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Scheme of Work for English Language Teaching

Form One

A guide for English teachers in lesson planning.

Module for English Language Teaching Form One Month Chapter and Themes Family Circle Peopl e Socia l Issue s Literature The River 2 Lev el 1 Interpersonal Informational Aesthetic Grammar Vocabulary


Introduce self, family and others Talk about self and family Write descriptions about self and family members Write simple rules Write simple account of experiences Recount experiences during a festival

Note important details

Read a folk tale about family love Read a poem Read an excerpt of a story

Simple present tense Adjectives Punctuation s Singular/ Plurals Articles

Family relations hips Dictionar y skills Building a word bank

Identify main ideas Give sequenc es of events

Draw conclusion s Compose simple dialogue s

Februar y

Circle of Friends Peopl e Literature The River

Welcome and invite friends to a function Accept and decline invitations Apologize for mistakes Compliment others

Note important details

Find more details in texts

Read stories on hospitalit y Read an excerpt of a story Act out sections of the text

WH Questions Adjectives Personal pronouns

Building word bank Prefixes

3 Make a greeting card Write letter describing a friend Talk about teenage lifestyles Respond to questions politely by giving information Scanning for details

Make simple predictio ns Compose simple poems


Live Smart Healt h Literature: Flipping Fantastic

Read a story on sharing and caring

Modals Positive and negative answers Pronouns

Building word bank Food categorie s

Review for monthly test

Ask and respond to questions

Write a letter about a hobby

Prepare a menu Understan ding food labels Write a paragraph on food habits Write a paragraph on teenagers lifestyle Read news reports Scan for details

Give sequenc es of events


Better Safe than Sorry Socia l issue s Literature Flipping Fantastic

Ask and respond politely to questions on accidents Ask and respond to questions on clarification

Read a story of an accident victim

Match main ideas with paragraph

WHQuestions Simple Past Tense Modals Preposition s Conjunction s

Building word bank Suffixes Phrasal verbs



Recount an accident Talk about school and class activities Ask questions to get information on extra -curricular activities Identify main points Write a letter about school

cause and effect Listen to a talk about school Note important details Read an excerpt from a story on school of the future Preposition s of time Adverbs of Manner Building a word bank on school life Suffixes

Schooldays Socia l Issue s Literature Flippi ng Fanta stic

2 3

Write an announce ment Write paragraph s with main ideas and supporting details Listen to talk about advertise ment Note the important details Read excerpt from a story Countable nouns Uncountabl e nouns Determiner s Building word bank on the things people use Words


Making 1 Choices Value s Literature Flippi ng

Talk about advertisem ents Ask for the price of products

Fanta stic 2 Mid-year Examinatio n

Making enquiries about a product Fill in an order form Write a letter about a present

Identify supporting details

Changing text to dialogue Describe a characte r

related to things

Draw conclusion Understan d advertise ment Follow sequence of ideas Deal with unfamiliar words Read a poem about a soldiers death Comparativ e adjectives Superlative adjectives Future tense Collective nouns Building a word bank on collective nouns


Proud to be 1 Malaysian Value s Literature Mr Nobody 2

Talk about Malaysian life Respond to questions appropriate

3 Write a diary entry about a holiday

Draw conclusion s

Talk about characte rs and values

July Its A Small World After Scien ce & Tech nolog y Literature Mr Nobody July Monthly examinatio n 1

Write a postcard Talk about information Giving information Read encylopedi a extract Scan for details Read two poems on invention s Possesive pronouns Determiner s Building word bank on ways of communi cation Idiomatic expressio ns

2 Identifying supporting ideas Understan ding notetaking Identify cause and effect Write a description on the role of gadgets Read an announce ment Scan for details Read a story on courage and compassi on Simple Past Tense Adverbs

Talk about characte rs in poems

Writing email message giving directions


Keep It Green, Keep It Clean Envir onm

Talk about recreation parks Follow directions with the aid

Homopho nes Phrasal verbs Building a word

ent Literature Boscombe Valley Mystery 2

of a map Write an announce ment for a competitio n Draw conclusion s Making predictio n

bank on environm ent

Write instructions on saving the environmen t Recount an incident Ask and respond to questions

Septem ber

My 1 Brothers Keeper Value s Literature The Boscombe Valley mystery

2 3

Read a news report Understan d the meaning of words using contextual clues Rearrange sentences to form a paragraph

Read a story on love and compassi on

Determiner s Articles Comparativ e adjectives

Building a word bank on words that show quantity Proverbs

Write a story on caring families


We Did It 1 Value s The Boscombe Valley Mystery 2

Talk about achievemen ts

Read an introductio n about Lat Scan for details Follow sequence for ideas Identify main ideas Identify supporting details Write a story on patriotism Write instruction s on how to use ATM

Read a poem about confiden ce Retell the story of the poem

Demonstrat ive pronouns Phrasal verbs Present continuous tense

Words related to buildings Building a word bank on sports

Novemb er

Our Changing World Scien ce &

Talk about changes

Read a poem about changes Find out

Future tense Conjunction s

Building a word bank on similes Similes

techn ology 2 Understan ding the meaning of words using contextual clues Identify main ideas Write the ending of the story Write a recipe for happiness

the meaning of words

Compose simple lines