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Version 1 Article Product Group Beads Pendants Article No. 5000 6690 Amount 140 pcs. 2 pcs. Size 2 mm 27 mm Color Crystal Silver Shade Crystal Silver Night Color Code 001 SSHA 001 SINI


Supplies & Tools

2x French ear wire, silver 1.8m Nylon thread, transparent, .20mm

Chrain nose pliers Lighter

Version 2 Article Product Group Beads Pendants Article No. 5000 6690 Amount 140 pcs. 2 pcs. Size 2 mm 27 mm Color White Opal Crystal AB Color Code 234 001 AB

Scissors Tweezers

STEP 1: Cut 90 cm of 0.2 mm nylon thread and slide on 4 Beads from our SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS assortment, article 5000,

2 mm Crystal Silver Shade. Now go through the last bead with both the thread ends so that a circle is formed as shown.

x4, 5000 2mm Crystal Silver Shade

Scale 2:1 0.2mm 90cm

STEP 2: Slide on one more bead and cross thread ends through it. Next slide onto each thread end one more Bead and
cross over through the third Bead. Now fix it by sliding in the thread end through the two beads once more.

STEP 3: Slide on a new bead and cross over both thread ends through it. Then slide on to each thread end two more beads and
cross through the fifth one. Next secure this row by threading in twice through the last Bead from the previous row.


x1 x2

STEP 4: A repeat step 3 to make another row of beads but slide three beads on each end this time and secure this row as shown.
Repeat Step 3:



STEP 5: Repeat step 3 two more times to add two more rows of beads to the structure. Now slide in from our

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS article 6690, 27mm Crystal Silver Night. Slide both thread ends through the hole of the pendant and cross threads through opposite Beads, then with each thread end go back through the beads to the point at where the process started and pull tight.

Repeat Step 3 x2:

STEP 6: Repeat step 3 and thread in this time 5 beads on both the thread ends then cross over through a new Bead.
Repeat step 5 and secure this row too with the previous row as shown in the illustrations.
Repeat Step 5: Repeat Step 3:

x5 x1


STEP 7: Now repeat step 6 adding on six more beads on each thread end and crossing over again through a new Bead.
Secure this row with the previous row as shown in the illustrations in this step.
Repeat step 6:

STEP 8: Now slide both thread ends through the entire circle row of last Beads and cross over again through the last Bead.
Then slide thread ends in an upward direction cut them off and melt the ends to a ball shape as shown.

STEP 9: Open the French ear wire and slide in the structure prepared in the previous step, close the French ear wire and
you already have an earring. Repeat all steps once more to prepare the other set of earring.

Shown Complete

Version 1

Version 2