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NOTE: all text in parenthesis need to be lled in with our own appropriate information and all italics are actions, not actually said (you dont say readbacks, you read back!) Ground and Taxi to Runway ---- Currently at gate, after boarding ---PILOT: (airport name) Ground, Good day. (callsign) ATC: Good day Sir, Go Ahead PILOT: (callsign) at (gate number) information (name of ATIS info) recieved, request clearance to (destination) as led. ATC: (callsign) you are clear to (destination ICAO code) via (SID name) as led, initially climb (feetlevel), Squawk (sqwk code) PILOT: Readbacks ATC: Readback correct. Start up and push back approved for (take-off runway), report taxi. PILOT: Start up and pushback approved, will call back for taxi ---- Start up & Pushback complete ---PILOT: (callsign) ready for taxi ATC: (callsign) clear to (take-off runway) via (taxiway route) and hold short PILOT: Readbacks and begins taxi ---- Taxis to Take-Off Runway and Holds Short ---PILOT: (callsign) holding short for (take-off runway) ATC: (callsign) contact Tower (freq. for Apt. Tower). Have a nice ight! PILOT: Readbacks ---- Contacts Airport Tower Frequency ---PILOT: Good day Tower, (callsign) holding short for (take-off runway), ready for departure. ATC: Roger sir, clear to line lip (take-off runway) ---- Pilots lines the plane up with the runway ---PILOT: (callsign) on numbers ATC: (callsign) clear to take off (take-off runway), wind (heading/speed), after take-off contact approach on (frequency). Have a nice ight) PILOT: Readbacks and takes-off

Take-Off and Cruise ---- Once airborne, Pilot contacts the Airport Approach Frequency ---PILOT: (callsign) just airborne, (SID name), climbing to (feetlevel) ATC: (callsign) radar identied, clear to climb (feetlevel) ---- continues ying the SID in use, when reaching target feetlevel contacts ATC ---PILOT: (callsign) reaching initial (feetlevel) ATC: Roger (callsign), climb (feetlevel), contact (airport center, frequency). See ya! PILOT: Readbacks, thanks for the nice ATC service. Good day ---- contacts airport center frequency ---PILOT: Good day, (callsign) passing (current altitude in feetlevel) and with you. ATC: Good day, (callsign). Radar identied, climb nal (nal altitude in feetlevel) and continue as led. PILOT: readbacks ---- climbs to nal altitude and proceeds as led until.... ---ATC: Radar terminated, continue your own navigation. Switch to unicom 122.800, have a nice ight. PILOT: readbacks, bye bye ---- plane continues ying until 50nm before destination airport (should allready have descended to around 15,000 feet when reaching 50nm mark ---Approach ---- contacts destination airport approach frequency ---PILOT: Good day (airport), (callsign) maintaining (feetlevel), information (name of ATIS info) recieved, ready to descend. ATC: (callsign) Good day, radar identied, proceed directly to (VOR name), descend (feetlevel) ---- NOTE: previous VOR and feetlevel might vary on which STAR is in use. PILOT: readbacks and leaves current altitude for new assigned altitude ---- what follows is a set of instructions from the ATC on headings, altitudes and possibly speeds, it will vary from which airport and STAR in use and the weather conditions. ----

Establish on Final Leg ATC: (callsign) descend (feetlevel) clear to ILS approach for (landing runway), report full established PILOT: readbacks ---- establishes on localizer and glideslope ---PILOT: approach, ILS full establish, (callsign) ATC: please contact tower on (frequency) ---- changes frequency to airport tower ---PILOT: (callsign), good day sir, passing (distance from runway) ILS full establish for (landing runway) ATC: Good day (callsign), cleared to land (runway), wind is (heading/speed). PILOT: wind is copied, clear to land (runway name), will report runway vacated ---- pilot touches down on runway and vacates (leaves) the runway ---Ground and Taxi to Gate PILOT: Tower, (callsign), runway vacated ATC: (callsign) contact ground on (frequency) ---- frequency changes in Airport Ground ---PILOT: Good day Ground, (callsign) (landing runway name) vacated) ATC: (callsign) Welcome to _______, clear to taxi to parking position/gate (gate number) via (taxiway route) PILOT: readbacks and begins taxi to gate/parking position ---- Pilot Arrives at Gate ---PILOT: (callsign) on blocks, request engine shut down ATC: (callsign) engine shut down approved , your ightplan closed at (current time), please switch to Unicom 122.800, Good day PILOT: Good day, switching to Unicom 122.800. Thank you for the ATC service

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