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IN THE WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT ___________________________________________________________ STATE OF WISCONSIN Plaintiff-Respondent,


Motion for Reconsideration

Rule § 809.64, § 809.14


Circuit Case No. 09 CF 48

KENNETH LEROY DRIESSEN Defendant-Appellant-Petitioner ____________________________________________________________

On June 15, 2011 the Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered that a review of the above entitled case is to be denied. Petitioner Driessen now timely asks the court to reconsider in light of the following facts:

On March 28, 2009, I (Driessen) was not speeding, my muffler was not as loud as many private and commercial trucks, I did not drive in the on coming lane, I did not hand the officer the container that was in my pocket. Deputy Knapp had no legitimate reason to stop me in the first place. When the two law enforcement incident reports are compared; it becomes undeniable fact that the state does not have a reliable witness to prove other wise. Through personal experience and study, I would not be as naive as to think the kangaroo courts would give even the least credence or credibility to any statements from an individual citizen, sworn or otherwise; without an exchange of money through the proper back door insider channels. I did not enter your arena, the arena the few have hijacked from the many, being foolish enough to expect any different.

I did expect when two official law enforcement reports of the incident differ to the point where statements written by the arresting officer concerning probable


cause become suspect of dishonesty; that the judicial system would grant at least partial relief to this defendant. In review of facts below, from within the Appellant's Brief and Official Record; an honest average US 5th grader would most likely determine that at least one of the law enforcement agents lied in their reports:

Facts concerning the validity of Driessen's driving privileges:

Excerpt from original Criminal Complaint dated April 3, 2008 or April 6, 2009:

Complainant states that a check of the defendant's driving record revealed that the defendant's operating privileges were revoked and had not been reinstated as of March 28, 2009, (Rec. 3-pg 2, Appx pg. 2)

Excerpt from Motion to Dismiss (Rec. 10-pg.1, Appx pg 12), dated May 19 2009:

To the contrary, the defendant was eligible to apply for his license as of February 9th 2009 and did pay and obtain a driver's license on February 9th 2009. A payment check copy, a temporary driver's pink slip, and a letter stating his driver's license was revoked as of march 31st 2009 due to this incident; are attached to a document titled "answer to complaint" (Rec.6-pg. 1-4, Appx pg 8-11)

Facts concerning truthfulness of erratic driving allegations:

Excerpt from Deputy Knapp's Incident Report Narrative, dated 03/28/2009 01:44:24 or 03/30/09 (Rec. 3 pg. 3, Appx Pg 3): As Deputy Knapp activated the lights, he observed that the vehicle was in the entire left hand portion of the roadway traveling in the oncoming lane of traffic.

Excerpt from Trooper Lewis's, 09-8590 Assist Other Agency report, received by defendant on sooner than July 24th, 2009(Rec. 30 pg. 2, Appx pg 23): Deputy Knapp asked if I had seen the truck on the wrong side of the road, which I informed him that I had not.

Facts concerning search and seizure of small container:

Excerpt from Deputy Knapp's Incident Report Narrative (Rec. 3, pg 4, Appx pg 4): Deputy Knapp observed Driessen place both hands in his pants pockets. For purposes of officer safety, Deputy Knapp asked Driessen to remove his hands from his pockets and walk to the rear of his vehicle. Driessen looked at Deputy Knapp, removed both hands from his pockets and moved one step forward, at which time Driessen again shoved his right hand into his right pants pocket and turned slightly away from Deputy Knapp. Deputy Knapp then instructed Driessen to remove his hands from his pocket, and instructed Driessen to place both hands on the side of the truck. Driessen did as instructed, at which time Deputy Knapp performed a pat-down search of Driessen's clothing. As Deputy Knapp was patting down the right side of Driessen's pants, Driessen then removed his right


hand from the pick-up truck and again shoved it quickly into his right front pants pocket. Deputy Knapp grabbed Driessen's right wrist, removed his hand from his pocket and placed it on the side of the vehicle and retained his hand in that position. Deputy Knapp then patted the outside area of Driessen's right front pocket and felt a small hard, somewhat round object in his pocket. Deputy knapp asked Driessen what the object was and Driessen did not Respond. Deputy Knapp then attempted to complete the pat down search of Driessen's pants and while doing so, Driessen again attempted to place his hands in his pants pocket. Deputy Knapp stepped back and instructed Driessen to pull his hands from his pants pockets. Driessen did so and as he did so, produced what appeared to be a small jar from his right front pants pocket and said "look man, it's just a little weed."

Excerpt from Trooper Lewis's, 09-8590 Assist Other Agency report, received by defendant on sooner than July 24th, 2009(Rec. 30 pg 2, Appx pg 22): Deputy Knapp asked Driessen to exit the vehicle and had patted him down prior to me being back up by the pickup truck. Deputy Knapp had removed a small glass container from Mr. Driessen's pants pocket.

Furthermore I submitted photos and audiovisual recordings of the scene of the incident, which would lead a person that has even the minimal understanding of physics and automobiles, to believe that a vehicle could not possibly maneuver in the manner Deputy Knapp described in his incident report. Also Deputy Brian Knapp has a history of writing false reports, see Rec. 30-4 and Rec. 34 pg 18. Then there is Judge Robert Eaton who in a public hearing expressed his allegiance to an unrestrained police state uttering, "I like to consider myself part of law enforcement or I may be disowned", see Appellant's Brief page 16 and Case Number 2007AP400-CR. Next by parroting and paraphrasing Deputy Knapp's suspect words as fact in their decision; the Third District Appeals Court Judges also flaunted their authority and trampled the very Constitutions they swore an oath to defend. If the Wisconsin Supreme Court does not reconsider and accept this case for review on the grounds that my (Driessen's) 4th Amendment US Constitution and Wisconsins Article 1 Section 11 rights were obviously undeniably violated because of false information in Sheriff's Department records and Deputy Knapp's lies; the majority of the Court is obviously also involved in a


conspiracy to defraud the people of Wisconsin by making our Constitutions void in favor of a police state ZioNazi corporatocracy.

To move on to the marijuana possession portion of this case; the proof that marijuana prohibition was an unconstitutional, ZioNazi like, storm trooper, unconstitutional Bill of Attainder, police state power and wealth grab from the beginning is written in history. The government sanctioned crime against nation, Constitution and humanity, that marijuana prohibition is; can no longer be denied. Whether or not it passes, HR 2306: 'Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011', introduced into the United States House of Representatives on June 23, 2011 is further proof of certain Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices allegiance to the 'Synagogue of Satan' (Bible, Revelations 2:9) rather than their oath to the people of this state to uphold the constitution. Such unholy allegiance by any other name will become undeniable if the "conservatives" in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin refuse to hear the claim of unconstitutionality of Wisconsin's marijuana laws portion of my Brief and Petition. When people in positions of authority have chosen to remain deaf and dumb to the fact that US government statistic affirm that over 42% of adults in the US tried marijuana at least once to keep the money flowing to a sadistic fascist Nazi-like sub culture of Schutzstaffel like troops and private prisons for profit; chances are they the are afraid to go out in public. They should be scared and ashamed of themselves as the ZioNazis who signed the Havaara agreement with Hitler and served in his army should be.

As holders of public office, there you are, strangling your peers and high on Koch money. Your actions and decisions are endangering honest law officers. The protests in Madison this spring seem to be a warning you did not heed. By upholding marijuana prohibition the money keeps flowing in to feed your addiction, for now. You may feel safe within the sanctuary of brute force and power gained by your sanctioning of an unrestrained police force capable of lying,


cheating, stealing and outright murdering with your blessing for a little while. Yet this Case, 2010AP001050, if you choose not to hear it, will become a turning point in your Supreme Court careers because many people will learn of the undeniable fact that you have chosen to make the Constitution void. In retaliation for your trampling of the Constitution and citizens rights, some people may chose to try and damage your property and attack your person; rest assured I will do my best to stop them and protect you. It is on a spiritual level that the war that your kind started against the American people must be fought. The crimes you neo- conservatives in the Courts have sanctioned that have been committed against me by the Wisconsin Gestapo are also being done to many other citizens; yet I will remain patient. If any crime is perpetrated against the spiritual cannibals in high public office, it will not bring the change and lasting peace I seek. I will wait until you voluntarily step down or are forced from office peaceably and replaced by judges who will uphold the Constitution. When such judges find you guilty of conspiracy and treason to the US Constitution to sentence you to prison where you belong; I can only hope that your cellmate is Big Bubba and he gives you what you deserve and where you deserve it until you have to wear a diaper for the rest of your days. Shame on the so-called conservatives of the courts who conserve nothing but the powers of a fascist police state and the wealth of infinitely greedy corporate war profiteering spawn while enslaving the rest of us. Hear my case or prove to the world that you are what I think you are.

Have a Nice Day,

5 cheating, stealing and outright murdering with your blessing for a little while. Yet this Case,

Dated June 30, 2011

________________________ Ken Driessen 12022 N. Co. Rd. T Hayward WI 54843