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M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology

M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology is located in the city of Bangalore, which is reputed as the hub of higher education in science and technology of India. The institution is beautifully surrounded by the academically excellent campuses of Indian Institute of Science and CPRI and ISRO and is situated adjacent to National Institute of Advanced Studies and behind Indian Institute of Science. The institution's sprawling campus area extends from M. S. Ramaiah Main Road to New BEL Road. It is affiliated to the Visveswaraiah Technological University, Belgaum. It is an institutional member of the ISTE and is recognized by the AICTE. It has been certified ISO 9001:2008 and has been accredited by NBA. MSRIT is one the institutes to be funded under TEQIP (Technical Education Quality Improvement Program) by the World Bank. From Aug 2007, MSRIT has been academically autonomous.

IEEE MSRIT Student Branch

Inaugurated in November 2003, the IEEE Student Branch at MSRIT endeavours to enrich the students of MSRIT with latest developments in various fields of technology and research in today's industry. The branch strives to encourage participation in a kaleidoscope of technical events throughout the year, emphasizing on extra-curricular activities in a student's life. This will benefit the students by laying a rich platform, which they can use to build successful careers. Besides the annual tech fests, the branch has conducted a number of workshops and seminars since its inception.

Aavishkaar is the annual technical fest conducted by the IEEE MSRIT Student branch. It was started in the year 2004 by the first IEEE MSRIT executive committee. It is considered to be one of the best and most competitive event. Aavishkaar drew a large number of students from many colleges in Bangalore and other cities from Karnataka, including NITK. Over 500 of the best and brightest university students will compete over 3 days of mind blowing events. This year, with Aavishkaar 2011, the IEEE MSRIT Student branch again aims to provide a platform for students from diverse technical backgrounds to compete in a number of exciting events to earn prizes and most importantly, gain recognition among their peers.

Mukthi is a free and open source event , for students, by the student community at M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology. It is an annual FOSS convention conducted by Vrglinug, the linux user group at MSRIT. We hold this event every year to spread awareness, and also to build connections with students from various colleges . Typically held over a period of 2 days, the event always has something for newbies and experienced linux users alike. Mukthi is intended to be a student platform for discussing and exploring the world of free and open source software. It seeks to insoire budding innovators while maintaining a large database of free and open source software users.Previous years Mukthi which have been successfully conducted areMukthi 5.11, Mukthi 6.03, Mukthi7.04, Mukthi 8.03, Mukthi 9.05, Mukthi 9.11 Mukthi 11.05 is the latest event in the series, and is scheduled to be held on 23rd and 24th of April 2011. The event will feature talks, on both technical and lighter topics highlighting the importance of free and open source philosophy in industry. Open source developers will deliver technical talks on latest innovations in open sourcearena.In the past events we had speakers like Andrew F Cowie, well known kernel hacker from Australia, Rahul Sundaram from the OLPC team at Red Hat, Shreyas Srinivasan,CEO of Radioverve. Peter Thomas: Expert in Java for FOSS.

AAVISHKAAR 2011 Events

Paper Presentation (Solo Event, 3 prizes) Student contestants from all over the country will be invited to send in their papers with innovative ideas, An expert panel of judges will evaluate the papers based on various criteria such as originality, thoroughness of research, explanation of concepts and details of the systems described. Ten best papers will be selected for the finals. Cyber Treasure Hunt (Teams of Two, 3 Prizes) This event tests the participants' ability to solve problems and puzzles while they make their way through a sequence of web pages that provide the next challenge. Participants can take part individually or in teams of two. Participants are provided with a computer equipped with internet access to aid in solving the problems. The team or the individual who is able to complete the entire set of obstacles in the fastest (or the one who is the farthest along in 90 mins) wins. On Spot Programming (Teams of 2, 3 Prizes) Programmers must design programs to solve problems within a short time span. The preliminary round will be a written round designed to test the basic programming skills. The top eight teams will compete in the final round. In the final round, the teams must design and write code to solve a number of problems. The code written will be automatically judged by an electronic evaluator. This event is a staple event of technical fests all over the world, and is sure to attract a large number of students with good programming skills.

It regularly sees some very tough competition. It is a favorite event of computer science and info science students. It also receives some enthusiastic participation from almost every branch of the electrical engineering discipline.

Design & Debug Contest (Teams of 2, 2 Prizes) Contestants will be given a set of problems and they will have to solve it by designing a new circuit or debug existing hardware. This event will be conducted in two rounds, one written and one live round with hardware provided by us. The initial round will be a written round with a quiz on the basic knowledge of electrical and electronic circuits. It will also test the participant's ability to understand and analyze the given circuits. The final round will require the teams to develop a working system to solve a given set of problems with all the hardware provided. Teams will be evaluated on the correctness, efficiency and reliability of their implementation. Amazing Race (Teams of 2, 2 Prizes) In this unique event, participants will have to build a circuit using the circuit components provided to them on a stage wise basis. At each stage, contestants are given a clue to the next stage, and some components required to build the circuit. Clues are based on the knowledge of electronic circuits and aptitude. Using these hints, teams will have to hunt for the next clue. There will be a stage wise elimination. The fastest team to reach the last stage and build the circuit wins.

8086/8051 Programming (Teams of 2, 2 Prizes) This event is a test of the contestant's ability to write efficient and error free assembly code. This event will be conducted in two rounds. The first round will test the team's knowledge of the 8086 processor, and their ability to write code for it in assembly. Top eight teams will make it to the final round, where the teams will have to write assembly code to solve a given set of problems. Teams will be evaluated on the correctness, efficiency and reliability of their implementation. Tech Quiz (Solo Event, 2 Prizes) Participants will be tested on their knowledge of technology from a wide range of topics. A professional quizmaster will conduct the event. The quiz will be conducted in two stages. The first stage will be a written round, and teams will be selected for the final round. Tech quiz is one of the favourite events of all engineering students which draws a large crowd. It regularly sees some passionate quizzing. This event is guaranteed to be very interesting, very competitive and lots of fun for the participants and the audience alike. Robotics (Teams of 3, 2 Prizes) This event challenges budding robotics engineers and their ability to implement their ideas .The even will host a set of challenges that will test the participants' robot. The participants are required to bring their line following robot to the competition. Line following robots are required to follow a circuit drawn on the ground. The event will feature a series of circuits increasing in complexity. The winning team will be decided based on the robot's ability to tackle all the circuits, in the least time.

Informals (1 Prize each) A series of simple paper events, such as crosswords, quizzes & puzzle, that allow students to work at their own pace and solve them. These fun events run through the day during the course of the fest and provide a way to relax. Of course, people who reply the fastest with all the correct solutions win the prizes!

Ethical Hacking "Photoshop basics and image editing techniques" Robotics Level2 Web Programming Workshop Leadership Development Image Processing


The list below is a representative but not the complete list of colleges that have attended over the last few years: MVIT RVCE BMSCE DSCE BIT UVCE NMIT PESIT RNSIT JSSATE SIT BVBCET AIT & many others!

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