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Beicip-Franlab: over 40 years of successful experience in Oil & Gas activities

Beicip-Franlab provides best-in-class software, support, assistance and consultancy solutions covering basin exploration, reservoir characterization, reservoir management, refining, economics, management and production optimization.

Beicip-Franlab is a global player

International Oil & Gas Consulting and Software Solution Provider

Moscow Paris Houston Tripoli

Independent private company


100% affiliate of IFP

Bahrain Abu Dhabi

Kuala Lumpur

Rio de Janeiro

More than 200 experts

geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, economists, software engineers, refining experts

Subsidiaries and Offices Representations

Business Segment Lines

- E&P consultancy and advisory services - E&P software solutions

500 clients in over 100 countries

232, avenue Napolon Bonaparte - BP 213 92502 Rueil Malmaison Cedex - France Phone: + 33 1 47 08 80 00 - Fax: + 33 1 47 08 41 85 E-mail: -

Beicip Franlab Headquarters

For further information, please contact your regional office or visit
Head Office, Paris Tel: +33 1 47 08 80 00 Bahrain: Abu-Dhabi: Tel: +7 495 937 70 98 Tel. Bahrain: +973 17 21 11 50 Tel. Abu-Dhabi: +971 506 15 60 90

Middle East

CIS/Russia Tel: +55 21 8254 9756

South America Tel: +1 281 293 85 50

North America Tel: +52 (1) 993 162 05 92


South East Asia Tel: +60 3 2615 0031 Tel: +218 91 3980527


Who is Beicip-Franlab?
has been putting its trust in Beicip-Franlab for over 40 years. Beicip-Franlab is an independent wholly-owned subsidiary of IFP specializing in Oil & Gas consultancy and software. Our reputation is based on the excellence of our methods, the precision of our tools, commitment to our clients, respect for the environment and the proven know-how of our highly skilled workforce.

E&P Consultancy and Advisory Services

A world-leading independent petroleum consultancy in terms of size, reputation, professionalism, technology and profitability
The Oil and Gas Consultancy of Beicip-Franlab provides Petroleum Companies with a comprehensive range of services worldwide encompassing exploration, eld development & production and re ning. These services include: geological, geophysical and geochemical studies; reservoir simulation, reservoir optimization and engineering studies; integrated oil and gas eld studies; speci c studies addressing a variety of skills and technologies such as seismic reservoir characterization, modeling of fractured reservoirs, basin modeling and prospect evaluation; economics, strategy and contractual services; other related services, such as reserves and asset evaluation; re ning and downstream activities.

E&P Software Solutions

Integrated solutions for your most challenging requirements
Beicip-Franlabs hands-on expertise, combined with IFP proven scienti c excellence, underpins the design of robust, high-productivity-oriented software tools. We provide rst-class support and technical assistance through our consultants and regional o ces.

The worlds petroleum and gas industry

Basin Modeling

Working in close partnership with our clients,

Beicip-Franlabs teams of geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers, re ning engineers and economists carry out advanced studies that result in improved success rates for exploration drilling, increased recoverable reserves, increased eld recovery rates and optimized reservoir management. In synergy with IFP, Beicip-Franlab designs and distributes a range of high-performance, easy-to-use software tools that exceed the petroleum industrys latest requirements in the areas of basin modeling, reservoir characterization (especially fractured reservoirs) as well as reservoir simulation and risk analysis.


1D/2D/3D integrated package for Petroleum Systems modeling.



The 1st industrial and innovative solution for advanced stratigraphic modeling.



Temis++ is building the next-generation software for petroleum systems assessment in any structural environment.

Risk and sensitivity analysis.


Reservoir Modeling and Simulation

The new-generation platform for geosciences and reservoir engineering, available through our products. The wholly integrated, user-friendly solution for fracture reservoir characterization and modeling.

Success Stories:
Master development plans provided for world-class giant fields through successfully integrated studies. Proven exploration records based on IFP basin modeling technology and long term technical partnership. Pioneer and leader in software and studies dedicated to fractured reservoirs. Seismic reservoir characterization studies successfully applied in various challenging environments. Bankable feasability study for refining projects. New relationship with industry: technology transfer, joint software development, joint studies, on-the-job-training.

Beicip-Franlabs primary focus is helping clients to discover, develop and produce the oil and gas resources that the world needs. We combine our expertise
and proprietary techniques with best industry practices and due respect for the environment. This ensures continued success and bene ts both to our clients and to the world's oil and gas supplies thus ful lling Beicip-Franlab's mission. Jean Burrus, Chairman of the Management Board

A robust and proven solution which helps users to accelerate their historymatching procedure and improve the quality of their production forecasts.

The latest-generation industrial uid ow reservoir simulator software. EOR method implementation.

To be more successful in E&P, you need a partner with the perfect

combination of industry know-how and state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to their hands-on experience and our innovative methodologies, our experts will help you make the right decisions in exploration and eld development. A 3D seismic geoinversion package including acoustic and elastic impedance inversion. Multi-disciplinary log editing and processing tool. RML, Reservoir Modeling Line: advanced grid building, geostatistics and upscaling.