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,Sector-Pi, Builders Area, Greater Noida, U.P-201310

(To be submitted on or before Thursday of each week. Processing Time three working days after date of submission. Screening Committee will function on all Sunday 1100am-1300pm).

Details by Flat Owner:-

1. 2. 3. 4.

Flat No. Name Date of taking over flat Address (a) Permanent

Tenants pass port size phot ogra

(b) Office/correspondence 5. 6. 7. Telephone No.

Office-----------------Residence-----------------Mobile No. (if held)-----------

Email ID Maint. Subscription and Water Charges paid till..

Signature of Treasurer

Date---------------Details by Tenant 1. 2. 3. 4. -


Name Date of Birth Fathers/Husbands Name Permanent address -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------------------5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tele No------------------Correspondence address --------------------------------------------------------------

6. 7. 8.

Occupation (service/self employed)Designation Name and address of Company/Organisation(Attach copy of company ID)


Tenants Signature____________________

9. Proof of employment on a letterhead duly signed and stamped with company/organisation seal and INDICATING REFERENCE NUMBER.(Self employed should not be preferred). 10. Telephone Numbers Office-----------------------Residence--------------------------Mobile No---------------11. 12.

Period of Tenancy Particulars of family members scheduled to reside with him

Name Relationship Age Occupation

Blood Group

13. 14.

Particulars of domestic servants (part/full time)

Details of Vehicles:a) Parking of more than one vehicle shall be on payment and with prior permission of the society b) Parking of commercial vehicle will not be allowed within EGM complex. Vehicle No. Type Colour

(Collect vehicle stickers from society office, on payment and display)

INTRODUCER 16. Only one of the following can be the introducer.(Tick anyone). a) Owner of the flat being rented out. A project developed by Air Force Naval b) Registered Property Dealers by EGMRWA. Hosing Board c) Authorized person (to have proper original authority letter). Name Address. Phone Landline Mobile.

Undertaking by the introducer Iam responsible for good conduct of tenant during his stay in ELDECO GREEN MEADOWS Society, Gr Noida. Date. ( ) Sign of Introducer ( ) Sign of Tenant .

Date.. Undertaking by the tenant

I hereby undertake that:-

(a) I shall abide by the byelaws of the Association. In case of non-adherence/ compliance, my tenancy would liable to be terminated by the Association on giving a one month notice.

(b) The rented house premises would be utilised ONLY for residential purpose and NOT for any sort
of commercial activities such as beauty parlour, Tiffin supply, supply of clothes/dress material etc. In case found indulged in such activities, I am liable to be evicted from the flat.

(c) I would clear ALL DUES before vacating the house. No dues certificate from the owner and
Association is to be submitted at the gate for allowing the luggage to be taken out, one week in advance.

(d) A copy of the Lease/Rent Agreement deed between the flat owner and the undersigned made on a
Rs.10/- stamp paper DULY ATTESTED BY THE NOTARY is enclosed herewith. Lease Deed is signed on all pages by the owner as well as the tenant. (e) I have been instructed by the owner of the Flat, that I shall have to pay monthly maintenance and water charges, as per the existing rates, for which I agree and which shall be payable by me to the Association directly in the Association office on or before the third day of each English Calendar month.

(f) In addition to the byelaws of the Association I shall obey all prevalent traffic rules and adhere to
the laid down speed inside the EGM Complex. (g) Possession of vehicle shall be with valid registration papers only.

(h) I shall not drive without valid license within the EGM complex.
(i) Vehicles shall be parked at proper place only in orderly manner.

(j) Learning to drive any vehicle inside the EGM complex will not be undertaken.
(j) I shall maintain cleanliness of the surroundings of the society / rented house. (k) I shall not cause any inconvenience to the neighbours, I shall be responsible for the behaviour/ conduct of my family members.

(l) Any time EGMRWA feels, Police Verification may be sought and for this, I wouldnt have any
objection and if anything found NOT in favour I would be liable to vacate the flat immediately. . (m) At any time if any guest is staying overnight with me, proper permission will be obtained from the Association office.

(n) I do/do not posses any firearm, if yes, then

i) Details of firearm. ii) License details (Lic. No.issued by.valid upto..) Date_____________ Tenants Signature__________________________ 1. Witness .

I hereby declare that the facts and details contained in this registration form and the documents Signature______________ enclosed are true & correct to the best of my knowledge, ifFull Name_________________ any facts and details found wrong, I am liable to be evicted from the flat. Address____________________

Tenant Signature: Full Name: Flat Owner Signature. Full Name: 2. Witness Signature______________ Full Name_________________ Address____________________

For Association: office use

Member of Screening Committee (Minimum three members) 1.---------------------------------------2.---------------------------------------3.---------------------------------------4.---------------------------------------5.---------------------------------------Remarks ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Signature --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Date ----------------------------------------------

Approved/ Not Approved

Secretary/Vice President



Payment of Associate membership fee Rs 500/- (To be deposited after clearance from screening committee) Rs-----------------/- Receipt No:--------------Date:__________ Signature of Treasurer___________

Note:1. Internal shifting may be permitted under unavoidable/exceptional cases only. a) State specific reason for shifting.
b) NOC from previous flat owner is mandatory.

2. Document Enclosed Herewith:

(a) A photocopy of Lease Deed (b) A working confirmation Letter on company letter head with seal. Date_____________
Note: Please register same in society office before fill up.

Tenants signature_________________

APPLICATION FOR ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP OF EGMRWA (For Tenants Only) To The Secretary EGMRWA Greater Noida Affix 1. I. S/o D/o W/o.. photo R/o of Intend to reside/ am residing in flat Tenant tenant w.e.f.. 2. The said flat is owned by .. 3. I am working in (Name of organisation ) as..since or I am running my own business of(Specify) 4. The address of my office is. 5. Details of my family members who intend to reside/are residing with me are as under:Name Age Sex Relationship Occupation

6. I do hereby apply to become Associate members of EGMRWA and undertake that:a) I shall abide by the rules, by laws and decisions of the Management Committee of EGMRWA.

b) I shall regularly pay the subscription and other dues as decided by

EGMRWA, from time to time. c) I shall not use my garage for any purpose other than parking my own vehicle(s). d) In case I employ any servant for domestic helper, I shall get his/her pass made from EGMRWA office. e) No police/criminal case is pending against me. f) I shall inform the EGMRWA office, in writing, at the time of vacating the said flat and obtain clearance from EGMRWA office and the flat owner prior to vacating the flat. g) The above information is true to the best of my knowledge.

Counter Signature o the Owner or authorized signatory Signature Name Name... Address Address. Phone No Phone No. Date. Date. Approved/Not approved Secretary Date EGMRWA (To be filled in duplicate, and affix photo on both the copies.)

A project developed by Air Force Naval