidant, anti-inammatory, and analgesic complex.1,2


Osteo Joint Ease is currently advertised in consumer magazines and daily newspapers.

* Use for a minimum of 4 weeks to see most beneficial effects.

1. Kimmatkar N, Thawani V, Hingorani L, Khiyani R. Efcacy and tolerability of Boswellia serrata extract in treatment of osteoarthritis of knee--a randomized double blind placebo controlled trial. Phytomedicine. 2003 Jan;10(1):3-7. 2. A mmon, H P., S afayhi, H., Maeck , T., Sabieraj, J. Mechanism of anti-inflammatory actions or curcumine and boswellic acids. J Ethnopharmacol. 1993 Mar;38(2-3). 3. Ammon, HP Boswellic acids (components of frankincense) as the active principle in treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. Wien Med Wochenschr. 2002;152(15-16). 4. Murray, Michael T. The Healing Power of Herbs: The Enlightened Persons Guide to the Wonders of Medicinal Plants, revised and expanded 2nd ed. Prima Publishing, 1995.
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cover story

Its All About Choices

Rexalls Healthy Living Pharmacy
by ron Garant Photography by Dean Sanderson
rom the moment you enter a Rexall Healthy Living Pharmacy, you know youre experiencing something different: a new concept in the pharmacy store format. And it doesnt stop there; it continues throughout the store and into every corner. Looking beyond the spacious foyer, you immediately notice organized and colour-coded sections, from the large Beauty centre on the left (light blue for Derm, pink for Cosmetics), to the Health Feature Wall and health products on the right (green), the convenience department (orange) and of course the pharmacy at the back. To find out what makes these stores different from their counterparts (there are six locations thus far: Richmond Hill, Bradford, Newmarket and Milton, ON, and one each in Calgary, AB, and Kelowna, BC), we visited the Milton location, which provides approximately 15,000 sq.ft. of products and services. Ron Lalla, Chief Merchandising Officer for Rexall, explained the development of this new pharmacy concept. Two and a half years ago, we revisited our store concept we asked ourselves What is a pharmacy in the future? So we called in top consultants and research companies to do quantitative and qualitative research [that would] support us through how we could best help our customers and patients live healthier lives and what the role of the pharmacy is in the future as it relates to health. It took a year and a half of research to pull all the information together and then translate it into what were physically around today. What we know going forward is Canadians are an aging demographic who want to take control of their health. Its a demographic that will need help to maintain a healthy lifestyle and thats where we come in.


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december 2010 IHR


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The Dermatological area is the first stop in the pharmacy experience. With one of the broadest selections of Derm Skin Care brands and Cosmoceutical Brands in the Canadian market, Rexall Dermatological Consultants are readily available to walk customers through the latest products, skin technology and skin care education.

Marge, Betty and Alexa Our core belief is that Rexall will always be a pharmacy first. Weve never deviated from that and the research supported the need for this. Thats our way to help Canadians be healthy. So we needed to transcribe that into a place that will make customers feel comfortable taking care of themselves. What we tried to capture was an element of the person who may be hesitant to make a change. They do not want to quit smoking, or they do not want to lose weight, and yet they would like to. At the same time they dont want to be preached at they dont want people coming and saying you should lose weight, or you should do this. So we had to approach this in a way thats more comfortable to the average person. We said lets define who this person the target customer is. We came up with three target groups and we named them: Marge, a person approximately 65 and over, probably chronic diseases, needs regular prescriptions; then we have Betty, who I have the most empathy for because she is that sandwich generation she has to take care of Marge and still has kids of her own so she is battling two sets of challenges; and then you

have Alexa who is the hockey mom but busy trying to manage her busy lifestyle. These are our three target customers that we have to take care of. We want you to fill a prescription here when you are sick or need medications and provide the best possible pharmacy care and we also wanted to take a different approach if we can stop you from getting sick through prevention and disease and medication management, then thats the best route to go toward. A first for Canada Since skin is the largest organ of the body, the Derm Centre is visually the foremost section of the store and in addition to having one of the broadest selections of Derm brands and skin care selections in Canada (including various imported European categories and others), it features the exclusive Vichy Dermo Analyzer, the first of its kind in Canada. It will tell you the natural age of your skin, skin hydration levels, sun sensitivity issues, if youre impacted by tolerances, and do a diagnosis of your skin, explains Lallo. Another interesting feature in this section of the store is the Wet Play Station, a calming water fountain that makes cleanup of derm, cosmetic, nail and fragrance samples


IHR february 2011

cover story

With over 200 health information touch points across the Rexall Healthy Living prototype, the pharmacy seeks to help patients live healthier lives and feel better. The Healthy Living Advisor and Station including a first-to-market touch screen patient interactive health information terminal acts as the hub of the store to point customers in the right direction to retrieve the health information and product that they need. A strengthened store team and pharmacy programs enables the pharmacist to spend more time with the patient and the provision of primary care.

easier for customers. From there, the Dermatological consultant can create a customized skin care regime for you. Personal Health Care To the right of the main foyer is the Health Feature Wall, which is topical in nature since its flu season, there are displays to fortify against the flu. For summer, there might be a display related to sun exposure, and of course year-round youll see information and products related to ongoing conditions such as oral care. If you dont have proper oral care, youre susceptible to many diseases because if the human mouth isnt kept clean, youll have a lot of health problems, Lalla points out. What we are trying to do here is to show why health care is important and what a regimen should look like brush, floss, rinse. Some people forget to do all three. So even though its a simple concept, we want people to have proper oral care. A plethora of fact-filled signs help the consumer in a comfortable way for example take vitamin D with calcium. Its also a great place for product suppliers to launch new products because it communicates well; its great for being fashion and technology-

forward. For example, with diabetes, there are always new and bold products as well as digestive health, heart health, etc. An Interactive Patient Station Integration is the key word for this new model of healthy living, and after moving back into the centre aisle of the store, or looking straight ahead from the entrance, you encounter the showpiece of the stores concept: the Rexall Healthy Living Patient Interactive Station, along with the newest member of the pharmacy team, the Healthy Living Advisor. The terminal is a first-to-market touch-screen computer that provides ondemand information and education on myriad health topics from symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, in-store items, prescriptions, OTC products and more. Articles and videos can be emailed to you or others, as well as the opportunity to subscribe to the Rexall e-newsletter. Also, while the pharmacy fills out your prescription, they can issue a card that takes you directly to the related information without searching for it. The unit is also a price checker that scans the product code and not only tells you the price, but whether its on sale and suggests companion products.

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The Healthy Living Advisor is the ambassador of this new pharmacy concept and his/her role is to integrate the customers problem or condition; they are well-educated individuals with a passion to help customers and work collaboratively with the Pharmacist and Derm Consultant to ensure accurate and informative choices are presented, and to triage the front shop and the pharmacy. More SKUs, more choice More than 3,500 to 5,000 SKUs have been added to the Rexall Healthy Living stores compared to a traditional pharmacy. And as CMO Ron Lalla explains, The question we asked ourselves is how do we build trust between the consumer and the pharmacy? We wanted to get to a more patient-centric approach in the front shop. We wanted to show enough products to say here are the choices you have and help make educated choices through a new level of interaction with our team. We want to keep looking for suppliers who can show the efficacy of their product and can help us help people. Rexalls Healthy Living section has one of the most expansive nutrient and supplement sections, customers can find a plethora of products not normally found in a traditional pharmacy. Brands such as Genuine Health and Quest can be found next to Jamiesons and Rexalls exclusive private label brand Rexall.

In addition to the innovations described above, many enhanced services were added. Hemocode is a blood test that screens 250 common foods and additives that may be presenting digestive or other health issues. Patients receive a personalized Hemocode System Guide that includes a food chart, customized recipe book, monthly newsletter as well as ongoing support from medical staff. Bpro is an advanced blood pressure test that measures Central Aortic Systolic Pressure (CASP) that, in conjunction with a cardiologist, determines how well your blood pressure lowering drugs are working and how stiff your arteries are. Your cardiac age can also be evaluated. Our pharmacy is the showpiece of our store, says Lalla. One of the biggest issues North America has is medication compliance. You get a prescription, but you dont take it, or you take half and not the other half, especially for chronic diseases and even antibiotics. So with Reminder Ready, well call you and [let you know] your prescription is ready, would you like to come in and get it in this way were helping because we know if you comply with your prescription, it will make you better and prevent serious health issues. We intend to make it as easy as possible.


IHR february 2011

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Our core belief is that Rexall will always be a pharmacy first. Weve never deviated from that and the research supported the need for this. Thats our way to help Canadians be healthy.
The Replenish and Renew service advises patients of any specific nutrients their medications might be affecting. Different drugs deplete different functions in your body and this can be a severe problem, Lalla states. Lets say you have to a heart condition and are on medication. The pharmacist can recommend CoEnzyme Q10. Being integrated, our pharmacy system will prompt the pharmacist with what nutrient is depleted by which medication and make a recommendation. So our pharmacy system is built to replenish and renew. Each location of Healthy Living Pharmacies also includes a Resource Centre and training room, along with a Private Consultation room, which assists with counselling patients with multiple medications or those that want a little more privacy. The Resource Centre handles meetings for weight management classes, mommy groups and various presentations with health care professionals. In these areas, smaller terminals for the Healthy Living patient interactive station are present. Throughout the store, healthy product options are visible, from snack foods and sports nutrition to feminine hygiene and baby needs. Even pets are offered healthy, nutritional foods. The first aid set includes many contemporary offerings of products and vitamins. Another interesting item is the orthotic foot kiosk, which offers insoles at a much lower price point than a custom podiatrists offering. The Rexall brand was founded in 1904 by Louis K. Liggett and the Rexall Pharma Plus banner began in 1903 as Tamblyn Drugs. In the late 1970s, Tamblyn converted to Boots Drug Stores and emerged as Pharma Plus Drugmart in 1989. In 2005, Pharma Plus rebranded to Rexall Pharma Plus. The Medicine Shoppe debuted in 1992 while ProPharm was established in 1977. In addition, Drug Trading Company Limited, Canadas oldest independent pharmacy services provider emerged in 1897 with Guardian and I.D.A. independent pharmacies later created to provide continuous support for independents. All of these brands are now under the umbrella of Katz Group, founded by Daryl Katz in 1990 in Edmonton, Alberta and carry the Rexall brand of products. Today there are over 1,800 corporate, franchise and independent pharmacies under the Rexall family of pharmacies and the Katz Group. Rexall continues to evaluate the Healthy Living prototype in the six key markets and will open a seventh store (a second Kelowna, BC location) in spring 2011. Since reaction has been very positive, they have begun incorporating elements of the prototype in other stores in the areas of design, product selection and aspects of layout. All Rexall stores, including the new prototypes, continue to evolve their offerings to enhance the customer experience. Rexall will share learnings and successes with Franchise and Banner stores.

At a Glance
Katz Group Canada Ltd. Head Office: 5965 Coopers ave., Mississauga, ON L4Z 1r9 Phone: 905-502-5965 Website: Staff: average 20+ per store Healthy Living locations: richmond Hill, bradford, Newmarket and Milton in ON; Calgary, ab; and Kelowna, bC Rexall banner pharmacies: rexall, rexall Pharma Plus, The Medicine Shoppe, Guardian, I.D.a., rexall Direct, rexall Specialty, rexall Network, Drug Trading Company Limited, and ProPharm Limited Top Selling Supplements: Cold fx regular 60s New supplement: Genuine Health fast Joint Care Capsules+

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Aaron Skelton

The Great Divide:

Fact or Fiction
by aaron Skelton

Creating Synergy, not separation in the Industry

ike all things in life we often only fully understand our own perspectives, we rarely venture outside the invisible bubble that surrounds each of us, since our personal bubble offers some protection and safeguards us from understanding and accepting our differences and prevents us from realizing our similarities. What we can say with a great deal of confidence is what made us start our careers in this industry, in my case what made me wake up one day as an environmental engineer and say Counting tree moss for eight hours a day in a remote northern Ontario city? No thanks! That moment of now humorous clarity is in hindsight a life-changing one.


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Herbal bene ts to ne-tune the body Easy to dissolve and absorb into the system Unique, creative packaging (patent pending) Convenient, portable tube for on-the-go Low calories, gluten-free, no sugar added Refreshingly delicious!

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Intuition TM is a line of preventative products that o er a variety of health bene ts through a special blend of medicinal herbal tinctures and juice concentrates, delivered in a delicious, low calorie, add-to-water mix. This all natural beverage comes in a convenient, on-the-go tubejust peel and squeeze into hot, cold or sparkling water.
Floor Display includes 18 x My Waistline 3 pack 18 x My Vitality 3 pack 6 x My Waistline 14 pack 6 x My Vitality 14 pack Code 436910

Suggested Retail Pricing: 3 Pack - $5.99 / 14 Pack - $24.99 Great value for consumers
Now available through Purity Life Health Products. To order call 1 800-265-2615 For Product information call Mon tello Inc. 1 866-808-8889

Make a cocktail with it!


We can achieve much more as partners than we can ever hope to achieve as divided individuals. Although this may sound like a weak pitch to start a campfire, hold hands and sing Kumbaya its not entirely that hoakey.

A Passion for People What I decided 10 years ago, and what many of us in this industry decide at different points in our lives, was that taking our shared passion for people, our passion for the human condition and our drive to improve could only be fully achieved by helping the public live healthier lives. For some of us, myself included, this was never meant to be a career move but more a change in mindset. I didnt want to spend my days reporting the world but rather affecting it. My first days in my new college of Human Health and Nutraceuticals was an eye opening one, but one that has enabled me to do what I do today to hop out of bed every morning with a jump in my step as I know that what I am privileged to do every day, makes a difference to improve the lives of many people across our great country. I know many of you feel the same way. Mass or Independent: Is there a Great Divide I share with you these thoughts. I am stymied daily by the constructed debate of Mass versus Independent Health retailers. (Im pausing here as I will assume that the reaction Im getting from some readers in bringing up this topic is similar to bringing up religion or politics at a family gathering, deep breath everyone and please hear me out.) My belief is there is no divide. My understanding from many meetings, run ins and social conversations with the people in our fabulous industry known as Health is that my story above is echoed with your story and almost everywhere I look around me and the people I meet whether mass or independent all share a common outlook and a vision that encompasses improving the health and well-being of individuals. We are an industry of passionate individuals who are constantly humbled by the jobs we get to do. Mass or Independent: Sharing Stories My experience of several years on the shop floor helping customers first hand and my time on the road traveling across Canada meeting store owners and department managers at differing size retailers has shown me that we are all in this to execute the same thing: to make the public healthier. No matter the size of

the company you work for, the number of stores you manage or the generations of family members that have connected with your community through your stores, there is a common thread that binds us all. This common denominator is a passion for the industry and a passion to help people (consumers). I agree that our roles as retailers are not all the same. To claim otherwise I would consider irresponsible and possibly the cause of some of the preserved divide. What I challenge you to consider is the bigger picture and the overarching role of the industry, not the retailer. I belong to a large organization that I compare to a large ship. We have many advantages but nibble is not a word I would care to use. A smaller retailer will be able to react quickly and possibly fulfill a customer request in a matter of days, not months. Even with these factual differences the role of the industry remains the same: to serve the customer who is looking for a healthier lifestyle. That is a profoundly strong common ground that overwhelmingly outweighs any differences. Mass or Independent: Share Your Passion What I am hoping to spark is a conversation around synergy and not separation. To start a movement towards a community of likeminded individuals who see an opportunity and power in numbers. There are numberous benefits to be gained. We can achieve much more as partners than we can ever hope to achieve as divided individuals. Although this may sound like a weak pitch to start a campfire, hold hands and sing Kumbaya its not entirely that hoakey. If we all step back and reflect on why we do this, on why we sacrifice evenings and weekends to go above and beyond the expected, I think we will see that the common thread is the customer and the common goal is health. And if the differences are piled up against the commonalities we will all be pleasantly surprised. If you agree join me down by the lake. Ill bring the firewood and guitar for a rousing rendition of Kumbaya. Im sure we all have plenty of stories to tell.


IHR february 2011

Joining Pharmasave has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made
Rosanne Currie, Pharmacist/Co-Owner Lucknow, Walkerton

Independent... But Not Alone

We will work with our members to ensure the long term success of their retail business and the Pharmasave Brand
Never before have independent pharmacy owners faced such challenges with so many factors threatening the success of their business. Now, more than ever, will a strong, well established program provide pharmacy owners with the support necessary to get through these challenging times and help owners reinvent their business model to ensure a successful future. We can help. There is an unprecedented importance to joining a group who takes care of its members first. You are guaranteed to achieve this at Pharmasave because Pharmasave is owned by its members. Pharmasave has more than 25 years of experience in building a program that works for you and has a strong team of professionals to ensure you get the most value out of your program. While being part of a strong buying group is important, and Pharmasave has the leverage of one of the largest independent pharmacy buying groups in the country, we have stayed true to our values. The strength in any program lies in the support that is provided to its members. We have remained committed to building a program around support first, which is why so many independent pharmacists have made the decision to join Pharmasave and why Pharmasave is the best option to support independent pharmacists on their path forward. Let us work with you to ensure that there will always be a place for independent pharmacy!
For details, write #121 on Free Info Page, page 73.

British Columbia Pharmasave Drugs (Pacific) Ltd. Dave Reston Direct: (604) 575-5730 Alberta Pharmasave Drugs (Western) Ltd. Vinod Thakrar Direct: (403) 255-5022 1-866-308-7779

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North West Ontario Pharmasave Drugs (Central) Ltd. Robert Gare Direct: (204) 985-0225 Ontario Pharmasave Drugs (Ontario) Ltd. Doug Sherman Direct: 1-800-515-8620 x223

New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island Pharmasave Drugs (Atlantic) Ltd. Greg Van Den Hoogen Direct: (902) 481-5175

Ken Vannucci

Thinking business at 33,000 feet:

by Ken Vannucci

Where do we go from here?

his post will continue to solidify, and hopefully express my true belief that building relationships is, and will continue to be, the best way to grow personally and to grow in business. As I sit on a morning WestJet flight to Toronto getting ready to attend the annual London Drugs Partnership Presentation, I am figuring out what I want to achieve at this years event. I cant attend an event and be away from home for eight days and not have a plan right? This event takes place in Toronto every November and is attended by most of our Vendor partners, all of the LD executive and all of the LD merchandising buying group. We start early Monday morning with a brief state of the nation address by the LD executive team at Mississaugas Living Arts Centre, followed by an address by a prominent business leader or writer (past guests have included the likes of Bill Clinton, Walter Cronkite, General

Rick Hillier, Neil Armstrong, Terry OReilly just to name a few). This years guest speaker was Youngme Moon from the Harvard Business School. From there, its back downtown to the Four Seasons Hotel for small group meetings strategy sessions with our Vendors. Retail events like this are common in Canada. Most retailers get together with the Vendor community at least once a year in this type of forum. Not all do it exactly the way we do, but the intent is the same. The whats and the whys As the world of large retail and large vendors (I define this as stores of 10,000 square feet and more) expands, the consumer will have less choice among retailers, less choice in consumer packaged goods companies and less choice in pharmaceutical companies. When we compound this with more instant communication (Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, search engines,


IHR february 2011

kens kool

Skype and just the internet in general) how does a smaller retailer survive. Ultimately how does the consumer survive? The challenge as I see it, as groups mentioned above get bigger and bigger, is to protect the consumer. In the short term, consumers will win as prices come down, as large guys battle it out for market share (global market share these days), as multinational retailers and vendors buy their way into consumers hearts by offering cheaper and cheaper goods, by moving manufacturing around the world and/or as they continue to squeeze profits and margins out of product that will ultimately mean that the smaller vendors cannot survive any longer. From negative to positive What do we have left? We have half a dozen worldwide retailers, consumer packaged goods companies and pharmaceuticals and thats it. A sea of sameness when we all want something a little different! I know this sounds like doom and gloom, and unfortunately, thats how things seem to be playing out when you take the human element out of business and focus on cost and retail. This is not intended to read like sour grapes or whining about the size of companies. It is not to criticize my competitors or any vendors that I deal with. This is not about poor little me, or poor you. This is not even intended to be a negative read. For those who know me, I am a pretty positive person and I honestly believe that the reason you try and understand the negatives that could result from events or circumstances is so that you can change them into positives. I think the future is brighter for the smaller guys in general, whether that is in life and/or in business.

I believe this because the biggest challenge that the big guys will face and that consumers will face, is the lack of anything different or fun. When you end up with a few guys battling it out the result is a lot of the same offering. And really, whats fun about that? How does a little guy survive? Be different. I have always said that as retailers and vendors we spend a ton of time worrying about what our competitors are doing, and we forget to focus on what we want to do or what we should be doing. The expression my dad always said was Worry about your own backyard, before you start to worry about your neighbours. In business Take care of your own business, let your competitors worry about theirs. One of the major advantages that annual presentations have for me is the ability to mingle and exchange ideas with our Vendors and to provide a better shopping experience for consumers. We can analyze what we do best and things we dont do as well. We can discuss openly and criticize the efforts or lack thereof of things we have done or tried to do, and capitalize on opportunities because we are talking, we are communicating, we are building relationships! This is not a complicated game. This is a game of people. Retailers, Vendors and consumers are all people. Any event that I attend becomes more and more critical to the longterm success of the smaller retailers. It is one of the few ways to single yourself out and really sell your ideas and make yourself different! Fewer and fewer retailers and Vendors seem to understand this. So, is it worth it to travel across country for a show like this? I think so. Online is great, but it is much better when you mix in the old-fashioned face-to-face networking that events like this offer. Vive la diffrence.

february 2011 IHR










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u lia Havey J
Julia Havey
Guest Editor-in-Chief


diet feature


Who Should Use PGX ?

by dr. joyce john son, nd

diet feature


Helping one mi llion people loss weight

Brenda STe

lose about 50 ram, aimi ng to ed my diet prog 40! I have -old when I start 60 is the new I was 57-years e people who say, product! The to be one of thos ve it is a great lbs. I wanted 13 friends. I belie my I lost a total of nding PGX to in hand for me. been recomme ed hand uct really work diet and the prod inches overall. lbs and 18.5


Sherri Bow

longer bigger my belly is no and PGX plan, to 146lbs vice-busting diet ents, but Im down Thanks to the ning measurem confident than s. I lost my begin r! I am feeling more than my boob es are much loose tools to get my cloth gth, resolve and from 165lbs and knowledge, stren I wouldnt I now have the stly have to say I have in years! me there. I hone strong to be and keep Julia and the me where I need but thanks to me, and it on my own, ing it work s for ht PGX to try know have boug am confident in yone I know! ram prov ides, I support the prog mending it to ever Im even recom to use it. I will continue


e all know that the recipe for success at weigh eating healt hy, t loss is press eating in mode ure, damage to ration and exerc the heart and blood more. But that ising other is easier said vesse ls, infla mma healt h cond ition life-long habit than done. Chan tion and s. s can seem diffic ging ult when you is challenging are overweight to fight fatig ue . It suPer in order to exerc fibr es control over your ise and have little hunger and food cravi ngs. Poor with men 2010Fortu nately, there are prod control may be om our issue blood suga r at the heart of onl ine.c ucts that inclu that can help de PGX (Poly Glyco your weight prob viva mag restore insul in lem (Figu re 1). pleX) sensitivity and suga r roller coast get you off the Research at the er. This water blood Canadian Cent soluble and visco fibre has the abilit re for Func tiona us natu ral supe show n that peop y to absorb signi l Medicine has r le who gain weigh ficant quantities consu ming this t often spend on a virtu al blood of water, so as a suppleme much of their suga r roller coast nt with your day full and meal helps you er, with blood eat less. This and then plum feel suga r surgi ng increase in food meti ng frequently slows the rate volume or thick throughout the is magn ified by at whic h food ness also day. This problem eating the wron is digested and gastrointestina g kind of food absorbed down glycemic index l tract. In turn s (especially high the carbohydrates , carbohydrates suga r more slowl like suga ry or are absorbed food s. The glyce white flour proce y into the blood as mic index meas ssed glycemic strea m after eatin ures how fast impact of these raises blood suga g, lower ing the and how high food s. r.) But at the a food very core of this suga r problem unhealthy blood is insul in resis tance. Laborator y tests and clinic al trials have show n that supplements can Prev enting super fibre reduce the glyce a vicious cycl mic index (GI) 50 per cent. High e of meal s by up Insul in resistance GI food s are quick to is a cond ition ly turned into food s are conv where insul in suga r and low meal s but the erted more slowl is relea sed after GI cells of the body y. Addi ng a supe regul arly to your fail to respond r fibre suppleme action. As a resul meal s, is a pract fully to insul ins nt t, our bodies ical and effec tive blood suga r contr make more insul suga r enter cells, way to improve ol and lower the in to help blood whic h results glycemic index diet. in higher level and insul in circu of your overa ll s of both suga lating in the blood r . This can then storage of fat and lead to excess trigger hunger. Change isnt All of this is part that perpetuat easy, but even of a vicious cycle es with weight minor healt hy behaviour and gain and it expla changes in both getti ng back to diet can lead to ins the diffic ulty a healt hier weigh profound healt of Incor porat t. Over time, h benefits over can contr ibute ing more natu insul in resistance time. ral soluble fibre to the deve lopm is one change into your eatin ent of diabetes, that can help g routi ne increased blood you move towa figure 1 igure safely and gradu rds a healt hier ally, from the weight inside out (Figu re 2).

diet feature Get Off the B lood-Sugar Roller Coaste r Today!

After three t 230 pounds. and weighed abou es overall I was 56 tall , I lost 19.5 inch At 38-years -old, r Julias guid ance that I actu ally PGX plan unde under 200 mark months on the y to reach the e sure it was so happ wanted to mak and 29lbs! I was more times; I on two by veronica kacin scale and back got off theik, msc, rd read ing right!

question that I am often asked is who can or natural super fibre shou ld use supplements PGX ? There are a numb of people with various healt h er cond itions who from incor porat can benefit ing super fibres into their lifest include (and may yle. These cond not be exclusively itions limited to): Pre-d iabetes As a weight loss Diabetes aid, natural fibre supplements do but they can make not burn calor Metabolic Synd eating fewer calor ies, rome ies each day much you, correct your Weight Loss easier for appetite and help you decrease the meals. Scientific Appetite Cont size of your research has prove rol n there is a link sugar and appe High Cholestero between blood tite. When blood l sugar levels rise throughout the and fall many times People wishing day, a person to increase fibre tends to eat too overweight. Low in their diets and much and becom movements blood sugar incre regulate bowel e ases appetite. conta ining PGX Supplements with a high-fibre composition, mix create a highly Pre-d iabetic and with food to viscous fibre comp diabetic patients lex that reaches 90 minutes after can benefit from full viscosity 60super fibre supp taking them with taking soluble lements to help a meal. This gel its viscosity despi gain control over matr ix maintains levels. Adding te the influence their blood sugar more fibre to meal of stomach acids slowed digestion s helps increase and retains that , resulting in a process that keep the sense of fulln feeling of satisf ess longer after s you feeling full action longer. that is experienc meals. and satisfied The slowed diges ed when using tion a fibre suppleme conversion of carbo nt also slows hydrates and other the Soluble fibres also help foods into sugar a more gradual , resulting in lower bad (LDL release of gluco increasing the se into the blood ) cholesterol levels levels are less likely excretion rate stream. Blood by of blood cholestero to spike when sugar the chole using suppleme l. The liver pack sterol into bile Soluble fibre supp nts such as these ages acids and send lements have been . for fat break s them to the smal clinically prove glycemic index down. From there l intestine n to reduce the of foods by up , the cholestero to 50 per cent. bloodstream, wher l finds its way is a scale that rank The glycemic index e it can clog arter to the s carbohydrate-ric (GI) healt h ies and cause h foods by how problems. But blood glucose levels other kinds of much they raise soluble fibre, like after meals, when these cholestero PGX, binds with compared to a (glucose or white l-containing bile some of standard food bread). acids when they intestine, and arrive in the smal quick ly moves l them out of the results in lower body. This remo Metabolic synd total and bad val rome often devel cholesterol levels ops in physically . with high waist inactive indiv idual circumference s We all need and excessive abdo high blood sugar to pay attention mina l fat, mode and blood press to our daily fibre stly healt h. Supp ure, lower HDL intake for optim increased trigly lements like PGX cholesterol and um cerides chara are an excel lent According to cterized by insul source of dieta Canadian study current Healt ry fibre. in resistance. on indiv iduals h Canada recom A adults shou with Metabolic mendations, healt that consumpti ld consume at syndrome show hy on of a highly solub least 25 grams ed insoluble) of fibre (both solub le, highly visco every day. called PGX, impr us fibre, comm le and oved overa ll meta only bolic control by resistance. This reducing insul finding was also in PGX has accompanied by been clinically cholesterol, LDL reductions in total proven to corre cholesterol, and lose weight, contr ct appetite helpi the LDL/HDL There was also ol and balance ng you cholesterol ratio an improvement blood sugar levels . cholesterol. in long-term sugar , and even lower Many healt h bene metabolism. fits may be avail people and may able to a numb even help YOU er of to change your life!
our issue with men 2010 viva mag onli ne.c om

PauleT Te Yoc



Helping one mi llion people loss weight

} 103

d Getting Starte

102 }

figure 2

Uncontrolled and erratic blood woman (BMI sugar levels of 32) with a poor a moderately diet (Results Glucose Monit of 24 hour Contin obese oring System , Medtronics) uous 19

Controlled and balanced blood consuming a super fibre supple sugar levels of the same woman after weight loss of ment for 6 weeks about 2 pound s per week (Resul and experiencing a health Glucose Monit oring System y ts of 24 hour , Medtronics) Continuous 19

t eople lose weigh p

our issue with men 2010 viva mag onli ne.c om

1 million helping
104 } viva mag
onl ine.c om our issue with men 2010

(rhn) nutritionist moist food such be stirred into PGX granules can or sweet potatoes. Serving options: rt, smoothies, soup Glycople X) ly stirred hot cerea ls, yogu or PGX (Poly as whole grain to salads or simp ral soluble fibre be sprinkled on you and your format of natu he unflavoured y up to ules may also The granules are use is completel se one The gran water or juice. you choose to you can only choo dosing and with 500 mL of cold dont feel that allow for easy ks into 375but lifest yle needs, ies. PGX granules replacement drin meals in socia l ules and meal and have no calor eetly added to gel capsules, gran using the meal g, they can be discr product! Soft sleek pack agin for example, enjoy on-t he- their Some people, capsules to take are all available. settings. and the soft gel ), along with how nt for brea kfast replaceme = 2 scoops (67g are outlined below k: 1 Serv ing of each product aceMen t Drin go. The features into your diet. PGX Mea l rePl ting PGX Daily PGX mL) and to begin incor pora ides 5 grams of (approx 175-350 prov of water ted gels prov ide 2.5 1 scoop in a glass of water as direc t Gel S: 3 soft Begin by mixing in 350-500 mL a Mat riX Sof ase to 2 scoops s of PGX , 21 PGX Daily Ultr gradually incre prov ides 5 gram gel capsules . Each serv ing and is grams of PGX . r dose of 1-2 soft ins and minerals the product label to begin at a lowe up to the on balance of vitam ded ly build a good Its recommen of protein and own pace and slow your grams meal. Go at your us flavours. This is to see how before each main gels per meal. available in vario l water after dose of 3-6 soft king additiona recommended t brea kfast and/ ase in fibre. Drin ges k is a convenien y digestive chan use youre adjusts to the incre Replacement Drin l body brea kfast beca to avoid temporar . The PGX Mea is encouraged e if you often skip down within a few days ingesting PGX h meal alter nativ e too busy to sit in fibre, usua lly chain or lunc to the increase or you find your ium sts 600 mg of med and plan for a in the morning as the body adju mg of PGX and during the day h not hung ry ks ains 750 coconut oil, whic 1-2 healt hy snac rolled and Each soft gel cont from purified your day of cont and eat. Include Ts); healt hy fats er to round off triglycerides (MC ally balanced dinn nutr ition enic properties. also have ther mog satisfied eating. diet so s of PGX asing fibre in the contains 2.5 gram leS: 1 packet 500 mL of rtant when incre daily water ules into 375e is very impo PGX Daily SinG dose of PGX , your . Water intak stirr ing the gran packets, 2 times daily you increase your Begin with 1-2 up to 2 packets aware that when work . be juice. Gradually ets 3 times daily as well. cold water or ved with 2 pack intake increases have been achie Optimal resu lts s of PGX per day. prov ides 15 gram This higher dose edt, ba, by kristin metv

luble Fibre on Natural So

} 105

for FREE
with Julia Havey

On peop THE1GillioAL le help m


s of people to helped thousand lbs myself, I have lifestyle, Since losing 135 simple changes in loss goals through million reach their weight , I want to help 1 ther with PGX d diet plans. Toge same not regimente by making these weight loss goals le to achieve their Diet peop of The Vice-Busting a Havey, author changes. Juli

m pport at Receive free su

Get your copy of et The Vice-Busting Di y book FREE with an PGX purchase.

for Join /7 FREE access 24

ke a changes can ma Learn how small ey, author erence. Julia Hav huge diff g tivator, is helpin and master mo rth America people across No ight loss goals. achieve their we

Diet e-book and The Vice-Busting audio book gram weight 26-week PGX pro loss journal healthy eating Comprehensive food guide h master Consultations wit vey motivator Julia Ha nselling Nutritional cou
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questions to answer your centre is available com The PGX support or by email at support@pgx. 70 at 1-800-895-14

Ken Vannucci

Understanding Consumer Packaged Goods in your Retail Environment

by Ken Vannucci

had two appointments recently with two different sized Vendors. One was a very large multinational and the other a smaller local Vendor. These were product presentations Vendors hoping to get into the stores of London Drugs. Each Vendor had products that sounded pretty cool and looked pretty cool. They could have potential in the Canadian market for sure, and could have had potential in our stores.

62 IHR february 2011

kens kool

Take the time as a Retailer to help. Take the time as a Vendor to ask for advice and suggestions and be open to positive critiques.
We had fairly lengthy discussions together, and I explained what I thought were the pros and cons in their packaging and marketing proposals. They pitched their wares and I listened. We bantered a bit. Overall, there were more positives than negatives. Overall two pretty good meetings and all parties left feeling satisfied. However, at the end of the meetings I listed neither Vendors product for the stores. Why? Add value for the retailer and consumer I explained to you that both Vendors had potential and that both could do well. We had good meetings and neither the Vendors nor I were upset afterwards. So why did I arrive at this decision? One of the main reasons for my decision was the products were not much different from the products that were already on the shelves in our stores just another OTC (over the counter) and just another Food item. Well maybe not just another as we have many, many just another products on our shelves (and not just us too much selection and choice in Canadian retail in general). However, both these products did not have enough oomph to grow any of the categories they were going to play in. They would have done fine but at the expense of other products, and with no real gain for us the retailer or the consumer. More confusion from product saturation isnt what is needed. Differentiate your product Another reason was the marketing strategies were not well thought out. Both kinda knew the market they were going after but did not do a convincing job in communicating that. They were not telling me anything new or different. In fact they werent even telling me anything old in a convincing manner. Each Vendor thought that a decent package and a good product was enough. Make sense? You would think that should be sufficient, but sometimes its the other intangibles that kill you. We wont get into that in this post. Winwin Why tell the Vendor anything? Why spend any time with them if I knew from the get go that these items would be not listed? Why help or care if the products make it or not? And why would both sides be OK after meetings that brought about no new business to either side? For me I like to help Vendors, to provide ideas, to provide constructive input and I like the banter. It keeps me interested in my job and always thinking and looking at products from many different angles. Hopefully this translates into better product selection for our consumers. For London Drugs, hopefully it keeps me from making too many mistakes (good luck on that one!) when choosing products to sell. The Vendor, in return, gets a professional opinion that they can choose to use to make changes to packages, marketing plans, whatever, before they get too far into manufacturing, packaging and or media commitments. The Vendor may pull back, reorganize and then pitch again with better success in listings and sales. The advice and opinion that retailers provide can save Vendors and retailers a boatload of money that otherwise might have been poorly spent. For consumers it may stop another product hitting the shelves that wont deliver any more than some of the products already out there. In other words a chance to avoid disappointment! Honesty is the best policy! The more honesty that a retailer can provide to a Vendor with respect to their knowledge of the consumer, packaging and marketing, and of their experiences with other similar products, all help build better and stronger business and personal relationships with that will continue for years. Potential dividends can be immeasurable for retailers, vendors, and really and truly consumers in the end. Vendors are not the enemy. They are not the retailers adversary. Vendors are (I hate saying this as it over used) a partner. Helping the Vendor is good for everyone. Whether the Retailer ultimately carries the product or not is not the issue. Take the time as a Retailer to help. Take the time as a Vendor to ask for advice and suggestions and be open to positive critiques. If you cannot or choose not to do this as a team, everyone loses including, and more importantly, the consumer. Helping is good for everyone! Everyone wins! I hope that helped.
february 2011 IHR


research news

Higher vitamin D levels is associated with lower relapse risk in multiple sclerosis.
a protective association between higher vitamin D levels and the onset of multiple sclerosis (MS) has been demonstrated; however, its role in modulating MS clinical course has been little studied. a prospective cohort study of 145 participants with relapsing-remitting MS from 2002 to 2005 were investigated to examine whether higher levels of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-OH-D) were associated with a lower risk of relapses in MS patients. Serum 25-OH-D levels were measured twice a year. Higher 25-OH-D levels were associated with a reduced hazard of relapse. This occurred in a dose-dependent linear fashion, with each 10nmol/l increase in 25-OH-D resulting in up to a 12% reduction in risk of relapse. Clinically, raising 25-OH-D levels by 50nmol/l could halve the hazard of a relapse.

Review of FDA trials suggest antidepressants only marginally better than placebo
a large study of the trials suggested that antidepressants are only marginally efficacious compared to placebos and documented profound publication bias that inflated their apparent efficacy. The analysis also documented a second form of bias in which researchers failed to report the negative results for the per-specified primary outcome measure submitted to the Dfa, while highlighting in published studies positive results from a secondary or even new measure as though it was their primary measure of interest. The STar*D analysis found that the effectiveness of antidepressant therapies was probably even lower than the modest one reported by the study authors with an apparent progressively increasing dropout rate across each study phase. The reviewed findings argue for a reappraisal of the current recommended standard of care for depression.

Preventive effect of long-term administration of Korean red ginseng on incidence of human cancers.
a study evaluated the effects of red ginseng extract on the incidence of human primary cancer in patients who had risk factors for cancer. red ginseng extract powder (1 g) was administered orally to each patient per week for three years and followed up for eight years. The development of various cancers in the red ginseng subjects was compared to that of a placebo group. Twenty-four cancers of various organs were diagnosed from these subjects during the 11 years: eight lung cancers, six stomach cancers, two liver cancers, two colorectal cancers, and one cancer each of the nasopharynx, esophagus, pancreas, urinary bladder, prostate, and gallbladder. among the 24 cancer patients, 21 were male. In the present clinical trial on chronic atrophic gastritis patients, administration of red ginseng extract powder for three years exerted significant preventive effects on the incidence of non-organspecific human cancers in males.

Soy plus prebiotic improves cholesterol: Study
a randomized controlled cross-over study conducted at St. Michaels Hospital in Toronto evaluated the value of prebiotics added to a soybased diet with the aim of potentially increasing the cholesterol-lowering effect of soy. adults with high LDL cholesterol completed three four-week diet intervention phases; a low-fat dairy diet plus 10g/day prebiotic, a soy food-containing diet (30 g/day soy protein) plus 10 g/day placebo, and a soy food-containing diet with 10 g/day prebiotic. Intake of soy plus prebiotic resulted in greater reductions in LDL-C compared with prebiotic alone. In addition, HDL cholesterol was significantly increased on soy plus prebiotic compared with prebiotic alone. Soy foods in conjunction with a prebiotic resulted in significant improvements in lipid profile, which was not seen when either prebiotic or soy was taken alone.


IHR february 2011


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the Journey
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Mushroom extract, Ganoderma lucidum suppresses the development of colorectal cancer
a water-soluble extract of Ganoderma lucidum mycelia (MaK) is one of the G. lucidum extracts that has been reported to show have exhibit cancerpreventive effects in animal studies. To confirm cancerpreventive effects of MaK, a no-treatment concurrent controlled trial on patients with colorectal adenomas. Patients who were determined to be carrying colorectal adenomas by colonoscopy were enrolled. Patients in the MaK group took MaK (1.5g/day) for 12 months. follow-up colonoscopy was performed after 12 months, and the colonoscopists recorded the size and site of all adenomas. The changes in the number of adenomas up to 12 months increased in the control group, while decreasing in the MaK group to. The results suggest that Ganoderma lucidum mycelia water-soluble extract suppresses the development of colorectal adenomas.

Blueberries decrease cardiovascular risk factors in people with metabolic syndrome.
among all fruits, berries have shown substantial cardioprotective benefits due to their high polyphenol content. a study examined the effects of blueberry supplementation on features of metabolic syndrome and inflammation in obese men and women. forty-eight participants with metabolic syndrome consumed freeze-dried blueberry beverage (50 g freeze-dried blueberries, approximately 350 g fresh blueberries) or equivalent amounts of fluids (controls, 960 mL water) daily for 8 weeks in a randomized controlled trial. The decreases in systolic and diastolic blood pressures were greater in the blueberry-supplemented group (- 6 and - 4%, respectively) than in controls (- 1.5 and - 1.2%) , whereas the serum glucose concentration and lipid profiles were not affected.

SAMe effective for patients suffering from depression
Despite the progressive increase in the number of antidepressants, many patients with major depressive disorders continue to be symptomatic. The use of S-adenosyl methionine (SaMe), a naturally occurring molecule as adjunctive treatment was investigated in patients who suffered from major depressive disorder patients while taking anti-depression medication but still suffered symptoms of depression. for six weeks, adjunctive oral SaMe (800 mg/twice daily) was given while patients continued taking their prescribed anti-depressant medication. remission rates were higher for patients treated with adjunctive SaMe (36.1% and 25.8%, respectively) than adjunctive placebo (17.6% versus 11.7%, respectively). These preliminary results suggest that SaMe can be an effective, well-tolerated, and safe adjunctive treatment strategy for patients with major depressive disorder currently on anti-depression medication.

Apple juice improved behavioural but not cognitive symptoms in moderate-to-late stage Alzheimers
Preclinical studies demonstrate that apple juice exerts multiple beneficial effects including reduction of central nervous system oxidative damage, suppression of alzheimers disease (aD) hallmarks, improved cognitive performance, and organized synaptic signalling. an open-label clinical trial in which 21 institutionalized individuals with moderate-to-severe aD consumed two 4-oz glasses of apple juice daily for 1 month. Participants demonstrated no change in the Dementia rating Scale, and institutional caregivers reported no change in alzheimers Disease Cooperative Study (aDCS)-activities of Daily Living (aDL) in this brief study. However, caregivers reported an approximate 27% (P < .01) improvement in behavioural and psychotic symptoms associated with dementia as quantified by the Neuropsychiatric Inventory, with the largest changes in anxiety, agitation, and delusion. This pilot study suggests that apple juice may be a useful supplement.


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We mix our products the old-fashioned way, by hand (as you might in your kitchen). Handcrafting small batches, of 50 gallons or less, ensures greater quality control. If its not found in nature then its not in an Aubrey Organics product.

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Effects of whey protein isolate on overweight individuals
The subjects were randomized to whey protein, casein or control for 12 weeks. Seventy men and women with a mean age of 48.4 years and a mean bMI of 31.3kg/m2 completed the study. There was a significant decrease in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol at week 12 in the whey group compared with the casein. fasting insulin levels and homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance scores were also significantly decreased in the whey group compared with the control group. The present study demonstrated that supplementation with whey proteins improves fasting lipids and insulin levels in overweight and obese individuals.

Sleep restriction for 1 week reduces insulin sensitivity in healthy men.
a 12-day inpatient General Clinical research Center study included 20 healthy men (age 20-35 years and bMI 20-30 kg/m2). Subjects spent 10 hours a night in bed for approximately eight nights including three inpatient nights, followed by five hours a night in bed for seven nights. Subjects received 300 mg/day modafinil or placebo during sleep restriction. Diet and activity were controlled. On the last two days of each condition, glucose metabolism was assessed. Insulin sensitivity was significantly reduced by approximately 20% after sleep restriction. Glucose tolerance was reduced by sleep restriction and were not affected by modafinil treatment.

Younger women with poor circulation are at increased risk of depressive symptoms.
The study enrolled 444 newly diagnosed patients with Peripheral artery Disease (32% women) from two Dutch outpatient clinics. Patients depressive symptoms were assessed at baseline and six months later. Initially, 33% of women less than 65 years had significant depressive symptoms, and 6 months later, significant depressive symptoms had developed in 19% of the other younger women. adjusting for demographics and clinical factors, women less than 65 years experienced fourfold greater odds of baseline and follow-up depressive symptoms compared with men who were 65 years and older.

Prevalence of celiac disease in autoimmune liver disease
Prevalence of coeliac disease was assessed among 100 autoimmune liver disease patients in Iran and compared it with the prevalence in healthy individuals. The study also sought to determine if rates of celiac disease among autoimmune liver patients had been evaluated in Western populations. among Iranian participants in the study, elevated prevalence of coeliac disease (10-15%) was observed compared to the general population (0.1-1%). To a lesser extent, the prevalence was high in patients with autoimmune hepatitis (2-4%). In our systematic review, prevalence of coeliac disease in autoimmune hepatitis in the majority of studies was 4% or more; several studies also reported such prevalence in primary biliary cirrhosis.


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Take a moment to fill out this questionnaire and your store may be among those highlighted in the Top Seller review Section of the next issue of ihr. The number of units sold determines the top sellers. To be included in the review, products mentioned must be classified as natural health products not standard consumer brands.
Store Name__________________________________________________ city ______________________________________ province ___________ date ___________ Name ____________________ Title _________ Address __________________________________________________________ phone ___________________________ Fax _____________________________ email __________________________________________________ Store Size: under 1,000sq.ft. 3,000-5,000sq.ft. 1,000-3,000sq.ft. over 5,000sq.ft $20,000-$40,000 Approximate Age of Store customers: under 25 25-40 40-65 over 65

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Interested candidates must be available to work varied shifts, including weekdays, weeknights and weekends on a regular basis. The successful candidate will be responsible to oversee the operations of the Natural Value department including: Ordering Merchandising Labour scheduling Ensuring budgets are met Inventory control and selection Motivation and development of the department team The ideal candidate will have: Retail experience and/or education in Alternative Medicine, Herbology, Vitamins & Minerals, as well as an interest and knowledge of Food and Nutrition; The ability to work in a fast paced environment and the ability to multitask and prioritize; Excellent communication skills and exemplary customer service skills. If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit a detailed resume and cover letter to:


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Boston Mills Allergy Group Inc. is looking for highly motivated, commissioned sales representation. We offer allergy testing services to Naturopathic Doctors. If you are already calling on Naturopathic Doctors and are looking for an additional product line please send your resume to: Boston Mills Allergy Group Inc. 15023 Chinguacousy Road, Caledon, ON L7C 3H7

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Puresource Naturals is currently hiring part time demo staff for Ontario, specifically, SW, GTA, and Niagara Region. A fun and fantastic opportunity to subsidize your income! Must have education in nutrition, naturopathic, or similar alternative background. Please forward resumes to: Only qualified candidates will be contacted.
Preparation of compliant Canadian label text for food products, supplements, skin care and drugs Preparation of Drug Identification Number (DIN) and Natural Health Product (NHP) Number submissions Preparation and management of GMP, SOP and Quality Control programs within the guidelines of the Natural Health Products Directorate Formulating and contract packaging available for Canada and the U.S.A Warehousing services and order fulfillment

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Take a moment to fill out this questionnaire and your store may be among those highlighted in the Top Seller review Section of the next issue of ihr. The number of units sold determines the top sellers. To be included in the review, products mentioned must be classified as natural health products not standard consumer brands.

Store Name__________________________________________________ city ______________________________________ province ___________ date ___________ Name ____________________ Title _________ Address __________________________________________________________ phone ___________________________ Fax _____________________________ email __________________________________________________ Store Size: under 1,000sq.ft. 3,000-5,000sq.ft. 1,000-3,000sq.ft. over 5,000sq.ft $20,000-$40,000 Approximate Age of Store customers: under 25 25-40 40-65 over 65

Approximate income of Store customers:


over $60,000

>Food Top SellerS product: Size: product: Size: product: Size: >HerBS Top SellerS product: Size: product: Size: product: Size: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour:

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