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Cant nobody hold us down ... ~ Chaerin slowly opened his eyes.

Kinda hard for her to open her eyes widely, because the sun burst through her window this morning so bright, until she feels like the light piercing her eyes. Still with eyes closed, she felt her bed, looking for cell phone and read his message into the phone. From: Kwon Jiyong Chaerin, are you sure you will do it? Chaerin smiled a little to read the message. Then she typed a reply. To: Kwon Jiyong Of course. Do you still doubt it? After pressing the button 'Send', Chaerin throw away her mobile phone on the bed. Then she rose from bed, took a towel and went to the bathroom. ***

"Chaerin-ah, saranghaeyo ..." Lee Minho told to Chaerin in Namsan Tower. Chaerin only be silent and shocked to hear what Minho said to her. Her heart was pounding very fast. Her face was blushing. A Lee Minho, famous actor who worshiped many women, had just shot her. Chaerin knew him from Koo Hye Sun, who is also the main opponent of Lee Minho in Boys Over Flowers. Then they were closer and often come out together. Today, without she think, the man took her to Namsan Tower, and shot her. It's really the surprise so far. Chaerin indeed interested in him. In fact, she liked since their first meeting. Because of that, she was really happy tonight. She thought, she would have no chance. An ordinary girl like her did not dare hope to get an actor like Lee Minho. Too far to reach. And she was too afraid to fall if she had too big hopes. Smile Chaerin expanded. "Saranghaeyo, Minho oppa ..." Tonight, his love avenged ... ***

Cant nobody hold us down ... ~ Cherin out of the bathroom still with only a thin shirt towel that covered her body. Her hair was slightly damp. She took his mobile phone on the bed.

From: Kwon Jiyong. Ani. It's just that ... if you've thought about it carefully? Chaerins hand dancing on his mobile phone buttons. To: Kwon Jiyong Relax, I've thought about it with very ripe. Just go alone plan. Arasseo? Or ... you want to resign? ***

I do not care ~ ee ee ee ~ ~ Chaerin awakened from her sleep, and fingering her mobile phone on the table beside the bed. Incoming calls. Minho oppa. "Yoboseyo?" "Hey Dara ..." a party voice across the telephone. His voice was weak and like a drunk. Dara? Who is Dara? Where this man actually located? "Dara? Who is it? Oppa, where are you? You're drunk huh?! Sounds hectic all around you." "Ah, mianhae. I mean Chaerin. Dara is just my friend. Now? Now I'm partying with the staff of the movie." Chaerin glanced at the clock in her room. At half six in the morning! Still in a party?! Omo... "Omo ... Oppa, it's already morning. Hurry back to home. Or, I need to pick you up? "Chaerin began to worry about her boyfriend. "No, Dara. I just want to call you... "Yaa! Oppa, I am Chaerin, not Dara! "Chaerin now really upset. But even though annoyed, she was still worried at him. "Are you sure you dont want me to pick you up?" "Nee nee. Im sure." Tut .. tut ... The phone is disconnected. Chaerin looking phone. Chaerin was biting her lower lip. Dara? Who is Dara? Chingu? Are you sure it was just a chingu, oppa? This isnt the first time you call her when you're drunk...

Chaerins tears began to melt into her cheek. Her hands covered her face moves. The tears couldnt stop and now increasingly heavy. To: Kwon Jiyong He lied to me ... otokhe? *** "Chaerin-ah, do you wait long?" Chaerin looked up to see who comes. Minho oppa. "Not really. Sit down." She pointed to the empty chair in front of her. In fact, she waited long enough to his boyfriend was in this caf. But she understands that being an artist that busy filming. Therefore, she tries not to complain. Minho sat in the chair that Chaerin designated. Now they face each other. "Have a drink?" "Already, including for you. Just wait." Chaerin smile. A moment later, the corner of her eyes see lipstick marks on the right edge of the collar Minho. Directly, her heart beating fast and chest pain appear again. She bit her lower lip. Few doubted, she tried to ask the Minho. "Oppa, in your collar... what is it?" Minho glanced at the designated section. He surprised. Former lipstick? Why is there lipstick marks here? Is Dara ... Ah, I just have to look for a reason. "Ah, this ... this mark is from lipstick of my opponent on my filming. Earlier we had intimate scenes. Maybe she accidentally left it here. This is nothing. Mianhae, Chaerin, makes you worry..." Is that so, oppa? What is not because there is other girl making out with you in other places? Chaerin tried to get rid of the bad thoughts. She heaved a deep breath, trying to be patient. Anyway, Chaerin. Maybe your boyfriend is true. You have to trust him ... ***

Cant nobody hold us down ... ~ Chaerin just putting lipstick she dabs. She went to take her mobile phone on the bed and read the message. From: Kwon Jiyong Ani. Of course I dont want to resign. It's just is not this too harsh? I'm a little worried Chaerin thought for a moment. Cruel? Not really ...

To: Kwon Jiyong I think not. Is not what he was doing too cruel? I just want to do back. Oppa, you take it easy. Chaerin put a cell phone and went dressed. ***

Chaerin was out of a shop in the Myungdoung Street. Suddenly she saw Minho walked to his car. Not alone, but with... a girl. The girl hung on the arm of Minho spoiled. It really makes the heart Chaerin heats. Who is she? Who is the girl, Lee Minho?! Chaerins eyes continue to follow Minho who now gets into his car after opening the door to the girl. Chaerin immediately took her cell phone and dialed Minhos number that she had memorized outside of her head. "Yoboseyo?" "Oppa, where are you?" "Me? I'm filming a movie, Chaerin. Why indeed? " He... lied! "Ah, that's okay oppa. I just wanted to call. Good work. Annyeong. She immediately hung up. She looked at Minhos car with suppuration and biting her lower lip. The car started moving. Chaerin quickly ran toward her car that not far from there. Eaten by her curiosity, she followed the car Minho. *** Minho car went into a hotel. Chaerin can only be shock when Minhos car disappeared in the hotel car park. Hotel? What do they do?! Chaerin tried to think clearly. But what must she think of to eliminate all bad thoughts that now haunt her? She holds the wheel tightly, trying to bear the pain that she stand on her chest. Chaerin Come on, try thinking. Maybe, oppa will meet with a producer in this hotel. He's an artist... But, where there may be people meeting at this hour? It's already 10 pm! Ah, it's possible right? They may find time to talk. Minho oppa is a busy person... But, should he do that at this hour? At the hotel? So who's the girl?

Half an hour struggling with her own thoughts, she finally tired of guessing. She took his mobile phone and return calls Minho. "Yoboseyo? What is it Chaerin?" "Minho oppa? Where are you now?" "I'm at my friends home... whats happen, Chaerin?" Friend's house? What the hotel is your friend's house?! Vaguely female voice on the other side of the phone. "Honey ..." "Honey? Minho oppa, who is it? " "Eh? Oh ... That's ..." He paused. "Ah, it was a television. My friend is watching the drama, Chaerin. Do you hear that? Is that voice is too loud?" Television? I'm not sure, Minho oppa... you lie! Chaerin swallow her saliva to prevent her crying out. She tried to calm her voice, but the result comes out is her voice quivered because her business to back her tears. "Oh, TV... "Uh, Chaerin. Tomorrow I'll call you. Now my friend is calling me. See you." Cklek. Tut tut... Immediately her tears broke. The tears flowed freely. She immediately inverts his face on the steering wheel. Minho was lying. He had lied to her. Now her chest really hurts. Very sick, until she couldnt say how it feels. She could hear her breathing short and hard. It was very crowded. Shortness of her lungs as she narrowed and she could no longer breathe. He immediately took his cell phone and dialed someone. "Jiyong oppa ..." "Chaerin? Are you crying? What is it? " "Minho oppa lied to me ... otokhee?!!" "What! Lying? Chaerin, calm down, please... Now where are you, Chaerin?! I'm going to your place now!" ***

Cant nobody hold us down ... ~ Chaerin put a small clip on her hair. Her long hair tied up and rolled a small, leaving a few strands of hair down in front of the ear. She pinned a ribbon-shaped barrette in her hair to one side as an ornamental. Her style made her look more mature now, but also sweeter.

Chaerin smiled at her reflection in the mirror. This seems pretty sweet. Then, he took his cell phone just rang at her dressing table. From: Kwon Jiyong Nee nee. It's up to you. I was on my way. Wait for me. Chaerin smiled pleased to read the message. To: Kwon Jiyong Okee! remember, dont come to my house! First, wait my message, and then you can come to my home. : D ***

"Chaerin-ssi, these results you want." A man handed an envelope in the presence of Chaerin. "Khamsahamnida." Chaerin immediately took the envelope and saw its contents. It contained a series of photos. Precisely, Minhos series of photos taken with another girl in a candid. Same girl. She saw the pictures. They were making out, Minhos hand hug her, embrace her arms, kissed her forehead. Everything they do in many places. Most are on the road. Her chest ached immediately saw the photo collection. She bit her lower lip to withstand pain, and tears. Chaerin was paying him to follow Lee Minho. All of that was the above suggestions of Jiyong, to be sure what the Minho did. Now, everything is clear. Her boyfriend was having an affair behind her. "Are you sure this is not filming a movie?" "No, Chaerin-ssi. They're not shooting. "The man replied confidently. "Well, this is your fee. Once again, jeongmal khamsahamnida. "Chaerin handed an envelope containing the money on him. Then he moved away. After the man's shadow disappeared, Chaerin looked back at the photographs. The tears once fell into the cheek. Tightness, Taste of tightness to see all of it. As the oxygen in the room had been sucked out until she had no further room to breathe. You bear all to me, Lee Minho ... "How Chaerin?" Jiyong suddenly was in the Chaerin. Chaerin surprised. She immediately removed the tears from her eyes and looked back at Jiyong. She immediately handed the photographs that had been her grasp into Jiyongs hands. "Turns out he was having an affair ..."

Jiyong took pictures and viewed them one by one. Then he sighed. "It was true ..." Jiyong looked toward Chaerin. His hand was moving gently stroking her cheek. "Hey, dont cry ..." Chaerin shook her head slowly. "Aniyo. I didnt cry. I am not going to cry. To man like that. " Silence. Jiyong then handed back the pictures on Chaerin. "Then, what would you do?" Chaerin took the photograph. Her eyes looked at the photograph with the view of hate. She smiled slyly. "Running our plans." ***

I'm not sure you will be changed, Lee Minho. Do as you please, before I reply to all your deeds. I've loved you all my heart, and you're playing with. I do not take it anymore. I can still remember the night I cry for you. I've cried to many times, go into your lies. But my heart is easy to forgive. I'm too good for you. I'm not going to let this go on forever. After all this, I'll make you cry, Lee Minho. *** Cant nobody hold us down ... ~ Chaerin wearing her dress that had been chosen. Red dress with white round motif and a black ribbon belt. Sabrina-shaped neck that the ends starting from the shoulders. Part-high half-knee skirt and tight, like an ordinary skirt. Balloon-shaped sleeves. The material is of chiffon that are falling and weakness that makes Chaerin looks more graceful and charming. She took her mobile phone. From: Lee Minho I'm in front of your house. Get out. xoxo. Chaerin peek front door of her house. There Minhos car and he was leaning in front of his car. Chaerin smiled with full of meaning. Her eyes narrowed to see him. Okay, guy. This is show time ... She smoothed her hair and clothes, making sure everything were perfect. After that, she wrote a short message. To: Kwon Jiyong It's show time. 10 minutes longer, you're already there in front of my house. Prepare yourself.

Shortly afterwards, her phone rang again. Ring tones are the same. Chaerin quickly open the message. From: Kwon Jiyong I'm little bit nervous now. Okay, prepare yourself too for your GREAT PLAN. Haha ... I'll be there in 10 minutes. Chaerin smiled a little and entered her cell phone in his pocket. She took a small bag that has been prepared since yesterday, and took a pair of high heels. Then she walked out of his room. *** "Hey, wait a long time?" Chaerin smiled sweetly. Minho immediately rose from his car and walked toward Chaerin. "For you, waiting is fun." He smiled a little. "Gomawo ..." Minho pulled up to Chaerins waist and make her closer towards him. Then Minho hand circular to the girl's back and sank into his broad chest. "Mianhae, Chaerin-ah ... we rarely meet. I'm very busy. I hope you understand. " Chaerin smiled. "It's okay. Seeing you right now make me happy. Gomawo ... " Playboy, as if you say so now. You think, I do not know what are you doing? "Jeongmal gomawo, Chaerin-ah ..." Minho hand gently stroked Chaerins hair. Behind the arms of Minho, Chaerin hands clenched with emotion. Her face held hatred and disgust which peaked. His teeth were chattering, bear the pain that already want out. Now I'm really fed up. How dare you say such a thing? How dare you stand in front of me and held me, while on other days you hug another girl and slept with her. You think what?! Do whatever as you want, before I do my plans, Lee Minho. TIIIIINN TIIIINN ~ ~! Chaerin encourage Minho slow to let go of his arms when the horn sounded a loud voice. They both turned to the new car were come. A man then came out of the car and leaned against the door of his car. "Hey, Chaerin!" He smiled and waved his hand toward Chaerin. Chaerin reply to wave his hand and smiled brightly. "Jiyong oppa! I had been waiting for you." Minho, who had been silent, began surprised and annoyed to see Chaerin reaction. "Chaerin, who is it?" Playboy, it's about time, and your time is up. This show is starting.

"He? He is my boyfriend. "Chaerin smiled sweetly, but it looks a little sneaky. Like proud to say it. "What... What do you mean?!" Minhos voice rising. Chaerin smiled sarcastically. "I'm tired of the lies, Lee Minho. I've been very sick! Arasseo?! ENOUGH!" Chaerin emphasize his last words. "Now, I want to break!" Minho's face instantly paled. "Wha ... what?!" Chaerin sighed of disgust, and laughed sardonically. She turned her gaze to the other direction and looked at Minho again. Her eyes narrowed with emotion that she tried to press. She hissed, but the sound came out sounding very cold and cruel. "You do not hear? We break up! Everything is END!" Chaerin reached into her little bag and pulled out a set of photos. Photo of Minho was with another girl. They were embracing and kissing. All photos were the results obtained Chaerin few days ago. She was throwing hard right photograph in front of Minho. "Do you think I dont know? I'm not a stupid girl, Lee Minho. After doing that, Chaerin smiled triumphantly and went to the car of Jiyong. "Sorry to keep you waiting, Jiyong oppa. Lets go. " Jiyong opened the door to Chaerin gracefully, as if Chaerin is a princess and the car moved away leaving the Minho itself, along with a scattering of his photographs. ***

"Huwaaa ... I am sooooo relief now!" Chaerin stretched her hands in front of the ocean. She closed her eyes and feel the wind that caressed her face. Jiyong saw it from behind and smiled. Then the man approached her. "Looks like you have no regrets at all to decide. Even I do not see you sad. " Chaerin turned to Jiyong with smile. "Of course. The period of sadness and frustration that has been passed. In addition, I'm glad now I can decide. That means I can enjoy my new life." She chuckled. "Humm ... maybe also new boyfriend. Haha ... " "So you've got a description of who you like?" "Of course!" Chaerin thought for a moment. "He's very good man, care to me... His face was quite attractive, many women who love it. Then... he's also smart. Moreover... " Jiyong's face instantly sour to hear Chaerin told a man who she liked happily. "Chaerin! Enough!" Chaerin surprised. "Mwoa? Waeyo, oppa? "

With little emotion Jiyong answered. "What you dont know why I want to help you did your wildest plans about?" "Absolutely not. So what's your excuse, oppa? " "Of course because ..." Jiyong suddenly did not continue his speech. He took a breath for a moment and looked around. Then he stared back Chaerin awaiting his words. "Of course because I like you!" Chaerin widened. "Hah?" "Saranghae, Chaerin-ah. Do you not realize it at all? " Chaerin still silent. Trying to digest the Jiyongs words. "Mianhae, Chaerin. I know, you've got man that you like. But I cant stand anymore to see you together with Minho, and now you will go on another man. While I was, still in the same place and love you. I thought, I must say it now, or I do not have another chance. I know you will reject me. But... "Hahaha ...!" Chaerin laughed at Jiyong slurred. "Please oppa. You dont need be forwarded. Dont you want to hear my answer? Jiyong oppa pause. "What answer?" Chaerin smiled a little. "Saranghaeyo, oppa. A man that I like is... you." Jiyong's eyebrows lifted. The tension had been immediately disappeared. "Mwoa?! Jincha? Jincha?!!" Chaerin steady nodded and laughed. "Whoaaaa! I'm not dreaming right?!! "jiyong patted his cheeks in disbelief. His face turned bright, his smile wide smile. Chaaerin getting laughed at Jiyong that seemed to be in his own world. She grabbed his hand Jiyong. "This is not a dream, Jiyong oppa ..." ***