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Struktur Industri Agribisnis Panduan Tugas Proyek

Panduan di bawah ini harap dibaca dengan sangat hati-hati! Tugas Proyek ini berupa penulisan makalah singkat dan harus terdiri dari: - Halaman muka (judul, nama dan identitas lainnya) - Pendahuluan - Bagian dan sub-bagian. Tuliskan maksimum 5 bagian (termasuk pendahuluan dan kesimpulan) dan sedapat mungkin gunakan sub-bagian - Kesimpulan - Daftar Pustaka Lampiran berupa data-data dan penjelasan lebih rinci tentang suatu topik yang terkait dengan makalah dapat ditambahkan. Tugas dikumpulkan paling lambat 2 (dua) minggu setelah periode Ujian Akhir Semester berakhir. Content of the Paper: I expect you to choose the product(s) you like within the agribusiness sector. You can concentrate on the Indonesian market or any other geographical dimension country/region/city. Use of data and comparisons across different countries/regions/cities would be considered value added to the project. Here follows few suggested points that should offer you a starting point (you do not need to address them all but the more the better): Find data on your product/industry and rearrange your data in order to provide useful descriptive statistics. Write a brief history of the industry and describe how, and when, it started and how has evolved over time. Describe the relevant market for your product(s). Are the products in your market homogenous or differentiated? Discuss the horizontal, vertical, and geographic boundaries of your market. Describe substitutes and complements and, where applicable, upstream and downstream industries (remembering that a retail product has no downstream industry!). Check whether some firms produce/sell also outside your market. Describe the entry and exit process in the last (ten) years. How many firms entered/exited the industry? Can you list them or some of them? Identify the (four?) major firms in your industry. Determine, to the extent it is possible, the relative market shares of these firms. If you cannot find data such as market shares for the leading firms, please report the sources you explored in a note attached to your paper (based on the effort and reliability of your search, I will evaluate whether the lack of this information can be credited). In case market shares are not available, proxy market shares with number of products (brands) owned by each firm in your market. Compute the degree of concentration in the industry using a HHI index. Has the industry always been this concentrated, or has the level of concentration changed over time? Have the top firms always been the same, or have the dominant firms changed over time? 1

Think the cost structure of the industry in a qualitative (more than welcome a quantitative) way. What are the significant cost factors (e.g., specific raw materials, inputs, R&D expenditures, etc.)? Would you envisage any kind of opportunity cost? Which types of costs would you interpret as sunk? Which as fixed costs? Which as marginal costs? Are there economies of scale or economies of scope? Address now the demand side. Is it elastic or inelastic (infer this from the number of close substitutes in the industry)? Are the products necessities or luxuries? Is demand growing or declining over time? Do consumers have similar preferences or do consumers differ a lot in their preferences? Can you identify some consumer characteristics that are more relevant in explaining particular consumer choices? Assess the possibility of collusion in the industry. Who are potential entrants into the industry and what can be done, if anything, to deter entry? Describe/discuss (whether) any antitrust case has interested your industry. Feel free to add any other economic point you think relevant to the above list and address it in your project.