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A very Good Morning to all the Judges, teachers and friends. Standing in front of you,I feel quite nervous.

Thankfully it indicates that I am completely normal. The topic I ll be talking on is India Needs Equality. We as a nation have grown tremendously since independence invarioussphereseducation,science,technology,economy,etc. Almost 90% of this growth has benefited only an miniscule minority of the population; the majority has been untouched by it. I have lived in Mumbai for 4and a years ,in Colaba. Living there made me realize that this great city represents India in its various forms. From the snobbish celebrities and their kids to the humble ragpicker, from the business hotshots to the cunning local moneylender, from the dizzying heights of the skyscrapers to the chaotic slums and shanties, from the hobnobbing expats to the hard working fishing folk, the city is full of stark contrasts. Where such contrasts thrive discrimination, inequality is rampant. I am going to go deep into equality in the 2 EsEducation and Economy.I am going to take my real life experiences in Mumbai to highlight the need of equality.

1.Education:My friends Amogh Sharma and Pawan Meena gave the iit jee exam in
2008.Amogh got 4 more marks than Pawan. Mind you 4 marks is a huge difference in JEE. However Pawan got into IIT Kharagpur with ease while Amogh couldnt even make it. Hows that? Its the quota system. They both live in the same building in the posh colaba, belong to affluent families, living a comfortable life. Just because of Pawans surname, he was given preference. Amogh was very sad, stressed and scared about his career until he got through by mht-cet exam. Thank the government. In the name of giving equal opportunities, the govt. plays votebank politics introducing quotas for different communities in educational institutions. These communities are broadly classified into Schedule Caste, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes. Some govts raised the quota to an outrageous 70%.What will happen to the general population then?The quota system was useful to give those communities an opportunity to rise after years of atrocities. What purpose does it serve now other than attaining political mileage. The genuinely needy students are not helped by this system. In some premier institutes, they even have quota for the faculty. This will only bring down the standard of education. Quotas should be done away with to give a rocket boost to education.

2.Economy:Opposite our house was a big slum area named Machimaar Nagarthe
same place where the 26/11 terrorists entered Mumbai. Rashmi, a rag picker lives there with her daughter who used to work as a maid in our house.She scavenges and struggles to survive by doing back breaking work, sifting and sorting through the rubbish in the landfill site earning Rs.98 per day. Ironically,Less than 1km from here lives Anil Ambani,the business magnate.There are crores of rashmis in India which reiterates the fact that the economic boom has not trickled down to the poor.Can a country where a third of the population is illiterate be an Information Technology Superpower?Can anyone feel safe living in islands of prosperity in a sea of poverty?The poor are deprived of even the basic needs and facilities.It is only a matter of time before they barter their spades for knives, in a desperate bid to liberate themselves from the depths of poverty.The growth of inequality is majorly fuelling the extremist Naxalites movement against the government.Many huge projects,in Orissa,Jharkhand are on standstill due to this.Our Prime Minister has also said that the naxalists are the main threat to Indias economy and security.Who would invest in such a country? Therefore the need for equality is pressing. The divide between the have and have nots fast be reduced otherwise the issue will boil into a massive violent form.Our nation depends on it. Jai Hind